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*Spoiler alert*
This entry contains some facts and trivial information that might give away the storyline or important secret.

Behold, the arrival of the last leg of my journey towards Sea, or Al’Taieu, is now before your eyes.

After a long struggle, a great effort, and an incredible help from friends on several occasions, today I finally beat CoP mission no. 7-5: The Warrior’s Path, or Tenzen Battle. Then the amazing, shocking truth was unfolded. We were shown a long and epic cutscene telling the long and winding storyline’s turn point.

First, I was so thrilled to actually see the Mothercrystal. It is so huge!! And seems powerful. No wonder why almost everyone was fighting for an access to it LOL. All our battle comrades were also there, Prishe, Ulmia, Louverance, Shikaree Z, and Jabbos….. We all were surprised to see the 5th Mothercrystal, while Ulmia sensed something different of this crystal to the other 4. She said other crystals emits energy of warmth and peace, while this one is chilly. Sounds evil, huh?

And suddenly Selh’teus made his appearance. *shudder*

He said this Mothercrystal does not belong to Vana’diel, but Al’Taieu since the submerge 10,000 years ago. He went on about the loss of energy that resulted in drawing the crystal and Al’Taieu back to Vana’diel. In short, if this Mothercrystal’s power fades, Al’Taieu as well as the Keeper of Apocalypse would return to Vana’diel and cause chaos or destruction.

Then Tenzen, and the 3 Tarutaru siblings (brats!) showed up. Tenzen also confirms that statement and added that Selh’teus has been to 4 Mothercrystals to absorb the energy, in order to pour that energy into this 5th crystal. His goal is to prevent the wake of Keeper of Apocalypse.

Then came the shocking news……..

Selh’teus said he could not carry the light, the crystal’s energy. So he’s been using me (or us…. every player) as the container. So now as I, who’s bearing the light, is before the 5th Mothercrystal, they plan to smash me into pieces, like a broken jar, to release the light into the crystal.

In short, they want me to die.

Oh….you bastards.

Even the mischievous Tarutaru kids were so shocked.

Then Selh’teus reached to me…. Saying I must return to the crystal.It is the only way to save Vana’diel from destruction.

Oh no you meanie ><;; Keep your hands off me!

Luckily Prishe does not agree (well, I guess others don’t agree too, but they were too shocked to react) so she stepped in to protect me. If you look clearly, you would notice me kneeling in weakened state behind her LOL.

So she said I don’t deserve to die, for there must be another resolution. She said we have the potential, we have the light, and our spirits are strong, so we should be able to defeat the Keeper of Apocalypse. So she’s all against the idea of killing us as a sacrifice to save the world. She also told Tenzen that Phoenix must have planned to resurrect us after killing us to release the power of light, too. However, she does not support the idea, she told Selh’teus he should pour the energy of the 5th crystal into us, and let us go to Al’Taieu to defeat the Keeper of Apocalypse.

Suddenly, Nag’molada made a grand appearance. I can’t remember precisely, but I think he knocked Prishe and Selh’teus over with some beam. He said, yes, open the gate to Al’Taieu!

I don’t know what he’s up to. He’s so hard to understand. I only know that I never liked him 🙁

Everyone else got into battle stance…. He is an enemy!

Nag’molada got the Amulet, and he talked to Selh’teus about the past, and something Selh’teus used to say long ago (wow, time to reminisce, eh?) about opening the way to Al’Taieu and opening the Gate of the Gods.

Then Nag’molada said it is unfair Selh’teus is making us take responsibility of the Zilartian’s sins, so he would take the burden off my shoulders (whoa, how generous!?) and also take the power…. (guh! bastard!)

Then he used the Amulet to absorb the light from us. Noooo! The light of Mothercrystal got stolen!

Then we (or actually, I) must have gone unconscious, because I saw a dream, or rather a flashback….

They talked about the original Mothercrystal that was in the eternal paradise or something, and how it got smashed into 5 separated pieces, causing the eternity to end and dwellers in the paradise to change form or something…..

Well, frankly I can’t really comprehend what they were saying ; ; The concept of Emptiness and the will of Altana vs. the will of Promathia is so complicated. I would have to read carefully to understand that. Reading from a long cutscene in the game, while a bunch of friends are waiting for me outside of the battlefield does not give me a relaxing enough time to try to understand everything in the story.

Anyway, Yve’noile or the Dawn Maiden said that the Crystal Warriors were supposed to keep destroying darkness or something, but they, too, cannot escape from the Emptiness that is creeping into everything. And she said something that sounded like….. Emptiness is the shadow that was born from the light. So, where there’s light, there’s shadow, and there’s Emptiness.

Then the dream of flashback ended, and I was spat out on the other end of the battlefield….. Into Sea, Al’Taieu.

