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Long story short, last night we finally beat Promyvian – Vahzl in Chains of Promathia Mission. It’s been like what? 8 months since our CoP static disbanded? So yeah we gathered and, after an ordeal of getting ready and preparing anima bottled to throw at the bosses (but unsuccessful), we set off to Pso’Xja. Full attack on the mission “The Enduring Tumult of War.” Or CoP5-1.

Joining up with Tenzen, Prishe, and Ulmia, we proceeded through Pso’Xja and to the Stone Door guarded by a Golem. We beat it (no screenshot, sadly) and entered. Rode the elevator down and headed to Promyvian – Vahzl entrance. Then got a mighty long cutscene.

Guess what? We have a company. =_=

That greying, balding guy is Nag’molada. He called us “imcompetent adventurers” because we were too slow in locating the mothercrystals, and he beat us to it. Oh yeah, I can’t reject because we actually took almost a year to get to the north tower of Pso’Xja. Duh!

However, he wasn’t alone! The boy also arrived!

The creepy boy, of whom I used to say “Whoa, he gave me this amulet that seems very important to the mission, he must be a good person!” (to which Leonidus commented “You will regret obtaining that amulet from the boy, *chuckle*”)

A lot of conversation went on, and many things happened, to which I wasn’t paying attention because I was flipping out to the party about the preparation of anima for this part of mission. It was unpleasant and I’ve been mean and bitchy, so I wont write about the detail. Anyway, Selh’teus started to communicate with Prishe who was shouting at either Nag’molada or Diabolos, I can’t remember.

Then, we saw an eerie dream, I wasn’t sure if it was happening at the time or was a flashback of someone’s memory. But I would guess the latter, because Lady Yve’noile mentioned 2 names, Selh’teus and Nag’molada. Also, I wasn’t reading the story carefully enough to remember it, because I was ragingly spamming my enter key to speed up the conversation, just so that I could go back to Jeuno to continue preparing anima.

Exactly 30 minutes later, we arrived in Promyvian – Vahzl, with a full set of 3 anima at Aika, and only 4 pairs of 2 animas (Hysteroanima [pain] and Terroanima [guilt]) because there was no Recollection of Fear on the Auction House, and Cornelious’ gallant attempt to farm us the Recollections had partly failed because of his modem and port-forwarding problem.

Anyway, Cornie got us 3 Recollection of Pains, netting me 3 more bottle of Hysteroanima. While I dug into Shinmai’s inventory and brought a Hysteroanima I already had, as well as  turned 4 Recollection of Guilts into 4 Terroanima. By the time we arrived at the entrance, Lusian had already fallen asleep. Of course it was about 2.30 A.M…. Can’t blame him for passing out on us.  After a few attempt to wake him up using various <call> in party, we figured he wouldn’t wake up. So, for safety, instead of attempting this part of mission as a party of 5, I asked Arkades to come and help.

Well, he had actually been standing by all the time since we started gathering. I found out that he had been doing nothing but staring at his Moogle (or maybe also beating up on him, who knows) awaiting my SOS in his Mog House. Thank you a million times, Ark. Oh, and Aurrek had offered to help me with CoP as well, but at that time he wasn’t online. ANd this mission trip wasn’t planned ahead, it was like a pop quiz brought up by Elfitine at around half past midnight. So I didn’t poke Aurrek earlier about this CoP run.

While Arkades was getting ready, we climbed up because he said he was positive he could warp up to any floor. Then after 1 death while commuting (Ark was all alone, so he died ; ; /cry) we all reunited.

Then, the lengthy climb, and to the battle!

First boss was quite easy. Though Aika popped it too fast by touching the Flux door as soon as we got there (I would have done the same if I wasn’t far behind, and I already did the unprepared touch-pop once at Golem door in Pso’Xja) the fight went smoothly without any death at all.


The creepy door started to glow….

We joined up with Tenzen at first door. Then Louverance on next. And finally Ulmia on last boss’ door.

The second boss battle with Solicitor, however, didn’t go as nicely as the first. Though we took precaution this time, by Cornelious’ reminder not to pop the boss before mages were ready, the battle still went ugly later on.

Corn: “Wait, get ready first, don’t click the door. No touchy!”
Ark touches Cornelious.
Me: “OMGLOL!!!”
Corn: “Not you, big boy. You can touch me.”
Ark: “=_=;;”

Back to the battle, it killed Elfitine the Paladin near the end of fight. I was too panicked to remember the detail of what happened next, but we were successful in keeping others alive, so they kept fighting while Cornie nuked it, and eventually when we had no other measure, he beat it …. with …. a staff. Guess what, his whack was the finishing blow. He was all psyched up by that and Elfitine, who was still on the ground, went like “OMG Corn killed it!”

Then we proceeded up to the last floor. Taking rest for MP every once in a while.

