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On Saturday I suddenly decided to join Salvage group for the first time in my adventuring life. Actually it was just because I was curious, was bored, and wanted to hang out with Cornie. I know I wouldn’t have money (or effort) to put together any Salvage gear even if I could obtain the pieces. So it was just to see or try something new.

So, about 5 minutes before enter time, I went to Aht Urhgan Whitegate and obtained my first Salvage Permit ever!!!

When we entered, everyone was naked. It felt like a nudity club…. Was disturbing, but meh, can’t help it. I hate my naked MP, but this was even worse, because there was also a restriction which lower max MP even further!!!  (TwT) Gah!!!

But the fight wasn’t that difficult, because this team seem experienced. I, however, had to strain my focus more than usual because it’s new for me and I never read about Salvage before. Leader gave clear instruction and calls out lots on Cells (to remove restrictions or handicaps) very nicely, so I didn’t have much problem figuring out what to lot or to pass.

After a while, a piece of Usukane pants dropped.

I was tempted to lot!!! But I was new, and I didn’t know if I could assemble the piece for the real pants, and I already have Byakko Haidate so I hesitated and eventually didn’t lot.

Then, after more than an hour, we reached the boss room. It’s the hated Chariot of all time, ever since I started doing Nyzul Isle.

Buffing up, briefing plan, arranging parties. So only 2 SAMs will engage because they have Relic weapons. Others just stand afar and support.

This is not just any Chariot…. It spams Charm on melee people. The plan sounded cool at first, and the battle went nicely. But it turned out to be a big mess before long. Only Bind would work on charmed people, even though my Repose did stick. They said it wears off immediately so it’s useless. 🙁 Bleh, damn it! Repose used to be my ultimate weapon against charmed comrade. Now it doesn’t work…. Blargh!

And the kiting…. My +8% movement speed wasn’t enough, so I would still get smashed on my head or slashed from the back. I have to learn to path better next time, because I kept running into one of the charmed people or the Chariot itself while running away.

After many deaths as well as attempts to recover, we finally wiped at 3 mins before time out.

The murderer?

One of our Samurais.

I can’t believe he hits me fore 695 on normal hit, non-critical.


The world is so cruel.

Next time I’ll run away faster, Shiki, I swear.

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Well on Friday a friend I recently added to my friendlist asked if I want to do the Fairy Augment battle in Grauberg (S), of course I want my Club as well as my Hand-to-hand augmented. So as Arkades said he’s willing to help, I agreed to join that friend. We finished our FoV page in Cape Teriggan slowly, and then gathered in Aht Urhgan Whitegate while he kept finding more members. Stefy said she would come to help so now we have the healer!

Arriving in Grauberg (S) I lead him to the Quest NPC, far north if I remember correctly. He said it was his first time doing this battle. Arkades tried with his first weapon as well. I, however, couldn’t trade my Deower or something maul which is WHM Club, so I guessed I already traded something… And yes it was an Obeuron or something Knuckles. Please don’t mind my spelling today, because those Sidhe weapons all have ghey names, very hard to remember!

So yeah the fight went smoothly. We had mages sleep the Wivre and Arkades the Paladin kite the Quadav boss until we were done with his pets. I picked the Wivre one by one and they /assist me. Doing this made me realize I could never be the main assist person in Dynamis, because I suck at changing target manually, LOL.

This NM is easy if you have good PT setup and everyone knows what to do. There are a few important things to remember;
1. Keep shadows up at all time, thus PLD/NIN tank is recommended.
2. NM will use Invincible 3 times at 75%, 50%, and then 25% HP.
3. When he has Invincible effect on, he will use very strong headbutt attack.
4. The super headbutt can one-shot anyone.
5. Therefore, we have to stop fighting and run around, kiting him until Invincible wears off.

He also builds up more defense, both physical and magic, as his HP goes down. Near the end of the fight my attacks only do around 5-10 HP DMG on him! And I Asuran Fists for about 25 >.> Wow, he is really a big bastard.

During the fight, Arkades died once on the 2nd Invincible. So we kited him around while waiting for tank to unweak. Was FUN!!!!! Was big fun! I usually came to this battle on my White Mage, so it was the first time I ever kite this NM with Monk. He doesn’t run fast, so we can keep Utsusemi up with ease. I could also spam Boost and then Cho Blast on him without getting hit from behind.

