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Mor Dhona: Dalamud and the Dragon Ruin at different times of the day.

Just because. And just because I’m a screenshot freak.

The time I noted here are roughly recalled from memory. Each of these pics were taken between 2-4 minutes apart, according to the file info. Some pics might be taken longer apart (about 5-6 mins) if I didn’t see much change in the light.

I think I actually got there before 21:00 and the light was awesome, but I got crazy trying to take screenshots of the thunder (failed even after several mins, by the way) and didn’t get into position for this series of pics until the airships came, which means the clock was somewhere around 23:xx – midnight. LOL.

The pic below is probably the best “thunder” pic I got during the span of 1 hour. It’s mainly difficult because to get the pic in this angle, I had to be in 1st person point of view and shake my camera up, then let it drop, then hope I smash the PrintScreen button at a good split second. And when you combine that with the slim hope of catching a lightning flash in the pic…. Hahaha. See in this pic the dragon ruin had the top part clipped off from the frame a little, was because I hit the button 1/10 seconds (or so) too late.

(More pics below, click the link to open the full entry.)

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(I am in lazy mode, so this entry will be English only, if you want Thai text, please let me know! ขี้เกียจพิมพ์เยอะอ่ะ เอาภาษาอังกฤษล้วนไปก่อนนะ ถ้าใครอยากอ่านภาษาไทยก็บอกเราแล้วกัน)

My Saturday night, I and Haku was running around madly in the game to take pics of places and the raid in Ul’dah. Then PZ (Lusian) logged in, and followed by Leonidas who had a promise to come and take some pics with Haku. It was already late at night and PZ was starting to nod off. Then, Corn logged in on Skype and was immediately attacked by Haku’s invitation to the photo session, LOL.

We usually had more people online in the LS, but 5 was the best we could manage to gather after the last save on Nov 1. So it had to be just 5 of us. Missing so many people but meh.

Anyway, here’s a picture-heavy entry.


(Click below for full entry.)

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I am racing against the clock to meet my work’s deadline now, but I really really really want to write something in my blog. T.T Unfortunately, that is not a viable decision. But I am dying to post SOMETHING! So here goes something that doesn’t require much description.

Ah, but first, these 2 are the first 2 pics of the “new” Dalamud I ever had in my PC! Not taken by me, since after each of the 2 patches, I was lazy and keeping busy outside of the game and didn’t log in for so many days. So, Corn took these pics for me and sent them.

14 AUG 2012. First adjustment of the Dalamud’s size, I think. Corn was so excited about the trio Empire’s airships and the aurora.

15 SEP 2012, after the newest patch which made Dalamud has golden glow.


Anyway, here are my latest Dalamud pics. First one was WEIRD! I logged into Corn’s character using my PC and this was what I saw at Drybone. I don’t know what was going on, because when I logged in to my own character, the Dalamud shrunk back to normal size.

The rest of the collection is from latest patch and so on.


Be warned, below this is a plethora of screenshots. It might take a long time to load on your screen. Click the link at your own risk. XD

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Finally! The swimsuit! Has arrived!!!

This week, Eorzea celebrates Firefall Faire~!

>> The Lodestone (Official FFXIV’s site) article about this event. <<
This article has some details about the event. It also has maps that mark location of NPC in town, as well as <pos> of the Bombard’s spawn area.

Also, if you obtain all 5 sets of swimsuit, it will unlock an out-of-game reward; making and downloading desktop wallpaper for your PC!!! You can design it!

Read more about it, and/or access it at The Lodestone. <<< You will have to identify yourself by logging in at this site (it’s FFXIV’s official website) with your SquareEnix ID (the same one you use to log in to the game).

If you’re not interested in getting PC Wallpaper, you can just pick a set of swimsuit that you want, and just concentrate on getting correct ashes to trade for it.

I’m kinda busy now so I won’t talk much, just going to post some screenshots.

Lunar Set.
Lunar Summer Halter (top) & Lunar Summer Tanga (bottom) for females.
Lunar Summer Top & Lunar Summer Trunks for males.

Obtained from talking to the event NPC (at a stall with HUGE balloons decorations, you can’t miss it) in any town, you will be forced to join because you were tricked to sign your name (reminds us of President Naja in Aht Urhgan, no? XD). This is the uniform. Should you lose this set for any reason, you can re-obtain it by talking to the NPC and ask for another uniform. The payment is 1 pinch of any colour of Bombard Ash from the event’s monster.

Today we (4 of us, plus my bro bringing his GF’s character) went to hunt in Limsa Lominsa first.

