Goodbye Heavensward – En Taro Adun

Waiting for Stormblood now, I dug up some of my recent screenshots.

It’s hard to steal a group shot of our FC. :( Especially when /gpose kept making Dew turn away from the camera. This is weird. It sometimes happened with specific emotes, but I don’t know what caused it.

Kuji siting on the fire with his shield on fire. LOL

Before Kuji arrived, Dew, Corn and I went to Dun Scaith and had quite an ordeal with the party/alliance. People died a lot. They died way too much, including my healer buddy. ><;; Sad panda. It was extremely exhausting!

After whining about Kuji’s being late, I showed him my new hair from Gold Saucer event.

I actually changed to new hair since a few days ago, after I finished the event. And Corn happened to change to the new hair too. He saw mine when we got into Baelsar’s Wall for Bray’s Main Q and he laughed.

Good pic in front of the boss room, but Corn’s Garuda photobombed my face. T_T

Hotbars and Actions

Sorry, had to split this entry into a new one because it’s long and has so many screenshots.

Now let’s talk about Hotbars and Actions (Abilities/Skills/Spells).

You can put many things in your Hotbar for fast access or execution. Now, let’s see what you can do about your hotbar and skills and spells.

(See my messy Hotbars HAHAHAHA)

First, open your Actions & Traits menu by using shortcut button, P. Or open it manually from main menu => Character => Actions & Traits.

In the left pane, select “Actions” for active skills. It will list your currect class/job skills, arranged chronologically by level.

Usually, when you newly level up and learn/acquire a new spell or skill, the spell/skill will automatically appear on the next available slot on Hotbar 1. But if your Hotbar 1 is full, it may or may not show up on Hotbar 2. If it does not appear, you have to manually put it on the hot bar in order to able to use the spell/skill.

Also, if you don’t like where the skill was automatically assigned, you can “Unlock” your hotbar arrangement and rearrange the spells/skills as you like by dragging and dropping it. To unlock your Hotbar buttons, click on the lock (padlock) icon on the right of your Hotbar 1.

Next, let’s explore your additional abilities. These are sometimes called “Cross-class skills” and it can only be acquired by leveling up other class/job. Once you learn the skill or spell from other class, when you come back to play your main class, you can “steal” or “borrow” some spells/skills from other class.

Select “Additional” category on the left pane of your Actions & Traits menu. You will have to drag and drop the ability from this window onto your Hotbar.

For example, I have Swiftcast ability and have it selected in my Additional ability menu, but didn’t have it on my Hotbar. So I click on it and hold the mouse button…..and then drag it to the desired spot on my Hotbar.

To remove the spell/skill from your hotbar, to make an empty slot again, you can either drag the skill and throw it away outside of the hotbar area (make sure the Hotbar is unlocked) or you can right click on the spell/skill and choose “remove” on the menu that appears.

Oh, but if your “Additional” ability menu is empty, you have to select the class you want to borrow it from. Here, in the pic below, you can see that at level 20, we’re allowed to choose 4 cross-class abilities. To choose a skill/spell, you have to select the check box to make it appear below.

When you select other class in the menu on the left, it will show available abilities from the other class. Here, in the example, I select ACN (Arcanist) abilities and enabled Eye for an Eye skill.

I can now drag “Eye for am Eye” from Additional abilities window onto my Hotbar.

Oh, and after this, if I want to change to enable other spells/skills instead, I can uncheck the box of “Eye for an Eye” to make the slot empty again. The skill on my Hotbar will become dim (grey out) and can no longer be used, until I reselect it again.

One interesting thing about Cross-class skills is that when you’re under the effect of Level Sync (like, going into a dungeon that’s lower level than you, or participate in a FATE at lower level than you) the Additional Abilities available slots will be limited (capped down).

See that I had unlocked 4 slots for Additional Abilities, up to level 40. But now I am level 20, so the system only allowed me to use 2 cross-class skills, showing 4/2 beside the Level Sync status symbol. The ones in the slots of higher level are disabled (greyed out, or dimmed).

When inside the dungeon, if you have no enmity (no aggro, meaning not fighting or did not do anything to help the party member who’s fighting) you can rearrange (change order) of Additional Abilities to make you able to access the skills/spells that you need more than the others.

