DoL Yellow Scrips gear

Now I can say good-bye to Rowena’s House of Slavery Splendor for a while…

Just finished farming Yellow Scrips to trade for the new equipment, iLV 300. The main hands were 1300 scrips each, and the armors were 2700 per set. So, between 3 DoL classes, I had to farm 12,000 Yellow Scrips.

Suffice it to say I had a nightmare of repeatedly mining and missing the nodes the night after… The grind was so haunting. I am happy, though, that there is no weekly limit to the Yellow Scrips earning.




Miner has lit lamp at night lololol!!!

Lord Hubby – Lavender Beds

Went out to the Lavender Beds with Raykit’s Lord Haurchefant for a session of photo shoot.

Yesterday, late night, Raykit told me she was going to play FE (something like that) and thus she would log into her Lord Haurchefant alt to let me take screenshots while she’s half AFK. So, here goes my spam. XD

Lavender Beds has some wonderful spot for photo shooting.


Even at night, with proper lighting from grouppose control, we can still take pictures with good exposure and colours. The photos below, however, were mostly adjusted outside of the game using PC program called PhotoScape and one of its presets of Film Effect.

ffxiv_02202017_231624_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_231712_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_231852_new_resize

Night turned into morning, and I was still there spamming my screenshot button gleefully, LOL.


I took about 200 screenshots in this session, and I’m posting 42 of them. Most of the pics were repeated shots of same thing, trying to achieve best lighting/position/direction/details.


What’s a bummer was that while I was adjusting the camera angle and distance of the pic below, it became 8 o’clock and the weather changed, giving us Fog.


//screams with frustration!


At least the fog wasn’t too ugly and did not obstruct the photo that much (like, for example, Dust Storm is a hair-pulling kind of weather for any screenshot freak.)

The new /gpose features are really, really great. SE did a wonderful job.

ffxiv_02202017_232817_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_232827_new_resize

The tree in the mist does look pretty, after all.


Another extreme adjustment from Film Effect.


The one below was natural lighting from in-game.


Nice pose, nice angle, but that Botanist NPC…..


I could even tilt the camera 90° and take portrait pics.


Love it! Great job, SE.




Happy time.


Then, we moved to other part of the Lavender Beds.


This lotus pond is nice.


Background…. foggy green sky. Cry.


I adjusted color temperature in PhotoScape and turned it more blue.


Self note: I have to go back there again and take this pic with bright blue sky.

It will be a nice wallpaper for my phone. XD
ffxiv_02202017_234634_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_235002_new_resize

After that, we moved to Dappled Stalls. It’s a nice small field of flowers, with chocobos in the background LOL!




And then night time came. I had to rely heavily on gpose lighting, otherwise the characters look too dark.


The 2 pics below took 24 attempts, as it cannot be done smoothly in gpose. The hand position was achieved by having Lord-sama stand in a specific pose where he kind of runs his hand through front hair, or smooths it back, and I entered /gpose and quickly capture the photo in 1 second. Cannot adjust camera angle or lighting before taking pic, and if the timing failed, I had to exit /gpose and re-enter again. XD

What a fuss! But it’s totally worth it.

ffxiv_02202017_235934_new2_resize ffxiv_02212017_000010_new_resize

Night sky.


Embrace and salute.


Really gotta love the stop/pause function in /gpose.


Can pick the best frame of the emote to create desires positioning.


:3 Same pause, different angle.


Many different angles, actually.


Cannot achieve this without stop/pause function. Bravo SE!


Could even take a vertical pic.




Our old trick, using /bow to make Lord-sama lean closer into the hug.


Last pic, it’s purely in-game lighting, without additional lighting from /gpose. Day time in the game really gives nice and vibrant colours. Really love it.


Eternal Bonding Ceremony

So, today my character on Tonberry was in an Eternal Bonding Ceremony, wedding to a handsome Lord Haurchefant (Raykit’s character) and I’m posting a few pics here.





The paths we walk, the oaths we swear,
The triumphs we share and the burdens we bear,
All will be cherished and kept in our hearts,
Stay faithful and loyal ‘till death do us part.

To love and to care, in sickness and in health,
Through thick and thin, through poverty and wealth.
To have and to hold, from this day forward,
For better, for worse, we shall go onward.

To serve, to protect, to aid in times of need,
I shall be by your side, through your every deed.
My love will not falter, my heart will not break,
Having you by my side, is the choice that I make.

With trust and honour, with love and with life,
We share all together, as husband and wife.



