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Continuing from previous entry, I moved to Quicksand Caves. Luckily there was no EXP party there, so all the Beetles were mine. I started off by engaging just 1 Helm Beetle first. Then I felt confident that I could handle 2, so I moved to link them. However, there can always be an accident…. The 3rd one also linked and I found myself in tough situation. They ate my Stoneskin very quickly. Defender could help just a little. There were many times that my HP went down to about half. I could not sit for MP, so I had to melee and spam Mystic Boon instead.

At some point I had to kill 2 of the Beetles to keep me alive and be able to rest for a while. Only then I could realize that these Helm Beetles are actually Easy Prey to me, not Too Weak. Oof!!!

Skill Level Progress @ Time
Lv. 135 @ (no data)
Lv. 136 @ 01.49 (1.49 A.M.)
Lv. 137 @ 01.58
Lv. 138 @ 02.00
Lv. 139 @ 02.03
Lv. 140 @ 02.05
Lv. 141 @ 02.09
Lv. 142 @ 02.16
Lv. 143 @ 02.17
Lv. 144 @ 02.19
Lv. 145 @ 02.21
Lv. 146 @ 02.22
Lv. 147 @ 02.26
Lv. 148 @ 02.27
Lv. 149 @ 02.35
Lv. 150 @ 02.41

Then I crashed onto the bed because it was sooooo late at night in my country.

So this last part of Shield Skill Up Session went on for 1 hour, gaining me 15 Levels of Shield Skill.

Some people may ask…. You play MNK and WHM, why the hell would you go through troubles to level up your shield skill? Or course, because I can and I wanted to, LOL. Oh well, I was bored and this session was entertaining. That’s main reason. Also, it might be useful if my WHM blocks with shield more often because it gets whacked around sometimes too!  Who knows, shield skill might same my ass when I pull hate in Dynamis or in Sky sometimes!?

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Continuing from previous entry, after I was done with Nyzul Isle for the night, I returned to the same area and resumed my Shield Skill Up Session from Shield Skill Level 119. Shield Skill Level 120 through Shield Skill Level 130 came quickly.

At first I was thinking about pulling 2 Desert Beetles, but accidentally linked the 3rd one…. So I gave it a try. Skill was fast, but I had to pay more attention to my Stoneskin and Defender, as well as my HP bar. These Beetles are badasses when my Stoneskin wears off and Defender deactivates.And Stoneskin wore off so fast. One cast would last for just a little longer than 1 minute. So I had to recast it a lot, as well as to rely heavily on Regan III.

So, most of the time I had to sit for MP. Right, we can block attack with shield while /heal. It was such a fun to watch when my character would sit….then got up half way with the shield raised, and kept on sitting as if nothing had happened. It made me laugh when I got Shield Skill Points when sit for MP.

For this session…

Progress Level @ Time
3 Beetles
Lv. 120 @ 00.38 (38 minutes past midnight)
Lv. 121 @ 00.39
Lv. 122 @ 00.40
Lv. 123 @ 00.41
Lv. 124 @ 00.43
Lv. 125 @ 00.44
Lv. 126 @ 00.46
Lv. 127 @ 00.49
Lv. 128 @ 00.52
Lv. 129 @ 00.57
Lv. 130 @ 00.59
Lv. 131 @ 01.05
Lv. 132 @ 01.10
Lv. 133 @ 01.19
Lv. 134 @ 01.26

Got 14 Skill Levels in less than 1 hour.

It significantly slowed down since after I got Shield Skill Level 130. So it’s time to change place.

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Been busy and haven’t written this entry when it occurred.

Well, on 30th of September 2009 I accidentally noticed that the Beetle in Garlaige Citadel gave good skill points on my gimped Shield Skill. So, having to work with some documents and photoshop, I browsed through my Mog House for some gears and be WHM/WAR then headed out to the Western Altepa Desert’s Beetle Hill (can’t remember the hill’s name written on the map, really).

So it began.

