Lord Hubby – Lavender Beds

Went out to the Lavender Beds with Raykit’s Lord Haurchefant for a session of photo shoot.

Yesterday, late night, Raykit told me she was going to play FE (something like that) and thus she would log into her Lord Haurchefant alt to let me take screenshots while she’s half AFK. So, here goes my spam. XD

Lavender Beds has some wonderful spot for photo shooting.


Even at night, with proper lighting from grouppose control, we can still take pictures with good exposure and colours. The photos below, however, were mostly adjusted outside of the game using PC program called PhotoScape and one of its presets of Film Effect.

ffxiv_02202017_231624_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_231712_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_231852_new_resize

Night turned into morning, and I was still there spamming my screenshot button gleefully, LOL.


I took about 200 screenshots in this session, and I’m posting 42 of them. Most of the pics were repeated shots of same thing, trying to achieve best lighting/position/direction/details.


What’s a bummer was that while I was adjusting the camera angle and distance of the pic below, it became 8 o’clock and the weather changed, giving us Fog.


//screams with frustration!


At least the fog wasn’t too ugly and did not obstruct the photo that much (like, for example, Dust Storm is a hair-pulling kind of weather for any screenshot freak.)

The new /gpose features are really, really great. SE did a wonderful job.

ffxiv_02202017_232817_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_232827_new_resize

The tree in the mist does look pretty, after all.


Another extreme adjustment from Film Effect.


The one below was natural lighting from in-game.


Nice pose, nice angle, but that Botanist NPC…..


I could even tilt the camera 90° and take portrait pics.


Love it! Great job, SE.




Happy time.


Then, we moved to other part of the Lavender Beds.


This lotus pond is nice.


Background…. foggy green sky. Cry.


I adjusted color temperature in PhotoScape and turned it more blue.


Self note: I have to go back there again and take this pic with bright blue sky.

It will be a nice wallpaper for my phone. XD
ffxiv_02202017_234634_new_resize ffxiv_02202017_235002_new_resize

After that, we moved to Dappled Stalls. It’s a nice small field of flowers, with chocobos in the background LOL!




And then night time came. I had to rely heavily on gpose lighting, otherwise the characters look too dark.


The 2 pics below took 24 attempts, as it cannot be done smoothly in gpose. The hand position was achieved by having Lord-sama stand in a specific pose where he kind of runs his hand through front hair, or smooths it back, and I entered /gpose and quickly capture the photo in 1 second. Cannot adjust camera angle or lighting before taking pic, and if the timing failed, I had to exit /gpose and re-enter again. XD

What a fuss! But it’s totally worth it.

ffxiv_02202017_235934_new2_resize ffxiv_02212017_000010_new_resize

Night sky.


Embrace and salute.


Really gotta love the stop/pause function in /gpose.


Can pick the best frame of the emote to create desires positioning.


:3 Same pause, different angle.


Many different angles, actually.


Cannot achieve this without stop/pause function. Bravo SE!


Could even take a vertical pic.




Our old trick, using /bow to make Lord-sama lean closer into the hug.


Last pic, it’s purely in-game lighting, without additional lighting from /gpose. Day time in the game really gives nice and vibrant colours. Really love it.


Testing poses of /doze on bed

I wish SE would add a bed for married couples. Their current king-sized beds are all huge and have wide space between the two persons. When Raykit was free, she logged on to her Lord-sama character and I tried using another bed to sneakily let me lie on the bed closer to each other. The results were great and we got a bunch of adorable pics. :)

ffxiv_02182017_012016_new ffxiv_02182017_005728_new ffxiv_02182017_010541_new ffxiv_02182017_011127_new

And when I need better angle of my position, I tilted the bed underneath and kept adjusting until the angle and distance were both suitable.

This setting is only good for close-up photos, because the headboard of the 2nd bed shows profusely and makes the picture really bad when you zoom out.