After the last floor guardian boss, Elfitine was once again the dead body on the ground while we checked the Memory Flux for win. This battle was very hard. This angry boss, Ponderer, spammed a lot of AoE near the end. I couldn’t cure everyone fast enough so eventually Elfi and Aika died at the same time.

The chat log went:

AoE spams….
Cure bombs….
Aikanana casts Utsusemi: Ichi.
Arkades uses Meditate.
Mitaonsya cures self for 614 HP.
Elfitine was defeated by the Ponderer.
Aika was defeated by the Ponderer.

(Elfitine) ><
Arkades uses Seigan.
Arkades used Third Eye.

Mitaonsya weeps in sorrow before Elfitine.
(Aleczan) @#$&^#$%^@
Arkades uses Provoke on the Ponderer.
Mita Cures Arkades for 190 HP.
Arkades readies Tachi: Jinpu.
The Ponderer readies Trinary Tap.

Cornelious cures Arkades for 172 HP.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 190 HP.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 92 HP.
Mitaonsya cures Arkades for 91 HP.
(Cornelious) damnit
Aleczan casts Banish II. The Ponderer takes 42 points of dmg.
Cornelious starts casting Stun on the Ponderer.
Mitaonsya cures Arkades for 91 HP.
(Elfitine) %?
(Aleczan) 1

Arkades used Provoke on the Ponderer.
Aikanana starts casting Headbutt on the Ponderer.
(Mitaonsya) 1
Arkades uses Third Eye.
(Elfitine) go go
Cornelious defeats the Ponderer.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 190 HP.
(Elfitine) check
(Cornelious) READ THAT
(Cornelious) booya
(Cornelious) lol
(Cornelious) staff again!
(Elfitine) omg
(Aleczan) D:
(Cornelious) gandalf!
(Aikanana) >o<
(Aleczan) You psycho black mage.

That was so AWESOME!!!

Aika got up quickly after he died, and helped out with the fight while Elfi remained dead. So when we finished, Elfitine was the only corpse on the floor XD

So, in we go. And then to the Spire of Vahzl.

We met up again with Nag’molada. Now when it comes to the big decision, I like how SE make NPC characters ask, and look at me in hope of getting a correct answer. Then let us pick a choice…. Of course I asnwered “Yes.” So, Nag’molada made the path for us.

But well, things can’t go as smooth as it seem. Nag’molada called out for Selh’teus, but instead 3 Promy bosses showed up.

Buff up…. Get ready. Anima throwing order has been agreed. Full attack! We picked Agonizer first, just so we have plenty of anima to throw at the hardest boss.

The battle was so damn long. Especially in Agonizer. I think it lived for a very very long time after hitting 20% HP. Because we used 2 or 3 bottles of Terroanima to scare off the long-legged Cumulator while trying to finish off the creepy spider-tree. Battle went well. Difficult and long, but steady. No one died. In the end we had just a bottle of Terroanima and Hysteroanima left at Arkades. So, I would say our effort and time spent in getting animas was actually useful. Aika’s animas excluded, because he had them ready since long ago. Made me feel bad for not farming any Recollection of Fear earlier. ; ;

So once we won, Diabolos appeared and said something so stunning. The plot was so complicated and grand that I had waves of goosebumps. Oh no, we must stop this!!! Help!!!

After the long conversation, Prishe finally woke up and argued with Diabolos. She mush have known something… Hmmmm! And yeah I can’t hate her. She’s the type who bluntly speaks her thought and is headstrong. Very straightforward, almost seem demanding and self-centered.

She yelled at Diabolos…. And if I wasn’t dreaming, I think I saw him flinching at her words and got upset. Maybe he has some kind of sad memory and didn’t want to think about it. So he was like yelling back at her…. “What do you know!!!?”  It sounded bitter and painful. I’m really curious what had happened. We must find out by proceeding with the mission!

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Hmmm! I found his screenshots first, so here goes. (Yeah my screenshot folders are like 1.7GB in total, and they’re very untidy so it’s hard to dig down for older pics. So it’s just natural that the recent ones catch my eyes first….This pic was taken in Xarcabard just last week.)

Pic: We were gathering in Xarc, and I talked to him saying he was handsome in Dark Knight’s outfit (just because I like his appearance as DRK more than as PLD) and he happened to kneel down to rest, so I took this opportunity to take a screenshot. I would say Elvaan males have a cool pose when kneeling.

Leftster, the Dark Knight. Well, he played more than just that, but somehow for me I always feel he’s a Dark Knight. He doesn’t fit in the white armor of Paladin (at least by appearance, you’ll see below.) It might be his usual job as a Dark Knight, or his true nature, or even the way I view his character, that makes him have a dark, mysterious air around himself. You know, the kind of atmosphere that attracts my curiosity. For me he stands out among the crowd. If many people are joking in the LS at the same time, I would notice Leftster first. If many people are picking on Lusi, I would notice Leftster first, too.