Please note, though, that swapping Cross-class skills inside a dungeon has the same effect as changing class/job outside of Sanctuary area, most of your abilities will become “used” and need to wait for the recast cooldown timer.

Here, for example, if you enter the dungeon with abilities arranged in this order, you cannot cast Protect for your party. You can rearrange the order by drag and drop, to exchange spots of the abilities.

EXTRA: if you’re a healer and you want to help the party DPS (shooting offensive spells at enemies) and you want to stay on Cleric Stance, you can use the Cross-Class skill swapping trick to enable Cleric Stance, use it, and stay in Cleric Stance, then swap other spells or skill to be enabled instead. Or if you know the party will finish the dungeon within 30 minutes (before Protect wears off), you can also use Protect on the party, and then swap Additional skills, putting Protect spell away and selecting other spells instead, too.

Hotbar : Customizing your Hotbars

As you can see, on your game screen, there are rows of skill bars with 10 buttons each, this is called Hotbar.

By default, when you newly start the game, it will show only 2 bars, but you can config your settings to make it show more. You can rearrange the buttons order, you can move your bars to specific part or corner of your screen. You can also set or assign (keybind) shortcut button for each of the hotbar button as well. (Like, ALT+1 or CTRL+5, or even SHIFT+CTRL+0 – but we will explain Keybind settings in depth later.)

To access your Horbar configuration, first hit K button to open your System menu and select Character Configuration.

Then among the red and gold buttons on the left pane, select “Hotbar Settings” category. You can see in the pic below that there are checkboxes. When you check it, the interface of you gameplay screen will show the hotbar you select.  The unchecked ones will be hidden, invisible.

On the right, you can also select the form of the specific hotbar. They can be vertical or horizontal, and can appear as 1 row, 2 rows, or 4 rows.

Look at my Hotbar 10, for example. Now it’s invisible because the box is not checked.

When you check or light up the checkbox of Hotbar 10, it will appear somewhere on your screen. You can drag it to reposition to anywhere you like.

See how when you change choice of form, it became 3×4 row instead of 1 long row.

Next, let’s explore one function of the Horbar Settings: Enable hotbar cycling button. This setting applies to your default Hotbar 1. When it is enabled (it’s enabled by default), you will see the arrow button above and below number 1 of Hotbar 1, on your screen. When you click the arrow, it will show other bar instead of Horbar 1.

This is good for when you want to quickly access other Hotbar that you didn’t set to show. For faster selection, you can also use Shift+1 or Shift+5, for example, to immediately jump to the hotbar number that you desire.

When you uncheck the box for “Enable hotbar cycling button” it will no longer let you use the arrow to change hotbar display. But you can still use the Shift+NUMBER command to jump between horbars.

NEXT: Hotbars and Actions (Abilities/Skills/Spells)
NEXT: Hotbars and putting things on your Hotbars.

HUD Layout

Alright, now let’s talk about HUD Layout. HUD means Head-Up Display, and it refers to all the menu and user interface you see on your screen.

Extra note: When you want to take a screenshot without seeing the interface, you can hit the button: Scroll Lock (ScrLk) on your keyboard once, and all HUD will be hidden. If you hit the same button again, they will come back. If you use Notebook computer and don’t have Scroll Lock button, you have to manually set a Keybind (assign shortcut keys to commands) in the Keybind menu.

To access HUD Layout menu, you must look at your main menu (the row of small buttons that are red and gold) and use the “System” button.

The “System” button will bring up a small list. There, you can see some menu have its own Shortcut Key already assigned. They will show the name of button as a reminder for you when you want to use shortcut key.  Now, select HUD Layout.

This will bring up a transparent overlay, telling you where things are. Usually, the default HUD setting is cumbersome…. Now you can rearrange everything to your liking. You can either use the mouse to grab and drag any window in HUD Layout setting, and move it to anywhere you want. But if some HUD frames are too close to each other or overlap, and you cannot grab the one you want, you can use this pulldown menu to make the wanted HUD frame become selected, then you can drag it to the spot you like.