It will take a lot of trials and errors to eventually find more poses and combinations that makes good photos. :D

Mary Cocoa drew Aleczan and Haurchefant

I received a chibi pic of my character (nicknamed “Purple Cat” by the girls in Catketeers FC on Tonberry) from Mary Cocoa yesterday. It’s so funny and is extremely adorable. XD


I feel it is an amazingly accurate fanart which depicts me when I meet Lord Haurchefant in the game. One of the reasons being that I’m such a HUGE fan of him and always spend an hour taking screenshots when he appears outside of a cutscene. During my second playthrough of Main Story, using my secondary character which I created on Tonberry, I took every opportunity I could and took a lot of pics with him.

Mary’s art is what I would also imagine Haurchefant to react when I’m all over him like that. XD LOL Mary is lovely and funny. Thank you so much for the pic. ♥

ffxiv_09052016_205139_new ffxiv_09052016_204836_new ffxiv_09052016_204650_new ffxiv_09052016_203309_new


ffxiv_09022016_031540_new ffxiv_09022016_031443_new



Atop a Snowy Cliff

*This entry contains spoilers of FFXIV 3.0 main scenario quest line*

I used to go to the top of the cliff overlooking Ishgard for sightseeing a lot. This cliff has the Mark of Menphina (symbol stone of one of the Twelve, the Lover) and sometimes I come here to admire the stones. XD

With the story of 3.0 (Heavensward) there is a change to the cliff… a change which I’m still trying to cope with. ><;;

Today I was supposed to continue main scenario quest to catch up with the 3.1 updates, but I am sick and emo and didn’t feel like it. So I just sat there moping while writing a poem.

ffxiv_11262015_095713_new ffxiv_11262015_130128_new ffxiv_11262015_095159_newffxiv_11262015_095547_newffxiv_11262015_102616_new ffxiv_11262015_125833_new

Atop a Snowy Cliff

Many moons have passed since that day,
The cursed moment when you were taken away,
What I wouldn’t give to go back in the past,
To stop that day from being your last,

Oh, why, only if I weren’t so careless,
We could have spared me from this sadness,
Atop the wind-chilled cliff in the Highlands,
With white flowers in my trembling hands,

I come here to greet you again, dear friend,
The deep wound in my heart has yet to mend,
It doesn’t get any easier, Francel said,
That echoes my exact thought, I’m afraid,

Staring at the broken shield and snowy headstone,
Fierce pain pierces though my every bone,
Trickles of sorrow seep along my veins,
My heart feels heavy like shackled in chains,

You were so kind, just, and courageous,
My cheery ally, truly warm and courteous,
Whose loyalty stirred me to the very depths of my soul,
At the very best, you’ve carried your role,

A knight lives to serve, to protect, to sacrifice,
But why must the vow come with such price?
A knight is to aid those in need, you said,
Then, before me, your life has been laid,

Don’t call me hero, for the true hero was you,
Countless times, you had helped me through,
Had welcomed me with open arms,
And smiled to me with such unique charm,

Told me no matter how far I may roam,
To ever consider your place my home,
Your hospitality was great and endless,
You’re beacon of hope in a world of darkness,

I know no man with stronger conviction,
Who has greater love to the Ishgard nation,
Would that you were here to fight by my side,
Or leisurely hop on for a chocobo ride,

So that I could show you the peace you saved,
And the road to prosperity which you paved,
I daresay you were my greatest comrade,
And the sturdiest ally I’ve ever had,

“My arm will not falter; my shield will not break,”
You promised, before putting your life at stake,
This loss is both too harsh and too heavy,
Why, oh why must you do this to me?