Sorry, no Arkades’ dead pic. Was too busy running around the stone wall.

Anyway, we defeated him, with the last 10% of HP going down in agonizingly slow speed.

So yeah we won…. But I didn’t get a good Augment result on my Knuckles.

Oh yeah, so it’s spelt “Oberon’s Knuckles.”

DMG+ was too low, thouogh Delay-% was quite nice. The additional effect was just…crappy.

So I declined and decided to try again later.

My friend, on the oher hand, got a decent result on his Grreat Katana.

Seems like Mousee also got a good one, but I can’t remember and didn’t take a sneaky screenshot.


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Uh… last night I was very tired. This past week was very busy for me, the work and several appointments with friends had worn me out. Anyway, today there was a wedding ceremony (lunch) of my high school friends (both the bride and the groom were the classmates from the same year lol) thus I had to sleep early (earlier than usual, that is). I went to bed before 3 A.M. Then I woke up around 9 A.M to shower, get dressed, and be ready before my BF came around to pick me up.

I thought I was fine and had slept enough (6 hrs is supposed to be enough, isn’t it?), but in the afternoon after we left the ceremony, I started to nod off in the car. =_=

Blah, that matter aside, last night I had very strange dreams about people in FFXI.

First dream was about Trustme. In my dream I was sitting in a dark place (looked like some in-game dungeon) and talked about a lot of stuff with his Hume character. She was wearing smart outfit and a stern-looking glasses that made her look like a handsome female model with a subtle hint of book worm. You know, the kind of woman you would assume she’s a strict librarian. Good looking, beautiful face, nice body, but does not smile.

Anyway, we talked about various topics, mostly nonsense. One of the topics I could recall was about the sun. I told her, oops, him, that I hated sunlight so I love Dynamis, because there was no sun in Dynamis. =_= When I woke up it was so hilarious to think back about the conversation! Too bad I can’t recall all of it, duh!

The next dream was about Stefy. This time it felt like real life, not in-game incident. It seemed the whole LS of MinamiKaze was having a picnic. We were sitting at wooden table with benches somewhere in a park. It seemed we were in the US, because we talked about how tiring our flight was to come all the way to visit them. Then, a postman came and delivered a postal package. It was from me. So we laughed and made fun of it, that we left for the US much later after I sent my package, yet it arrived after me!

So, well, Stefy opened the package and saw my letter. She opened it and jumped up and down with glee. Apparently there was something embarrassingly hilarious in there. I tried to stop her from reading it out loud, but I couldn’t get the letter from her hands. The other friends just watched and wouldn’t help me, because they wanted to hear it too!  =_= So, there Stef went, reading it out loud for everyone.

And they went ROFL! Ouch! I now can’t recall what was read, but well you get the idea of what happened in my dream.


I think this is from my subconsciousness?

I actually wish I can really meet these folks in real life (I’ve met only those who’re in Thailand or came back to Thailand, not those who live in the US). They’re pleasant people.

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Wednesday early morning, I woke up at 6 oh….wait…. I didn’t.

Um….ah, ok.

I went to bed a bit early, like before 9 P.M. and then woke up in the middle of the night, finding out that I had stood my LS up on the intended Nyzul Isle run. When I woke up around 2 A.M., most of them had already went to sleep and logged off. T.T Sorry guys, I thought I would wake up in time.

I figured it would be useless trying to go to sleep before Dyna, or if I could sleep, there was a high risk of sleeping-in to occur. So, I….did something. I can’t recall what activities I spent my time on that night, really (I’m writing this after a few days…so…well! ><;;) But I think maybe I just stayed in the town and chatted with Cornelious. I think I also saw Stefy level up her WAR too. We talked a bit and then I got caught up with my own interest in browsing my screenshot folders.

Cornelious, too, soon became busy with his keyboard. So we almost didn’t talk at all. Then it was time for Dynamis gathering, so I headed to Jeuno.

Guh! OK, now, speaking of Jeuno reminded me of what we did during that time. I and Cornelious took our chocobos on a date! (That’s just fancy talking, actually we just traded Chococards and went to deal with Finbarr.)

