Greed-Only in Alliance Raid

All-Greed 24-people Raids

I’m angry about this. ☹

Why? Yoshida, why?

Currently, when I try to farm a gear for my new level 50 job, I already have quite a thin chance to obtain one…. Because of the drop rate. It might not drop the gear for MY job. Or even when it drop for my job, it might not be the specific piece I am looking for (for example, I want a pair of pants, but it drops gloves, the slot which I already have or already bought from Tomestones or Gil). I have to already fight against the damn RNG. On top of that, if the party have someone who is the same job/role as I, and they want the same piece of equipment I want. That decreases my chance even further.

That was bad enough.

However, Yoshida-san, you don’t seem to think so. For you have announced something that will worsen is drastically.

Are you sure you want us to compete with the whole party? One against 7? Regardless of current job?

Currently we might have to run the dungeon 5 times before the RNG bless us with the piece which has both the correct job and correct slot for us. If you let non-job party members compete loot with us, I might have to go in 30 times before I am lucky enough to win the loot.

With the new system you’re proposing, let’s see, for example, if I am a WHM, and I want a WHM hat from an Alliance Raid dungeon, I go in as ANY job. And pray that the hat WILL drop. Let’s suppose it DOES drop, I have to pray that no one else will greed it. If someone competes me and greeds it, I have to gamble with the loot roll score. What if I lose? I play until the end, it does not drop again, and I re-enter to a new alliance. New Alliance might have 1, or 7, competitors who will loot my hat against me. And then I lose the roll contest again. Oh yes I re-enter again. Until both of these are true at the same time: it drops, and I win the loot.

Unlike the old system, there is no guarantee that I will eventually get the drop. In old system, I might be lucky enough to be the only one who push the “Need” button, because my pair healer doesn’t want the item. In new system, I have to assume that I’ll always loot against 7 people.

This is ridiculous. This is uncool. This is cruel.

I want WHM gear. I practice my WHM. I go into the Alliance using my WHM. I have the rights to higher loot priority than those non-WHM. That is the way it should be. It is unfair to make us, who can afford and also make effort to use the correct job to go to Alliance Raid, have lower loot priority and match it with those who don’t bring the job.

You want a loot, you work for it, as the correct job or correct role. Yes, please.

Please reconsider your All-Greed system, because it is unfair.

But, if you REALLY MUST make loot rule “greed-only” in Alliance Raid, please also consider these options…

  • Remove job restriction of the gear. Make it for all job. Like the “Antique” set from dungeons level 50. It is an item. Anyone can loot it. Any job can get it. Give us an NPC who trade the piece for something else we can actually equip. And then let the player decide for themselves what job’s gear they want to trade it for. This way, you eliminate the problem of, for example, “Oh, the hat dropped but it’s not for my job! Damn it!!!”


  • Also make the gear piece unique and untradeable. So that when someone already received a body piece, they cannot loot a 2nd body, allowing other party members to have a chance at the body as well.


  • Make the Alliance Raid dungeons drop a token for EVERYONE at the end. We can spend the tokens to buy anything of any job from an NPC outside of the dungeon. This way, after 1 run, for example, I can buy a belt, or 2 runs for a hat, or 3 runs for a body, instead of having to gamble with the treasure drop RNG and number of competitors and RNG of the “roll for loot” button.


Sent Armoire suggestion today

“Please make exclusive items (various campaign rewards) able to store in Armoire.”

Dear SE, GM, Yoshida-san, development team and system designers,

Please hear our desperate plea! We who love you and your glamourable outfits, we who are loyal customers, we who went to great length to put utmost effort to fulfill your requirements (or pay extra dollars) and acquire your endless supplies of eye-candy, juicy-looking, extraordinary super special exclusive outfits….on many occasions.

We are, HOWEVER, in deep shit now because of the inventory crisis. Because almost all of those exclusive outfits cannot be stored in the Armoire.

Currently, we have to a) carry them around with us or b) keep them in a retainer’s inventory. With the current expansion, Stormblood, we are already in for a tough time with inventory space, due to the huge load of new crafting materials and items and outfit.

I find it outrageously ridiculous and senseless that we are not allowed to store the outfit such as Maid Attire, Butler Attire, Eastern Journey attire, and so on, in the Armoire. We all enjoy the glamours that these outfits provide, and of course there is no way we would want to discard these items.

So please, I beg of you, please consider adding these items in the list of equipment storable in the Armoire. As it is now, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if these “rewards” are actually a punishment in disguise. Please, pretty please add another category in the Armoire function.

Best regards,
A glamour enthusiast.

Request: Please expand Company Chest item slots.

Wrote this and sent to the in-game help desk.