Aleczan, main job White Mage, support job Warrior

Main Ingredients:
1-3 Desert Beetles

Light Buckler : because it can block more often and I can equip it as WHM, +5 Shield Skill is also good for blocking attacks.
Squid Sushi: +5 AGI, I didn’t buy it, got some leftovers from leveling THF.
Coral Earring : -5 EVA
Merman’s Earring: -4 EVA
Woodsman Ring: -5 EVA

I picked -EVA pieces because I noticed that I blocked a lot when enemy don’t miss. So I didn’t go through trouble browsing my mules for my long-lost +AGI pieces.

Job Ability: Defender, helps a great deal to decrease damage I take.
Macro:  “/ja Defender <me>”  then  “/wait 60” x 3 lines, then  “/p <call16>”  to remind me my Defender wears off.
Spell: Stoneskin, to absorb the damage and to allow me to sit for MP when my MP runs low.
Spell: Protectra V, DEF bonus is always good.
Spell: Regen III, this rocks!
Spell: Flash, for emergency.

Progress Level @ Time:
(1 Beetle)
Getting dressed and finding camp @ 20.2x
Lv. 97 @ 20.46 (8.46 P.M.)
Lv. 98 @ 20.51
Lv.99 @ 20.55
Lv. 100 @ 20.59
Lv. 101 @ 21.02 (9.02 P.M.)
Lv. 102 @ 21.07
Lv. 103 @ 21.12
Lv. 104 @ 21.16
Lv. 105 @ 21.18
Lv. 106 @ 21.24
Lv. 107 @ 21.27
Lv. 108 @ 21.35
Lv. 109 @ 21.35 (it was spamming 0.3 LOL)
Lv.110 @ 21.43
Lv. 111 @ 21.49
Lv. 112 @ 21.54
Lv. 113 @ 21.58
Lv. 114 @ 22.05 (10.05 P.M.)
Lv. 115 @ 22.10
Lv. 116 @ 22.13
Lv. 117 @ 22.21
Lv. 118 @ 22.25
Lv. 119 @ 22.27

Then, my LS folks were calling for Nyzul run, so I had to leave and get dressed for Nyzul. So… 2 hours : 22 levels, mostly Semi-AFK while working. Not bad for a lazy day.

To be continued….

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Tonight I was bored and thought maybe I should level up my Fishing Skill a bit after have been neglecting it for several months.

Fishing Session Date : 25 August 2009
Starting time : 22.20 (10.20 P.M., at GMT+7)
Setting : Hume Fishing Rod & Insect Balls
Targets : Moat Carp for Lu Shang’s and Sandfish for skill
Ending time : 01.40 (01.40 A.M., day becoming 26th Aug.)
Time span : 3 hours 20 minutes

Actually, I wasn’t fishing all the time. I got up and walked away several times. So the actual time spent on fishing could be like 2 and a half hours.

Results : From 11 stacks of bait.
Skill points : 0.3 (0.1 x 3 times)
Moat Carps : 8 stacks and 8 individuals (104 in total)
Sandfish : 2 stacks and 2 individuals (26 in total)
Junks : none
Screenshots : 36 pics (Oh yes, I was bored….)


Some of the screenshots I’ve taken during fishing session.
The sky in FFXI looks nice when it changes hue and appearance.
I just couldn’t resist!

That’s about it. 😉

P.S. I ran into this person named Keebs who was working on getting Ebisu Rod. He/she has a Lu Shang’s and gave a few useful advide to me. 🙂

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I had some spare time 🙂 So, I tried to think of what I could do alone in Vana’diel. I found one thing I could and should, that is to level up my Combat Skill on Scythe.

To commemorate my obtaining a Suzaku’s Scythe from Sky run with OverKill…. uh wait, that was old, like weeks ago. Um well, to celebrate my Warrior dinging to 74 and becoming able to equip that Scythe…. wait, again that happened like 2-3 weeks ago. Duh!

