Horrifying and Hilarious Weeping City

I MUST write about this because even Walter said after we won “I don’t know how we survived.” And yes it was weird!!!

Last night I went to Alliance Raid roulette with FC friends on Tonberry and we got Weeping City of Mhach. No, the Mhach didn’t weep. I did. And I bet my co-healer, a stranger SCH, also wept as much as I did. The start didn’t bode well. The tank seemed inexperience, and the whole party B seemed to struggle a lot.

First boss, the Arachne was….fine. We got by quite smoothly despite the fact that someone placed the web (safe spot) in the middle, and there were no less than 3 people who stayed on it and got squashed when the boss emerged from the sand vortex. I’m a bad person, so I snorted a laugh.

At Forgall, however, the errors were more fatal. See, Walter discussed with us and we agreed that we might wipe here. But the party B and the B tank never communicated with the alliance, and so we didn’t want to be rude and say “Let C tank for you.” Something weird about the Japanese Datacenter, I guess. I have hardly ever seen them communicating between parties in alliance raid. They usually keep talking to their own parties.

There was only once in my whole playtime on Tonberry that I saw someone from party B saying they’re new and need help tanking (and Mary assumed the position, reluctantly LOL). And that was after a very bad wipe, or two, I can’t really remember how bad we had it that time. So yeah, they’re drama-free. No angry messages between parties, but also no strategic planning.

Anyway, in Forgall last night, party B either 1) didn’t stun Beguiling Mist from the Summoned Succubus or 2) had been spamming Stun to the point of resist. So the Seduce fest was triggered. Haha!

Pic 1 : Before the epic death. I am not sure how and why the SCH, one of the bards, and I didn’t get charmed/seduced. Could be just lucky evade, or we were out of range (very less likely), or we were standing on the red holes and had bleeding that could prevent Seduce?

Pic 2 : I checked the battle chatlog and found that this was a cruel combo that was meant to wipe everyone.

  • Beguiling Mist (Succubus, B add) – raid-wide AoE that seduce everyone. Seduced people will walk to Succubus.
  • Rotten Breath (Dahak, A add) – close proximate (?) AoE poison breath. About 5000 – 10000 HP DMG, and Poison DoT.
  • Void Fire IV (Succubus) – ground AoE at Succubus’s position, where Seduced people walked to… About 3000 – 5000 HP DMG, and Burn DoT.
  • Voidblood (Haagenti, which was C add) – About 2000 HP DMG and perhaps also Poison?
  • Rotten Breath AGAIN (WTF, asshole!) Same deal.
  • And if you’re still alive, Haagenti uses Mortal Ray to try to get Doom on you, if you stare, you’re as good as dead.

3 of us didn’t even get Seduced, so we didn’t walk in, and didn’t get Void Fire IV, nor Voidblood, nor Rotten Breath, and survived. Walter got charmed, walked in, and walked out alive as well. Bravo to the SCH!

I used to wipe twice, back to back, on Ragnarok (Chaos Datacenter) because the party with Succubus didn’t stun it both times. It seemed like instant wipe to me, because everyone died in one hit. This is new. And my gear wasn’t that high. I was on AST 64. It was either the Bleeding (from standing on the red fiery hole) saved the few of us, or we just got a lucky evade.

Pic 3 : From there, with 8 survivors (2 in A, 2 in B, and 4 in C) we tried to recover. We raised and raised. People died, and died, because not enough heal power to keep the weakened alive…

We managed to win, eventually.


The battle chatlog during the wipe has 13 pages, in case anyone is interested in reading for a case study, or just for fun.

And that’s it. Was tough, tiring, and funny. I won’t talk about Ozma because I am angry lol, especially in Atomos room. Last boss was a little mess, too, but we didn’t wipe. Meh. Although I’m not quite ranting, I will still put this in “My Rant” category because it was a catastrophic alliance raid. XD