There are 4 slots to save HUD Layouts, this is useful if you have different HUD Layouts specially designed for different situations or different dungeons. If you want to copy a HUD Layout from a slot you saved, to a new slot, you have to use the gear (cog) button here.

And select the original slot, and select the destination to copy. Now, from example screenshot below, your slot 4 will have same setting as slot 1.

If you select other unsaved slot, it will show default HUD Layout, like this.

Now, don’t forget to hit “Save” button before you exit the menu.

Some elements of the HUD can be dragged and dropped on play screen without having to go into HUD Layout menu. Hotbars, for example, can be grabbed with your mouse cursor (if you didn’t disable drag and drop for Hotbars.) You have to aim for the Hotbar’s number in front of the row, right click with your mouse, hold and move, then release the mouse button where you want it to stay.

Same for the Chat box. If you grab and hold the first tab, you can move the whole chat window and reposition it.

If you grab on other tab of chat, however, when you drag it, it will pop out and separate from the main chatlog window. You can float it anywhere, so now you can read 2 chat tabs at the same time. If you want to put it back together, you have to click on the X button to close the float window.

I think that’s it for HUD Layout guide.

Lord Hubby – Lavender Beds

Went out to the Lavender Beds with Raykit’s Lord Haurchefant for a session of photo shoot.

Yesterday, late night, Raykit told me she was going to play FE (something like that) and thus she would log into her Lord Haurchefant alt to let me take screenshots while she’s half AFK. So, here goes my spam. XD

Lavender Beds has some wonderful spot for photo shooting.


Even at night, with proper lighting from grouppose control, we can still take pictures with good exposure and colours. The photos below, however, were mostly adjusted outside of the game using PC program called PhotoScape and one of its presets of Film Effect.

ffxiv_02202017_231624_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_231712_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_231852_new_resize

Night turned into morning, and I was still there spamming my screenshot button gleefully, LOL.


I took about 200 screenshots in this session, and I’m posting 42 of them. Most of the pics were repeated shots of same thing, trying to achieve best lighting/position/direction/details.


What’s a bummer was that while I was adjusting the camera angle and distance of the pic below, it became 8 o’clock and the weather changed, giving us Fog.


//screams with frustration!


At least the fog wasn’t too ugly and did not obstruct the photo that much (like, for example, Dust Storm is a hair-pulling kind of weather for any screenshot freak.)

The new /gpose features are really, really great. SE did a wonderful job.

ffxiv_02202017_232817_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_232827_new_resize

The tree in the mist does look pretty, after all.


Another extreme adjustment from Film Effect.


The one below was natural lighting from in-game.


Nice pose, nice angle, but that Botanist NPC…..


I could even tilt the camera 90° and take portrait pics.


Love it! Great job, SE.




Happy time.


Then, we moved to other part of the Lavender Beds.


This lotus pond is nice.


Background…. foggy green sky. Cry.


I adjusted color temperature in PhotoScape and turned it more blue.


Self note: I have to go back there again and take this pic with bright blue sky.

It will be a nice wallpaper for my phone. XD
ffxiv_02202017_234634_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_235002_new_resize

After that, we moved to Dappled Stalls. It’s a nice small field of flowers, with chocobos in the background LOL!




And then night time came. I had to rely heavily on gpose lighting, otherwise the characters look too dark.


The 2 pics below took 24 attempts, as it cannot be done smoothly in gpose. The hand position was achieved by having Lord-sama stand in a specific pose where he kind of runs his hand through front hair, or smooths it back, and I entered /gpose and quickly capture the photo in 1 second. Cannot adjust camera angle or lighting before taking pic, and if the timing failed, I had to exit /gpose and re-enter again. XD

What a fuss! But it’s totally worth it.

ffxiv_02202017_235934_new2_resize ffxiv_02212017_000010_new_resize

Night sky.


Embrace and salute.


Really gotta love the stop/pause function in /gpose.


Can pick the best frame of the emote to create desires positioning.


:3 Same pause, different angle.


Many different angles, actually.


Cannot achieve this without stop/pause function. Bravo SE!


Could even take a vertical pic.




Our old trick, using /bow to make Lord-sama lean closer into the hug.


