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(I am in lazy mode, so this entry will be English only, if you want Thai text, please let me know! ขี้เกียจพิมพ์เยอะอ่ะ เอาภาษาอังกฤษล้วนไปก่อนนะ ถ้าใครอยากอ่านภาษาไทยก็บอกเราแล้วกัน)

My Saturday night, I and Haku was running around madly in the game to take pics of places and the raid in Ul’dah. Then PZ (Lusian) logged in, and followed by Leonidas who had a promise to come and take some pics with Haku. It was already late at night and PZ was starting to nod off. Then, Corn logged in on Skype and was immediately attacked by Haku’s invitation to the photo session, LOL.

We usually had more people online in the LS, but 5 was the best we could manage to gather after the last save on Nov 1. So it had to be just 5 of us. Missing so many people but meh.

Anyway, here’s a picture-heavy entry.


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