Well, then! To quit having Scythe at level 0 and to make use of the Super Kupower “Martial Maters” I decided to officially level up my Scythe skill! Off we go, to Gustaberg. After killing a Hornet, I decided to change place. Bringing my best ACC gears as well as a head of Jack o’ Lantern pumpkin, I headed to Meriphatuad Mountains. Actually I wanted to go into the Castle Oztroja because it’s reminiscing, but I thought my skill was too low to deal with the links if it happened, so I swung my Scythe around in the Meriph. Mountains first.

My first victim here was a Sapling.

2009 Aug 17th, 6.59 P.M.

Got nice skill points. Almost once every 2 swings gave 0.2 or 0.3.

Then as I ran around, I found myself a gobbie companian.

He was generous too.

Some time around that I got my Scythe skill to level 5 and learned Weapon skill Slice. Next victim being a Fly and a Lizard, I got to around level 9-10.

0.5! Woot! Very nice and convenient!

Then I ran into a Bogy and decided to try it. It took soooooo long to kill, but that’s just perfect for skilling up!

The only problem was when it slept me and couldn’t hit me to wake me up. 😡

Anyway, I got a lot of skill levels from one Bogy. From 11 to 18! And I even got a Bloody Robe (which I had to throw away later on.)

Nearing the Castle Oztroja, I killed a few Yagudos. Well, Yagudos were a bit hard. I pulled one at a campfire and they link. Having 3 Yagudos on me with a level 1 Scythe and low combat skill was bad! My HP went down a lot (but was still in yellow range, not orange) so I had to rest abit, then aggroed another Yagudo while doing so. Howver, last 2 Yagudos I got were Votary and a Mendicant.

So, I got to skill level 30 on Scythe, learning Dark Harvest.

2009 Aug 17th, 7.39 P.M.

Around that time, Elfitine popped. After I mentioned that I’m leveing up my Scythe skill, ELfi asked if I wanted to go to Kuftal Tunnel with PUP leveling Puppet’s melee and ranged attack skills. So, well, I agreed to go. At first I was equipping the Bronze Zaghnal (level 1 Scythe) I grabbed feom AUction House in Bastok. I picked this because it has low delay and low damage. So I can swing more while keeping the mob alive for longer time. But it didn’t work well in Kuftal Tunnel because I did 0 dmg too many times.

Elfitine suggested I should change to other stronger weapon, so I remembered my Suzaku’s Scythe and just realized it had the same delay with this one! Plus the +Acc bonus! Guhhh! I was stupid. SHould have used this a long time ago. =_=;;

The skill points rushed in….it was a great fun. One bad thing about Suzaku’s Scythe is that it kills the mob too fast. But, well, then I could use Defender full time without having to worry about damage being 0.

2009 Aug 17th, 9.04 P.M.

I got to level 96 of Scythe. Also got 1 level of Parrying, bringing me from 105 (naked) to 106. Thank you Elfi! It was great!

Then things became busy and hectic all of a sudden. I got a phone call from friend, and Mitaonsya kissed dirt in The Boyahda Tree. I wanted to go raise him so I headed off, leaving Elfitine running back to town alone. So, I changed to WHM and went to rescue the Taru Beastmaster. Then, I went AFK for very long time to talk on the phone until people were ready for Nyzul Isle and had Elfi poked me a message via cellphone SMS.  :X So we went to Nyzul, but that’s a different story.

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Saturday night, 15th August, I was supposed to take a long nap early and wake up for Dynamis late at night. I was tired and sleepy, yet hungry. So, instead of leaving Vana’diel to the land of slumber, I went into my mother’s domain, the kitchen, and got myself a meal. That kind of woke me up and so I roamed Vana’diel for more activities. Now I can’t recall what I did during that time because I was half-asleep, I guess.

Then I heard Kimji and Earthgiven wanted to do the Caedarva Mire’s map quest. I vaguely remembered that the NM spawned by that quest was evilly hard, so I asked if I could help. Kimji asked me to go Monk, so yeah, right on! RAWR!  After getting cutscenes in the town, we went out, Earth as PLD. After the cutscene, she popped it and it was killing her! Within a matter of a second, her HP went down below half, it was a scary sight. Earth was probably was spamming his enter key through the cutscene, so I used my Chi Blast and got it on me. That Chigoe NM is really a boo boo! My shadows disappeared very quickly and soon my blood started spilling. Before I hit half HP, Earth pulled hate and saved us both. I used Hundred Fists on it and it died, we were all having like half HP left, lol.

