Shitty mouth SMN

As you may have deducted from the title, today’s entry will be an angry rant full of swearing.

I went to sleep and woke up to an old message from Dew on Skype, wailing about a leveling roulette she did alone while I was asleep. She pasted a batch of chatlog, and I read it and could only say WTF. It’s so wrong in so many levels.

[6:57](Chibidew K.) Hello!><)/
[6:57]Xandu K.: Hello!
[7:00](Chibidew K.) got key><
[7:02](Chibidew K.) >< sorry
[7:15](Chibidew K.) please pull small group ; ;
[7:19](Chibidew K.) Xandu you have new belt from here?
[7:20](Chibidew K.) change plz >,
[7:20]Xandu K.: yes i think so?Please use the auto-translate function.
[7:20](Chibidew K.) nice^^
[7:25](Chibidew K.) Wait, please.
[7:25](Chibidew K.) my mp lost ><
[7:25](Chibidew K.) Thank you.^^
[7:35]Xandu K.: sorry guys playing with one handPlease use the auto-translate function.
[7:36](Azatro T.) Terrible healing bro.
[7:36](Sien V.) Lag spike
[7:36](Chibidew K.) drag dragon far poison please
[7:36](Chibidew K.) because dragon re-hp from his poison ><
[7:41](Chibidew K.) I not havbve mp
[7:41](Chibidew K.) :(
[7:41](Xandu K.) sorry got both hands back now
[7:41](Azatro T.) Would you like my ????ing pet to tank? Are you ????ing serious
[7:43](Chibidew K.) I’ serious because I not have mp for heal all :(
[7:43](Azatro T.) You suck then.
[7:43](Azatro T.) Manage your mp.
[7:43](Chibidew K.) you see tank siut plz
[7:46](Azatro T.) OMFG LEARN TO DODGE
[7:47](Xandu K.) quit complaing, i got a kid to deal with too
[7:48](Chibidew K.) everyone need to learn please clam down ; ;
[7:48](Azatro T.) Learn what? HE CANT DODGE
[7:49](Xandu K.) nope i like to take it all up front
[7:53](Chibidew K.) Thank
[7:53](Azatro T.) and the idiots finally did it
[7:53](Chibidew K.) TT_TT
[7:53](Xandu K.) ooooo mean comments

OK, first thing first, the tank. The tank claimed to have been taking care of his or her baby. I understand that real life shit can come up and mess with your gaming. But in my opinion, it would be much nicer if one has some decency to communicate to the party that there was an emergency matter that requires immediate attention, or tell the party BEFOREHAND that you cannot pay 100% attention to the battle in the dungeon. Dragging the party through your shitty play because you have something outside of the game to deal with is quite cruel. People are unprepared, and thus have no time or too short time to try to think of plan B.

At least for me, if I know that the tank is going to have less focus to the fight, I can prepare myself ahead of the time to heal faster and earlier, and also know I should preserve MP and some skills for OH SHIT situation that might spring up any moment soon. Not knowing what to expect can spell disaster to the whole party.

Also, that attitude “quit [complaining], i got a kid to deal with too” was also so wrong. NO. You better be apologetic that you’re causing trouble. Being like “so what?” like this and blaming others for not putting up with you is a no-no. If the kid’s matter needs so much attention, a decent person would tell the party “Wait, please.” and perhaps “Kid aggro, BRB 5 mins.” or something. Playing with half attention (or half of your available hands…) and wiping the party so many times is not fun. I know people play game to enjoy it and for fun. But you have to be considerate of other people’s “fun” too. Don’t be a shithead and be like “oh I play for fun, why so serious?” and make the party suffer from how shitty you are. No one likes their fun to be ruined.

Then, there is this SMN who was fast to throw insult.

It is EASY to blame healer when the party dies. But have you looked carefully and analyzed the situation?

Healers aren’t omnipotent gods who has endless pool of MP to heal through abnormally prolonged fight. Healing in Brayflox (normal) last boss is difficult enough for a veteran healer like me, even in a decent party. What do you expect of a healer in a party where people don’t dodge and fail to avoid boss regen (poison) mechanic?

Of course if you stand in the pool of poison, you lose HP, and boss keeps recovering its HP. “Healer sucks” and “manage your MP” weren’t the correct comment, nor do they point to the real problem that needs to be solved.

Manage MP?

White Mage has Regen at level 35. Regen is great and is more MP-efficient in comparison with Cure. It helps a lot and should always be used. BUT GUESS WHAT. Brayflox is capped at 34. So a capped WHM in Brayflox normal cannot use Regen. The system prevents it.

What about MP recovery skill? Oh yep, Shroud of Saints is great. But it is 38. GUESS WHAT? It is also capped and is inaccessible in Brayflox normal.

Of course if healer has to cure bomb the tank, MP will run dry. Doesn’t mean healer sucks or is bad at managing MP. This SMN made me want to stab someone eye’s out with the blunt end of my WHM wand. So much ignorance and absurdly mean comments made me furious!

(She’s been drinking Hi-Elixir, too, because that was all she had.)

It’s ridiculous how people are quick to blame someone without looking at the whole situation and analyze it to see where the flaw is and where the party can improve.

My friend isn’t fluent in English, yet she tried so hard to communicate and give advice to the tank to make the situation improve.

What did the SMN do? Just yelling at people. Why didn’t you at least try to be helpful by telling the tank what to do, instead of just screaming at the healer and the tank. (I know the tank is highly likely non-English speaker, but apparently they can understand a little, and with help of translator, there should be enough understanding in communication.) Blaming the healer, saying healer suck, and not contributing the information to the party, yet going angry when the party does not succeed well, is not just ridiculous, but stupid. Contribute to it. Say something useful. Tell tank or the party what to do to improve. Be constructive.

In my eyes, my friend did much better and tried harder than the SMN. She tried to tell the tank to move the dragon away from poison. She tried to tell tank to change belt to a better one. SMN only kicked and screamed and pointed finger and left “idiots” comment before leaving. Wow, that’s so useful (Sarcasm)!  //sigh

I used to get into Brayflox with a random tank who still wore level 25 gear! We didn’t even get past the first boss, because the tank kept dying so easily. What did the 2 DPS in my party do? Tried to tank the adds (failed, and died, over and over.) We wiped for 3 or 4 times before someone said I’m sorry, I can’t continue like this, and left. No one blamed me, the healer, because they had EYES and were also smart enough to see that tank gear was at fault. When a tank is undergeared, it is harder to keep them alive. Don’t scream at the healer. Look at the root of the problem. If you only know how to scream at people and throw insults, without even paying attention to the circumstances or analyzing what went wrong that caused the failure, then YOU are the idiot. Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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  1. Azatro says:

    Oah, this is surprising, It’s me c:

    • Aleczan Knighthill says:

      Ohhh! Wow! Is it really you? Nice. I’m glad to see you’ve found this! Hope now, after reading the post, you have a better understanding of the situation and the healer’s difficulty. Also, I hope you now learn to evaluate the situation and problem more carefully and be kind to fellow party members. MMORPG players aren’t just pixels on the screen, they are real life human and they deserve the common respect as a human being.

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