Goodbye Heavensward – En Taro Adun

Waiting for Stormblood now, I dug up some of my recent screenshots.

It’s hard to steal a group shot of our FC. :( Especially when /gpose kept making Dew turn away from the camera. This is weird. It sometimes happened with specific emotes, but I don’t know what caused it.

Kuji siting on the fire with his shield on fire. LOL

Before Kuji arrived, Dew, Corn and I went to Dun Scaith and had quite an ordeal with the party/alliance. People died a lot. They died way too much, including my healer buddy. ><;; Sad panda. It was extremely exhausting!

After whining about Kuji’s being late, I showed him my new hair from Gold Saucer event.

I actually changed to new hair since a few days ago, after I finished the event. And Corn happened to change to the new hair too. He saw mine when we got into Baelsar’s Wall for Bray’s Main Q and he laughed.

Good pic in front of the boss room, but Corn’s Garuda photobombed my face. T_T

Leviathan Ponies Farming



Alright, last night our FC went to farm a few ponies using undersized (unsync) party. What we lack most is Leviathan’s horse. 3 people including me still need it. So, at one point, we spammed Leviathan EX. We didn’t wipe. Just half wiped or almost wiped, which is a good thing, because it shows that we learned the rhythm of Levi EX battle and have improved in executing plans. Corn was on commander duty, reminding us when to stop DPSing and such, and also he was the switch person for the barrier.



During one fight, I died alone because I didn’t look at where Levi would slam down and when I realized it and sprinted, I was 1 step short from not falling off. XD The party won, however.

The next fight, Dew later said it was karma, I had to work harder than the others to make up for the previous fight. At one point, while people were towing the water orbs, something happened and suddenly 3 people died. I didn’t even know what was going on. Only Dew (PLD), Kuji (DRG) and I (WHM) were left. We waited for the machine’s energy, and Kuji managed to hit the switch on time. We survived and I thought it was going to be ok.


Nope, the damn add cursed Dew with Hysteria and Kuji accidentally stepped on a terror circle while dodging shit, so they both walked off the edge and went swimming with the rest of the party. At 10%, I was alone and scared as hell. There were 2 terror circles on the floor when Levi next slammed on the raft. I slid, and very luckily missed the circle by inches. Party screamed a lot of stuff. Dew was so hyped and was squeaking her excitement in our Skype call.


ffxiv_07182016_052059 ffxiv_07182016_052121 ffxiv_07182016_052153

Nervous and panicked, I still remembered to Asylum, Divine Seal Medica II, and Regen myself while dodging stuff and attacking Levi’s head. I deactivated Cleric Stance to use Tetragammatron when needed, then went on the nuking spree again. Then while spamming Stone III, I spent my Benediction. Levi hits hard, the Scale Darts were like 2300 HP dmg each. Eventually, while ignoring the adds out of sheer fear and excitement, I felled Leviathan.


It wouldn’t have been a big deal for undersized party to win against it, but it was a HUGE deal for me when I had to solo. I was particularly scared because I don’t perform well in Leviathan EX. I used to always die first because I couldn’t dodge the dive and the slam. When I won, while the party was screaming their joy in the FC chat, I was trembling, LOL. The same old excitement and rush of adrenaline I haven’t felt in quite some time came back again, and I felt as if I were on crack. XD



Goodbye Bahamut!!!

Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bahamuttttttttttttt!!!!!

OMG I’m freaking out!!! We finally downed Bahamut, CoB T13 (Final Coil of Bahamut, Turn 4).

Today we gathered again and tackled T13 once more. Corn needed a minute, so I took that opportunity to take some group pics. XD Sorry, Kuji, first pic has you with very evil face HAHAHA.


Must love /gpose new feature that allows party to stop looking at the camera. :D


During the fight, I was derping really badly, even managed to die TWICE, and only remembered to take 3 pics.



Today we surprisingly took only 1 attempt to win.

ffxiv_05222016_230638_new ffxiv_05222016_230640_new ffxiv_05222016_230652_new ffxiv_05222016_230658_new

It’s really nice to beat Coil of Bahamut with close friends. :D (We always go in as small group, partly because I fear drama. I heard about drama and endless drama involving endgame raid and I’m scared. The fight is very intense, and everyone could be on the verge of flipping shit. So I guess we kind of never wanted to struggle with recruiting more raid members ><;; You know, even with this tight-knitted, laid-back and light-hearted team, we yelled at each other or got pouty on occasions during Coil runs. We prevailed while managing to preserve good relationship only because we’re very close, whereas I don’t have the same confidence for loyalty and forgiveness from other people as I have with these guys. We’re also casual players and other average raid players won’t like us or our messy/random schedule, hahaha!)

Phoenix, Down. One more to go.

We beat T12.

Yesterday we went back to face the Phoenix once again, unexpectedly. Well, Corn and Kuji might have expected it, but I thought we weren’t going, as Dew had to leave her house very early to take her mom to a doctor appointment, and PZ told me he wasn’t feeling well (so I shooed him to bed, before Corn logged in).