Then, Elwyn logged on and asked if I wanted to go skillup again. Sure, why not? So we went back to The Boyahda Tree.

On our way in, we ran into Mitaonsya. This time he didn’t ignore me XD LOL! Well, last time I figured he was busy and probably was multi-tasking his BST with something real life so he missed the chat log. I stopped to say hello to Mita and then moved further in to the usual camp.

As soon as we got to camp at the tree in the center, I started buffing. I didn’t noticed that sneaky Water Elemental until it actually landed  Flood on me. OMG! Flood, it was! I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. I turned around and circled it a little, trying to hit my repose macro, but that made me aggro a Steelshell. So….. Elwyn jumped in and grabbed the crab, pulled hate on the Water Elemental, then ran to zone. But I died. After reraising, I thought the water was going after Elwyn, so I reposed it and relogged.

I came back in and Elwyn was safe, with half HP. I felt so bad for making such mistakes. Elwyn said it was no biggies….but yeah I felt dumb.

After recovery, we moved to the old camp yesterday. I still aggroed some crabs but adds were always managable.

Elwyn would pull hate when other crabs aggro me. I just kept whacking one with my staff while keeping him alive.

Meanwhile, Lusian finally popped in the game after a long, on and off, absence due to a health issue. Elwyn asked me, so I asked Lusi if he wanted to come. He said no and told me he’s still messing around with the junks (A.K.A. Artifact and Relic Armors) in his house. So we continued our business, letting him organize his Mog Safe before his Moogle gets angry.

Oh, also, during the session, I dropped into Linkaga and checked for our destination tonight. It said Dynamis – Windurst. But….after 40 mins, when I dropped in again to see people, the message changed to “Dynamis cancelled” and I went O_o!?? I mentioned it to Elwyn and he was surprised, and then we decided to stay in The Boyahda Tree for more skillup. I also told Lusian and Elfitine about this. They were also surprised and everyone asked why, why, why. I couldn’t find the answer because people who should be able to answer it was nowhere to be seen.

Ah, whatever, we can just stay here and skill up.

It looked good until at some point 2 Water Elementals popped (but I saw only 1) and I aggro’ed one of them. I started running to zone. All looked fine until I ran into a crab or two in the tunnel. They all ganged up and I couldn’t zone before I died. Ahhh actually I DID hit the zone line, but it didn’t allow me to change zone. It kicked me back, saying “you cannot change area at the moment” or so. Therefore I was sent back to the same zone and was dead!

This is a bigger boo for me. T.T Why I kept doing dumb things?

Well, I don’t mind dying. It was fun (the skill up party, not the death.) I don’t mind dying and losing experience points at all if I enjoy the activity. Heck, I am willing to delevel twice if I’m entertained by the event concerned. I only hate it when I do stupid things and show off my noobness. ><;;

Anyway, we went back to the center camp. In order to prevent me from aggroing the element again, Elwyn suggested we try to pull and kill it! Great idea, Elwyn!  The Water Elemental gave nice skill points, too. So we killed it when it popped, and when we’re cleared Elwyn pulled the Black Mandragora, Korrigan.

Then again, I stood too near to the water and aggroed a Steelshell. Elwyn slept it with his bolt, or maybe he just pulled hate. So the crab wasn’t hitting me. While I was thinking what we should do, the Beastmaster next to us charmed that Steelshell!

Thank you, Pyui!!!

I think that made him have a mob too strong so he went off to pull a Goobbue. It looked scary and he almost died. ><;; However, he managed to live and we waved goodbye.

The reason we left was because that Trustme popped and asked why Dyna is cancelled. I said no idea, so he asked where were we supposed to go. I told him and he said he had the glass and was heading to Windurst. So, we rushed there, too.