Pic: In Dyna-Bastok, I can’t remember what I was doing because this screenshot was taken in 1st person view. I might be resting for mp or might be just walking pass. Well, Lusi just happened to be in the pic, I don’t think I intend to put him there! Because I know that I was focusing on Leftster. I personally think that he looks cooler in black armor than white one.

Comparing among the 4 Linkaga people I planned to write about, if Rof is the person I’d love to stay near and chat for all day, if Trust is the person I’d love to join and follow in any endgame activity available, and if Elwy is the person whose HP and MP my eyes always follow, Left is the person whom I want to secretly stalk and watch what he’s doing in the game. I want to know more about this guy! But wait, not by getting to know him better or by talking to each other, but by distant observation. Like, I want to peek at him, or secretly follow him around to see what he’s doing. It’s that kind of curiosity, not that I want to get close to him to find things out.

Pic: I was turning my camera around to find a good angle to take screenshot of the falling snow. Then I found this angle, with Leftster in it. Other people were around too, but the camera angle hid them.

Though I take much interest in Leftster, far beyond just Dyna LS mates, I don’t have a crush on him. It’s hard to explain but…. Hmmm…. Ah, it’s like when I was a regular user to Yahoo! Chatroom. There used to be a guy whose speech and action attracted me. I became so mush interested in him (but not in term of love affair) that I couldn’t help watching what he said or did. However, I didn’t talk to him often. It’s fun just to watch, or well, read. Ah, yes, I would say he’s fun to read.

Leftster is like that.

Oftentimes, I would find his talking or action entertaining even when I’m not involved in it. He’s the person who makes me grin! Almost like Raysin…. who made me grin everytime we met in the game, but with Raysin it’s direct contact. It’s the things she talked to me or did to me, like for example, she would do /em picks Shinmai up and puts her in her pocket for safekeeping. or /em picks Shinmai up, puts her in her pocket, and runs!

With Leftster, it’s what he talked or did to the others, or even by himself that makes me grin. I like it when he teases other people or jokes around.

Pic: At Windy gathering, Leftster changed into this swimsuit and many people went Eeeeeww! (especially guys lol!) But girls gathered around him for some reason haha! Oh, me? I have no special reason, I just have a bicep fetish so I can’t resist arms. And wheeeee! Character models in FFXI have me drooling over guys’ arms a lot!

However, recently at Xarcabard gathering, I had gotten ahead of myself and blurted out that Lusian and Leftster could ignite my fictional imagination. So maybe Lefty became a bit wary when I’m around (lol!) and didn’t respond much to my teasing (or it could be that he was busy taking down lots, etc.) I also confessed that I’m a yaoi fangirl, which might sound disgustingly scary for guys XD But no, I swear I don’t imagine things like that about Leftster.

Because, you know, though I go “OMG LOL!” or “O_o!” or “wheeeee!” when they interact, it has nothing to do with love-affair or sexual fantasy. It’s like when I see 2 guys in real life and they express friendship or fondness through talking or subtle body language, I couldn’t help grinning or even giggling to myself. It’s really fun to watch, and I often secretly wish for more! It’s actually  just because I think they’re cute together, not because I fantasize things beyond that. Also, since I write fictions, trivial interactions like that are what I’m looking for. I could use such information here and there to add more detail or emotion to my story. It could be useful in any writing situation, not just for my favourite male-to-male relationship story.

That’s just it, the reason behind my stupid grin or yaoi girl’s sparkle in my eyes when I watch Leftster and others. It wasn’t the ‘kinky’ thing, I only think it’s cuteness. But….gahhhh! I think I was being crazy in Xarc that I wasn’t able to elaborate the actual concept…. And now Leftster (and some others) might become scared (or disgusted!?) already. T.T Damn me!

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Though I’m not a big fan of being a Warrior, I feel so delighted when I got Raging Rush Weaponskill.

Well, starting from mid May, I’ve been partying my WAR (61) with Lusian’s Blue Mage. Now my WAR is level 68. I’ve been using sub NIN and dual-wielding Axe & Sword in order to keep my Sword skill up-to-date. So, my Great Axe, mostly untouched, became out-of-date.

Um well, let’s look back….

Starting from last year, about late December, my brother was leveling up his Corsair, and Leonidus his Blue Mage. So I revived my Warrior, from maybe about 37 or 40 and joined them as WAR/NIN. We’ve been all over the world; Garlaige, Crawler’s, Bhaflau, Altepa, and Yhoator. With Level Sync system introduced, it was much easier to keep my friend’s company. All we had to do was gathering some of us, like Lusian, Kannatsuki, Leonidus, Brunestud, me, and sometimes Aikanana, Mitaonsya, or Kimji, and then fill the empty spots with other people seeking party.

Since most of us were busy with real life stuffs, not all of us could be presented at the same time. So someone would always be missing, on and off. I’ve also been changing jobs to suit the situation as well as PT setting. Roughly, I’ve used my WAR and NIN. Brune was COR, Leo BLU, Lusi RDM, and Kanna SAM as always.

