Tiny Tatsunoko

Well, I wasn’t going to write about this, because everyone knows how to catch it already. But today I happened to have caught a Tiny Tatsunoko minion while using Normal Gig Head. Therefore, I decided I should write about it so people may find this piece of information useful.

*Flash News* While writing this entry, I have also confirmed that Small Gig Head can catch a Tiny Tatsunoko, too! :D I’ve been catching Horned Turbans at Swimming Shadows trying to confirm this. And yes, my theory turned out to be true!

What you need:

  • Unlock Spearfishing (FSH 61) through a quest.
  • Be on or have finished main scenario quest “Under the Sea” (lv 62) to access the quest NPC.
  • Be a fisher of at least level 66 and complete the level 66 class quest for a skill called “Truth of Oceans”.

What to do (short version):

  • Go to The Ruby Sea (X:38 , Y:6), near top right of the map.
  • Spearfish at Lv. 70 Teeming Waters (Kobayashi Maru).
  • Use Small Gig Head and try to catch Bashful Batfish.
  • Catch a lot of Bashful Batfish until the system mentions “Swimming Shadows” 4 times.
  • Activate your “Truth of Oceans” if you haven’t activated it yet.
  • Follow the detection and find Lv. 70 Swimming Shadows.
  • Change to either Normal Gig Head or Large Gig Head.
  • Spear.
  • Pray to Llymlaen for your luck to find a Tiny Tatsunoko.

By the way, I don’t think weather condition affects the catch. I’ve caught it in both Clear Skies and in Cloudy weathers.

Long explanation of how this thing works:

Usually it takes 2 – 4 catches of Bashful Batfish to make a message occur. The quantity and quality are irrelevant. What matters is how many times you’ve caught Bashful Batfish in your spearfish attempts. Er, I have just discovered that it is actually the quantity of Bashful Batfish, because I happened to find a +2 yields node and I got 4 messages in a row and managed to spawn the Shadows within one node. But since Sea Lamp is in the way, sometimes it is hard to get a Bashful Batfish to trigger the spawn. (I don’t mind them that much, though, because Sea Lamps are used in fishing Levequests, so they sell quite well, especially HQ.

  • When I catch a Sea Lamp in first try, I spend 200 GP on Veteran Trade to make it so I’ll only catch a Bashful Batfish until that node ends.
  • I especially like to use Veteran Trade while engaging a node that grants +2 attempts (or +2 yields, due to the discovery in the pic above).
  • The messages that notify you about Swimming Shadows are as follows:
    • With the bashful batfish caught, you sense further movement in the shadows.
    • With the bashful batfish caught, the swimming shadows intensify.
    • With the bashful batfish caught, the swimming shadows begin to take shape!
    • The shadow of an elusive sea creature lurks somewhere nearby!

I should take about 12, or 15 at most, catches of Bashful Batfish to trigger the spawn of a Lv.70 Swimming Shadows at Kobayashi Maru.

  • Optional things to do when you find a node of Swimming Shadows:
    • Eat a Gatherer’s food, like a Nomad Meat Pie (sold by NPC at Reunion, Azim Steppe) because the fish WILL escape A LOT. You want to decrease the escape chance as much as possible.
    • Before engaging the node, wait for your GP to regenerate to full.
    • Shoo the fish you don’t want, using Veteran Trade. Only once.
    • Use Calm Waters to increase available attempts. I usually use this twice.
    • When bubbles appear, wait for 1 or 2 ticks of GP generation before spearing, in order to allow enough time for GP to refresh, hoping for the 2nd Calm Waters.
  • The Swimming Shadow reacts like BTN and MIN Unspoiled Node. You can only engage it once. If you disengage before it is depleted, it will still disappear.

Funny thing about all of the Swimming Shadows is that the node will always be “Undiscovered fishing hole” and, unfortunately and irritably, they have no Fishing Log of their own.

Fish list at Lv.70 Swimming Shadows:

Small Gig Head
– Bashful Batfish (use Veteran Trade to shoo this!!!)
– Horned Turban (CUL ingredient)
– Tiny Tatsunoko

Normal Gig Head
– Spiny Lobster (crafting ingredient for cooking)
– Swordtip (crafting ingredient for cooking)
– Tiny Tatsunoko

Large Gig Head
– Thousandfang (Collectable fish for Yellow Gatherer’s Scrips at level 70, also great for level 280+ CUL Desynthesis skill up.)
– Mitsuriku Shark (Red Gatherer’s Scrips, if I remember correctly *but it doesn’t always appear on Rowena’s House of Splendor wanted list, you need some luck to get it on the list.*)
– Tiny Tatsunoko

So, you see, there are 3 types of things you can catch at this Lv 70 Swimming Shadows with each type of Gig Head. That’s why it’s difficult to reliably land a Tiny Tatsunoko. Because even if you shoo one type of unwanted fish away, the other one will still be in your way. XD But at least Veteran Trade can get rid of one of them.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Happy hunting!