So, anyway, I got back to Jeuno at gathering time. We went through a long discussion on various subjects. In the end, we called it cancelled and decided to take a temporary break on Dynamis run, for one month. That is to reorganize things. I have no problem with that. I just don’t want us to scatter. So, if we stick together, it is fine. So, we will hold while waiting for Trustme’s return.

During the discussion I noticed Domminick and Sanoo were similar (maybe it was because of their armors.) So I asked them to stand together for a photo. XD Thanks guys, nice pic!

They looked like brothers! Hahaha!

OK, so after cancelation was announced, I headed back to Bastok, still wearing Linkaga’s pearl just to keep myself updated. Meanwhile, Stefy were asking for LS party to level up her WAR. So I took a long time to dress my THF30 up and joined her in Qufim while waiting for Jan to pop her WHM.

We got a WAR, a BRD and a NIN tank, who was also the tank (PLD) during Rostrum Pumps run the day before.

This party was just great. I also used my Kupofried’s Ring, and then my Anniversary Ring – if I remember correct, as well as my Emperor Band, so the EXP were very fast and my level went up quickly.

During a camp relocation, Khroma, the tank, somehow pulled aggro on the Kraken. ><;; I don’t know what happened, maybe he went Sneak and grabbed some key item at the cove. So when his Sneak wore off it aggroed him. That Kraken lost aggro and went back before doing any damage, though.

At one point, Bard had to leave, so Jan got Tajah to come as COR. His Mithra looked sexy in an apron 😉

Then, after a few levels, the EXP became bad even when we pulled Pugils. Therefore, we moved to Yuhtunga Jungle. Khroma had to leave so we asked Kimji to come as PLD. The EXP was great too.

The bad part is…. Even before we arrived in the Jungle, I was aggroed by a piece of emergency work. It was my boyfriend asking for help on my submitted work (he was in charge of editing it, but it required quite a lot of refining and he needed assistant on graphic edit, in order to speed up the process.) So… I had to cover the work while EXP’ing. I was asked to help on several pages that I wasn’t told to edit before I submitted my work, as well as 2 pages that I had previously overlooked on some minor details. Overall, there were 10 pages to deal with. So I asked Stef to pull Mandy while I went semi-AFK and did my work. When I heard the battle sound I would switch to look and engage, occasionally land correct Sneak Attacks.

Eventually I got 2 levels, getting to level 36 on my Thief, embarrasingly enough, during half-leaching. =_=;;

After a while of my full-attention (but still, I didn’t get back to pulling, Tajah was doing it for me and Stefy) we finally disbanded because many people were falling asleep on their keyboards.  😛

It was a very good party! Thank you everyone.

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So, Tuesday I woke up a bit before noon (bad habit, I know) and foundout that Stefy, Jan, Kimji, and many people were in Attohwa Chasm. Before I started asking what was up, Stefy asked me to come for the fun! So, I set out on my White Mage, to the Rostrum Pumps pop event.

When I arrived, they were doing the last 5 pops. I joined the alliance, not noticing that Pyric wasn’t a PLD but BST! A lot of familiar faces where there, Cornelious included. Jibb was also there, with MinamiKaze pearl off, because he was annoyed by the fast-stream text XD Jerry….was a Ranger!? O_o?!!

I was a bit groggy from my waking up, and I’ve never been in the scene with this NM before. So I didn’t know what to do and where to stand. Luckily, though, that I was a healer, so basically just keeping everyone alive was fine. Still, all the commotions around – the crowd and Beastmaster’s pets included – made my head spin even more. It was so hard to keep track of things that were going on.

I had the LS chat, the /tell chat, and the PT chat. And sometimes when we joke or talked off topic, we used /say. I had the lines of battle log running as fast as a falling elevator, and I had people and monster running back and fourth on my screen. It was totally @.@!!

To make the matter worse, that Feeler Antlion kept popping the Executioner Antlion, not the Alaster! They kept coming, and people kept killing. It was like unending nightmares. I went OMFG!? when Duckie mentioned that they had been there for like 6 hours or so. Gee….

The first battle since I arrived was their 4th from last pop. It was an unlucky pop, because the NM trigger kept digging up the wrong Antlions.But we won, eventually, and of course the person got the drop.