Last pic, it’s purely in-game lighting, without additional lighting from /gpose. Day time in the game really gives nice and vibrant colours. Really love it.


Testing poses of /doze on bed

I wish SE would add a bed for married couples. Their current king-sized beds are all huge and have wide space between the two persons. When Raykit was free, she logged on to her Lord-sama character and I tried using another bed to sneakily let me lie on the bed closer to each other. The results were great and we got a bunch of adorable pics. :)

ffxiv_02182017_012016_new ffxiv_02182017_005728_new ffxiv_02182017_010541_new ffxiv_02182017_011127_new

And when I need better angle of my position, I tilted the bed underneath and kept adjusting until the angle and distance were both suitable.

This setting is only good for close-up photos, because the headboard of the 2nd bed shows profusely and makes the picture really bad when you zoom out.


It will take a lot of trials and errors to eventually find more poses and combinations that makes good photos. :D

Eternal Bonding Ceremony

So, today my character on Tonberry was in an Eternal Bonding Ceremony, wedding to a handsome Lord Haurchefant (Raykit’s character) and I’m posting a few pics here.





The paths we walk, the oaths we swear,
The triumphs we share and the burdens we bear,
All will be cherished and kept in our hearts,
Stay faithful and loyal ‘till death do us part.

To love and to care, in sickness and in health,
Through thick and thin, through poverty and wealth.
To have and to hold, from this day forward,
For better, for worse, we shall go onward.

To serve, to protect, to aid in times of need,
I shall be by your side, through your every deed.
My love will not falter, my heart will not break,
Having you by my side, is the choice that I make.

With trust and honour, with love and with life,
We share all together, as husband and wife.



I’ve also build a temporary room depicting a church for photo sessions in the FC house.

ffxiv_02102017_230301_new2 ffxiv_02102017_230710_new2 ffxiv_02102017_231724_new2

The full album of photos from today contains over 100 screenshots, and I don’t want to spam them all here. So I uploaded the folder separately to DropBox. > HERE <