At the end of training session, my Staff skill was 194. Nice 🙂

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At Campaign

เออหลังจากที่งม ๆ หาในเนตมาหลายวัน ว่า Healing Magic มันแคปที่เลเวลอะไรตอนเราเลเวล 64 ฟะ! (ม่างงง หาใน wiki มีแต่บอกแคปเลเวล 37 กับ 75 แต่ไม่มีตารางให้ ชิส์) ในที่สุดวันนี้ก็รู้ดำรู้แดงกันซะที ว่ามันแคปที่ skill lv 222! ก่อนหน้านี้สองวัน สกิลนี้ของเรายังเลเวล 158 อยู่เลยเชื่อหรือไม่! หึ ๆ ๆ คือจะบอกว่า ก่อนหน้านี้โดน AF หลอกเอา เพราะใส่ AF แล้วมันมี +15 skill อ่ะ แล้วเจือกไม่รู้ ก็หลงตีปีกดีใจใหญ่เลยว่าสกิล Divine เราเลเวลเยอะ แหม ที่ไหนได้ พอแก้ผ้าแล้วก็ห่วยนี่เอง…

แต่รู้ไหมว่า ต่อให้ใส่ชิ้นที่ + Healing Magic 15 แล้ว สกิล Healing ของเรากลับห่วยที่สุดในจำนวนทั้งหมด!!! คิดดูดิ เอ้า พอลองแก้ผ้าจดเลเวลแล้วพบว่า…

ขณะที่เลเวล 64 เลเวลทักษะคาถาเป็นแบบนี้ (โป๊)
Divine Magic 212 (เมพแฟลช! ม่ายช่ายยย แค่ spam คาถาพวก Banish เวลาไปบีซีจกับฟาร์มเท่านั้น)
Healing Magic 158 (อะไรของมันวะ ห่วยโคตร!!!)
Enhancing Magic 169 (พอทน….)
Enfeebling Magic 199 (แคปแล้วว่ะ….)

Today I found out that my level-64-White Mage’s Healing Magic skill is capped at 222. It was level 158 2 days ago. And when I was wearing my Artifact…. it gave the illusion of being level 173. Even with that +15 from AF, Healing Magic was already far behind my other skills!

Let’s see, my naked stats of WHM’s Magic Skills are like this;
Divine Magic 212 (Flash master!?…. No, Banish spammer (when farming & beseiged) :p)
Healing Magic 158 (What’s this crap?!?)
Enhancing Magic 169 (Well, tolerable….)
Enfeebling Magic 199 (Capped already)

ด้วยความหงุดหงิดงุงิ ไม่ได้ดั่งใจ เจ๊ไม่ปลื้ม เราก็เลยใช้เวลา 1 วัน อัพสกิล Healing แม่มเลย ด้วยการไปนั่งแช่ใน Campaign อ๊ะ ๆ ไปในแคมเปญเฉย ๆ นะ ไม่ใช่ไปรบแคมเปญ…. คือไม่ต้องเอา Tags!!! แล้วยืนรออยู่หน้าประตูบ้านม็อกนั่นแหละ สำหรับบาสตอคก็เป็นประตูฝั่งใต้ เพราะตรงนั้นคนนิยมพาศัตรูมายำตีน แล้ว NPC ฝ่ายเราก็ชอบมาเกิดตรงนั้นด้วย ก็คอยใช้ Cure II กับทั้งคนและ NPC แหละ spam มันไปเรื่อยเดี๋ยวก็ดีเอง ยกเว้นตอนฉุกเฉิน ต้อช่วยชีวิตใครที่กำลังโดนกระทืบด่วน ก็ใช้ Cure V บ้างเป็นบางโอกาส

แต่ด้วยความที่ไม่มี Tags เนี่ยแหละ ทำให้ชีวิตค่อนข้างเสี่ยง คือถ้าตายก็ตายจริง ๆ เลย เสีย EXP เท่าอัตราปรกติ…. เพราะงั้นต้องใส่ RR2 ไว้เสมอ หลังจากนั้นก็ Stoneskin, BLink, Aquaveil ไว้ด้วยเพื่อความปลอดภัย เผื่อวิ่งไม่ทัน เหอ ๆ เสร็จแล้วปิดท้ายด้วย Haste ให้ตัวเอง จะได้ร่ายซ้ำได้ไว ๆ!