Dear Yoshida and development team,

First of all, I must express my thanks for your kindness and foresight in allowing us more slots in Armoury and Inventory. Those extra slots really saved our sorry arses against the extreme increase of items that came with Stormblood expansion. We cope better with inventory crisis.

However, the Company Chest for Free Company remains unchanged (or unimproved), whereas the demand of storage slots inevitably increased in the similar manner.  Free Company is about support and help for fellow players. We share items and put raw materials, secondary materials, crafted items, food, dyes, glamour prisms, potions, and many more in it for the convenience of every member in the Free Company.

With new items, new recipes, and the vast collection of new armors, we found it insufficient to have only 3 pages of Company Chest. Our current Company Chest can hardly house A Realm Reborn’s items and Heavensward’s items combined, not to mention Stormblood’s. Everyday we struggle pathetically with the limited space, while the items that need to go in (and out) of the Company Chest increased dramatically.

Therfore, I would like to humbly request that you consider an eddition of more Company Chest. Please, kind sirs and madams, we beg of you. You can make us do quests to unlock it, bring the FC to a newly added rank, craft for a larger Company Chest with hardest to procure materials imaginable to the whole Eorzea, or whatever, we will comply. Please give us some new shiny slots in our FC box.

Thank you.

We will be eagerly awaiting your implementation of the new Company Chest storage.

With love,

Crafters in crisis.

Flower Pot: Cherry Blossoms

Sent a suggestion today through in-game contact form.

ffxiv_01212017_111031_new_cr ffxiv_01232017_112804_new_cr ffxiv_01232017_112808_new_cr2

Please give us new vase/flower pot system that compliments the Cherry Blossoms

Dear SE, Yoshidasan and hard-working devs,

First off, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for your giving us Shroud Cherry Sapling to plant inside the house. It is fabulous! I really love it. I’d also like to suggest some extra things that could help us players (especially housing enthusiast like me) enjoy it further. As you see now, the way the Cherry blossoms rest in a vase when on display is a little bit awkward. Instead of showing elegance and beauty as an “ikebana” should present, it seems and feels as if someone just grab a bunch of the blossoms and stick them randomly as an awkward, if not ugly, clump of bouquet.

You see, it would be nicer to show more of the branch (stem), as the vases are all tall and big. The tiny clump of bunched-up cherry blossoms just do not balance well with the size of any vase. I’d like to suggest a few options:

1. Add more vase. Give us some more shorter, or tinier vases to choose from, so that it balances when the flowers on display are too small.

2. Add a water bowl. Using a bowl full of water as a vase to display on dining table, etc. So we can opt to float any flowers (without stem) in the bowl instead of putting them in a vase (with stem).

3. Or please, please, PLEASEEEEE, let us preserve a bloomed flower pot without withering or dying. Some flowers looks so great when they bloom in the flower pot, and although they look pretty in the vase, sometimes the feel and ambience about the flowers can not compare with when it was on its tree in the pot. Cherry, for example, is so nice and cute and OMG so goegeous in its pot when it blooms. On the other hand, I was utterly disappointed when I put it in the vase. The vase and the design of your ikebana form for the Cherry blossoms just doesn’t do it justice, at all.

4. Or if you’re feeling generous, please give us all of the options above.

Thank you dearly,
With Love,

Fisher, Folklore and Blue Scrips Token

Sent this just now:

Dear SE and development team,

I’d like to make a plea to you to please look into FFXIV Fishing a little bit more.

Currently we Fishers have tougher time than other Disciples of the Land. Not only that we cannot right out select what fish we wish to catch, like BTN and MIN select slot of the specific node, we do not own any offhand tool and thus our stats suck and, despite all the effort in donning up to boost Gathering rating, the tougher fish can, and will, escape. While BTN and MIN can spend 250 GP (for +50%) and perhaps 50 more GP (for +50% +15% on top of that) to ensure 100% success rate, overgeared Fisher can still get “The fish got away.” message randomly.

While I am alright with these and see these challenges as an entertainment, there is other aspect of Fisher (or the lack thereof) that I am extremely unhappy with. The Folklore information on Fisher’s Fishing Log (or Fish Guide).

There is no way to tell, without going out of our way to farm 99 blue tokens to test it at the vendor, which tomes we have already acquired. Since the blue token cannot be exchanged for something else (as the other Blue scrips purchases are done by directly spending the Blue scrips) if now I have exchanged 99 blue scrips tokens, and find out that I actually have all the 3 tomes already, I am pretty much screwed. Because I would have 99 x 50 = 4,950 scrips that I can no longer spend anywhere in any way.