Rambling about my fav NPCs

[สเตตัสเกม] [FFXIV & FFXI]
วันนี้ขอเวิ่นเรื่องเกมหน่อย ว่าด้วยเรื่อง favourite NPC หรือตัวละครโปรด ที่เป็น NPC โผล่มาในเนื้อเรื่องหรือมิชชั่น / เควสต์ต่าง ๆ พอดูจาก FF11 แล้วก็ FF14 เท่าที่ผ่านมา เราสังเกตว่าตัวเองมีแพทเทิร์นตัวละครที่ชอบอยู่ประมาณหนึ่ง
คือชอบตัวละครน้องสาว ที่เป็นคนดีเลิศประเสริฐศรี น่ารักน่าทะนุถนอม น่าปกป้อง สำหรับเราตัวละครนั้นใน FF11 ก็คือน้องอัฟ (Aphmau) ซึ่งตอนนั้นเราหลงหัวปักหัวปำ คือแบบยอมตายได้เพื่อนาง จะสู้เพื่อนาง ทำทุกอย่างเพื่อนาง ทำทุกวิถีทางในการปกป้องนาง หนึ่งเพราะชอบบุคลิก สองเพราะชอบนิสัย แล้วคือนางเปิดเผย จริงใจ ใสซื่อ และไร้เดียงสา แม้จะสร้างความเดือดร้อนให้เรา หรือออกไปเผชิญอันตรายจนทำให้คนตายไปบ้าง (เควสต์นั้นสงสารมาก ร้องไห้ค่ะ) แต่เราก็เกลียดนางไม่ลง
อีกอย่างเพราะในระหว่างเนื้อเรื่อง น้องอัฟมีการกระทำและคำพูดที่ซาบซึ้งตรึงใจ คือนางเชื่อมั่นและเชื่อใจเราสุดลุ่มทิ่มประตู มิไยพี่ชายจะยั่วยุใส่ไคล้เราแค่ไหน นางก็ยังยืนหยัดพูดปกป้องเราและร้องตะโกนว่าเราคือเพื่อนนาง (เควสต์นั้นซึ้งมาก น้ำตาทะลัก จากตอนแรกรักนางแค่ 40/100 ซีนนั้นกระชากใจมาก เอาไปเลย 120/100) ทำให้เรารู้สึกว่านี่แหละจักรพรรดินีที่ควรค่าแก่การรับใช้ อยากติดตามนาง เป็นทหารรับจ้างให้นางตลอดไป
พอมา FF14 เราเกิดที่ Ul’dah แน่นอนว่าย่อมเจอสุลตาน่า Nanamo พอเจอก็บังเกิดความผูกพันลึก ๆ อยู่ แต่ตอนแรกยังไม่ได้รักนางขนาดนั้น ก็แค่คิดว่าน่ารักดี ไรงี้ แต่พอเนื้อเรื่องดำเนินไป ได้ฟังคำพูดของนาง ว่าด้วยการปกครองอุลดาห์ให้ร่มเย็นและพลเมืองมีความสุข ก็เริ่มรักนางขึ้นมา แต่ก็ยังห่างเหินอยู่ หนึ่งเพราะนานาโมไม่ค่อยได้มาคลุกคลีกับเรา เควสต์ที่ได้เจอก็มีน้อย และมาแค่แป๊บ ๆ กว่าที่เราจะรักนางถึงขนาดอยากฆ่าใครก็ตามที่มาแผ้วพานนางก็คือช่วงที่นางร้องไห้เพราะสงสารประชาชน
อันนี้สำหรับเรามันยังไม่สุด เราแค่อยากปกป้อง อยากช่วยเหลือ Nanamo และอยากทำให้ความฝันของนางสำเร็จ คือพลเมืองมีความสุข และอยากเป็นกำลังให้นาง เรารักนิสัยนานาโม รักจิตใจที่บริสุทธิ์และไม่เห็นแก่ตัวของนาง รักความกล้าที่นางคิดจะเปลี่ยนอุลดาห์และยืนหยัดเพื่อประชาชน แต่เรายังไม่ได้ผูกพันกับนางทางใจเหมือน Aphmau เราร้องไห้ให้นานาโมเพราะเราสงสารนาง เห็นใจนาง ใครทำร้ายนางเราก็แค้นจนอยากฆ่ามันให้ตายคามือ เราอยากต่อสู้เพื่อนาง และติดตามนางในฐานะนักรบคุณธรรม แต่เรายังไม่รู้สึกว่าเรายอมตายเพื่อนางได้ (อย่างมากแค่สู้จนเลือดท่วมเพื่อปกป้องนาง ไรงี้)
ส่วนตัวละครอีกแพทเทิร์นนึงคือประเภทพี่ชาย ที่กางปีกปกป้องเราตลอดเวลา เป็นที่พึ่ง ให้ที่พักพิง ให้ที่ซ่อนในยามที่เราระหกระเหินหนีใครมา ตัวละครทั้นจะมีอิมเมจเป็นพี่ชายที่แข็งแกร่งและพึ่งพาได้ ช่วยเหลือเราสุดความสามารถโดยไม่ตั้งคำถามหรือมีเงื่อนไขใด ๆ
สำหรับเราตัวละครนั้นใน FF11 คือ Aldo คือหลงรักมาก พี่ชายคะพี่ชายขา (แล้วก็ไปยืนลวนลามพี่ชาย 555+) ซีนที่ฮีปกป้องเราไม่ให้เจ้าหน้าที่บ้านเมืองมาจับหรือมาลากคอเราไปนั้นคือปลื้มมาก โอ๊ยเป็น adventurer มาหลายปี ต้องปกป้องตัวเองและปกป้องคนอื่นตลอด เกิดมาก็เพิ่งจะเคยมี NPC มากางปีกปกป้อง!! ทำให้รู้สึกซึ้งใจและนับถือมาก ยิ่งตอนหลังมีเควสต์ที่เผยอดีตโผล่ขึ้นมานี่แบบยิ่งอึ้ง แล้วก็ชอบ Aldo มากขึ้นไปอีก
