Chat Log Settings

OK Today we’ll talk about Chat Log Settings.

When you’re in a battle, or on a busy place with a lot of crowds, most of the time your chatlog (message display window) will run so fast and you can easily miss a message from your FC or friends because it get pushed off the top of your tony chat screen before you could read it or notice it.

Here’s one method to reduce or avoid that.

First, look at your chat message box, there should be a + button which allos you to add a new “tab” in your chatlog window. Everyone starts with 3 tabs already created for you, and you can add the 4th one. You can also rename any of the old tabs and reconfig them any way you like.


For me, I named my 4th tab “CHAT” but since it might get confusing while I’m explaining things here, I changed the name to “Conversation.”


How to config a chat tab? You have to look at the bottom of the chatlog window again, and find the button with gear (cog) symbol. When you click it, it will bring up the Chat Log Settings window.




This window can be found, in other method, by opening your “Character Configuration” menu (keyboard shortcut : K button) and select “Log Window Setting” on the bottom of the left pane. Then you will see “General” menu by default.

For configuring the Log Filters for each tab, you have to look and click the tab you want to set. This time, let’s set the newest tab first, my Conversation tab.


I suggest to set Conversation tab to show all chat message, and hide all battle/system messages. You can look at “Chat” category in the Log Filter menu and check/uncheck things on the list. I highly recommend showing (check) Say, Tell, Party, Free Company, and Linkshell.  If you think you need to hear the Yell and the Shout, for hunting or for eavesdropping the public, you can also check the Yell and Shout filter to have them shown.

For 24-man content, like raid dungeons, it is recommended to set Alliance messages to show as well, because sometimes people discus battle strategies in Alliance channel.

For me, my 3rd tab is “Event” and I set it like the pic below. This will allow me to click on that tab to read what I might have missed while talking to an NPC spamming OK OK OK without reading carefully.  XD

Then, for those who have multiple linkshells, or dislike the default chat font colours, you can access “Log Text Colors” menu and reassign other colour to each of your chat message category.

For me, I set each linkshell a different colour, to decrease the chance of getting confused about who said what from which linkshell, and less likely to reply in the wrong one.

In Log Details menu, you can also optionally add Time Stamp to each of your chat tabs. You can also change font size.


Last but not least, you can set Sound Notification for each channel of the chat.

You can select the sound individually, and then test it to see whether you like it or not, before hitting OK or Apply button to save your settings


I set notification sounds to all these because I want to hear the beep when anyone talks in my FC, LS, PT, and in private message. If your LS talks all the time, however, I would recommend turning the sound off, because it can get annoying.

And then, when you’re on your main screen, if you want to read the Conversation tab, you have to click on the tab button under your chat window, it will show only the messages that you set in the Log Filters. This way, it is easier to catch up with your FC conversations or to reread it after the time has passed.


FFXIV : Chat input modes

Today I’m going to talk about in-game chat system.

First of all, there are many “channels” of chat.



Types of chat

Tell : Private message, you talk to other person one-on-one. Default color is pink.

Say : Public message, only people near you will see it. Default color is white.

Party : Party chat, only party members will see it. Default color is cyan blue.

Alliance : Alliance chat, to communicate with members of the 3 parties that were formed into an alliance. Default color is deep orange.

Yell : Public message, will be seen by people in slightly larger area than “say.” Default color is yellow.

Shout : Public message, everyone currently in the same area map as you will see it. Default color is pale orange.

Free Company : FC chat, only members of the same Free Company will see it. Default color is pale blue.

Linkshell : LS chat, only people in the same linkshell will see. One person can be in 8 linkshells at the same time. Each linkshell will have its own separated chat and you have to send message separately if you’re talking in 2 or more LS at the same time. Default color is bright green.

Novice Network : Special chat for Novices (newbies/beginners). Sometimes you might get invited into the Novice Network. In that chat, people can ask questions and the Mentors (more experienced players) can answer or explain things. Default color is pale green.


Changing chat input mode

When you log in, the chat mode will always set default input on SAY. If you want to change the default input, there are 2 ways to do it.