So, out of frustration, I spent (or you could say dedicated) 1 day trying to skill up my Healing Magic. Where? At Campaign. Behold, it was “at” Campaign Battle, not “in.” I camped the Mog House on southern exit, waiting for players or NPC to fight there. I would use Cure II on everyone, and Cure V for emergency when I seriously need to keep someone alive.

Without Campaign Allied Tags, if I died, I would lose EXP. So…. Reraise II is a must. Stoneskin, Blink, and Aquaveil were recommended, so that I could take a few hit if couldn’t run fast enough to safety. Then, Haste on me so that I can recast Cure’s faster.

แล้วจะบอกว่า Cure พวก NPC นี่เลเวลอัพโคตรไว! เช่น Musketeer กับ Reiter ของบาสตอค หรือไม่ก็หัวหน้าทีมของมัน ร่ายที ถ้าดวงดีนี่ได้ 0.5 หรือ 0.4 เน้น ๆ เลยอ่ะ ถี่ด้วย ขอบอก! จากเลเวล 158 มาเลเวล 222 นี่แทบไม่ต้องทำอะไรเลย นั่งอ่านตูนกินขนม แล้ววิ่งเข้าวิ่งออก กด Cure Cure Cure สบายโคตร! และเพราะไม่มี Tags เลยไม่ต้องมัวห่วงแต้มหรือ EXP ที่จะได้จากการเข้าร่วม เลยโซนเข้าโซนออกบ้านได้ตามสบาย เติม MP ได้ทุกเมื่อที่ต้องการ

Curing Campaign NPC like the Musketeer or the Reiters in Bastok Markets, or their chief is good. When I got skill points, it would be 0.4 or 0.5! Which made a very fast skill ups. From skill level 158 to 222, it was almost effortless. Just a lot of running, zoning, and casting. Getting no Campaign Tags, I could freely zone in and out of Mog House to immediately refill my MP without concerning about my EXP or points to gain from the Battle.


More skillups

แต่พอเลเวล 200 ไปแล้ว เริ่มฝืดเคืองนิดหน่อย มี 0.1 – 0.3 บ่อยขึ้น แล้ว 0.4 กับ 0.5 ก็ไม่ค่อยโผล่ แต่ยังไงก็ยังถือว่าเร็วอยู่ดีอะนะ เพราะเป้าให้ Cure มีไม่ขาดสายเลยจริง ๆ เราว่าอัพสกิล Healing ในแคมเปญแบบนี้ทั้งสนุก ตื่นเต้น และทำประโยชน์ให้ประเทศชาติ (บาสตอค) กว่าการยืน spam Cure ใส่ตัวเองตอนพลังเต็ม ๆ เยอะเลยอ่ะ ไม่เซ็งดี!

แล้วอย่างน้อยเราก็ได้ช่วยเหลือน้องน้อยผู้หิวโหย เอ๊ย ช่วยเหลือเพื่อนผู้ตกระกำลำบาก

After level 200, though, the skill points decreased slightly. I would see +0.3 more often, with 0.2 or 0.1 occasionally. No more 0.5 or 0.4 (duh!) But it was still a good way to level up Healing Magic, since there are endless targets to be cured. I think spending my time and MP like this is way more enjoyable, exciting, and useful than spamming Cure’s on myself at full HP.

At least I was helpful to somebody while I skill up!

