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Mor Dhona: Dalamud and the Dragon Ruin at different times of the day.

Just because. And just because I’m a screenshot freak.

The time I noted here are roughly recalled from memory. Each of these pics were taken between 2-4 minutes apart, according to the file info. Some pics might be taken longer apart (about 5-6 mins) if I didn’t see much change in the light.

I think I actually got there before 21:00 and the light was awesome, but I got crazy trying to take screenshots of the thunder (failed even after several mins, by the way) and didn’t get into position for this series of pics until the airships came, which means the clock was somewhere around 23:xx – midnight. LOL.

The pic below is probably the best “thunder” pic I got during the span of 1 hour. It’s mainly difficult because to get the pic in this angle, I had to be in 1st person point of view and shake my camera up, then let it drop, then hope I smash the PrintScreen button at a good split second. And when you combine that with the slim hope of catching a lightning flash in the pic…. Hahaha. See in this pic the dragon ruin had the top part clipped off from the frame a little, was because I hit the button 1/10 seconds (or so) too late.

(More pics below, click the link to open the full entry.)

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I am racing against the clock to meet my work’s deadline now, but I really really really want to write something in my blog. T.T Unfortunately, that is not a viable decision. But I am dying to post SOMETHING! So here goes something that doesn’t require much description.

Ah, but first, these 2 are the first 2 pics of the “new” Dalamud I ever had in my PC! Not taken by me, since after each of the 2 patches, I was lazy and keeping busy outside of the game and didn’t log in for so many days. So, Corn took these pics for me and sent them.

14 AUG 2012. First adjustment of the Dalamud’s size, I think. Corn was so excited about the trio Empire’s airships and the aurora.

15 SEP 2012, after the newest patch which made Dalamud has golden glow.


Anyway, here are my latest Dalamud pics. First one was WEIRD! I logged into Corn’s character using my PC and this was what I saw at Drybone. I don’t know what was going on, because when I logged in to my own character, the Dalamud shrunk back to normal size.

The rest of the collection is from latest patch and so on.


Be warned, below this is a plethora of screenshots. It might take a long time to load on your screen. Click the link at your own risk. XD

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