  • Click on the bubble button on the left of your chat input box, and then select the mode you want.
  • Type the chat mode command, and then hit enter. This will save your selected input mode.
    • Tell : /t Name Surname – For /tell mode, you need to specify recipient name.
    • Say : /s
    • Party : /p
    • Alliance : /a
    • Yell : /y
    • Shout : Shout cannot be set as default mode, you have to manually change it to shout every time you want to shout.
    • Free Company : /fc
    • Linkshell : /l
    • Linkshells : /l1 (for LS #1) /l2  (for LS #2)  /l3 (for LS #3, and so on)
    • Novice Network : /n


If you only want to temporarily change the chat input mode for just 1 message, you can easily do it any time before sending the message: before typing, in the middle of typing, after finishing typing the sentence. Just use ALT (Alternate) and a shortcut key that you set for each channel (mode). If you didn’t set it, the default key will be:

  • Tell : ALT + T
  • Say : ALT + S
  • Party : ALT + P
  • Alliance : ALT + A
  • Yell : ALT + Y
  • Shout : ALT + H
  • Free Company : ALT + F
  • Linkshell : ALT + L
  • Linkshells : Hitting ALT + L again and again will cycle through all of your LS.
  • Novice Network : ALT + N
  • *Special* ALT + R : Reply to the most recent person who sent you a /tell. If you hit the buttons ALT + R again and again, it will rotate between more persons who had sent you a /tell previously.


To type in the chat input box, you can either use your mouse to click inside the box, or hit Enter key once to make your input cursor appear in the chat input box. When you use the ALT shortcut key from the list above, it will also automatically target and activate the chat input box, so you can start typing your message without having to manually click on the box.

Dew A9

Put this here because Dew needed explanation/translation, as the guy was complaining a lot and amid the busy fight, Dew couldn’t understand all the details, so she copied the text and asked me to tell her what and why people said those things. I also wrote my own opinion in English, in case anyone involved, especially Kuma Leeno, would stumble here and read this, I hope they will start to understand Dew a little.

[3:39](Kuma) wake up tank
[3:40](Chibidew) sory macro broke
[3:41](Ahzek) TP almost out! using Invigorate
[3:43](Kuma) …………………………………..
[3:43](Principia) Dont use lb3 on damage on hard raids มีคนบอกว่าในเหรดยากอย่า LB 3 เพื่อทำดาเมจ 
[3:44](Principia) Except finishing touch ) ยกเว้นเวลาบอสใกล้ตาย ใช้ปิดเกม
[3:44](Kuma) ” hard ” raids อินี่ก็ย้ำคำพูดว่า “เหรดยาก” แบบประชด
[3:44](Ahzek) this shouldnt be hard คนนี้บอกว่าอันนี้ไม่ควรยาก
[3:44](Kuma) it’s barely a raid when it’s that simple บอกว่าอันนี้ง่ายขนาดนี้ แทบไม่ควรเรียกว่าเหรดด้วยซ้ำ
[3:48](Ahzek) hellooooo!
[3:48](Kuma) like ahzek said อันนี้บอกว่าใช่ อย่างที่ข้างบนบอก (มันไม่ควรยาก)
[3:48](Kuma) chibidew cmon man do your job
[3:48](Chibidew) sorry :(
[3:49](Kuma) it’s ok, but next time grab aggrp ตรงนี้คือมันบอกว่าไม่เป็นไร คราวหน้าให้เอาแอ๊ดไว ๆ หน่อย
[3:49](Kuma) aggro
[3:49](Chibidew) run to me please I don’t see add

Although it was true that Dew couldn’t see the spawn as fast as everyone, due to the lag, and thus was why she couldn’t provoke big Faust faster than the monk hitting it, and thus said sorry (and sometimes lag kills her macro, too). here I personally feel Dew said it wrong. She should have said “run to me, here is safe spot”
Because, according to Dew, that monk was trying to fight big Faust in the quarter where the lava was coming next (to my knowledge, after reading a strategy guide, if lava comes up and burn it while big Faust is alive, it will explode and wipe the party)

The party should drag the big Faust around and then put it where lava is coming next, only when it’s nearly dead. When it has a lot of HP, placing it on the lava destination is, of course, going to cause a wipe.

[3:49](Kuma) there’s like a whole different light on the plateform อันนี้มันบอกว่ามีแสงเวลา Faust ใหญ่เกิด
[3:49](Kuma) everything turn purple ทุกอย่างจะกลายเป็นสีม่วง
[3:49](Kuma) + an aoe dmg แล้วมี AoE ทำให้เจ็บด้วย
[3:49](Kuma) u should see it “ต้องเห็นดิ”

I’m completely lost here, but Dew said he could be referring to the meteor drops. Then, she rewatched a guide video and saw that he’s referring to big Faust spawn. But tell ya what, she never saw the purple while in the fight, because everyone goes to hide on the other side of the boss, and thus the view is blocked. 

