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Tonight I was bored and thought maybe I should level up my Fishing Skill a bit after have been neglecting it for several months.

Fishing Session Date : 25 August 2009
Starting time : 22.20 (10.20 P.M., at GMT+7)
Setting : Hume Fishing Rod & Insect Balls
Targets : Moat Carp for Lu Shang’s and Sandfish for skill
Ending time : 01.40 (01.40 A.M., day becoming 26th Aug.)
Time span : 3 hours 20 minutes

Actually, I wasn’t fishing all the time. I got up and walked away several times. So the actual time spent on fishing could be like 2 and a half hours.

Results : From 11 stacks of bait.
Skill points : 0.3 (0.1 x 3 times)
Moat Carps : 8 stacks and 8 individuals (104 in total)
Sandfish : 2 stacks and 2 individuals (26 in total)
Junks : none
Screenshots : 36 pics (Oh yes, I was bored….)


Some of the screenshots I’ve taken during fishing session.
The sky in FFXI looks nice when it changes hue and appearance.
I just couldn’t resist!

That’s about it. 😉

P.S. I ran into this person named Keebs who was working on getting Ebisu Rod. He/she has a Lu Shang’s and gave a few useful advide to me. 🙂

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I had some spare time 🙂 So, I tried to think of what I could do alone in Vana’diel. I found one thing I could and should, that is to level up my Combat Skill on Scythe.

To commemorate my obtaining a Suzaku’s Scythe from Sky run with OverKill…. uh wait, that was old, like weeks ago. Um well, to celebrate my Warrior dinging to 74 and becoming able to equip that Scythe…. wait, again that happened like 2-3 weeks ago. Duh!

Well, then! To quit having Scythe at level 0 and to make use of the Super Kupower “Martial Maters” I decided to officially level up my Scythe skill! Off we go, to Gustaberg. After killing a Hornet, I decided to change place. Bringing my best ACC gears as well as a head of Jack o’ Lantern pumpkin, I headed to Meriphatuad Mountains. Actually I wanted to go into the Castle Oztroja because it’s reminiscing, but I thought my skill was too low to deal with the links if it happened, so I swung my Scythe around in the Meriph. Mountains first.

My first victim here was a Sapling.

2009 Aug 17th, 6.59 P.M.

Got nice skill points. Almost once every 2 swings gave 0.2 or 0.3.

Then as I ran around, I found myself a gobbie companian.

He was generous too.

Some time around that I got my Scythe skill to level 5 and learned Weapon skill Slice. Next victim being a Fly and a Lizard, I got to around level 9-10.

0.5! Woot! Very nice and convenient!

Then I ran into a Bogy and decided to try it. It took soooooo long to kill, but that’s just perfect for skilling up!

The only problem was when it slept me and couldn’t hit me to wake me up. 😡

Anyway, I got a lot of skill levels from one Bogy. From 11 to 18! And I even got a Bloody Robe (which I had to throw away later on.)

Nearing the Castle Oztroja, I killed a few Yagudos. Well, Yagudos were a bit hard. I pulled one at a campfire and they link. Having 3 Yagudos on me with a level 1 Scythe and low combat skill was bad! My HP went down a lot (but was still in yellow range, not orange) so I had to rest abit, then aggroed another Yagudo while doing so. Howver, last 2 Yagudos I got were Votary and a Mendicant.

So, I got to skill level 30 on Scythe, learning Dark Harvest.

2009 Aug 17th, 7.39 P.M.

Around that time, Elfitine popped. After I mentioned that I’m leveing up my Scythe skill, ELfi asked if I wanted to go to Kuftal Tunnel with PUP leveling Puppet’s melee and ranged attack skills. So, well, I agreed to go. At first I was equipping the Bronze Zaghnal (level 1 Scythe) I grabbed feom AUction House in Bastok. I picked this because it has low delay and low damage. So I can swing more while keeping the mob alive for longer time. But it didn’t work well in Kuftal Tunnel because I did 0 dmg too many times.

