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Useful map function of FFXIV: <pos>

Yesterday while gathering on my Botanist in the South Shroud East Shroud, I overheard this conversation where a player told people to please use <pos> when they ask for Raise. It will generate a map marker where people can click on the text in the chatlog to open a map, showing this cute little green flag to let them easily spot that coordinates without having to manually look for it by hovering the mouse over every inch of their map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s what I’ve been doing all week…..yeah and it is a big hassle which I am very unpleased of.)



As an ambulance, I really appreciate this tips. It would save me a ton of headache whenever I feel like going for the rescue for these random dead bodies. I thanked the person (and some other players who helped explain why I couldn’t see the green flag and how to look for it – I was too far away so it wasn’t in the frame, and by zooming out I will spot it easily without having to scroll my map) and they said they want me to spread the words, as not many people know this (I never knew before, either!!!)

So yeah, I want all the dead people asking for raise to use this function to make help come easier and save us some headache in finding them, so here I am, spreading it. Please make use of this nice function.

Oh, by the way, I do not know how players on PS3 would execute this map marker when they see a coords, because I told my friend and he said no mouse, can’t click. (OUCH!) So, if anyone knows how to, please also spread that tips. Thanks!

And remember, if you’re asking for a help, it would be nicer if you shout your location clearly and make it easier for the helper to find you. It is a hassle, if not frustration, to have to manually find the coordinates when people don’t use <pos> format to specify location.


Austia Silverwing of Midgardsormr says:

On ps3 you can hold L1 and click R3 for mouse. then L2 is left click, R2 is right click. also L1+select gets rid of hud, L1+start is screenshot.

Thank you very much for sharing the info!!


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8 Responses to Handy coordinates marker

  1. Austia Silverwing of Midgardsormr says:

    On ps3 you can hold L1 and click R3 for mouse. then L2 is left click, R2 is right click. also L1+select gets rid of hud, L1+start is screenshot.

    • Aleczan says:

      Again, thank you! Just today I used this knowledge from you to answer a person who asked how to click on map when playing on PS3.

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  3. Smelly fungus says:

    On ps3 press select to go to the chat box and press up on the d pad to highlight the location and x to bring up the map

  4. Alicin says:

    If there I want to add coordinates into My map alone? Example a monster location I got it’s coordinate from the net …

    • Aleczan Knighthill says:

      Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently mark your map manually (like in FFXI, for example). But you can have a temporary marker by opening the destination map, then CTRL+right click on the spot where you want to mark, then it will become a map-link. This will also automatically type the word “flag” tag in your chat input line, so when you enter it into your chat, it will be clickable.

      As long as you have that marked map window open (or reopen it by clicking the coordinate in chat log), When typed and sent in the chat, the “flag” tag will show up as clickable link pointing to that specific coordinate.

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