It was not until one day that I realized the disadvantage of Level Sync…

In this party, where I rushed to the camp, I realized that my Axe skill was WAY behind my job level. I could hardly hit the Colibri, if not because of my Sushi/Pizza and my brother’s ACC roll. My damage was greatly gimp, not just accuracy. And my Sword/Axe were outdated. I felt very ashamed and started looking for help on updating my weapon, at least. Maxpeter answered my emergency call on the LS chat and delovered new Axe and Sword.

Thank you Max! You’ve helped me decrease my feeling of guilt by 30%!

After getting new weapons, my damage was much better, but accuracy was still suck. The other members of PT were very patient and didn’t say anything unkind about my gimpness. But well, that only made me feel worse.

Enraged towards my own ignorance, later that day I went out on my own to level up my Axe skill.

It was a long, hard-working day. It was also boring, but a must. And since I couldn’t solo safely, I had to summon Khuma for help, with Cure and stuff.

Oh, and a by-product was Parrying Skill….which was also (and still is) far behind.

My effort yielded a good result, though. I got a bunch of skill levels that day. But that was barely enough for me to hit the Lesser Colibri. My skill was still gimp that it resulted in me gaining so mamy skill points during battles.

Oh, and if my memory is correct, it was in this party where I earned Rampage.

Anyway, after getting Rampage, my life was much easier. I could party with my brother and Lusi without shaming them. 😛 Except for, maybe, the ugly armor.

Ahh, well, fast forward to May 2009, last month. I’ve again continued my Warrior from 61, to accompany Lusian’s Blue Mage towards 75. We were back to killing the birds, but this time the medium one, Colibri.

This party was really something. I got tons of skill points during the session. People said it was “Martial Master” Kupower in effect, but as far as I understand it doesn’t effect Aht Urghan Urhgan areas, no? Well it doesn’t matter, all I know is that I felt very lucky.

At that time my skills were like this…. I capped my Axe skill in that party.

Please note that my Great Axe was 106.

After capping my One-handed Axe, I wanted to update my Two-handed Axe skill too. But it was like half the level of cap…. Such a discouragement, you see. However, Lusian said he wanted to do FoV in Ro’Maeve and the mobs are like Decent Challence to Even Match, with some Tough if we look for it. So, I bought a Great Axe, namely Colossal Axe, and joined him.

Using Sole Sushi and a bunch of accuracy gears, I could hit them on a decent rate. My Great Axe skill level went skyrocket. And on 2nd June 2009, I finally got to 175. The last step before Raging Rush.

So we kept up, keep killing mobs in FoV Regimes. Yesterday we continued, and then had to move to page 4 for the dinosaurs, because my skill was 190+ and I almost never got any skill point when we fought Decent Challence crabs.

And these target didn’t fail me. I got a lot of 0.5 and 0.4 in skill. Soon enough, I got what I’ve been looking forward to!

Raging Rush!

Whee~~~~!! (^0^)/

My first Raging Rush ever!

And it went Critical hehehe!

This is a fun WS!! I like it already.

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Well, some more pics taken from the same trip in previous entry. But these are miscellanous screenshots that don’t quite related to the mission itself. Some are just taken because I was crazy, too. XD

I must say that my obsession about screenshot never wears off ever since I started playing online games. With FFXI, it’s been 5 years already, and I still go crazy with my screenshot buttons every now and then.

This, while we were waiting for the Raise III, I noticed that I dies in a bad position and my head disappeared into the wall. =_= OMG! Headless corpse! /cry!!!

When Jibberish arrived and Tractor’ed us, he then jumped up and down with glee on the top of my back. And at one point Stefy /slap him, hahaha! Well, I think he was taking a revenge to my excessive frequence of groping his NIN, LOL!

And yeah, more pics to show my obsession with Aldo! I really, really like him, with unknown (or unsure) reason. Anyway, when I mentioned this in the LS, Darkscorpion said something like “Yeah Aldo has more character than other NPCs in the game.” Hmmm This could be the reason!


Oh, speaking of Aldo, when I was uploading pics and writing my blog entry, I mentioned to friends in an IRC room, then one of them – namely Leonidus t(=_=) – said something like “Well, he’s the same model as the popular hume male face that kinda everybody is using.” (=o=;;) Then other person (Troisans from Titan) said like “OMG when you say that, Aldo becomes just another hume male who dresses raggedly.”

orz….. You guys, could you please not crush an innocent girl’s dream and imagination? lol!

Well, I must admit I didn’t like every part of his sense of fashion. I also agree that he’s wearing too many pieces of clothing, but somehow I like how he looks. Could be that he’s different.

More Aldo.

Wait, yes I said ALDO!

Don’t look at Lion!

LOL Hell, I didn’t mean it, I swear!

