Goodbye Heavensward – En Taro Adun

Waiting for Stormblood now, I dug up some of my recent screenshots.

It’s hard to steal a group shot of our FC. :( Especially when /gpose kept making Dew turn away from the camera. This is weird. It sometimes happened with specific emotes, but I don’t know what caused it.

Kuji siting on the fire with his shield on fire. LOL

Before Kuji arrived, Dew, Corn and I went to Dun Scaith and had quite an ordeal with the party/alliance. People died a lot. They died way too much, including my healer buddy. ><;; Sad panda. It was extremely exhausting!

After whining about Kuji’s being late, I showed him my new hair from Gold Saucer event.

I actually changed to new hair since a few days ago, after I finished the event. And Corn happened to change to the new hair too. He saw mine when we got into Baelsar’s Wall for Bray’s Main Q and he laughed.

Good pic in front of the boss room, but Corn’s Garuda photobombed my face. T_T

Goodbye Bahamut!!!

Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bahamuttttttttttttt!!!!!

OMG I’m freaking out!!! We finally downed Bahamut, CoB T13 (Final Coil of Bahamut, Turn 4).

Today we gathered again and tackled T13 once more. Corn needed a minute, so I took that opportunity to take some group pics. XD Sorry, Kuji, first pic has you with very evil face HAHAHA.


Must love /gpose new feature that allows party to stop looking at the camera. :D


During the fight, I was derping really badly, even managed to die TWICE, and only remembered to take 3 pics.



Today we surprisingly took only 1 attempt to win.

ffxiv_05222016_230638_new ffxiv_05222016_230640_new ffxiv_05222016_230652_new ffxiv_05222016_230658_new

It’s really nice to beat Coil of Bahamut with close friends. :D (We always go in as small group, partly because I fear drama. I heard about drama and endless drama involving endgame raid and I’m scared. The fight is very intense, and everyone could be on the verge of flipping shit. So I guess we kind of never wanted to struggle with recruiting more raid members ><;; You know, even with this tight-knitted, laid-back and light-hearted team, we yelled at each other or got pouty on occasions during Coil runs. We prevailed while managing to preserve good relationship only because we’re very close, whereas I don’t have the same confidence for loyalty and forgiveness from other people as I have with these guys. We’re also casual players and other average raid players won’t like us or our messy/random schedule, hahaha!)

FC: En Taro Adun <4Aiur>

Today after an Expert Roulette, I got a brief opportunity to try to get a group pic. But Kuji had to leave the house in real life, so he dove off so I only got just 1 group pic in my folder LOL.


Yeah we have 4 regulars nowadays. PZ doesn’t log on every weekend anymore. He’s kind of addicted to some other new games (or his old, unfinished games, LOL!) We can still ask him to hop on to help with stuff, like Dew’s CoB clear the other day. While Bray seems to have completely quit since the rise of 3.1.


Anyway, look at this pic. It’s not easy to set a male Au Ra in the same picture frame with a Lalafell. XD Hard to balance the crop, you know.


If I want to zoom in at this distance, and want to see the whole body of Dew, Corn’s head will be cropped off at the top. Like the pic above. But if I want to see the sky, and Corn’s SMN horn, Dew is cropped at the waist. XD


Solution? Dew jumped onto the rail of the Living Arch and eliminate the height difference. All happy now. If Kuji were there, he would have to go on the rail on the opposite side, next to me. XD


Really love the newly added functions in /gpose

Today I was able to steal some nice shots of Corn and myself at Vanu Vanu beast tribe. All thanks to the /gpose thingie.

ffxiv_03212016_024214 ffxiv_03212016_024217

It’s been difficult to really take good screenshots of Corn, because when he’s out in the sun, he hardly stays still, due to the demand of beast tribe quests. And when he goes AFK in the house or in front of the house, it’s usually either too dark or raining, or he’s not in PLD outfit.

OK it’s now 4 A.M. and I need to make myself sleep XD Night night all.


Senpai (Corn) Parody

This morning I made a “Sanpai” parody of Corn and post it on tumblr because this blog had server problem. ; ;

Now that the server is back, and my blog is up and running again, I’m putting those screenshots here as well. :D

CornSenpai_01b CornSenpai_03 CornSenpai_04 CornSenpai_05 CornSenpai_06 CornSenpai_07 CornSenpai_08c CornSenpai_09b CornSenpai_10b

The blacklist bit is based on a conversation in the FC weeks ago, which went like this (not exact wording):

Kuji: Oh hey, I heard they’re bringing back the mentor system. Will you mentor the new people?
Corn: No. My secrets belong to me only.
Me: LOL. But didn’t you have a stalker who kept calling you senpai, senpai? And you did tutor him!
Kuji: Ohh poor thing. His senpai didn’t notice him.
Corn: I did notice him. He’s now on my blacklist.
Kuji: o_o oh that’s so cold.
Me: Well, he was quite a….troublesome kohai.
Corn: He was a jerk.
Kuji: LOL fair enough.