Elfitine suggested I should change to other stronger weapon, so I remembered my Suzaku’s Scythe and just realized it had the same delay with this one! Plus the +Acc bonus! Guhhh! I was stupid. SHould have used this a long time ago. =_=;;

The skill points rushed in….it was a great fun. One bad thing about Suzaku’s Scythe is that it kills the mob too fast. But, well, then I could use Defender full time without having to worry about damage being 0.

2009 Aug 17th, 9.04 P.M.

I got to level 96 of Scythe. Also got 1 level of Parrying, bringing me from 105 (naked) to 106. Thank you Elfi! It was great!

Then things became busy and hectic all of a sudden. I got a phone call from friend, and Mitaonsya kissed dirt in The Boyahda Tree. I wanted to go raise him so I headed off, leaving Elfitine running back to town alone. So, I changed to WHM and went to rescue the Taru Beastmaster. Then, I went AFK for very long time to talk on the phone until people were ready for Nyzul Isle and had Elfi poked me a message via cellphone SMS.  :X So we went to Nyzul, but that’s a different story.

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Friday 15th August 2009, while I was dawdling in the town, Elwyn asked if I’d like to skill up my weapon, of course I said yes and brought my WHM. So we headed off to The Boyahda Tree to skill up my Staff (and he Parrying.) Bad news! I didn’t take any screenshot during our skill up session tonight.  🙁  Now that’s noob.

On our way in we ran into Mitaonsya who was soloing his BST there. He didn’t say anything to me, boo!!! I think he didn’t notice me?

Elwyn pulled a white Mandy, to test if he can get skill from this, maybe?

Long story short, we’re joined by Elwyn’s friend, Kujimaro. I got nice skill points and got to 175, earning myself Shell Crusher. We continued until I got my staff to level 181. Kuji got some Great Sword skill points and also Sword when he swapped to it (only because we got bad adds.) Elwyn seemed pleased with his few skillups on Parrying. Then, when it was like 3 A.M. I felt sleepy and we exited to a Tele-Crag.

I headed back to Bastok but Corny was there and I wanted to go see the Cemetry Cherry Tree with him sooooo badly. Therefore, I stayed up and headed to King’s Ranperre’s Tomb with him.

I got some screenshots so I’ll write about it in a separate entry.  🙂

P.S. Thank you Elwyn it was fun in the Boyahda!

P.S.2 Kuji was funny, he grumbled when Elwyn stole his enmity and called Elwyn names like “you…you thief!”  “you hate monger!!” I was ROFL!!!
/comfort tiny Paladin. Hehehe.

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Though I’m not a big fan of being a Warrior, I feel so delighted when I got Raging Rush Weaponskill.

Well, starting from mid May, I’ve been partying my WAR (61) with Lusian’s Blue Mage. Now my WAR is level 68. I’ve been using sub NIN and dual-wielding Axe & Sword in order to keep my Sword skill up-to-date. So, my Great Axe, mostly untouched, became out-of-date.

Um well, let’s look back….

Starting from last year, about late December, my brother was leveling up his Corsair, and Leonidus his Blue Mage. So I revived my Warrior, from maybe about 37 or 40 and joined them as WAR/NIN. We’ve been all over the world; Garlaige, Crawler’s, Bhaflau, Altepa, and Yhoator. With Level Sync system introduced, it was much easier to keep my friend’s company. All we had to do was gathering some of us, like Lusian, Kannatsuki, Leonidus, Brunestud, me, and sometimes Aikanana, Mitaonsya, or Kimji, and then fill the empty spots with other people seeking party.

Since most of us were busy with real life stuffs, not all of us could be presented at the same time. So someone would always be missing, on and off. I’ve also been changing jobs to suit the situation as well as PT setting. Roughly, I’ve used my WAR and NIN. Brune was COR, Leo BLU, Lusi RDM, and Kanna SAM as always.