Lion I’m sorry! *scream*

Aldo & Zeid. I still think that Zeid does look suspicious in several moments. Though the missions and quests in the past didn’t make me hate him, somehow I can’t really trust him. I don’t know why, I just feel it.

Aldo looks upset. I kinda like it when he’s angry. I personally think that’s cute XD lol!

Well, no more Aldo, I think. Let’s see the beauty of the scenery!

This is the aurora that has awed me. It’s different from the aurora in Zarcabard, though. This one could be more eerie. Jibb said to me “Look at the sky!” when we first set our feet in this zone. I think it has an otherworldly beauty.


The bright, blue sky.

It’s kina hard to get a pic with nice view with both of us in it because Jibb wouldn’t stand still for long. lol!

This place if full of unknown device :O Not a place for the real me, because I suck at using gadgets hehehe!

Pink flowers!!!!

I want more pink flowers. I just figured that s pic of pink scenery from FFXI could go well with my new cell phone.

The purple ones also look cool too.

Well, after showing me around the area, Jibb took a break and stopped near the edge of the floating island, here….

So, we took a few minutes to spit and throw junks down to Qufim Islands, hoping it would crash onto someone’s head rest, relax, and enjoy the nice view up top.

Then, on our way out, we played in the rooms with interactive floor.

I love the floor here, it’s fun. And Jibb said the same.

Hopefully I’ll enjoy sky on my actual run like when I was taking a sightseeing tour.

Total duration: 8 hrs.
Total screenshots taken: 177 pics.
Total size of files: 146 MB (jpg)

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ต่อจากตามเก็บ Fragments ได้ครบ 8 จนตาแหก ขาลากไปตาม ๆ กันแล้ว….

เสร็จแล้วยัง ไม่หนำใจฮ่ะ Jibb ชวนไปตบ NM ต่อ เพราะที่ Quicksand Caves มีสู้ BCNM กับมด 3 ตัว อืม ก็ ไม่มีอะไรจะเสียนี่ ตายก็ไม่เสีย EXP ครั้นจะต้องวิ่งกลับมาใหม่ทีหลังก็ไม่ยั่นอยู่แล้ว ก็เลยตกลงว่า ไป! สองคนโหรงเหรง แต่ใจสู้นะยะ! ไอ้เสือบุก!!!!

After collecting the Fragments from Cermet Headstones in so many places that I could lose 3 kilos of my weight….

Then, as if it wasn’t enough, Jibb offered to help me with the 3 NMs in Quicksand Caves. Um…well, there’s nothing to lose! Not even EXP! And I wouldn’t mind if we died and had to run back here again later. So, off we go! With 2 people we were a bit lonely, but we’re still full of fighting spirits! Charge!!!!!!

สู้ตามแผนคับ Elemental Seal Sleepga ให้มดเบื๊อกพวกนั้นหลับซะ แล้วเราก็กระทืบมันเรียงตัวไป เริ่มจาก BLM เพราะกลัว -aga spells จะบอกว่าแค่กระทืบ BLM ให้ตายเนี่ย ก็แดกเวลา Hundred Fists เราไปจนเกลี้ยงแล้ว ต้องต่อยเปล่า ๆ อยู่นานเหมือนกัน =_= เสร็จแล้วก็กระทืบ PLD ต่อ แต่มันดื้อโคตร แม่งมี Cure ด้วยอ้ะ…. แต่ก็ชนะ เมื่อ Jibb MP เกลี้ยงถัง เขาเลย Repose มด RNG เอาไว้ก่อน เราก็ยืนตั้งท่ารอ…. พอ MP มีประมาณ 400 มันก็ตื่นมายิงกบาล Jibb พอดี เลยต้องสู้ต่อ ก็เนี่ย ยืนแลกหมัดกับมันอยู่นานนนนน มันเลวมาก เดี๋ยว ๆ หยิบมีดออกมาแทง แล้วเอาธนูออกมายิง แสรด เงากูหายหมด ร่าย Utsusemi I กับ II สลับกันยังไม่พอยาไส้เลย

Max’s plan is to ELemental Seal & Sleepga, so we could kick their asses one by one. Starting from BLM in fear of -aga spells, I used Hundred Fists. Boy, they’re tough, my 2hr wore off before I could finish BLM. Had to fight him more until he finally died. Then we killed PLD, which had Cure spells and refused to die =_= And Jibb was out of MP, so we had to Repose the RNG while he rested. When he got like 400 MP, it woke up and started shooting at him, so I had to resume the fight. It was a pain in the ass because this RNG shoots a lot and also used knife to stab at me very often. I couldn’t keep my shadows up =_= Luskily Jibb is very professional and he kept me alive through the end.