Boltmaster’s Dreadnought


A few days ago our FC finally earned the first i170 DoH body. Boltmaster’s Dreadnought. Corn went through so much stress just to craft the parts, as they require Red Scrips tokens from me as well as from him.  We spent over 2 months to gradually save up the materials for this. I say it is truly worth all the effort we took, though!!!

Next goal is the Gibus :D

Oh there was also a funny scene in the house when the Boltmaster’s Dreadnought was finished…

Corn suddenly took off the robe and tried to trade it to me. I was like whaaa what? And then he said to check the dyes to see what colour looks best. Then, after I accepted the trade, he said “if you bind it, I keel you.”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!

I think Jet Black looks great and classic, but the patterns on the robe blend in with the black fabric too much. The Pure White also looked cool, but it felt a little bland. I really like Metallic Silver. It is so handsome. He thinks the same, too. So the robe ended up getting the Silver dye.ffxiv_09272015_032656

(Also, I’m posting pics of half-nakey Au Ra just because  :D )
ffxiv_09272015_032234_crffxiv_09272015_032239_cr ffxiv_09272015_032636_cr ffxiv_09272015_032652ffxiv_09272015_032819_new2 ffxiv_09272015_033021_new2Wooooooooooooooo~ The new DoH Artifact sets are awesome. :D  I wish SE weren’t a stingy jerk and would give us more space in the Armoury Chest.


Weaver’s Needle

Today I was looking through some screenshot folders and found this pic, dated September 2013. I dropped my jaws when I noticed that there is a needle in Corn’s left hand. O_o


I know that the Weaver’s main hand tool is a needle, and that when they craft, they use needle on the fabric on the frame. But I guess I’ve never looked closely enough to see that the game actually shows a needle in the graphic. Also, probably because Corn’s character was so close to the camera as I was paparazzi’ing behind him that the screenshot is more zoomed in than usual.

It’s amusing and pleasing that SQEX pays attention to small things that we might never notice.

Culinarian Apron’s Set

Warning: Screenshots spam.


Hehehehe! I didn’t want to brag, but now I want to brag. I recently got level 50 equipment for my Cooking class, thanks to our linkshell’s seamstress master tailor who was so diligent and patient enough to make me all these gear.


Before, I was always wearing this Vintage Seneschal Coatee (which had been sitting in my Retainer since 1.0) on my craft classes that are high enough. CUL, GSM, CRP, for example.


I like the design because it looks fashionable, though a little bit too exposing. :P

At first, he made me some Linen items to wear on my lower level classes. Then, not long after he hit level 50 on his Weaver, and I managed to harvest Crawler Cocoons, he started to make me level 50 gear. By that time, my Goldsmith was level 50, too. And that was the first body piece of class-specific equipment for crafter that I ever had! (Because on my Culinarian, I chose the hat instead of the apron, LOL).


It looks VERY fashionable. And seems more appropriate. :P

I dyed it Lotus Pink to match with my Regal Purple hat (from guild test quest).



The stats are also great! And it came in HQ. ^^


I got the trousers from him later on. I dyed the trousers Abyssal Blue. And here’s a closer look at the appearance. Except the Mythril Choker, my Goldsmith looks totally fabulous.


On the same day I got this Goldsmith’s Doublet, I also got a Culinarian’s Apron from him.


The stats are awesome and I willingly stopped wearing my Coatee, LOL.

I also got the trousers from him later, and dyed them Abbysal Blue as well.


Below: culinarian’s equipment (and a pair of GSM’s trousers) came in Moogle Mail.


Usually, I don’t fuss about stats, because I am a very lazy player. And my inventory crisis makes me tend to avoid having many pieces of equipment. I try to share my crafting gear among all my craft classes. Mythril Choker level 39, for example. I am too lazy to make a new one which is Electrum Choker level 49, because my lower level classes wouldn’t be able to wear it. But seeing and using these level 50 gear that can’t be shared with other classes, I feel it is nice to be fussy about gear for stats! As now I can HQ most of my synthesis attempts, thanks to the stats boost from gear.


By the way, he also made himself the Weaver’s set, and Alchemist’s set. ^^


I think Alchemist’s set is the champion so far. It looks extraordinary and most sophisticated among all of the class-specific crafter’s sets I’ve ever seen. You know, it has both the hints of professionalism and fashion. Like, from behind, you will look like a mad scientist or a perfectly hygienic doctor. And then from the front, you’re like a designer at work. You have all your tools there, ready to be whipped out whenever you like. Oh, right, this set makes one look like a walking laboratory. XD


This pic was when I was sending him Crawler’s Cocoons. He was sitting right behind me when I cooked, but then I got up and ran to the Delivery Moogle to send cocoons. Soon, I saw him arriving at the Moogle to pick up the delivery, saying “I was there all the time, sitting in the bush lol.” Oopsie haha. Well, I might have noticed him but as his outfit was now Regal Purple instead of Abyssal Blue, it didn’t strike me that it was him!! *lame excuse*

MasterTailor10Last screenshot today, this is a candid pic of him when he was lower level. XD