I’ve also build a temporary room depicting a church for photo sessions in the FC house.

ffxiv_02102017_230301_new2 ffxiv_02102017_230710_new2 ffxiv_02102017_231724_new2

The full album of photos from today contains over 100 screenshots, and I don’t want to spam them all here. So I uploaded the folder separately to DropBox. > HERE <

The Caketeers’ New House.

My friends’ FC on Tonberry just purchased a new house today. :) They finally got a Large house.


We were camping the old house (bought as personal house by the FC leader, Raykit, thinking we could change setting later, but nope, we couldn’t) to be automatically demolished before buying it again as FC house.


The lawn. Still not done decorating it but at least we got a Lord Haurchefant retainer!


Inside the house is still empty, but they placed a mog sofa there so people could chill.


Chill with minions, that is.


And this will be my favourite spot for a while. XD

Mary Cocoa drew Aleczan and Haurchefant

I received a chibi pic of my character (nicknamed “Purple Cat” by the girls in Catketeers FC on Tonberry) from Mary Cocoa yesterday. It’s so funny and is extremely adorable. XD


I feel it is an amazingly accurate fanart which depicts me when I meet Lord Haurchefant in the game. One of the reasons being that I’m such a HUGE fan of him and always spend an hour taking screenshots when he appears outside of a cutscene. During my second playthrough of Main Story, using my secondary character which I created on Tonberry, I took every opportunity I could and took a lot of pics with him.

Mary’s art is what I would also imagine Haurchefant to react when I’m all over him like that. XD LOL Mary is lovely and funny. Thank you so much for the pic. ♥

ffxiv_09052016_205139_new ffxiv_09052016_204836_new ffxiv_09052016_204650_new ffxiv_09052016_203309_new


ffxiv_09022016_031540_new ffxiv_09022016_031443_new



FC: En Taro Adun <4Aiur>

Today after an Expert Roulette, I got a brief opportunity to try to get a group pic. But Kuji had to leave the house in real life, so he dove off so I only got just 1 group pic in my folder LOL.


Yeah we have 4 regulars nowadays. PZ doesn’t log on every weekend anymore. He’s kind of addicted to some other new games (or his old, unfinished games, LOL!) We can still ask him to hop on to help with stuff, like Dew’s CoB clear the other day. While Bray seems to have completely quit since the rise of 3.1.


Anyway, look at this pic. It’s not easy to set a male Au Ra in the same picture frame with a Lalafell. XD Hard to balance the crop, you know.


If I want to zoom in at this distance, and want to see the whole body of Dew, Corn’s head will be cropped off at the top. Like the pic above. But if I want to see the sky, and Corn’s SMN horn, Dew is cropped at the waist. XD


Solution? Dew jumped onto the rail of the Living Arch and eliminate the height difference. All happy now. If Kuji were there, he would have to go on the rail on the opposite side, next to me. XD


Really love the newly added functions in /gpose

Today I was able to steal some nice shots of Corn and myself at Vanu Vanu beast tribe. All thanks to the /gpose thingie.

ffxiv_03212016_024214 ffxiv_03212016_024217

It’s been difficult to really take good screenshots of Corn, because when he’s out in the sun, he hardly stays still, due to the demand of beast tribe quests. And when he goes AFK in the house or in front of the house, it’s usually either too dark or raining, or he’s not in PLD outfit.

OK it’s now 4 A.M. and I need to make myself sleep XD Night night all.


Senpai (Corn) Parody

This morning I made a “Sanpai” parody of Corn and post it on tumblr because this blog had server problem. ; ;

Now that the server is back, and my blog is up and running again, I’m putting those screenshots here as well. :D

CornSenpai_01b CornSenpai_03 CornSenpai_04 CornSenpai_05 CornSenpai_06 CornSenpai_07 CornSenpai_08c CornSenpai_09b CornSenpai_10b

The blacklist bit is based on a conversation in the FC weeks ago, which went like this (not exact wording):

Kuji: Oh hey, I heard they’re bringing back the mentor system. Will you mentor the new people?
Corn: No. My secrets belong to me only.
Me: LOL. But didn’t you have a stalker who kept calling you senpai, senpai? And you did tutor him!
Kuji: Ohh poor thing. His senpai didn’t notice him.
Corn: I did notice him. He’s now on my blacklist.
Kuji: o_o oh that’s so cold.
Me: Well, he was quite a….troublesome kohai.
Corn: He was a jerk.
Kuji: LOL fair enough.