Well, we accepted the quest in Ul’dah. But when we viewed Journal and checked the map, it was at Camp Skull Valley. Boy, I hate how I keep forgetting that Journal Map can have multiple destinations. And in order to see the other markers, you have to manually select from the list on top right of the map shown.

Oh well, I said I wasn’t going to talk much ><;; But I gotta write about the quest a bit…

In short, you find the Event NPC in town (Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, or Gridania, doesn’t matter, all are the same).

*Warning: As soon as you trade for any reward by paying the Bombard Ash to the NPC, the quest will become COMPLETED, thus you won’t be able to check spawn map anymore.*

You sign up for the task, then go out to the field (specific areas) to participate. To participate in the Bombard operation, you go find the spot where it pops (or where it passes) and use various emotes on it. /laugh /wave /rally /dance /pose for examples. The idea is to lure or scare it away so it go on the path. Then when the Bomb reaches the destination (Festive Furnace), you have to wait for it to die, then you can claim a Bombard Ash from NPC (hurry, because if you’re too slow, NPC will start to walk away for the next Bomb, and you won’t be able to get the Ash from that round).

What the hell is going on in this Bombard quest and what to do to get the ash?
Well, the general idea is that you have to use emotes (/wave /dance /pose /cheer /clap, for example) on the Bombard NPC to make it go forward. If no one uses any emote on it, it will just stop and not moving. Now, while you try to “escort” the bomb to destination (Festive Furnace), there will be monsters (for Coerthas, enemies are Fire Elemental, and for other 3 regions it’s some kind of Djigga or Chigoe, I can’t remember) that comes in a group of 3 which will continuously attack the Bomb. You have to try to make the bomb get to the Furnace quickly before it dies. You can kill the enemies (but they will come again later). You can buff the bomb. You can even cure the bomb. If the Bomb’s HP goes to 0, it dies. And, without it getting to the Furnace, you get no ash.

Once bomb is trapped in the Festive Furnace, it will die, and you can claim its ash from the NPC.

To trade in for a reward, you have to return to the town NPC and select item, then pay the specific colour of Bombard Ashes, as the NPC indicates.  There are 4 types of Bomb Ash in this event, which are Red, Blue, Green, and Black. You will get the option to get various types of Fireworks. 4 of them are what you need to get, in order to get the specific colour of Swimsuit. Red, Green, Blue sets only require 3 Pinches of Bombard Ash (of the corresponding colour). Then you take the Firework to a designated spot (the Gold Court at the center of Ul’dah, for example) and talk to the NPC, they will tell you to use your Firework at the machine. You talk to the machine and select which Firework you want to use.

After using a Firework in the machine, the NPC will give you a set of swimsuit, same colour as the firework you used.

Each region will give you one colour of Bombard Ash. Each region has 2 Bombard camps, you can use either one.
La Noscea (Bloodshore for Wineport, or Skull Valley for Aleport) gives Red Bombard Ash.
Thanalan (Horizon for Silver Bazaar, or Drybone for Golden Bazaar) gives Blue Bombard Ash.
Black Shroud (Emerals Moss for Hyrstmill, or Tranquil for Quarrymill) gives Green Bombard Ash.
Coerthas (Riversmeet for Falcon’s Nest), or Glory for Owl’s Nest) gives Black Bombard Ash.
– Update –
I went to the Bombard spot near Riversmeet, and it is HORRIBLE!!!
The path is full of aggressive monsters of level 40 and above. Gnat, Toad, Bat, you name it. We failed with 3 people in the event (after finishing EXP party, we swung by and scouted there to sneak a peek at the Bomb and decided to try it). Mainly we failed because while we were busy dealing with aggro, I died, and Bombard King was attacked by Fire Elementals. This thing repeated so many times that the Bomb died mid-way. Also, we didn’t have proper healer.

Later today we will try the other camp, where I still have yet to discover. Ragna something (an adventurer I met at Hyrstmill) told me it is in Glory Field.

– Update –
Today we went to Camp Glory and walked towards Owl’s Nest for Bombard King. And yes this camp is WAYYYYY easier. Only 2 things aggro here, wolves of some sort (lv 25-28) and humanoids in the cave (about lv 28). Got 3 pinches of Black ash easily, and the Bombard King didn’t take much damage, since we could concentrate on him instead of worrying about aggro.


As to how many pinches of ash you will need, it depends on what item you want. I’ll list the reward available for a trade from event NPC (Damn, I miss the Moogles at festivals in FFXI, want them here!).
Reward exchanges and prices:
Well, I got 10 sparklers from trading green ash, so I’ll assume it comes as 10.