ก่อนปิดเกมตอนบ่ายแก่ ๆ เพราะไม่มีอะไรทำและง่วงเหงาหาวนอน เลเวลสกิลของเราเป็นแบบนี้

Currently now is my skill list;
Divine Magic 213 (เพิ่มมา 1 เลเวล)
Healing Magic 222 (64 เลเวลแน่ะ!)
Enhancing Magic 173 (ได้แถมมา 4 เลเวล)
Enfeebling Magic 199 (เต็มแล้ว อัพไม่ได้)

Currently now is my skill list;
Divine Magic 213 (Moved up just 1 level)
Healing Magic 222 (64 levels!)
Enhancing Magic 173 (Got 4 levels, not bad)
Enfeebling Magic 199 (Can’t move anymore)

ลูถามว่าทำไมลงทุนจัง! ทุ่มเทขนาดนี้เลยเหรอ เหอ ๆ คงสงสัยล่ะเซ่ ว่าทำไมเราต้องพยายามขนาดนี้? จนถึงกับมานั่งเฝ้าแคมเปญเป้นวัน ๆ โดยที่ไม่ได้ EXP สักแอะ…. (แถมยังเสี่ยงตายอีก กร๊ากซ์)

โถ่ ก็มันไม่ได้ทำเพื่อใครหรือทำเพื่อจุดประสงค์อื่นเลยอ่ะ ทำเพื่อความพอใจของตัวเองล้วน ๆ แล้วมันก็ไม่ได้น่าเบื่อด้วยอะนะ ออกสนุกด้วยซ้ำ ไม่สิ สนุกมวากกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก โขวโบกกก! คิดดูนะ เวลาที่หัวหน้าหน่วยของ NPC กำลังจะตายแหล่ไม่ตายแหล่ โดนศัตรูรุมกระทืบอยู่ สมมติว่าเมจคนอื่น ๆ MP หมด กำลังนั่งพักรอ MP อยู่ แล้วพวกนักรบแถวหน้าก็มือไม่ว่างเงี้ย ใครคะที่จะช่วยโลก(เว่อร์ไปนิด 555)ได้! เราไง! เราอ่ะมีอำนาจ มีพลัง! กด Divine Seal แล้ว Cure V ใส่ NPC ปรู๊ดเดียว +1200 กว่า ๆ HP แล้ว แล้วที่เหลือมีเท่าไหร่อัดใส่ให้หมดทั้ง Cure V, Vi, III, แล้วก็ II พอ MP หมดล่ะ? ทำไงคะ? วิ่งเข้าบ้านสิ! แล้วจะเปลี่ยนซัพพอร์ทจ๊อบ รีเซ็ทเวลาถอยหลังของ Divine Seal ก็ยังได้ พอวิ่งออกมาก็กดอีก… ทำซ้ำได้ไม่รู้จบ!

NPC ที่กำลังจะตาย กลับมาแข็งแรงฟิตปั๋งในทันใด!



หวังว่าไม่นะ เหอ ๆ ก็แค่อารมณ์ไม่ดี ช่วงนี้ของเดือนรมณ์เสีย หงุดหงิด ต้องหาอะไรมาทำให้บันเทิงหรือเติมพลังความร่าเริงหน่อย จริงมั้ย? และนี่แหละวิธีแก้เซ็งของเรา อิ ๆ

Lusian asked me why I was so dedicated to this…. He was amazed that I would be so keen to skill up my Healing Magic that I would resort to this activity. Without getting any EXP and with a big risk of getting killed?!

No, I wasn’t doing this for anyone or anything. This is just to satisfy myself. Plus, it wasn’t boring a tid bit. It was fun! And I would say big fun! Imagine…. When a chief NPC is dying! All other mages are sitting for MP, and other melees are busy! I am the only one who could save the world!!! (Exaggeration lol) I had the power. I could spend my Divine Seal, then Cure V the NPC for 1200+ HP. Then spam my Cure V, IV, III, and II on them. WHen I’m out of MP, I could run into my Mog House, change my Support Job to reset timer of Divine Seal, then come out again, repeat.

The dying NPC is now at almost full health!

Oh! I feel so powerful!

Am I going insane?

Hope not…. When I’m distressed like this time of the month, I need something to cheer me up or fill me with energy, and that is it. /grin

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