It was not until one day that I realized the disadvantage of Level Sync…

In this party, where I rushed to the camp, I realized that my Axe skill was WAY behind my job level. I could hardly hit the Colibri, if not because of my Sushi/Pizza and my brother’s ACC roll. My damage was greatly gimp, not just accuracy. And my Sword/Axe were outdated. I felt very ashamed and started looking for help on updating my weapon, at least. Maxpeter answered my emergency call on the LS chat and delovered new Axe and Sword.

Thank you Max! You’ve helped me decrease my feeling of guilt by 30%!

After getting new weapons, my damage was much better, but accuracy was still suck. The other members of PT were very patient and didn’t say anything unkind about my gimpness. But well, that only made me feel worse.

Enraged towards my own ignorance, later that day I went out on my own to level up my Axe skill.

It was a long, hard-working day. It was also boring, but a must. And since I couldn’t solo safely, I had to summon Khuma for help, with Cure and stuff.

Oh, and a by-product was Parrying Skill….which was also (and still is) far behind.

My effort yielded a good result, though. I got a bunch of skill levels that day. But that was barely enough for me to hit the Lesser Colibri. My skill was still gimp that it resulted in me gaining so mamy skill points during battles.

Oh, and if my memory is correct, it was in this party where I earned Rampage.

Anyway, after getting Rampage, my life was much easier. I could party with my brother and Lusi without shaming them. 😛 Except for, maybe, the ugly armor.

Ahh, well, fast forward to May 2009, last month. I’ve again continued my Warrior from 61, to accompany Lusian’s Blue Mage towards 75. We were back to killing the birds, but this time the medium one, Colibri.

This party was really something. I got tons of skill points during the session. People said it was “Martial Master” Kupower in effect, but as far as I understand it doesn’t effect Aht Urghan Urhgan areas, no? Well it doesn’t matter, all I know is that I felt very lucky.

At that time my skills were like this…. I capped my Axe skill in that party.

Please note that my Great Axe was 106.

After capping my One-handed Axe, I wanted to update my Two-handed Axe skill too. But it was like half the level of cap…. Such a discouragement, you see. However, Lusian said he wanted to do FoV in Ro’Maeve and the mobs are like Decent Challence to Even Match, with some Tough if we look for it. So, I bought a Great Axe, namely Colossal Axe, and joined him.

Using Sole Sushi and a bunch of accuracy gears, I could hit them on a decent rate. My Great Axe skill level went skyrocket. And on 2nd June 2009, I finally got to 175. The last step before Raging Rush.

So we kept up, keep killing mobs in FoV Regimes. Yesterday we continued, and then had to move to page 4 for the dinosaurs, because my skill was 190+ and I almost never got any skill point when we fought Decent Challence crabs.

And these target didn’t fail me. I got a lot of 0.5 and 0.4 in skill. Soon enough, I got what I’ve been looking forward to!

Raging Rush!

Whee~~~~!! (^0^)/

My first Raging Rush ever!

And it went Critical hehehe!

This is a fun WS!! I like it already.

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Today (or you may say it’s called “last night” :p) at about 1 A.M. here, was when Vana’diel had New Moon. The first day of this round of New Moon was Firesday, good for my Cooking! Though there’s no solid evident or official theory about skilling up tips, I prefer to level up my Cooking on New Moon, and – if possible – on Darksday or Firesday, since at this range of level, I’m almost always using Fire Crystal. Oh, and I would be facing West. It could be just my imagination, a coincident, a placebo, or whatever, but I notice that I DO get skill-ups more often on this setting.