I know we can also check folklore we got by going to the folklore fishing spot to try to catch those legendary fish, and see if we could catch it or not. But this could take hours, because the target fish won’t always bite, and even if it bites, there is no guarantee that we could land it.

Unlike Botanist folklore page and Miner folklore page, we Fishers have no separated page for the folklore fish. The fish from folklore tome are put together, mixed, with other fish.

Please, I do not want you to pamper us and make fishing easier, but at least for user interface – the Fish Guide – please improve it regarding the Folklore information. Add a separated Folklore page, or make it possible to check, in a glance, which folklore we’ve already acquired and how many fish are in those pages (it can be blacked out like normal uncaught fish, that is fine), and, like BTN and MIN folklore item information in the Gathering Log, tell which map that fish is in.

Or, if that is unmanageable, please at least make us (everyone) able to trade Rowena’s Token (Blue scrips only, for both the gatherer and the crafter, if you’d please) back to Blue Scrips.

Dear SE, 3102 error is horrible

Sending this to in-game support:


Dear SE,

Can you please do something about error 3102?

Getting disconnected from the server is already upsetting enough, either it is caused by my own internet hiccupping or by server’s congestion. Being unable to log back in immediately makes it even more unbearable. Why is my “ghost” staying on the server for so long after I am kicked by the server? Sometimes the error 3102 can spam continuously for over 10 minutes. And on a unique instance, I’ve encountered an incident where my 3102 fest continued itself for 30 minutes, which doesn’t make sense.

More recently, though, I once got kicked from the server during a boss fight in Neverreap. Of course, by the time I managed to get through the log in screen, badly bruised by endless assaults from the 3102 devil, the whole party, including me, had already fallen to our foe. Although we won in the next attempt, it left my heart extremely heavy due to the fact that I was made the burden of the party only because my ghost refused to leave and let me return.

Today, again, I was onto a Heavensward unspoiled mining spot, but as soon as I landed on my feet and executed Stealth to stay safe from the cruel beaks of the overgrown cockatrices in Hinterlands, the server kicked me out. I was rejected countless times by the server because 3102 devil hates me. Maybe I’ve cussed at it for too many times it had built up a stunning amount of grudge, who knows. By the time I got back into the game, the unspoiled node disappeared right before my eyes.

This is truly aggravating and I could not hold my rage in and had to resort to filing a complaint against this offender.

Please punish the 3102 error for interfering with my gameplay. And although players are not allowed to dictate how the GM carry out a punishment, I would like to suggest you permanently ban 3102, for the sake of all the players, as I heard that this is a repeating crime against so many victims.

Thank you dearly,
An angry loyal player.


A Fisher’s Woe

Dear SE,

I strongly feel that fishers are being bullied badly by your current RNG system.

First off, I must let you know that fishing in FFXIV has always been my pleasure and I found it relaxing, that is until RNG seems to be remarkably working against fisher more than any other DoL classes. I’ve been stuck on Lucis quest for over 6 months because the spawn window for the token (Gigant Clam) is only 3 hours long, and they tend to escape A LOT. When I say A LOT, I mean on some nights I could hook 5 Clams and ALL of them would escape. That is 5 times in a row, at the rate of 100%. And even if I was lucky enough to reel it in, there is no guarantee that it would be the HQ clam.

Recently, I have upgraded my gear and I am now at 500 gathering, with food. So I went back to reattempt my Lucis quest again. The minimum gathering needed for this clam is 375. And guess what, I hooked 3 clams and lost all due to RNG deciding that my 500 gathering is not good enough to get any of the 3 clams. I would understand that the fish can randomly escape when gathering rating is around the minimum requirement. I would understand if I were at 425 gathering, 50 above minimum, and lost the clam 2 out of 3 times. I DO NOT understand, and nor am I happy, to see that I am sitting at 500 gathering, 125 points over minimum requirement, and yet still lost 3 out of 3 clams.

For other DoL, not only that they can manually select the slot to limit their target item for gathering, they also have consistency effect of Gathering rating towards the success rate. If I am a miner or a botanist, and I am 125 gathering above requirement, I’m likely having 100% success rate. Damn, at 645 gathering, which is only 45 points above requirement for Legendary Node (folklore gathering) , my miner is already getting 80% success rate on the item. I then can use skills to boost success rate by 5%, 10%, or 25%.

What does fisher get for success rate? A completely wild random RNG, and no success rate skill.

Please make success rate for fisher more reliable and more rational. It is beyond comprehension when we keep losing a fish when we put so much effore in gearing up to increase stats. If fisher’s gathering rating is going to be so ineffective in dictating our success in hooking a fish, we’re far inferior than other DoL. Not to mention that we don’t even have the Offhand tool to boost stats anymore…. This is so sad.

With love,
A frustrated fisher.