The next pops were way better. ALaster Antlion popped quite quickly. And when it did pop, they pulled it away, letting people split and deal with each Antlion with ease.

It was fun running around to get into casting range on alliance members when not so many Antlion were running around in every direction @.@

During downtime while we waited for the spot to repop, I went downstairs and fixed myself a lunch. When I came back they were already start fighting, to keep the camp clear of links. Then we finished the last pop. I think I left half of my meal on the desk for like 30 minutes or so, because I couldn’t sneak in too many bites. When I tried to eat continuously, someone would look half-dead and I had to let go of my spoon, lol!

The session ended happily. Some people were half asleep, some had to crawl into bed hastily, due to their timezone’s limit. LOL!

Grats folks!

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Well, some more pics taken from the same trip in previous entry. But these are miscellanous screenshots that don’t quite related to the mission itself. Some are just taken because I was crazy, too. XD

I must say that my obsession about screenshot never wears off ever since I started playing online games. With FFXI, it’s been 5 years already, and I still go crazy with my screenshot buttons every now and then.

This, while we were waiting for the Raise III, I noticed that I dies in a bad position and my head disappeared into the wall. =_= OMG! Headless corpse! /cry!!!

When Jibberish arrived and Tractor’ed us, he then jumped up and down with glee on the top of my back. And at one point Stefy /slap him, hahaha! Well, I think he was taking a revenge to my excessive frequence of groping his NIN, LOL!

And yeah, more pics to show my obsession with Aldo! I really, really like him, with unknown (or unsure) reason. Anyway, when I mentioned this in the LS, Darkscorpion said something like “Yeah Aldo has more character than other NPCs in the game.” Hmmm This could be the reason!


Oh, speaking of Aldo, when I was uploading pics and writing my blog entry, I mentioned to friends in an IRC room, then one of them – namely Leonidus t(=_=) – said something like “Well, he’s the same model as the popular hume male face that kinda everybody is using.” (=o=;;) Then other person (Troisans from Titan) said like “OMG when you say that, Aldo becomes just another hume male who dresses raggedly.”

orz….. You guys, could you please not crush an innocent girl’s dream and imagination? lol!

Well, I must admit I didn’t like every part of his sense of fashion. I also agree that he’s wearing too many pieces of clothing, but somehow I like how he looks. Could be that he’s different.

More Aldo.

Wait, yes I said ALDO!

Don’t look at Lion!

LOL Hell, I didn’t mean it, I swear!

Lion I’m sorry! *scream*

Aldo & Zeid. I still think that Zeid does look suspicious in several moments. Though the missions and quests in the past didn’t make me hate him, somehow I can’t really trust him. I don’t know why, I just feel it.

Aldo looks upset. I kinda like it when he’s angry. I personally think that’s cute XD lol!

Well, no more Aldo, I think. Let’s see the beauty of the scenery!

This is the aurora that has awed me. It’s different from the aurora in Zarcabard, though. This one could be more eerie. Jibb said to me “Look at the sky!” when we first set our feet in this zone. I think it has an otherworldly beauty.


The bright, blue sky.

It’s kina hard to get a pic with nice view with both of us in it because Jibb wouldn’t stand still for long. lol!

This place if full of unknown device :O Not a place for the real me, because I suck at using gadgets hehehe!

Pink flowers!!!!

I want more pink flowers. I just figured that s pic of pink scenery from FFXI could go well with my new cell phone.

The purple ones also look cool too.

Well, after showing me around the area, Jibb took a break and stopped near the edge of the floating island, here….

So, we took a few minutes to spit and throw junks down to Qufim Islands, hoping it would crash onto someone’s head rest, relax, and enjoy the nice view up top.

Then, on our way out, we played in the rooms with interactive floor.

I love the floor here, it’s fun. And Jibb said the same.

Hopefully I’ll enjoy sky on my actual run like when I was taking a sightseeing tour.

Total duration: 8 hrs.
Total screenshots taken: 177 pics.
Total size of files: 146 MB (jpg)

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ต่อจากตามเก็บ Fragments ได้ครบ 8 จนตาแหก ขาลากไปตาม ๆ กันแล้ว….