เสียที่ Aldo ไม่ค่อยมีบทเท่าไหร่ ทำให้ไม่ค่อยได้เจอกันแล้วก็ไม่ค่อยผูกพันมากขนาดนั้น
ส่วนพี่ชายใน FF14 ของเรา จะเป็นใครไปไม่ได้นอกจากท่านลอร์ด Haurchefant ผู้ที่ร้องว่า Welcome!!!! และอ้าแขนรับเราเข้าแคมป์โดยไม่รังเกียจและไม่แบ่งแยก เควสต์แรกที่เจอก็ซึ้งแล้วนะ ว่าทำไมเป็นคนดีแบบนี้(วะ) ยิ่งทำเควสต์ไปก็ยิ่งชอบและผู้พัน ได้เห็นว่าฮีเป็นคนที่มีความความเถรตรง รักความยุติธรรม กล้าหาญเด็ดเดี่ยว เสียสละ และมีเกียรติ เรียกได้ว่าเป็นตัวละครที่เป็นตัวแทนแห่ง honor & valor ได้เลย มีสันดานอัศวินโดยแท้….(และแก้ไม่หาย) เราก็แบบ เลิฟเลย รักมาก หลงหัวปักหัวปำ วิ่งผ่านแคมป์ Dragon Head ทีไรก็ต้องแวะไปคุยกับฮี (และแอบจับนู่นนิดนี่หน่อย ฮี่ๆๆ)
ยิ่งผ่านเควสต์ก็ยิ่งรัก และคิดดูว่าตอนที่โลกทั้งโลกเป็นศัตรูกับเรา ฮีก็รับเราเข้าไปหลบซ่อน ทำทุกอย่างเพื่อช่วยเราทั้งทางกายและทางใจ ฮีเชื่อและให้ที่พักพิงกับเราโดยไม่มีเงื่อนไข และตะเกียกตะกายทำทุกอย่างเพื่อให้เราได้เข้าอิชการ์ดอย่างถูกต้องและมีเกียรติ คืออวยเราแบบสุดลิ่มทิ่มประตูมาก มันทำให้ซาบซึ้งและตราตรึงในใจ
ถ้าเทียบความรู้สึกรัก เราคิดว่าเรารัก Haurchefant ยิ่งกว่า Aphmau อีก คือมันผูกพันเพราะฮีใกล้ชิดกับเรามาก และแม้เราจะไม่ได้รู้สึกว่าจะปกป้องและยอมตายเพื่อฮี (เพราะฮีแข็งแกร่ง และเป็นฝ่ายปกป้อง) แต่เราสู้สึกว่านี่แหละคือสหายที่จะร่วมรบไปกับเรา เราอยากเคียงบ่าเคียงไหล่ไปด้วยกับฮี และช่วยเหลือกันตลอดไป……
(ข้างล่างมี spoil)
แอร่ะะะะะะะะะ เกลียดโยชิดะ TAT
 ตอนที่เสียท่านลอร์ดไป เราร้องไห้หนักมาก คือเฟลมาก เศร้ามาก เสียใจอย่างสุดซึ้ง และเวลากลับไปดูคัทซีนนั้นทีไรน้ำตาก็จะไหล ไม่ใช่เพราะสงสารใคร ไม่ใช่เพราะสงสารท่านลอร์ด แต่เพราะตัวเองเสียใจ (กูก็สงสารตัวกูเองนี่แหละข่าาาาาาาาา) คือแบบมันเจ็บเหมือนหัวใจโดนทะลวง…. ขนาดตอนที่ปู่ Louisoix สละชีพสมัยสิ้นชาติ 1.0 หรือตอนที่ Scion แตกสานซ่านเซ็น ไม่รู้ความเป็นความตายของเพื่อน (แต่จากสถานการณ์ทำให้คิดว่าน่าจะตายมากกว่าเป็น) หรือตอนที่นานาโมล้มลงไป หรือแม้แต่ตอนที่มูนบริดาสละชีพต่อหน้าต่อตา ยังไม่ทำร้ายเราได้ขนาดนี้ เราร้องไห้ เราโกรธ SE เรารู้สึกโดน developer หักหลังและแทงข้างหลังซ้ำ ๆ แต่ก็ไม่เสียใจหนักขนาดนี้ ตอนท่านลอร์ดนี่คือเหมือนโลกถล่มแล้ว ความหวังดับไปแล้ว คือเกลียดเนื้อเรื่องและเกลียดอิโยชิดะมาก ๆ ๆ ๆ ๆ ๆ ๆ อยากไป SE HQ แล้วคว่ำโต๊ะแม่มทุกโต๊ะ แล้วเอาเอกสารพวกมันมาฉีกให้กระจุย ไรงี้…. 
คือตอนนี้อาลัยอาวรณ์มาก ประมาณว่าอยากได้ทุกสิ่งทุกอย่างที่เป็นของท่านลอร์ดเอามาเก็บไว้ในห้องนอน (ในห้องนอนฝั่งทอนเบอรี่ มีรูปท่านลอร์ด 6 รูป 5555555555555+ อีบ้า) ถ้าดูชัด ๆ ดูดี ๆ แล้วท่านลอร์ดก็ไม่ได้หล่อเลย หน้าตาธรรมดามาก ๆ ๆ ๆ แต่เรารักฮีสุดหัวใจ  และคิดว่าใน FFXIV คงไม่มีตัวละครไหนที่เราจะรักได้ขนาดนี้อีกแล้ว

