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So today I woke up…. And logged on FFXI for some quick FoV pages. When I changed from WHM to MNK, I thought to myself (and probably spoke out loud) “Why the hell am I lv 78? I was 79 last time I was on Monk!”

Then I tried to think if I had deleveled…


Then I checked my EXP…hmmmp! Less than 4,000 TNL.

Then I tried to recall when was the last time I was on my Monk…. I went to Sacrarium on Wednesday noon to obtain the map.

Had to think for a long time to remember, because this past few days I got too much of a drama going on RL. And even when I was in the game, sometimes I still thought about it or had to deal with the matter, so my focus wasn’t on the game….therefore I kind of did FFXI stuff without remembering the most of it. 🙁

I’m getting mad now as I’m writing my blog entry…because something is wrong either with my server or my home internet and I can’t upload pics.


OK Here comes the pic… Uhhh I could upload the pics but can’t attach it in my blog. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, keep trying ; ;

Then what? Hmmmm….right, I changed to WHM and joined Corn and DK for a small adventure. Got my WHM to 76 from leeching their EXP (teeheehee!) Then logged out for BD dinner with family. After that, I haven’t logged on at all because I was tired.


Before and after going to Sacrarium, I have been lv 78. But what was my level progress before Sacrarium?

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….. Oh right, I logged off in Ro’Maeve after doing pages with Ark there. We id a lot of pages and I got so close to 79, but I was so tired, both physically and psychologically, so that night I logged out before I got to lv 79!

But then why did I have an impression that I was 79? =_=;;

Maybe I was dreaming it up from anticipation LOL!

Then I decided to just forget it and went to Cape Teriggan with Corn and Holy. After fighting a few mobs, while I was spamming Enter Key to select stuff in JA menu, I suddenly recalled that I used to felt like that before…. I then remembered that I was dreaming about me using new Job Ability…. The “Perfect Counter” which Monk obtains at lv 79! So yeah, I must have dreamt in my sleep that I got to lv 79, then the vague memory carried on when I was awake, and it blended with reality LOL!

Just shocks me to see how much I was anticipating about getting lv 79 and new ability on my Monk. Yeah I’m born Monk! Muwahahaha!

Anyway, today my dream came true, I got to level 79.

Well, while we were killing Rabbits, Corn ran over and pulled Tegmine. He could solo it on his NIN. So I and Holy kept fighting the linked Bunnies to do our page. Then the bunnies died, so we joined in, speeding up the kill on Tegmine.

I was thinking….I might level up on Tegmine, because I was so close after we finished the first page. So I opened my eyes widely and waited for the moment to hit the “print screenshot” button. Then….then…then it died…. But….so quiet. Nothing happened. Corn ran away looking for FoV targets. I stood there at Tegmine’s corpse and stared at my screen like dumb for a few seconds.

Oh…. Oh! You damn cheap bastard!!!

1 exp TNL! Uhhhhhhhh! I can’t believe this!

Just…..blarghedy blargh!!

1 more exp….just 1 more exp and it wouldn’t let me have it. Lame crab T^T.

So yeah…. Next pic explains it all. Enough said.

I’m still looking gleely forward to getting to lv 80 though. 🙂

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Well, I was cleaning out my Mog House to make space for the Mog Bonanza Marbles, and I threw away a lot of stuff. Mamool Ja something Key, for example. Then I found this Mnk. Testimony that’s been sitting in my Mog Locker for ages. I was reluctant to throw it away, for some reason. LOL. So, yeah I thought I might as well go and pay respect to the elder!

Off I went, to Jeuno to challenge him! J/K, I went there to see if I’m lucky enough to get a free warp to the Battlefield entrance. But no, it seems he doesn’t give free warp anymore, since I’ve won against him once with my White Mage already. So, I had to use Moogle Warp Whore (Super Kupowers are awesome!) to warp to Windurst, then took a Chocobo to Giddeus.

I went in naked, like many people suggested in various strategies against Maat.
I ate a piece of Sole Sushi before engaging.
I charged my Boost to the maximum before I attacked with Chi Blast.

I, however, forgot to use Focus and Dodge before engage, so I didn’t have time to use them during the fight at all, in fear of losing time (by “time” I mean the time in attacking, because using 2 JA during fight will add some delay, resulting in me wasting a few seconds instead of just pummeling at Maat, which might result in me dying from his punches while I do so.)
I forgot to engage before pulling, so I wasted a few second hitting the “attack” button.
I didn’t use my Hundred Fists at start. I popped it after I saw that he was kicking my ass badly.

I did win.

I did, barely, win.

With 69 HP left…. After using Chakra!

I didn’t think I would win so when Maat finally let me go, I couldn’t believe it. I kept checking the chat log to see if I actually won the battle. LOL

(Maat : So, you decided to show up.)
(Maat : Now it’s time to see what you’re really made of, heh heh heh.)
(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Aleczan Chi Blast  Maat 585.
Maat hits Aleczan 89.
Maat hits Aleczan 87.
Maat hits Aleczan 34.