ชนะได้เนี่ย เพราะบารมี Jibb นะขอบอก…. ชั่วโมงบินมันต่างกันจริง ๆ เขาทำทุกอย่างได้ดีหมด ทั้งหน้าที่ Cure การ Enfee การ Sleep ศัตรู การช่วยเหลือในยามคับขัน (เช่น ใช้ Flash ยิงตามันให้บอดเพื่อให้เราร่ายคาถาแยกร่างได้ทัน) คือถ้าเปลี่ยนกันให้ตูเล่นเมจ อาจจะมีการตายเกิดขึ้น =_=;;

พอชนะแล้วได้เข้าไปในห้องที่มีอุปกรณ์ล้ำสมัยอันใหญ่โตมโหฬาร ก็ไปคลิก ๆ ดู จับเศษคริสตัล 8 อันที่สะสมมาไปใส่ในเครื่อง แต่นแตนแต๊น~

Yeah without Jibb, this can’t be done. He kinda did everything, Cure, Enfee, emergency assisting like Flash for me to recast Utsusemi, etc. He’s so experienced and has good judgement in making decision during oh-shit situation. If it was me who played the mage, there MUST be some casualties!

After winning against those Ants beastmen, I got to go into a hightech-looking room with a large device. Putting the crystal fragments into each of the slots resulted in…. Tadaa!!!

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More English will be added later +_+

เมื่อคืนนี้ตอนรัน Nyzul เสร็จ (โดยพ่ายแพ้อย่างยับเยิน เพราะเจอ Chariot 3 ตัวติดต่อกัน (link!) ประกอบกับโชวนู๊บ เข้า Nyzul ด้วย MNK/WHM แล้วไปรู้ตัวข้างในที่ล็อบบี้…. เนื่องจากร่าย Utsusemi ไม่ออก อ๊าก) Stefy ก็ทักมาว่า จะนอนหรือยัง ถ้ายังไม่นอนไปทำ ZM กันมั้ย? อืม เราก็เลยตกลง ปะ ไปกัน มีหนุ่ม ๆ มาจอยสองคนคือ Lusian กับ Maxpeter และเนื่องจากเราต้องไปหาตะเกียง Unlit Lantern เราก็เลยขโมยตัว Brune มาใช้เอา Treasure Hunter ของ THF  อืม ก็ไปมะรุมมะตุ้มกันแบบที่เห็น

Last night after a Nyzul run, where we were miserably wiped by a Chariot (oh no I must say 3 Chariots, back to back) and where I was so noob by realizing in the lobby that I was MNK/WHM =_= Oh noes! I can’t cast Utsusemi!? WHY!? LOL,) Stefy sent a tell asking if I was going to bed or was interested in letting her help me on ZM through sky access. So I said yes I want ZM, then Lusian and Maxpeter joined in just to help me. First, we needed Unlit Lantern, so I stole Brune’s char and set him on THF for Treasure Hunter. Then we’re off to the Uggalepih.

แล้ว Lusi ก็ต้อง AFK สักพัก เราเลยเอาตัวเรายืนเฝ้า แล้วเอาตัวน้องวิ่งตาม Stefy ไป ส่วน Max ที่ล่วงหน้าไปก่อน….ไม่รู้เจออะไรเข้า พลังลดฮวบ ๆ แล้วระหว่างที่ Stefy วิ่งไปมา (หลงทาง) อยู่นั้น ก็เห็นเกจ HP ของ Maxpeter กลายเป็นสีดำ O_O!!! สักพักพี่แกก็กลับเมือง แล้ววิ่งกลับมาเจอกับเราใหม่ เงิก…. ไม่ได้ถามอ่ะว่าโดนอะไร แหะ ๆ อย่างไรก็ดี Stefy ยิงกบาล Tonberry ตายแล้ว Lantern ก็ดรอป!!! ต่อมา Max (ที่กำลังวิ่งลิ้นห้อยกลับมา) หรือไม่ก็ Lu (ที่แยกไปดักยิง) นี่แหละ ก็ทำให้มันดรอปมาอีกอัน! แล้วเราก็ต่อย ๆ จนมันคายออกมาอันนึง! รวมเป็นตะเกียง 3 อัน ฮี่ ๆ และถ้าจำไม่ผิด Stefy เอาตะเกียงเก่ามาจากเมืองแหละ ก็เลยทำให้มี 4 Lantern

ก็ไปจุดตะเกียงอย่างง่ายดาย มี aggro ตามรายทางประปราย (ด้วยฝีมือเราเอง =_=;; แบบว่าจุดตะเกียงแล้วเดินออกมา ค้างคาวเพียบบบ หาที่ recast Monomi ไม่ได้ แสรด) Lusi กับ Stef วิ่งวนนานหน่อยเพราะหาทางไม่เจอ (แต่เราไม่หลงเพราะวิ่งตามตูด Max กร๊าก ๆ ๆ) แล้วก็ไปที่ประตูเข้า Battlefield  เนื่องจากตูโง่ ลืมเช็คมิชชั่นของ Brune ก็เลยไม่ได้ไปคุยกับ Chief ที่ Kazham ก็เลยเอาตัว Brune เข้าไปช่วยยำตีนทอนเบอรี่ไม่ได้ T.T ทำให้ทีมเหลือ 4 คน พอเราบุกเข้าไป ก็เจอกับ…… Tonberry x 3 บรึ๋ย ๆ