We ended up going anyway, at first Corn just wanted to go in as 4 people to try the “hot potato” strategy. We learned so much and we did much better after he explained some of the mechanics. It felt much easier when we knew (or at least were aware of) what to do.

Then, someone said wahhhh could have passed with 1 more person in the party. And Dew spotted PZ on FB and told me, so I asked him to come. We spent so much time melding up people (Corn had his lunch and melded for Dew at the same time lol) and eventually entered.

We wiped a lot and refined our strategies after each wipe. I was so excited to see so much improvement in a short period of time.


Below was the last battle pic I took on our successful attempt. I was too busy panicking healing people and passing the hot potato (Purgatory debuffs) and trying to stand in the Fountain, etc., and didn’t have enough brain to take more pics as Phoenix was dying. XD


And finally, the Phoenix was down.

ffxiv_05162016_011804_new ffxiv_05162016_011806_new ffxiv_05162016_011809_new ffxiv_05162016_011813_new

We were rewarded handsomely with am epic, heartbreaking cutscene. *sob*


Off we go, to the last stage, the evil Bahamut awaits. Long story short, we didn’t win and disbanded a little before 4 a.m. Thailand time. LOL. We will try again later. We learned a lot already. :D

ffxiv_05162016_014218_new ffxiv_05162016_014636_newffxiv_05162016_014705_new

Beat T11

Today we tried T11 again, with 5 people, as usual. After countless wipes during the 48 minutes of pain and agony (LOL) and screaming into Dew’s ear through Skype voice call (making her panic a lot, sorry, Dew!) we finally fell the Mechanical Hydra beast.

Deadaga XD Wiping so many times it got a little bit frustrating and discouraging. But we did see the potential, and kept practicing. Corn was our strategy man, and both PZ and Dew contributed by recalling, through dying over and over, some gimmicks that were originally forgotten and telling us what to do.


Below were the pics from our successful attempt. It was frustrating to solo heal because everyone were like dying left and right and in the midst of the chaos, I could hardly maintain my composure and cool head. I feel bad for Dew because I was yelling into the voice call when I panicked or got mad XD but Dew said it’s ok, we’re even, because she yelled at me when PZ and Kuji were killing her add too fast, too. Haha. She was like, please type for me, “go help Corn.” And I was like “NO NO NO NO Why is PZ dying” and “WTF my heal can’t reach!” and couldn’t type for her. XD And she was like “DON’T ATTACK MY ADD OHMIGOD” “NO!” in the voice call because she couldn’t type very well while fighting. Poor thing lol.


Finally won. Again, I couldn’t stop cackling. XD I laughed so hard I even woke up Q-chan, my Sugar Glider.

ffxiv_05142016_234305_new ffxiv_05142016_234308_newffxiv_05142016_234310_new

Wheeeeeeeeeeee~ I’m so happy today.

Corn even got a Dreadwyrm robe for his SMN. It’s so purdy!!!


FC: En Taro Adun <4Aiur>

Today after an Expert Roulette, I got a brief opportunity to try to get a group pic. But Kuji had to leave the house in real life, so he dove off so I only got just 1 group pic in my folder LOL.


Yeah we have 4 regulars nowadays. PZ doesn’t log on every weekend anymore. He’s kind of addicted to some other new games (or his old, unfinished games, LOL!) We can still ask him to hop on to help with stuff, like Dew’s CoB clear the other day. While Bray seems to have completely quit since the rise of 3.1.


Anyway, look at this pic. It’s not easy to set a male Au Ra in the same picture frame with a Lalafell. XD Hard to balance the crop, you know.


If I want to zoom in at this distance, and want to see the whole body of Dew, Corn’s head will be cropped off at the top. Like the pic above. But if I want to see the sky, and Corn’s SMN horn, Dew is cropped at the waist. XD


Solution? Dew jumped onto the rail of the Living Arch and eliminate the height difference. All happy now. If Kuji were there, he would have to go on the rail on the opposite side, next to me. XD


T2-T7 Cleared for Chibidew

Last night we had quite an adventure. Chibidew got to the point where she can tackle CoB and SCoB (her goal is to co-tank with Corn against NVD, LOL). Coincidentally,  yesterday Corn got some new recipe from some Masterbook IV, and wanted to know where the Allagan Aetherstones drop. We decided to go to CoB to see if they really drop from there, and to see the drop rate.

Since Chibidew already cleared T1 with us long ago, we went to T4 (because it’s short) and T2 just to also get the completion. We asked PZ and he was interested, and logged in to join us. Therefore, with Kuji, we had 5 people. T4 and T2 were very easy and I thought we would try those again to see the drop rate and to farm what already dropped, but Corn suggested that since we had 5 people, we might as well tackle T5. Of course, all agreed.


However, since I suck (VERY BADLY) and kept dying to Dive Bombs, Corn had to change to his other job, SMN, to ensure there is a second raise for oh-shit situations. And then, Kuji had to go AFK for dinner, so we had 4 people.


After so many tries, mostly wiping to Deathknights + Twister, we finally…..downed Twintania.