วันนี้ (หรือบางคนอาจบอกว่า มันเรียก “เมื่อคืน” ก็ได้ กั่ก ๆ) ประมาณตี 1 โลกแห่งวานา’ดีลเป็นช่วงจันทร์ใหม่ (หรือคืนเดือนมืดนั่นแหละ) และวันแรกของช่วงจันทร์ใหม่ครั้งนี้ก็เป็นวันไฟ ซึ่งดีสำหรับสกิล Cooking ของเรา คือถึงมันจะไม่มีหลักฐานอะไรมายืนยัน และไม่ได้มีทฤษฎีไหนมาบอกโต้ง ๆ แต่เราก็ชอบเก็บเลเวลวิชาทำอาหารในช่วงเดือนมืดอ่ะ และถ้าเป็นไปได้ต้องเลือกวัน Darksday หรือวัน Firesday ด้วย เพราะเลเวลระดับนี้มันเจอแต่สูตรอาหารที่ใช้คริสตัลไฟทำ อ้อ เพราะงั้นเราก็เลยหันหน้าไปทิศตะวันตกด้วยนะเวลาทำอาหาร คืออาจจะจินตนาการไปเอง หรือเป็นเรื่องบังเอิญ หรือเป็นการหลอกตัวเองอะไรก็แล้วแต่ แต่เท่าที่ผ่านมาเราสังเกตเห็นได้ชัดเลยว่าทำแบบนี้แล้วได้สกิลอัพเยอะดี

Today’s recipe is Yellow Curry. Capped at 85.
สูตรอาหารวันนี้ Yellow Curry เลเวลตันที่ 85
Fire Crystal คริสตัลธาตุไฟ
[AH price 1,000 a stack]:
Coeurl Meat [AH price 7,000 a stack]
Wild Onion [AH price 6,000 a stack]
Selbina Milk [NPC price 648 a stack]
Popoto [NPC price 516 a stack]
Curry Powder [NPC price 579 each, x12 = 6,948]
Turmeric [NPC price 5,172 a stack]
Distilled Water [NPC price 132 a stack]

Estimated cost per 12 Synths : 27,416 gil
ต้นทุนโดยประมาณของวัตถุดิบ 12 ชุด : 27,416 กิล

I used 48 Crystals and the synth results are as following:
ใช้คริสตัลไป 48 อัน ผลการผลิตมีดังนี้:

Started on Firesday, New Moon 10%.
ตอนเริ่มเป็นวันไฟ เฟสของดวงจันทร์เป็น New Moon 10%

1. Broke แตก : Onion, Curry Powder, Turmeric, Water
2. Broke แตก : Milk, Popoto, Onion, Powder, Turmeric, Water
3. Success สำเร็จ :
4. Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
7. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
8. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
9. Broke แตก : +0.1 pts. Curry Powder, Turmeric, Water
10. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.

11. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
12. Broke แตก : Onion, Curry Powder
13. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
14. Success สำเร็จ :
15. Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ :
17. Success สำเร็จ :
18. Success สำเร็จ :
19. Broke แตก : Meat, Milk, Onion, Turmeric, Water
20. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.

21. Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ :
Broke แตก : +0.1 pts. Milk, Curry Powder, Turmeric
24. Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
26. Success สำเร็จ :
27. Success สำเร็จ :
Broke แตก : Milk, Water
29. Success สำเร็จ :

At this point the Firesday ended and turned into Earthsday, New Moon 7%.
พอถึงตอนนี้วันไฟก็หมดลง…เปลี่ยนเป็นวันดินแทน เฟสของดวงจันทร์กลายเป็น New Moon 7%

30. Broke แตก : Milk, Water

31. Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
34. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
35. Success สำเร็จ :
36. Success สำเร็จ :
37. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.
38. Broke แตก : Turmeric, Water
39. Broke แตก : +0.1 pts. Onion, Milk, Turmeric, Water
40. Success สำเร็จ :

41. Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ :
Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts. (Now Level 82!!!)
46. Broke แตก : Onion, Milk, Water
47. Success สำเร็จ :
48. Success สำเร็จ : +0.1 pts.

48 Crystals: 11 Broken, 37 Successful.
1.7 Skill Level: 0.3 from broke, 1.4 from success.

Max Total cost : 27,416 x 4 = 109,664 gil
ต้นทุนรวมสูงสุด : 27,416 x 4 = 109,664 กิล

Estimated income (from Yellow Curry AH price of 5,000) : 185,000 gil
รายรับโดยประมาณ (คำนวณจากราคาตลาด แกงถ้วยละ 5,000) : 185,000 กิล

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