You fought your battle with all your honor,
To you, I know this is not an error,
But to me, I felt so much despair,
How much I wish this were just nightmare,

Wallowing in sorrow will make you frown,
The A Warrior of Light can’t let you down,
For these reasons, and for these alone,
That I will wipe my tears and not bemoan,

I must not remain a broken blade,
Because that was what you forbade,
You once said a smile better suits me,
Therefore, like that, it will be,

Though it won’t be an easy feat, I’ll try my best,
With you as a model, I will pass any test,
I shall now straighten up and fight on,
In tribute to the hero who is gone,

May the Fury take your soul in her Hall,
And grant me your courage when the duties call,
May Menphina, the goddess of love,
Let you have peace and watch us from above.

– Aleczan –







Thank Heavensturn for You (2014)

Continuing the Year of the Horse quest in FFXIV:


So, after all the errands in 3 city-states, we’re moving onto the conclusion of the event quest. The Uma Bugyo has to face-off with the “enemy” Chocowacker who opposed the introduction of the horses and offended the creature.

Their honey-coated formalities fell apart pretty quickly and escalated into a heated argument. But before it broke out into a real fight, a knight on a white horse, ahem, a knight beside a chocobo, came along to interrupt it.

ffxiv_01102014_020344_cr ffxiv_01102014_020354_cr ffxiv_01102014_020404_cr

I almost died laughing when I realized who it was. And yes, I recognized him right away because he is….unique, and I’m a BIG fan of him. He became my best pal since I arrived in Camp Dragonhead for the first time, you know.

ffxiv_01102014_020408_cr ffxiv_01102014_020413_crffxiv_01102014_020421_cr

I really love his witty reply. It is so him. I love his speech, his reactions, and his emotes. He is so dramatic, as always.

ffxiv_01102014_020434_crffxiv_01102014_020557_cr ffxiv_01102014_020612_crffxiv_01102014_020622_cr

I felt for his indecision because I, too, share the same sentiment. Horse or chocobo, I cannot choose (unless it is a chocobo CHICK, then I immediately pick the chocobo chick, LOL).

ffxiv_01102014_020628_crffxiv_01102014_020638_cr ffxiv_01102014_020649_cr

Now he starts…..

ffxiv_01102014_020658_cr ffxiv_01102014_020708_cr

Are you freaking kidding me!? LOL.

ffxiv_01102014_020713_cr ffxiv_01102014_020721_crffxiv_01102014_020731_cr

He did a /welcome motion in this one, and Elezen’s /welcome is quite….intimidating. Also, my screenshot caught him at a bad moment, too much white of the eyes were showing, making him look even scarier LOL!! So I tried again on another character and got the one below. Erm, just a little bit better.


Haha, the Chief Chocowacker cannot stand his….vague, imagination-igniting, possibly-suggestive speech. Sometimes I feel like Haurchefant is using a subtle, borderline harassment kind of talk when he talks to me. But it could just be that he’s too open and too direct with his speech. Doesn’t matter, I like him A LOT.

ffxiv_01102014_020755_cr ffxiv_01102014_020805_crffxiv_01102014_020812_crffxiv_01102014_020823_crffxiv_01102014_020829_cr

Bye, see you! <3


Happy New Turn for everyone! Enjoy the year of the horse! ^_^


The whole NPC dialogues went as follows:

Uma Bugyo: In honor and glory do we first lay eyes on each other. You are that which is called the chief of chocowackers by Eorzeans and outlanders alike. I am the uma bugyo.

Chief Chocowacker: Thank you for coming, esteemed visitor from the Far East. Let’s settle this thing once and for all, shall we?

Chief Chocowacker: A truly magnificent chocobo is about to arrive in these stables. After that, we can both go home because it will be pretty clear even to you that we’ve no need of horses in Eorzea!


Uma Bugyo: Your initial courtesy was as a thin soup before a meal of bones. You speak of things becoming clear, m’lady, but there is no clarity in your own mind─only folly.

Uma Bugyo: Thanks to this adventurer most beautiful, fleet, and powerful, Eorzea desires to know more of the horse. Is that not clear to you?

Chief Chocowacker: Excuse me!? You think a cheap stunt like that means anything? The last girl to put on a funny hat and clown about was selling lardy cakes, and people talked about that for a few days, too!