The Caketeers’ New House.

My friends’ FC on Tonberry just purchased a new house today. :) They finally got a Large house.


We were camping the old house (bought as personal house by the FC leader, Raykit, thinking we could change setting later, but nope, we couldn’t) to be automatically demolished before buying it again as FC house.


The lawn. Still not done decorating it but at least we got a Lord Haurchefant retainer!


Inside the house is still empty, but they placed a mog sofa there so people could chill.


Chill with minions, that is.


And this will be my favourite spot for a while. XD

Sub-par tank with big attitude

Expert roulette today was full of drama, again. Frankly, that is why I tried to avoid DF solo and only go when I have at least one friend with me. Today, though, I was with Corn and Bray, and we went in as a party of three, then were matched with a stranger who was a DRK.


Right off the bat, without any heads up, he or she stood there for like a minute, seeming AFK. We went ahead and pulled a group of 3 enemies, having Corn’s Titan-Egi tank. The tank came back a bit later, when enemies were almost dead. Tank said sorry and helped us kill 2 out of 3 enemies, and ran off to grab next group before last one died.

Bray said “go big” so the tank kept going…..up the stairs where it was a dead end. We fought there and proceeded to next set of mobs. Tank pulled all the way to the monkeys’ room. I had difficult time keeping up with the cure. This tank was strangely squishy. I wasn’t sure if DRKs are squishy by nature, or if this person had bad gear, or if this person had bad skill rotation. I couldn’t Cleric Stance properly. I had healed DRKs before. I felt DRK is quite hard to heal and I’m more accustomed to healing a PLD. And in level 60 content (non-sync) I can also heal a WAR alright. But DRK is another story. However, this DRK seemed a little bit squishier that others. So, I selected to focus on healing instead.

Boss room was ok. I couldn’t DPS and tank didn’t 100% dodge the Folio AoE, but that’s fine. Everything was manageable.

This DRK kept quietly going AFK (or at least seemed AFK) every once in a while, without notification, too. So we crept forward slowly using Titan-Egi tank, which complicated things because when the tank arrived late at the scene, it was harder to secure enmity. I almost got mowed to death a few times due to my Medica II pulling hate from Titan-Egi.

Then, in Liquid Flame boss, I made a bad decision and spent Benediction on Bray when he was dying. Bye-bye my cool down. Ugh!

Next mob after flame boss was in a room where vision is blocked by a narrow door. Corn wandered too far into the room and was seen. (I did this twice, because I forgot and didn’t see the enemies visually.) So we started fighting.

The tank (back from being idle) ran in, said “Ffs” and grabbed all the 3 enemies, and headed further up the stairs. I used Sprint to follow. We reached the next room, where there are many statues. Inside the room, near the entrance there are 3 more enemies. Once tank reached the enemies, Corn placed Shadow Flare there. I spent my Divine Seal and used Medica II. But lo and behold, the tank didn’t stop there, he or she continued to the end of the room, missing Medica II and waking up first set of statues, which spawned 2 3 more enemies. That’s 8 (I was wrong, it was actually 9 enemies) in the fray.