เสร็จแล้วยัง ไม่หนำใจฮ่ะ Jibb ชวนไปตบ NM ต่อ เพราะที่ Quicksand Caves มีสู้ BCNM กับมด 3 ตัว อืม ก็ ไม่มีอะไรจะเสียนี่ ตายก็ไม่เสีย EXP ครั้นจะต้องวิ่งกลับมาใหม่ทีหลังก็ไม่ยั่นอยู่แล้ว ก็เลยตกลงว่า ไป! สองคนโหรงเหรง แต่ใจสู้นะยะ! ไอ้เสือบุก!!!!

After collecting the Fragments from Cermet Headstones in so many places that I could lose 3 kilos of my weight….

Then, as if it wasn’t enough, Jibb offered to help me with the 3 NMs in Quicksand Caves. Um…well, there’s nothing to lose! Not even EXP! And I wouldn’t mind if we died and had to run back here again later. So, off we go! With 2 people we were a bit lonely, but we’re still full of fighting spirits! Charge!!!!!!

สู้ตามแผนคับ Elemental Seal Sleepga ให้มดเบื๊อกพวกนั้นหลับซะ แล้วเราก็กระทืบมันเรียงตัวไป เริ่มจาก BLM เพราะกลัว -aga spells จะบอกว่าแค่กระทืบ BLM ให้ตายเนี่ย ก็แดกเวลา Hundred Fists เราไปจนเกลี้ยงแล้ว ต้องต่อยเปล่า ๆ อยู่นานเหมือนกัน =_= เสร็จแล้วก็กระทืบ PLD ต่อ แต่มันดื้อโคตร แม่งมี Cure ด้วยอ้ะ…. แต่ก็ชนะ เมื่อ Jibb MP เกลี้ยงถัง เขาเลย Repose มด RNG เอาไว้ก่อน เราก็ยืนตั้งท่ารอ…. พอ MP มีประมาณ 400 มันก็ตื่นมายิงกบาล Jibb พอดี เลยต้องสู้ต่อ ก็เนี่ย ยืนแลกหมัดกับมันอยู่นานนนนน มันเลวมาก เดี๋ยว ๆ หยิบมีดออกมาแทง แล้วเอาธนูออกมายิง แสรด เงากูหายหมด ร่าย Utsusemi I กับ II สลับกันยังไม่พอยาไส้เลย

Max’s plan is to ELemental Seal & Sleepga, so we could kick their asses one by one. Starting from BLM in fear of -aga spells, I used Hundred Fists. Boy, they’re tough, my 2hr wore off before I could finish BLM. Had to fight him more until he finally died. Then we killed PLD, which had Cure spells and refused to die =_= And Jibb was out of MP, so we had to Repose the RNG while he rested. When he got like 400 MP, it woke up and started shooting at him, so I had to resume the fight. It was a pain in the ass because this RNG shoots a lot and also used knife to stab at me very often. I couldn’t keep my shadows up =_= Luskily Jibb is very professional and he kept me alive through the end.

ชนะได้เนี่ย เพราะบารมี Jibb นะขอบอก…. ชั่วโมงบินมันต่างกันจริง ๆ เขาทำทุกอย่างได้ดีหมด ทั้งหน้าที่ Cure การ Enfee การ Sleep ศัตรู การช่วยเหลือในยามคับขัน (เช่น ใช้ Flash ยิงตามันให้บอดเพื่อให้เราร่ายคาถาแยกร่างได้ทัน) คือถ้าเปลี่ยนกันให้ตูเล่นเมจ อาจจะมีการตายเกิดขึ้น =_=;;

พอชนะแล้วได้เข้าไปในห้องที่มีอุปกรณ์ล้ำสมัยอันใหญ่โตมโหฬาร ก็ไปคลิก ๆ ดู จับเศษคริสตัล 8 อันที่สะสมมาไปใส่ในเครื่อง แต่นแตนแต๊น~

Yeah without Jibb, this can’t be done. He kinda did everything, Cure, Enfee, emergency assisting like Flash for me to recast Utsusemi, etc. He’s so experienced and has good judgement in making decision during oh-shit situation. If it was me who played the mage, there MUST be some casualties!

After winning against those Ants beastmen, I got to go into a hightech-looking room with a large device. Putting the crystal fragments into each of the slots resulted in…. Tadaa!!!

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