Kuji came back while we were killing first set of adds on our last attempt, but we stayed in hope of getting more practice before leaving the duty to pick him up. Turned out to miraculously won in that attempt!

Then PZ had to go to sleep, as it was 3 a.m. We still went on with SCoB though… Killing T6 (wiped twice before figuring we better ignore the slimes).

Then, we continued to T7. XD We wiped so many times I felt that it was impossible and that we should wait for PZ and do it again next week. Nope. There seems to be no “impossible” in Corn’s dictionary. He again changed to SMN to help deal with the adds, since our main problem was the adds which swarmed me or him and was killing everyone.

We also, for the first time for us, figured out (through intensive googling) that we must stand outside of the “hitbox” of the petrified Renaud (Ogre add, is it an ogre? LOL I don’t know the enemy type) to make it count, otherwise the system considers it to not block the ray.

Finally,with enormous difficulty, we won.


:D It was soooooooooo exhausting but also a shit load of fun. Personally, though this is both tiring and time-consuming, I would not hesitate to do this again with my FC folks. It provided challenges and also an opportunity to put our capability under stress test. I also feel it helps tighten the bond between us. It’s so refreshing to have FC activities, because lately it’s rare we do anything together in the FC as a group of more than 3, due to the extensive list of daily things that everyone has to complete and the limited playtime of those who have a full-time job, and the time zone differences. ><;;


And here’s s group pic in the workshop while we made some progress to the Airship part, after T7 ended. Missing PZ, though. :'(

Senpai (Corn) Parody

This morning I made a “Sanpai” parody of Corn and post it on tumblr because this blog had server problem. ; ;

Now that the server is back, and my blog is up and running again, I’m putting those screenshots here as well. :D

CornSenpai_01b CornSenpai_03 CornSenpai_04 CornSenpai_05 CornSenpai_06 CornSenpai_07 CornSenpai_08c CornSenpai_09b CornSenpai_10b

The blacklist bit is based on a conversation in the FC weeks ago, which went like this (not exact wording):

Kuji: Oh hey, I heard they’re bringing back the mentor system. Will you mentor the new people?
Corn: No. My secrets belong to me only.
Me: LOL. But didn’t you have a stalker who kept calling you senpai, senpai? And you did tutor him!
Kuji: Ohh poor thing. His senpai didn’t notice him.
Corn: I did notice him. He’s now on my blacklist.
Kuji: o_o oh that’s so cold.
Me: Well, he was quite a….troublesome kohai.
Corn: He was a jerk.
Kuji: LOL fair enough.

Diadem Hard

Yesterday our FC Airship finally unlocked and charted the route to Diadem (Hard) so the 4 of us (Bray was missing because real life stuff) went to Diadem (Hard) for the first time.


We usually go to Diadem (Easy) or (Normal) 3 times a week for extra eso (Tomestone of Esoterics) which will allow us to skip more days of Expert Roulette. With Corn’s formula, combined with one Void Ark run, we only need 3 days of Expert+Lv60 Roulettes per week if we go to Diadem for extra 20, 30, or 40 eso on those days too.


This ultimate lazy route allows us to free up more time to go do other stuff such as Daily Hunts and Beast Tribe Quests, for example.


Our Diadem Run would require only about 15-20 minutes because we go for 3 easiest (or most viable) objectives which usually are “Touching Black/White Crystal(s)”, “Gather 16 items” and Catch 8 fish.” Sometimes if we have “find coffer chests” in the choice and people are able to find them quick, we don’t even have to log or mine 16 items.

We start off with letting Corn lure enemies away and sac pulling (or just jumping to other island to lose aggro, because he’s a hax master of baiting). Then, after someone, or I if we’re duo, become airborne, we come back to lure enemies away for Corn to let him attune to the winds too.

Then, we scatter to find White or Black crystals, and coffers if there is an objective. Then, we have someone lure enemies away from gathering nodes to let the DoL persons do it safely.

Then, TADA! Objectives fulfilled, and we get the eso rewards. It usually gives 30 but there was a time when we got only 20 and we can’t figure out what’s the variation. From Diadem (Hard) last night, we got 40 eso, though.

Well, that’s about it for now, I shall talk more about Diadem later if there is any interesting finding.

ffxiv_12072015_033311_newBefore I say goodbye for today, here’s a screenshot of blood moon in Diadem. :)

Diadem Easy

On 14 November 2015, 4 days after patch 3.1 was released, our FC rode the airship for our first Exploratory Mission, heading to Diadem (Easy). We had 4 people, Corn, Bray, Kuji and I.


As we entered, there was a first time cutscene. :D Pretty neat.



And while I was cursing, in my mind, about the weather being foggy, thus ruining my screenshot moment, I heard a FC message beep.
ffxiv_11142015_100108_newWhen the cutscene ended, I saw that the message was Kuji’s.

Kuji: I could almost hear Alec furiously slamming her screenshot button.
Me: Whaaaaaa….how did you know? Were you spying in my room?
Corn: We only know you too well.
Bray: LOL

Okay….I can’t argue because it was true XD LOL.