P.S. Here’s my personal record of which gig head can spear which fish, it’s incomplete but it might become useful to some people. https://goo.gl/n9xbTq


DoL Yellow Scrips gear

Now I can say good-bye to Rowena’s House of Slavery Splendor for a while…

Just finished farming Yellow Scrips to trade for the new equipment, iLV 300. The main hands were 1300 scrips each, and the armors were 2700 per set. So, between 3 DoL classes, I had to farm 12,000 Yellow Scrips.

Suffice it to say I had a nightmare of repeatedly mining and missing the nodes the night after… The grind was so haunting. I am happy, though, that there is no weekly limit to the Yellow Scrips earning.




Miner has lit lamp at night lololol!!!

Fisher, Folklore and Blue Scrips Token

Sent this just now:

Dear SE and development team,

I’d like to make a plea to you to please look into FFXIV Fishing a little bit more.

Currently we Fishers have tougher time than other Disciples of the Land. Not only that we cannot right out select what fish we wish to catch, like BTN and MIN select slot of the specific node, we do not own any offhand tool and thus our stats suck and, despite all the effort in donning up to boost Gathering rating, the tougher fish can, and will, escape. While BTN and MIN can spend 250 GP (for +50%) and perhaps 50 more GP (for +50% +15% on top of that) to ensure 100% success rate, overgeared Fisher can still get “The fish got away.” message randomly.

While I am alright with these and see these challenges as an entertainment, there is other aspect of Fisher (or the lack thereof) that I am extremely unhappy with. The Folklore information on Fisher’s Fishing Log (or Fish Guide).

There is no way to tell, without going out of our way to farm 99 blue tokens to test it at the vendor, which tomes we have already acquired. Since the blue token cannot be exchanged for something else (as the other Blue scrips purchases are done by directly spending the Blue scrips) if now I have exchanged 99 blue scrips tokens, and find out that I actually have all the 3 tomes already, I am pretty much screwed. Because I would have 99 x 50 = 4,950 scrips that I can no longer spend anywhere in any way.

I know we can also check folklore we got by going to the folklore fishing spot to try to catch those legendary fish, and see if we could catch it or not. But this could take hours, because the target fish won’t always bite, and even if it bites, there is no guarantee that we could land it.

Unlike Botanist folklore page and Miner folklore page, we Fishers have no separated page for the folklore fish. The fish from folklore tome are put together, mixed, with other fish.

Please, I do not want you to pamper us and make fishing easier, but at least for user interface – the Fish Guide – please improve it regarding the Folklore information. Add a separated Folklore page, or make it possible to check, in a glance, which folklore we’ve already acquired and how many fish are in those pages (it can be blacked out like normal uncaught fish, that is fine), and, like BTN and MIN folklore item information in the Gathering Log, tell which map that fish is in.

Or, if that is unmanageable, please at least make us (everyone) able to trade Rowena’s Token (Blue scrips only, for both the gatherer and the crafter, if you’d please) back to Blue Scrips.

FC Materia Stock

I manage the FC box in my FC, and those lazy friends leave the duty of treasurer to me because…..um….because I horde all craps.  ><;;

Recently I’ve made a list of what we have, so that it’s easier when people need specific materia for their own melding. So, here’s a list of some materia we have, just for LOL.


The reason why we horde so many Crafter’s and Gatherer’s materia is because we’re still working on getting BiS gear for both, and with current ordinary gear, we feel it could be a waste to max meld everything. So this stock is for FC when we decide to meld in the future.

Also, this stock was originally intended for everyone’s use. People can ask for these materia for free. However, instead of asking for materia, people ended up spiritbonding their own gear, converting them, and throwing more materia in the stock. XD OK, banking up for the future is cool. I have no complaint.