10 Lominsa Sparkler : 1 Red Bombard Ash
10 Gridanian Sparkler : 1 Green Bombard Ash
10 Ul’dahn Sparkler : 1 Blue Bombard Ash
Red Lion : 3 Red Bombard Ash
Blue Spinner : 3 Blue Bombard Ash
Green Comet : 3 Green Bombard Ash
Azeyma Candle : 3 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Green, and 3 Black Bombard Ash (OMFG!)

So, if you want all colours of the swimsuit, you will have to hunt from every region. In order to have correct colours of Bomb Ash to trade for all the big Fireworks.

I like this mix & match combination. Red & Blue! ^_^


Oh, and we had lots of fun today. (Poor sheep! /pat /pat)

Corn initiated an attack on a poor sheep on the way to Aleport. So we all joined in and hit it with Stone Throw, since we were all crafting jobs at the moment.


P.S. The event area could be SUPER crowded. It could be hard to target the NPC, and you wouldn’t want to try to type emote command while running after the Bomb, since it can get frustrating. So you might want to use the F11 button (or whichever one that you set as target closest NPC) in combo with emote macro.

P.S.2 I finally got my last set! Solar Summer Swimsuit! Had to buy the ultimate Firework (Azeyma’s Candle) and launch it in order to get this final swimsuit set. This firework is all Red, Green, and Blue fireworks in one 😀

Solar Summer Halter & Solar Summer Tanga ~~~ <3

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I like how FFXIV pays attention to graphic details on equipment such as tools and weapons. Today I’m going to share our linkshell’s “Laughing My Ass Off” moment from yesterday.

Background information first, when I just started playing, I used to see a Weaver walking around in Limsa Lominsa. It happened to be a Roegadyn (big, hulky, scary-looking macho man) with a beard! But looking at his Weaver’s tool made me burst out laughing, because it has a flower pattern on it. Today I took a screenshot of the same setting so you can see the vision.

Now, I’ve recently gotten a Hedgemole needle made by Dragon King, because I was sorting through junks in my retainer and found a stray Hedgemole Spine in the storage. I’ve been using it for a few days, when suddenly we got another Hedgemole Spine (cant remember if it was +2 or +3) while killing moles during a Levequest. We also got a Cactuar Needle, so my brother said he would attempt to make Weaver’s tools out of those free needles.

He ended up succeeding to HQ my needle, which became Hedgemole Needle +2 (optimal rank 22) but couldn’t get a HQ version of his own needle (Thousand Needle, optimal rank 42).

I felt sorry for him because I know he’s geeky about his equipment and would want a High Quality item. So one day when I went to Camp Horizon to turn in my Local LQ, I swung around to farm some Cactuars. I managed to get 20 something normal Cactuar Needles, as well as 2 Cactuar Needle +3. (At first I thought I was exceptionally lucky, but my brother told me later on that in last patch they removed +1 and +2 drops from monsters. So now you only get NQ or +3 from drops! Awesome, isn’t it?)

My brother kept those Cactuar Needles to attempt a HQ later, which was beautifully successful. 🙂

Meanwhile, like 4 days ago, I just noticed that my Weaver’s Tool no longer has the flower pattern. ; ; I was freaking out, thinking my graphic files are broken or missing. After a while, I thought maybe it’s just a lag that prevented my graphic from loading successfully. So I stopped worrying about it. Then, yesterday the Linkshell happened to be gathering at Corn’s Wall (with Corn missing, unfortunately T.T) and I remembered about my needle, so I equipped it and mentioned that my flower pattern disappeared.

My brother said it’s just tool’s skin like other weapons. The pattern comes and go, depending on the needle you’re using. I was disappointed that my current needle has no pattern at all T.T wahhhhhh! And my brother, out of curiosity, equipped his Thousand Needle +2 (I love this name, it’s a Saboten’s special attack that usually kick people’s ass because it does about 1000 HP damage).

And what we saw….

I went WTH for a split second and then laughed like crazy.

SE, I love your playfulness 😉



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Well, well. My own old PC got FFXIV Benchmark score at 13xx points. So I’ve been playing FFXIV Open Beta with some problem in graphic. The frame rate gets jumpy often, especially when I run. But all others are OK. Just can’t stare at the screen when I run or walk for a long time, because then uneven frame rate creates an illusion of pausing and skipping, causing me tiny headache or eyestrain.

ANyway, one day my bro was going outside, and he asked me to go sit at his PC and try it out. So, there I went 😉

Graphic on new PC was incredible!

Look at the background details 🙂

He’s playing on 2560 x 1440 pixels. Click on image to see original size.