Then Lusi had to go AFK so I stood on guard, using my bro’s char to follow Stefy. Max went ahead and something happened…. I saw his HP kept dropping. Stefy and I lost our way and ran around, then Max’s HP went to black. O_O!!! Then he went to Home Point and started running back again. Ack! I didn’t ask him what happened (probably too afraid to ask lol!) Anyway, while Max was making his way towards us, Stefy sniped a Tonberry and it dropped a Lantern!!! Lusian was overjoyed. Then either Max or Lusi killed another Tonberry and we got 2nd Lantern!!! W00t! Finally, I punched and kicked until other one coughed up one more Lantern. And I think Stefy had her old Lantern (not sure though) so we went off to light all 4 Lanterns.

It was easy, though somebody, namely me, aggroed a few bats on the way lol Well, after lighting the Lantern I couldn’t find a good place to recast Monomi =_=;; Everywhere was packed with bats. Lusi and Stef came late becaus ethey got lost a bit. I, on the other hand, never got lost because I was always following Max LOL! After that, we went to the BC entrance, through the gate where the 4 Lanterns were put to use. Brune couldn’t enter the Battlefield because I was dumb enough to not check his mission progress. He still had to talk to the Chief in Kazham, duh! So the 4 of us went in to encounter with 3 Tonberries, brrrrrr!!!

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Please do not read on if you don’t like to see Hume Males getting harassed – one by one – by a Mithra!


งืม…. จบมิชชั่นแล้วก็ได้รางวัล 3 ชิ้น (ไม่นับอีลิกเซอร์)


The ACP missions gave a few rewards at the end, and I got 3 of them (not including the elixir ;_;)

Hi-Elixir (-_-;;)
Spinel Earring (Lightning+10, Water+10) & [MND+1, Accuracy+1]
Angel’s Ring (CHR+4, Light+9) & [Accuracy+6, DEF-4, Enmity-2]
Mirke wardecors [Selected Augments : Attack+10, Critical Hit Rate+3]

ชุดก็ พอ Mithra ใส่แล้วไม่หล่อเท่า Hume Male ใส่ว่ะ คือแบบตอนเห็นครั้งแรกอ่ะ มันเป็นชุดของ Maxpeter ไง แล้วแน่นอนว่าหุ่นตัวละครชายเผ่ามนุษย์มันดูดีอยู่แล้ว อกผาย ไหล่ผึ่ง บ่ากว้าง แขนมีกล้าม พอใช้เป็นหุ่นลองเสื้อรัดรูปก็เลยดูฟิต ๆ น่าลูบ เอ๊ย น่าใส่ ดูหล่อเนี้ยบดี เห็นแล้วโคตรอยากได้~~~ (อยากหล่อมั่ง อิอิ) แต่พอ Mithra ใส่เองแล้วมันก็เป็นหุ่นผู้หญิง ไหล่แคบ แขนลีบ เอวคอด ก้นใหญ่ แถมเสื้อยาวคลุมสะโพก แทบจะเป็น miniskirt อยู่แล้ว =_=;; ยิ่งกางเกงไม่เข้าชุดเลยออกมาดูเป็นคุณป้าจ่ายตลาดเลยอ่ะ >o<~

Mithra wearing the Mirke doesn’t look as handsome as I had imagined ;_; Well, the first time I ever noticed the cool new armor “Mirke” was when Maxpeter was wearing it and I thought Oh wow! That’s so nice, I’m definitely gonna get that! But it turned out that Mirke has a few differences in design on males and females. So, on my Mithra it became too faminine and I didn’t like it. The bottom rim of the shirt was too long so it looked almost like wearing a iniskirt T.T and the ass, oops, I mean hips, looks so big! Worse yet, when I wear it with Cobra Subligar (which apparently doesn’t go well together) I think I look like an aunty in a fresh market.

แต่เอาเถอะ…. stat ดีก็พอใจละ เวลาอยากเน้นแฟชั่นก็ใช้ Osode ที่ยึดจากน้องใส่เดินไปก่อน

อ้อ ตอนลองเสื้อใหม่ ๆ เราเห็นแล้วผิดหวังที่มันไม่ผึ่งผายสวยล่ำแบบ Hume Male ก็เลยโวย ๆ ๆ ใน LS chat ว่า “It doesn look handsome on me like when it’s on Max >o<” แล้วทุกคนก็มาขอดูใหญ่เลย ทั้ง Elfi, Lusi ส่วน Max ตอบมาว่า “lol I think it looks gay >.>” กร๊ากกกกกกก ก็ นะ…. มันรัดรูปแนบเนื้ออ่ะดิ ผู้ชายคงรู้สึกไม่ค่อยถูกรสนิยมล่ะมั้ง ฮ่า ๆ แต่มันเป็นอาหารตาสำหรับสาว ๆ ไง!