My Gatherer’s (DoL) Macros

With the Unspoiled Nodes in Heavensward’s duration being so short, I can’t afford to waste time looking up on the internet or open a bookmarked link on my browser, I made /echo macro to tell me the slots. Then, realizing I have to head to the spawn spot before it actually spawns, in order to allow me a lot of time to pick the skills to use, I also added where to go.

ffxiv_07172015_010119_cr2/echo ★ ☆ MATERIALS : Unspoiled Heavensward Nodes ☆ ★
/echo  : Falcon’s Nest Chysahl Green [] — Top-left (Dragonspit)
/echo  : Falcon’s Nest Chives [], Prl. Sprout [], T. Leaves [] — Mid-right (Blk. Iron Br.)
/echo  : Camp Cloudtop Hv.Lemon [], Abal.Mistletoe [] — Mid-right (Vundu Ok’ Bendu)
/echo MNR 11:00 Helix Adamamtite Ore [6] — Top-mid
/echo MNR 12:00 Camp Cloudtop Abal. Rock Salt [1], Red Quartz [6] — Top-left (Cold Wind)
/echo  : Moghome Drav. Mistletoe [], Porcini [] — Top-right (Easton Eyes)
/echo  : Idyllshire Cloud Banana [], Morel [] — Low-left
/echo  : Tailfeather Old World’s Fig [] — Top-mid

The 2nd one is for nodes where Collectible items can be exchanged for Scrips. I pair the nodes list with execution of Collector’s Gloves skill as well as changing hotbar 1 to display my COllectible skills hotbar instead. You can manually switch between hotbars by using Shift + the number, or Shift + up/down button.


/macroicon “Collector’s Glove” /action “Collector’s Glove” <me>
/hotbar change 6
/echo    Hotbar changed to collectable for Scrips   
/echo  : Camp Cloudtop Hv.Lemon [], Abl.Mistletoe [] — Mid-right (Vundu Ok’ Bendu)
/echo  : Idyllshire Cloud Banana [], Morel [] — Low-left
/echo MNR 12:00 Camp Cloudtop Abal. Rock Salt [1], Red Quartz [6] — Top-left (Cold Wind)
/echo MNR 2:00 Idyllshire Cuprite [2], Light Kidney Ore [3] — Low-right

Hunts these days

Again, a rant from me.

I kind of miss the old days when The Hunt thingie was more civil. When people would be patient and wait for others who are still rushing to the spot, when people would ask “All here?” or “Ready to pull?” or say “Pulling in 60 seconds,” when people would shout and communicate to organize the scout, or the spawn trigger.

Back in those days, when I was catching Glimmerscale in Western Thanalan to try to trigger Zona Seeker, people who had high enough stats to catch the fish would band together and make team effort, while those who couldn’t fish it would offer to scout. When someone caught the fish, they shout with <link>. Then, if someone spotted the NM, they shouted the <pos> and some people might thank the fisher. Then they waited for the fisher to change job and get all skills/spells recast ready, and we all hunted together.

These days? Nope, no team effort. And no fisher appreciation. Today I caught a Glimmerscale that had actually spawned a Zona Seeker, but I had to shout 3 times just to get an invite to a hunt party. It seems that hunters nowadays tend to just stand at the possible spawn spots and communicate only to their own group when the NM pops in one of those spots. No team effort to try to trigger the spawn anymore. I looked around and I seemed to be the only one who even tried to fish up the trigger fish, even though the spawn window had been open for several hours and the weather was in right condition. What is up with that? Have the knowledge of spawn trigger/condition died with the older generations?

Also, after Zona died, I headed to Fallgourd Float to wait for 5 PM. Again, no other fisher. No shout asking about who to fish and who to scout. I fished for a while until I caught a Judgeray, I shouted with <link> to report it. Within seconds, people started shouting “inv.” This is the trend I’ve been seeing lately. Most people shouted “inv” without actually mentioning the pos. To find out where the NM has spawned, you have to either get a party and head to your party or follow the crowd, if you’re lucky enough to see the train.

Hunting crowd got less civil, and more selfish nowadays it is so sad to see. If I weren’t the one who fished up those fish which I knew would trigger the S rank sometimes, if I didn’t know the windows were open, the chance of me getting a piece of the S rank NM would have been so slim. I got there in time to get full credits only because I was there trying to trigger them. Other NMs? I tried and failed multiple times. Sometimes even when I was already in the map, I couldn’t get there fast enough for full credits. Sometimes I couldn’t even dismount my chocobo before it died right in front of me. Ridiculous.