Look how tiny the SQEN stamp became, LOL.

I especially love this pouty face.

I like SQEN stamp, so I made it bigger XD

Usually the screenshots I take aren’t too big. But my screenshots from my bro’s pc is too large, so when I resized the pic to fit my blog page, the text became so tiny it’s unreadable ><;; You can compare the text size below. Haha!

Well, when I came back to my old PC, and opened these screenshots, they were too large to fit my screen. Gehhhh!

I was playing with resolution 1280 x 768. A bit smaller than my PC screen. Because I didn’t want the game window to be too large.

Then after playing on bro’s PC, I wanted to play it in large screen too ; ; So I shanged my game resolution to 1440 x 900 pixels.

It looks much better! And playing on larger window was much more comfortable for the eyes!

FFXIV pays so much attention to small details. It will especially entertain those who appreciate graphical quality when playing games.

Look at the hair! *squeals*

One bad thing is I now can’t use wall or rocks or terrain to force the camera angle. This is the closest I could force my camera. It’s just a little bit closer than actual zoom. If you want a closer look at character’s face, you have to be other person 🙁 And stand so close and use 1st person view to stare.

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Been so damn busy with work, racing against time and deadline. I feel a bit stressed out, and was looking for a way to temporarily escape relax, and thought I could upload some screenshots from my first week in “sea.”

The first creature to greet me once I was set free from an epic cutscene was Ul’hpemde, or the friendly “Goldfish.” I personally would call it a Pink Dolphin, LOL! But well, yeah it has soft, waving tail and fins that look more like a goldfish.

The monsters in Hpemde family are non-aggressive. You could even cast spells like Flash on it, and it won’t attack you, as long as you do no damage to its HP. So it is said to be a great target to skill up your non-damage spells.

I think the reason why adventurers gave nicknames to creatures in “sea” was because the Zilartian names are so hard to read, pronounce, remember, or even spell. So, yeah, it’s easier and faster to refer to them as some simpler names.

The next one was Ul’yovra, or the famous “UFO.” Monsters in Yovra family are aggressive, and they fly high over your head, and will be not target-able until it aggro someone and come down. Corn said they’re slow and easy to kite to lose aggro, especially if you have Gravity. So he made one pop and showed me….  Heh, yeah look safe and easy, but I was still scared. He told me to go near it while he was kiting (but but …. me scared!) Oh well, he said it’s ok and it will depop (go up) soon, so I got close and took this screenshot.

It went back after a few seconds after this screenshot was taken.

Then they pulled a pair of Ul’xzomit or the “Squid.” They came in pair, called mother squid and baby squid. They do not aggro, and of course, they look very similar to squid. This was making me hungry, nummm!!!

Then, I saw a “Shark” or Ul’phuabo. The sharks are fast and aggressive. They are usually the cause of death for adventurers because they swim very fast. For me they look more like sting ray than shark, but I guess the deadly nature of Phuabo made us name them shark instead. They’re blue and have long, beautiful tail. I did not take any screenshot because I was too scared to go near them. I think I’ll have some screenshots later, after I learn and get used to the safe distance of aggro range.

Then I just ran around. First I followed Corn and Ark to the palace. But the gate was locked and I could not access without completing the mission 8-1, Garden of Antiquity.

Oh…..and after a while, I just realized that I forgot to turn on the weather effect ; ; So yeah…. I was a bit mad at myself because I’ve taken a lot of screenshot without the clouds ><;; Guhhhh!

The view with weather effect was much, much more fantastic-looking.

I was there taking screenshots and meanwhile feeling scared and unsafe, because a shark could creep up behind or below me any time. LOL!

This screenshot above is the same angle as the previous one, but a bit further back.

This is the bridge of the Grand Palace, whose name is so hard to spell or remember.

The monster in this pic was one of the Aern family, non-aggressive. It has shape similar to human with wings.

Then I ran around alone looking for all 20 NPCs to talk to. This is the mini-quest to obtain map. I’m a map freak. I don’t feel safe without a map. So I usually try to get the keyitem map for every map I visit. This is one of the lucky places where I can obtain map solo since the first day of arrival.

I stayed because I like the scenery, and I wanted the map really badly. It was the combination of curiosity, fear, and excitement. Was my first day in sea after all, so I wanted to spend long time in the place.

The last NPC I found was far north, in the west corner of the crystalline field’s barrier.

That day I got my Al’Taieu map, and went to bed happily 🙂 Hehehe.

Thank you, all the battle comrades that strained your sleep schedule to help me in my missions.

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