Uma Bugyo: Funny hat!? A work of high art and cunning craft this is, and in the image of mine own courser fair. Oh, the scurrilousness!

Chief Chocowacker: The scurry-what!? Nobody in Eorzea even understands what you’re saying! As for your precious horses, they’re just unicorns with a big empty forehead. Hornless! Hornless!


???: Abandon your quarrel, your tongues are sharp enough to shave an urchin!


???: Treespeak sends for the finest chocobo in Coerthas, and I have brought it thus… Now, what ails you that you would keep me waiting?


Chief Chocowacker: But that armor is Haurche─ …No, that can’t be. Excuse me, who are you? I didn’t send for a horse-head to deliver my chocobo!

Knight Exemplar: Well, if you cannot name me, I have no name to claim! The helm I bought off a passing adventurer. It has a certain…vigor that appealed to me.

Knight Exemplar: Esteemed visitor from the East, I have the honor to have been born under the unicorn sigil of a proud house. Horn or no, I know the love you bear for the mount of your homeland.


Knight Exemplar: The supple muscles under the silky coat, the music of the hooves…the velvet of the muzzle, and the inscrutable black sea of their eyes. Ah, the horse!

Knight Exemplar: But I am also a man of Coerthas, where the love of chocobos runs as deep as their bloodline runs pure. Which is better, bird or horse? I could not say.


Uma Bugyo: You could not say? Exactly useless, then, was that soliloquy! M’lord seems not to comprehend that I am now honor-bound to prove the horse superior to this…this chit!


Knight Exemplar: Then your honor is forfeit, as is hers. The finest creature here is neither the horse nor the chocobo…

Knight Exemplar: …but my trusted comrade of many adventures, Aleczan!


Knight Exemplar: Look at the scars upon her kabuto. How mightily she must have toiled to become a horse…and against all odds, succeed!

Knight Exemplar: The docility to accept well-nigh impossible commands, the physical talents to carry them out─to a warrior born such as I, there are no virtues greater in a steed!


Knight Exemplar: I say, be my personal steed! There will be none greater, furred or feathered. The finest carrots you will have. Your feet I will scrape, and…


Chief Chocowacker: Uh, Lord Haur─I mean, Lord No-name, I think you made your point. You can stop now. Please.

Uma Bugyo: I must agree with m’lady here. If we agree to discuss the matter at some later and calmer time, m’lord, will you refrain from further flying of fancies?

Knight Exemplar: Well, if you are in agreement, I see no further need for my presence here. I shall take the chocobo and return north.

Knight Exemplar: Aleczan, we were well met again. You will one day make your way back to our camp, I trust? We will sit by the fire and talk of glory and adventure!


Knight Exemplar: May the new turn be a blessed one!

“Thank Heavensturn for You” objective fulfilled!

Uma Bugyo: In rue and chagrin do I face you after such fit of temper. I tremble to think what reckless words may have tumbled from this mouth without the Ishgardian lord’s interruption.

Uma Bugyo: Curious it is how the best of intentions curdle so quickly into an act of spite. M’lady has much to teach me in the clean-breaking ways of the spinning hairball.


Uma Bugyo: The chief of chocowackers also regrets her rash words. In tranquility and amity we have determined to meet again, to search for a two-beast solution.

Uma Bugyo: The people have seen, the people have spoken─all thanks to m’lady. The way is open for the horse, and someday, with the chocowackers’ assent, we shall canter into Eorzea.

Uma Bugyo: Much has been asked of m’lady adventurer, yet more has been given by her. Accept this Heavensturn dish, traditional in the East, as a token of our friendship and promise.

Uma Bugyo: May the new turn be a blessed one for you, for you from the Far East we pray.

“Thank Heavensturn for You” complete!

You obtain a bowl of zoni.

You earn the achievement “Horsing About”!