Aleczan hits Maat 66.
Maat misses.
Maat hits Aleczan 100.

(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Aleczan hits Maat 85.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 146.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 136.

Maat hits Aleczan 99.
Maat counters attack Aleczan 208.

Maat hits Aleczan 103.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 115.
Aleczan hits Maat 67.

Maat hits Aleczan 116.
Maat hits Aleczan 99.

Aleczan uses Chakra, recovering 298 HP.
Aleczan uses Hundred Fists.

Maat hits Aleczan 40.
Aleczan hits Maat 57.
Aleczan hits Maat 75.

Maat hits Aleczan 123.
Maat hits Aleczan 37.

Aleczan hits Maat 61.
Aleczan hits Maat 79.
Aleczan hits Maat 86.

(Maat : Now that I’m warmed up…)
Aleczan hits Maat 65.
Maat uses Hundred Fists.
Aleczan hits Maat 82.
Aleczan hits Maat 36.
Aleczan misses.
Aleczan hits Maat 71.
Aleczan hits Maat 19.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 154.
Aleczan hits Maat 63.
Aleczan hits Maat 60.

(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Maat hits Aleczan 100.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 158.
(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Maat hits Aleczan 129.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 138.
Aleczan hits Maat 66.
Aleczan hits Maat 95.

Maat hits Aleczan 132.
(Maat : Hm. That was a mighty fine display of skill there, Aleczan. You’ve come a long way…)
Aleczan hits Maat 56.
Aleczan hits Maat 59.

Maat hits Aleczan 110.
Aleczan hits Maat 79.
Battlefield clear time: 3 minutes, 49 seconds!
The current battlefield clear time record is 51 seconds.
Aleczan’s SJ Restriction effect wears off.
Aleczan’s Hundred Fists effect wears off.

Total damage dealt to Maat, by me : 2565. So it means he has slightly more than 2565 HP total because he stopped beating me up before his HP was 0.

Total damage I’ve taken from Maat : 1606, but I’ve use Chakra to recover 298 HP. So it was 1308. I had 69 HP left when he let me go.

Honestly I was nervous and though I was dead LOL. Didn’t expect to win after seeing my HP going down below 100 like that.

Why would I suddenly want to beat Maat as a Monk now?

Because I’ve always been regretting for not beating him the first time with my Monk. It’s not a biggies but it kinda hurts my pride as a self-proclaimed Monk. I was always bitter about my White Mage hitting 75 before Monk, and such…. So, at least for once in my adventuring life, I want to prove, to none other than myself, that I am a real Monk. And one thing that a real Monk can’t miss is to kick Maat’s ass as a Monk, right?

So….yeah, just for the hell of it, I went there and challenged the Monk Maat. 😉 1/1 success! Wootga!

Oh and just for the record, my White Mage battle went 1/2. First attempt he completely beat the crap out of me, sending my squishy WHM flying across the arena. I was bummed out for a day, but next day I tried again with a newly farmed WHM Test.

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Finally my Monk has her own Destroyers!

Whenever I mentioned that I don’t have Destroyers yet, people freak out and say “Impossible!” “This can’t be.” “This is just wrong!” “We have to get you a pair!” or “Let me help you get them!” Yeah it’s true. I’ve been playing my Monk for all this time without having the Destroyers. For endgame, I’ve been using Hades Sainti. Not that I’ve used my Monk in endgame events often though…. Most of the time I’m asked to attend with my White Mage.

Anyway, buying Hades at 560k from Auction House on Sep. 29, 2009, I stick to this Hand-to-Hand weapon and didn’t make any effort to obtain Destroyers. I really like the weapon, and it dealt good damage. Before I decided to buy it, I asked Maxpeter about the performance and how he likes it. I also said the +7 Enmity is ugly as I don’t want to draw hate from the tank. It was already hard enough to keep a low profile when I DD stuff, like Simurgh for example.  He said, well you’re pulling hate, so it shouldn’t matter.

Ugh…WTH, yeah seems true.

Then he said I can try Hades Sainti for a few days because people were still buying these from AH, so if I buy a pair and end up not liking them, I can hurry and sell them back and find other weapon. So heh, it wouldn’t hurt, I guess.

So, I went and buy Hades Sainti, then liked it, and decided to keep it. I love the damage, and I don’t have to try hard to boost my ACC. And I eventually forgot about Destroyers, thought Destroyers used to be one of my wanted piece since I hit MNK75. I would say it’s an excellent weapon for soloing, because you don’t have to try to maintain low enmity when you solo.

Anyway, recently, or I should say the past month, Arkades had been actively trying to earn me a pair of Destroyers. When he asked around in Gwynfor, everyone, like Stardragon and Sieka, for example, all exclaimed that they can’t allow me to not have the Destroyers. XD So they said they would help with the battle if we could find a good time. And then, eventually on 27th of May 2010, Friday’s night, enough people showed up and was interested in doing Copycat BCNM. So we gathered and headed to Palborough Mines.