I assume that the Hunt isn’t this bad when it is not prime time, though. I was lucky enough to join a few kills where people waited so a long time for the gather. It just made me pretty miffed that no one tried to help catch the trigger fish anymore. It was supposed to be server-wide team effort, but look at this…. *sigh*

Grrrr…that’s it for my fisher rant. I guess DoW and DoM won’t care much about this issue. ><;; But you know…..without a fisher to fish the trigger fish, you can camp the freaking NM all day and it will never pop. Unless it is force spawn after timing out??? IDK.

Trying to catch Olgoi

Have been unsuccessful in catching the fish for my Supra fishing rod.


In 2 days (I don’t fish 24 hours, I slept too!) I got about 10 rounds of Heat Waves. Most rounds were about 20 – 25 minutes long, except one that was 40 minutes! I got a hell lot of Dune Matas, and a bunch of Caravan Eels. Got 9 “the fish gets away” messages in total.

G: 369, P: 315 = Fish gets away x 4.
G: 387, P: 307 = Fish gets away x 1.
G: 382, P: 307 = Fish gets away x 2.
G: 363, P: 299 = Fish gets away x 1.
G: 359, P: 305 = No hook yet. LOL.
G: 353, P: 289 = Fish gets away x 1.

I’ve been trying various foods to tweak my Gathering and Perception. I’ve tried fishing with both FC buffs on, and no buff. I’ve tried sitting while fishing. This is driving me nuts. At this point I’m ready to try any voodoo to help me land some Ogloi Olgoi already. XD

It’s going to be a long and tough road…. But I’ll keep trying.



An hour later, I got one more chance with Heat Waves. So I used G: 359, P: 305 setting. Heat Waves lasted 25 minutes. Results as follows:
Mooch x 5
Caravan Eel x 2
Dune Manta x 2
Fish gets away x 1

Then I got mad and stood up and changed my belt out, trying G: 355, P: 300 setting for the first time.

And yes, I landed my first and only Ogloi Olgoi on 27 Jan, 9:09 PM.

ffxiv_01272015_210959sThen, the weather ended. I will try to catch more when Heat Waves show up again.


27 Jan, 11:05 PM, I caught my 2nd Olgoi.


Then 28 Jan, 12:43 AM, I caught my 3rd Olgoi.


Don’t fight on top of a gatherer

What the title says, be considerate to gatherers, please.

Seriously, there were too many instances where people brought enemies to fight on top of me while I was fishing, mining, or logging.

One time in Mor Dhona, someone aggroed a Gigas and brought it onto a group of Botanists who were trying to get some Clusters. Of course the AoE not only canceled the Stealth effect, but also kicked them (and me!) out of gathering menu. These Unspoiled gathering spots cannot be resumed after action gathering gets canceled, because they disappear once disengaged.

I don’t know if there had been any fix to gathering getting canceled, because my Botanist and Miner haven’t been eating other people’s enemy’s AoE since. But just a few days ago, I rushed to help with a Raise shout from a Botanist at Proud Creek in North Shroud, the person said someone brought a Dullahan to the tree (highly like accidentally) and its AoE killed him/her.

Yesterday I was mad, but luckily I escaped alive and didn’t have to be even more mad. I was trying to fish this elusive Titanic Sawfish which needs clear or fair weather, daytime 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. approx., and also double mooch. I was on stealth. Then, there came a BLM who seemed to struggle to find a safe spot to fight and not get swarmed, and thus coindicentally brought a Vanguard near me. I was fishing and staring at the Vanguard, so when it readied its AoE attack, with hazard zone (or crisis zone, I can’t remember what it’s called) missing me by a hairsplit, I said in /say “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” and the person moved it away from me immediately.

That wasn’t what got me mad.

After that, the weather wasn’t suitable, so I just parked myself there with Stealth on while I did other stuffs, checking back periodically to see the game-time and weather. Then there came another person. I was reading work e-mail and writing a very long reply so I didn’t pay attention to the game. I heard fighting and assumed that it had nothing to do with me. I continued typing my e-mail until the battle sound somehow caught my attention.

I checked FFXIV window and found that I was being attacked by an enemy. I ran around in frantic, trying to shake him off me, aggroing some more enemies in the process. I think I ran around the area 3 times until I managed to shake all the enemies off, and returned to Stealth mode.


It was ugly, because one cannot change job while under attack, so I had no way to fend for myself as a fisher. I thought I canceled my own Stealth while I moved and forgot to put it back on, but I checked battle log and found out that THIS person’s Vanguard did some damage to me, canceling my Stealth effect. Then, unaware if this, I kept standing there until another enemy found me.

