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Yesterday evening I went to mine in the Gusgen Mine just for fun, and just in case I would get some Darksteel Ores for Aika.

That cursed mine was as eerie as always. Those faint gasping sounds and the see-through ghost bodies floating around often make my heart skip half a beat! And boy, I hate that siren! It gets on my nerves!

Here’s the record of what I used and what I got.

First Round

3 stacks of Pickaxes, used 2 stacks and 3 ea (27 in total)

Pebble : 5 stacks (then dropped all)
Copper Ore : 6  (then dropped 6)
Tin Ore : 2
Silver Ore : 3
Zinc Ore : 8
Iron Ore : 3

22 ores in total.

Second Round
Last Quarter Moon (55%, 52%)

4 stacks of Pickaxes, used all (48 in total)

Pebble : 6stacks (then dropped all)
Copper Ore : 17 (then dropped 17)
Tin Ore : 12 (then dropped 4)
Silver Ore : 3
Zinc Ore : 6
Iron Ore : 6
Darksteel Ore : 8 !!!
Gold Ore : 1
White Rock : 2
Black Rock : 1
Red Rock : 1

Total : 52 ores (17 of which were copper) 3 rocks.

Self-note: Next time bring some Fire Crystal with you!!!!

After the session, and clearing my slots by giving Aika things to synthesis, I bought some more Silver Ore and made a few Silver Ingot, getting something like 0.4 skill point in Goldsmithing. The road of Goldsmith is difficult.  T.T /sigh

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