We got 7 people in the end, because Dragonkng popped into the LS after we started walking there, and Izia popped later after we started fighting a few rounds.

Being very late, we didn’t have enough time to do Izia’s Orb, so he was asked to sit out and lot a pair of Destroyers if they drop.

Arkades organized the run and looked up strategy. So basically people will get charmed by the Eye one by one, like every 30 seconds, and it starts from Orb owner, then down the Party list. It was damn fun and damn scary on the first battle! I thought we were going to lose because it really looked bad towards the end. But we won! First Orb was Ark’s because he volunteered to be first orb as a guinea pig. Was glad we won, although scarily LOL, but we got no Destroyers.

Second Orb we did it more smoothly, because everyone now had the idea of what would happen and how to react.

In the battle, when I’m charmed I would draw my weapon and try to bash Ark on the head, LOL. He’s been saying that I hit harder than Urvoc, THF. Haha! I think he just resists piercing DMG 😛 You be glad Urvoc didn’t use Sneak Attack or SATA on you when he was charmed! In the few first rounds, I and Star, and also Urvoc using his Sleep Bolt, would try to sleep everyone that gets charmed. But then there used to be times when the charmed person got uncharmed but still asleep, unable to help with the battle. So later on Ark asked that we let the mages (namely me and Elendyl BLM) whack at the DD or tank because we don’t deal much DMG anyway.

We got me a pair of Destroyers on Sieka’s orb, which I believe was 2nd orb.

<3 Sieka. Hehehehe!

I also got a gun (Coffinmaker) from one of the battle, becaus eno one else lotted on it. I think I will try to clean that gun soon too. Would be nice to have a high DMG gun for my THF.

Anyway, the best part of the day was……

Ladies and gentlemen!!!

When I whipped out my Kirin’s Pole to twhack Arkades, I got 0.2 points on Staff skill!!!!!!!


Thank you everyone. Thank you for coming to help. Thank you for my Destroyers. Thank you Sieka for your lucky Orb. And last but not least, thank you Arkades for organizing the run.


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Well on Friday a friend I recently added to my friendlist asked if I want to do the Fairy Augment battle in Grauberg (S), of course I want my Club as well as my Hand-to-hand augmented. So as Arkades said he’s willing to help, I agreed to join that friend. We finished our FoV page in Cape Teriggan slowly, and then gathered in Aht Urhgan Whitegate while he kept finding more members. Stefy said she would come to help so now we have the healer!

Arriving in Grauberg (S) I lead him to the Quest NPC, far north if I remember correctly. He said it was his first time doing this battle. Arkades tried with his first weapon as well. I, however, couldn’t trade my Deower or something maul which is WHM Club, so I guessed I already traded something… And yes it was an Obeuron or something Knuckles. Please don’t mind my spelling today, because those Sidhe weapons all have ghey names, very hard to remember!

So yeah the fight went smoothly. We had mages sleep the Wivre and Arkades the Paladin kite the Quadav boss until we were done with his pets. I picked the Wivre one by one and they /assist me. Doing this made me realize I could never be the main assist person in Dynamis, because I suck at changing target manually, LOL.

This NM is easy if you have good PT setup and everyone knows what to do. There are a few important things to remember;
1. Keep shadows up at all time, thus PLD/NIN tank is recommended.
2. NM will use Invincible 3 times at 75%, 50%, and then 25% HP.
3. When he has Invincible effect on, he will use very strong headbutt attack.
4. The super headbutt can one-shot anyone.
5. Therefore, we have to stop fighting and run around, kiting him until Invincible wears off.

He also builds up more defense, both physical and magic, as his HP goes down. Near the end of the fight my attacks only do around 5-10 HP DMG on him! And I Asuran Fists for about 25 >.> Wow, he is really a big bastard.

During the fight, Arkades died once on the 2nd Invincible. So we kited him around while waiting for tank to unweak. Was FUN!!!!! Was big fun! I usually came to this battle on my White Mage, so it was the first time I ever kite this NM with Monk. He doesn’t run fast, so we can keep Utsusemi up with ease. I could also spam Boost and then Cho Blast on him without getting hit from behind.

Sorry, no Arkades’ dead pic. Was too busy running around the stone wall.

Anyway, we defeated him, with the last 10% of HP going down in agonizingly slow speed.

So yeah we won…. But I didn’t get a good Augment result on my Knuckles.

Oh yeah, so it’s spelt “Oberon’s Knuckles.”

DMG+ was too low, thouogh Delay-% was quite nice. The additional effect was just…crappy.

So I declined and decided to try again later.

My friend, on the oher hand, got a decent result on his Grreat Katana.

Seems like Mousee also got a good one, but I can’t remember and didn’t take a sneaky screenshot.


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