Alright, there was a hell lot of space along the edge of the cliff to bring your enemy to without getting swarmed, yet the person had to drag it on top of me (yeah I saw the person standing right next to me when I found out I was under attack). Come on! Well, that wasn’t really what made me mad, as it could be honest mistake. But the person never said anything. No oops, no sorry, and no trying to help AT ALL while I was struggling to lose aggro. I must say I was pretty miffed.

When I bring my enemy’s AoE onto someone else, I always said sorry. Even in the heat of a battle, yes. I don’t expect people to always look out for other players, although that’s a nice thing to do, but at least when someone causes inconvenient or damage to others, they should apologize or try to help ease the damage. Not, like, leaving them to their own fate (an ugly fate induced by you, by the way.)

Moreover, even with Stealth on, I wasn’t totally invisible. You only need to look a bit harder to see the gatherer when they’re on Stealth. You have to be blind or completely ignorant to not see them. It is more than inconsiderate to bring enemy (or enemies) to fight on top of a gatherer. Seriously, they can’t fend for themselves at all. (I really miss the pebble stun that we had in 1.0! What was it? Stone Throw?)

By the way, now I moved to another spot where I don’t need Stealth. No enemy would wander my way, unless someone brings it. I can fish without Stealth, so now even people who’s less observant won’t overlook me and won’t accidentally bring an enemy on top of me again.


Fishing Hammerhead Sharks at Silver Bazaar



Today I was trying to catch my quest fish at Cape Westwind for Wawalago but the weather wasn’t suitable, so I went to Silver Bazaar for some sharks instead, as I have accumulated quite a stock of Silver Sharks from trying to fish the THING. If I could get some Hammerhead, I could spend all the sharks make some oils instead of having to sell them.



– My setup – 
Location: Silver Bazaar, Western Thanalan
Bait/lure: Heavy Steel Jig
Gathering: 291
Perception: 235
No food and no buff
Duration: 1 hour

41 NQ + 8 HQ Hammerhead Sharks
13 Indigo Herrings
10 Rothlyt Oysters
8 Pebble Crabs
5 Tiger Cods
13 Lominsan Anchovy

Shark count : other fish count = 49 : 49
Whoa, LOL, 1:1. Not bad!


FFXIV Gatherer: How to gain GP

Lately I’ve noticed search keywords to my blog which are “how to increase GP” “how to recover gp ffxiv” “ffxiv arr regaining gp” so I’m writing about it today.


First off, you can’t get more max GP from leveling up. It stays the same. What you can do, however, is to use gatherer’s accessories (rings, necklace, earring and wristguard) that increase your maximum GP. When you level up higher, you gain access to better accessories which give more and more GP.

Average people have about 500 GP at level 50, this is without extra effort in, for example, using HQ accessories and gear that gives more GP, using GP food or melding GP materia. So if you make extra effort, you can have higher than 500 max GP.

As to recover GP, you either have to stand still (or run around, it doesn’t matter. Your GP will naturally regenerate over time. Also, if you don’t want to be idle, but rather continue gathering, you will regain 5 GP for every successful gathering attempt you make. However, since when you are engaged in gathering position, natural regen will stop. please note that when gather full time, even if you are successful every attempt, your GP will regenerate slightly slower than just letting the natural auto-regen work on it.

After patch 2.1, though, the speed your character will make the swing to gather items is a tad bit faster than before, so now it MIGHT be an equal match. I haven’t tested how much GP I regen in 1 minute while gathering yet, but I do notice that the gathering process takes shorter pause between attempts now.

Now (as of 2016) I do notice that, at ~600 max GP, it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes in-game for me to fully recover my spent GP. Please take this in mind when you use up your GP for red scrips and blue scrips and hopping between nodes.

Also, there is a medicine called Cordial which will instantly give you 300 GP. This can be useful when, for example, you changed your class too late and when you arrive at an Unspoiled gathering node which is about to appear, you don’t have enough time to wait around for your natural GP regen to get you the amount of GP you need to use on it.

How to obtain this medicine? In taking Botany Levequests or Mining Levequests, you will have a chance to get an LQ that says it gives 1 vial of Cordial as reward. So Levemetes are where you can farm this medicine. Also, now you can buy it from your Grand Company using GC seals.

Remember that you cannot drink this medicine in the middle of gathering, so nope it won’t allow you to use Blessed Harvest, then drink the medicine, then use Leaf Turn in one gathering node. (I wished it would LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)