[3:49](Kuma) just get reactiv (อันนี้ไม่เข้าใจ ให้ไปชุบอะไรเหรอ? หมายถึงขยะหุ่นปะวะ? — I can’t understand “get reactiv” and what it might refer to.)
[3:49](Kuma) and stop reviving that god damn hell spider at start อันนี้มันโวยวายเรื่องไปปลุกแมงมุมผิดตัว
[3:49](Kuma) she’s dead
[3:49](Kuma) in the right place
[3:50](Kuma) at the right moment
[3:50](Kuma) let her be มันบอกว่าแมงมุมตัวนั้นอยู่ตรงนั้นถูกแล้ว อย่าไปปลุกมันขึ้นมา

Here Dew was completely lost again, because on her main server, the Japanese wake up all adds and kill them all at the lava spot. They don’t skip any add.

[3:52](Kuma) row (row อะไรก็ไม่รู้??? ไม่เก็ต  — row what? I don’t understand either)
[3:52](Kuma) the add อันนี้เรียกให้ตีแอ๊ด (ที่พี่เรย์เฝ้าอยู่?)
[3:52](Kuma) the fkin freakin add
[3:52](Kuma) chewbidew
[3:52](Kuma) wake up

After getting told off last time, Dew was already waiting for the big Faust add at where it was spawning. She provoked and flash, But the monk still screamed. And she couldn’t pull it off the lava fast enough, so it stuck to the monk and exploded. (What’s funny is that he kept dying in the explosion because he kept trying to kick Faust’s ass in the lava??? Why don’t bring it out of the lava before it rises? O_o??)


It exploded and party died, so the monk was mad bro again.

Dew told me she was on PLD (her mistake, because she’s better as WAR, on PLD her reaction is a bit slow, and when it’s laggy, it gets even worse.) Anyway, I wonder why he just stood there slamming his fists on it instead of running to the safe spot to drag it along. Screaming doesn’t seem to help the survival rate.

[3:53](Kuma) my last piece of hope has vanished มันงอแงว่าความหวังชิ้นสุดท้ายของมันได้สลายไปแล้ว
[3:53](Principia) Do the impossible อันนี้น่าจะร้องเพลง มั้ง???
[3:53](Principia) See the invisible
[3:53](Principia) Row row
[3:53](Kuma) FIGHT THE POWA
[3:53](Chibidew) ok
[3:53](Chibidew) so hard when I’m lag

[3:53](♠Kujimaro) sorry dew, making you do this
[3:54](♠Kujimaro) lets try another time
[3:54](Chibidew) why here st do everything >_>

She plays on Masamune (as WAR, ST) and on the Japanese DF, healer picks up the Generator and drags the adds to the correct place, while Sub-Tank waits and grabs big Faust, and no one fights aggro against the ST. The monk was like screaming at Dew to do the generator and she didn’t understand why. And the monk screamed at her for not grabbing the big Faust, yet still pound fists on it to compete aggro, and she can’t understand why, either.

[3:54](♠Kujimaro) how does it work in masa?
[3:55](Chibidew) I know why drk need mt
[3:55](Chibidew) he lazy drama
[3:55](♠Kujimaro) hm
[3:55](Chibidew) in vdo guide and masa healer drag XD
[3:56](♠Kujimaro) sorry ill drag next time
[3:56](Chibidew) but need me voke fast too
[3:56](♠Kujimaro) no you cannot voke add
[3:56](Chibidew) today I think I’m lag
[3:56](♠Kujimaro) because tether
[3:56](♠Kujimaro) you can voke the big add tho
[3:56](Chibidew) yes
[3:57](♠Kujimaro) just not the normal one
[3:57](Chibidew) I don’t know why dps not drag big add to me at A
[3:57](Chibidew) bcoz a is save point
[3:58](Chibidew) this one strong and we can not kill fast

Additional info, at start, Dew tried to be a Main Tank, she engaged first, but the DRK in the party wouldn’t yield to her and kept competing aggro. She got tired and gave up. And became Sub Tank.

I told her to, from now on, say at start of the fight that she wants to MT, as the lag makes it hard to grab the add quickly, which could mean a wipe to the party. If anyone complains and wants her to ST anyway, she should explain her lag problem to her, if they can accept a delayed Provoke, then it’s fine.