I followed immediately and Swiftcast, reapplied my Medica II to help with tank’s HP. I also landed Tetragrammaton on the tank for 7888 HP and placed Asylum. Meanwhile, one or two loose enemies whacked on me because of my too-early Medica II. (I usually let tank secure enmity first, but this tank had me panicked because he or she ran off for more enemies when I wasn’t expecting it, and tank’s HP gushed like water.)

Tank used Convalescence but from that point on, I could only land 1 Cure. I tried to Cure II, as Benediction and Tetra were both on cooldown. We all dodged a bunch of cluttered AoE and either I was hit or my Cure II was interrupted by damage, and in a blink, tank died.

I was shredded into pieces right after. And then Corn, and then Bray.

Tank was like “Great” then said “Can pull cant heal.”

Um? I didn’t pull. And wait, you were the one who decided to take a bigger bite than you can chew, no? We wanted to stop at the front of the room. You dragged the mobs all the way to the back of the room. YOU.

And where’s the oh-shit emergency skill, Living Dead, that could have extended your death for at least 10 seconds?  And not all enemies were on you, yet you still died. =_=;; That means your tanking skill, in combination with my healing skill, cannot withstand that many enemies.

I was so miffed and replied “Where’s your Living Dead? :P”

Corn got pissed off, too, and called the DRK out on those mysterious AFKs. The DRK said “I was trying to type”  (I thought to myself, type what? You’re not supposed to type while engaged in battle.) On my second thought, though, maybe the DRK meant he or she was trying to type to tell the party that he or she needed to go AFK. But….how long does a person need just to type “Wait” or “BRB” or “AFK” or “sec” or to type wa [and tab, for auto-translation of “Wait, please.”]. After 3-letter notification to make the party listen, one can have plenty of time to explain the situation or the need to AFK or to pause the pull.

Anyway, after everyone went to HP and ran back again, the DRK darted forward without waiting for Protect (probably was too pissed off to care). So I had to cast Protect on them again, at the same time the DRK aggroed first group of enemies, and my Protect stole enmity right off the bat. DRK didn’t even care and kept running forward for the 2nd group. I had to Sprint to catch up and heal, etc.


While we were fighting through the room full of statues that gradually spawned enemies, the argument went on and on. The tank was angry that Corn pulled. (Honestly, I would, too. I always hate DPS that pulls before tank.) Corn was pissed that the tank kept going AFK unannounced. (In this case I regrettably sided with Corn, because going AFK unannounced is very rude, IMO. And to top it off, the tank was so squishy and died from pulling too many mobs without consulting the party, and then immediately blamed me, I was infuriated.)


I also had to use Benediction there (like, what the!?! I only used Benediction there on Dew when and if we pull 8 enemies at once.) The tank seemed so occupied in exchanging angry messages with Corn and didn’t focus on tanking AT ALL. It was even worse than before. Tank was always on the verge of dying, even when I fully focused on healing and switched to bombing Cure II instead of Cure as usual.

I finally snapped and said “You’re squishy enough when not typing, please focus.” Which is very mean, I know. But I just really can’t tolerate that attitude. A sub-par tank who’s not trying to do the job properly, but focusing more on typing an argument…


After that, 4 enemies spawned, and the tank seemed to be mad at my remark, and seemed to intentionally neglect to take back the aggro. I tanked 2 of them the whole time until they died. I spent Tetra on myself. I cure bombed myself. I refused to die. Meanwhile Corn threatened to vote kick the tank, to which the tank replied “Kick me u crybby” and “Like i care” so after the mobs died, we voted kick the tank.

Good riddance.

There was just one enemy on the way to last boss room, if I remember correctly. We got past that just fine and got to the boss room. Corn waited for a bit, but no tank came in. I was unwilling to wake Dew up, so I just stood there, trying to not get mad at what happened. =_= As you can see, apparently, I failed to stay not mad.

Corn eventually decided to tank with Titan-Egi.


And of course, we won without casualty.

Titan-Egi, tanking a boss better than a real person Dark Knight. =_=;; WTF.