แล้วเราก็บ่น ๆ ว่ามันดูเหมือน aunty outfit บ้างหละ ชอบเวลา Max ใส่มากกว่าบ้างหละ Elfi ก็หนับหนุนว่าเพราะ “big ass” (=_=;;) เออ จริงของมัน แสด!

และแล้ว Max ก็ถามขึ้นมาว่า “lol where are you?” แต่เราไม่ทันได้ตอบเพราะมัวแต่บ่น (กร๊ากกกกกกก) แต่เค้าก็หาพวกเราเจอจนได้ แล้ว Max ก็มายืนอยู่หน้าบ้านม็อกที่จูโน่ เทียบชุดกัน…

Ah well, but at least it has nice stats bonus. If I want to keep the fashionable look I’ll just wear my brother’s hijacked Osode when trot around in the city.

Oh and when I was complaining about how I was disappointed with MY Mirke, “It doesn look handsome on me like when it’s on Max >o<” everyone (Lusi, Elfi) wanted to see it, including Max himself.  Max answered to me “lol I think it looks gay >.>” lol! I had to agree…. It’s just natural that guys don’t like the look of Mirke because it was kinda tight, you know, looks fit and cling onto the skin. But I like that! I could look at such attire on good-looking men all day long! W00t!

And yeah when I said it looks like aunty’s outfit on me, Elfi added in “ya because big ass too” (=_=;;) Hell, so true.

A few moment later Max asked “lol where are you?” but I didn’t reply because I was busy bitching about the look ><;; But he found us and we all stood in front of the Mog House!

Max : It looks the same >.>
Alec : It’s more handsome on broader shoulders ;_;
Elfi : Ya big ass too =_=
Alec : Look, I look like  aunty at shopping mall.
Max : lol
Alec : Hm or maybe my pants don’t match.

*Alec checks Max up and down*
Alec : Gimme your Byakko!
Max : >.>

Alec : Hey, will Stefy mind if I grope on you lol!!?
Max : lol
Alec : Wheeeee~~~
Max : >.>

กร๊ากกกกกกกกกก ตูนี่มือบอนจริง ๆ

เออคือเป็นโรคเห็นตัวละครหล่อ ๆ เท่ ๆ ไม่ได้อ่ะ ต้องโฮก ต้องกรี๊ด แล้วก็ต้องแต๊ะอั๋ง (ฮ่าาาาาา) ทีนี้พอมันมาอยู่ใกล้ ๆ ก็เลยอดไม่ได้ ต้องมือบอนหน่อย เอิ๊ก ๆ ๆ ๆ แบบนี้เข้าข่ายโรคจิตป่าววะ >.>

แล้วยังใจง่ายอีกนะตู แต๊ะอั๋งไปทั่ว กร๊ากกกก แผล่บ ๆ 8)~ แหมก็มันอดใจไม่ไหวนี่นา ใส่ชุดรัดรูปมายั่วกันซะขนาดนี้ เอิ๊ก ๆ ๆ

I couldn’t help it…. My hands had their own mind.

Handsome characters were made to be harassed by girls lmao!!! (Especial girls like me!) Well, they’re simply too cute or too attractive to resist. Or maybe I have some kind of a perverted fetish >.>

Heh, they looks delicious, don’t you agree? Expecially in tights!

มือซนขนาดนี้ โลกคงดีใจที่ไม่ได้สร้างให้ตูเกิดเป็นผู้ชาย ไม่งั้นสงสัยไปลวนลามผู้หญิงไปทั่วแหงม ๆ ฮ่า ๆ ๆ ทำไมตูทะลึ่งแบบเน้~~~~~~~~~~~~

อ๊ะ…. สุดท้าย ขาดไม่ได้ คุณพี่ Aldo ไงจ๊ะ~~~ เอ่อ บอกไว้ก่อนว่าเราไม่ได้เจตนานะเฟ้ย เดินตาม Lusi อยู่ดี ๆ มันพามาโผล่ห้องคุณพี่ Aldo เฉยเลยอ่ะ ไหน ๆ ก็ไหน ๆ แล้วเราก็เลยต้องแวะทักทายซะหน่อย จุ๊ฟ ๆ (^3^)/~~~~~<3

I think maybe the world is glad I wasn’t born a guy, because I have a naughty hands syndrome. 😛 Oi! LOL!

Ah, and finally, I went to see Aldo! Heck, I didn’t mean it! I swear it wasn’t my fault. I was just following Lusian around and I found myself ending up in Aldo’s room. Well, so why don’t take the opportunity anyway? Aldo! *chuuuuuu~~~~* (^3^)/~~~~~<3

ฮี่ ๆ ๆ อะคุ ๆ ๆ ๆ หึ ๆ ๆ

Tee hee hee hee, heh heh heh!

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