Nag’molada, however, got here unharmed. (Why!!!???) And he walked passed the dead body me without even glancing. Man, I could of sworn that if I were in his path, he would even step on me and wouldn’t care.

Then he, who was overwhelmed with the joy from gaining access to the ancient capital, Al’Taieu, went kinda crazy like a mad scientist….or a brainwashed member of some cult LOL.

But then he got all mad and yelled at me because he couldn’t hear the whisper of the soul, accusing me of thinking too loud and thus interfering with his receptivity…. Bleh, what a jerk!

Then he realized that all other people in there were sent here as well. And he mentioned something about going to visit the grand palace, then left.

Phew, that moron finally left me alone. So now I can enjoy the new scenery of the new land, the lost capital of Al’Taieu.

(Click for larger image)

And then the next chapter of Chains of Promathia began….

I’m now still disappointed that I forgot to turn on weather effect before all that. So my screenshots got plain and boring sky instead of the real one ; ;

Anyway, after all the long conversation and vision, I found myself in a while new realm….

Arkades, Dragonkng, Cornelious, and me.

Everything looked so bizarre and creepily beautiful. I felt very excited seeing Sea the first time. The view, the floor, the sky, the buildings, and the enemies, were all weird, yet wondrous.

And I was greeted by the Goldfish-Dolphin. Creeps me out a little, but when it’s following someone else, it looks cute.

Thank you everyone, for helping me accomplish another step of CoP mission. ^_^

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Digging into my screenshot folders…

Been busy with work and real life, so I didn’t have time to write what I wanted to write ; ;

I’ll come back to write about it later.


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Grrr! The next mission in Chains of Promathia is so messy. Have a lot of stuff to do, and we wouldn’tt want to skip any important step, would we? So, here I am, making my personal checklist of what to do and what have been done for my Three Paths mission, or CoP5-3.

  • Beat Promyvian – Vahzl
  • Talk to Cid
  • Met up with 3 others, saying they’re splitting in 3 paths
  • Agree to help investigate each of the 3 paths

Past Sins

  • Visit Tavnazian Safehold and talk to elder Despachiaire
  • Listen to Louverance speaking with Despachiaire
    (oh wow…unexpected story to hear)

  • Leave Tavnazia and head to Windurst


  • Find Perih Vashai in Windurst Woods
    (This seems to be a much bigger matter than I thought)


  • Go to Bibiki Bay => Manaclipper => Purgonorgo Isle
  • Examine the ??? Warmachine
    (OMG What a turn of event! Let’s hurry!)


  • Talk to Yoran-Oran in Windurst Walls
  • Check mission: Past Sins, A Century of Hardship


  • Head to Oldton Movalpolos
  • Get a cutscene with Louverance
  • Enter Mine Shaft #2716
    (A pain in the ass trek… and I didn’t have 3 ppl to activate levers, duh!)
  • It’s a BCNM fight! Cap 60! (No longer capped since June patch)
  • Kick Bugbear’s and Moblins’ asses


  • Return to Cid in Metalworks
  • Go to Newton Movalpolos and kill Moblins for key
  • Get Gold Key, one for each mission person
  • Head to Mine Shaft #2716, trading Gold Key will trigger a cutscene
  • Take caution before triggering cutscene because it warp you to other place!!! Into the Battlefield, maybe?
  • Return to Cid in Metalworks


The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen)


  • Check ??? at Carbuncle’s hideout in La Theine Plateau
  • Talk to Carbuncle, make sure to see Tenzen in the conversation
    (I’m so pumped up RAWR!!! Go get that power!)
  • Check mission: The Pursuit of Paradise, Spiral.


  • Head to Pso’Xja through last tower before Fei-Yin
  • It’s a Cap 50 zone (No longer capped since June patch)
  • Pass through 16 Stone Doors by killing 16 Doll NMs
  • Beware of mobs, they can aggro through the door
  • Can clear room, mob repop in 15 mins
  • After last door, take elevator down
  • Check Avatar Gate at (H-8)


  • Talk to doctor Monberaux in Upper Jeuno
  • Get a key item from him
  • Talk to Pherimociel in Ducal Palace, Ru’Lude Gardens
  • Get a cutscene with Wolfgang in it
  • Talk to Monberaux again


  • Investigate ??? in Batallia Downs near Jeuno exit
  • Get a cutscene
  • Check it again for a key item about Delkfutt’s Tower


  • Go to Lower Delkfutt’s Tower
  • On first floor, head to Cermet Door at (H-5) to pop doll NM
  • Pop NM, kill it
  • Check the gate again for a cutscene


  • Go back to Pso’Xja, this time use tower near Batallia Downs, which is at (H-10)
  • It’s Cap 60 zone
  • Get a cutscene with Tenzen
  • Sneak and Invisible up, go in
  • Get to the elevator (complicated direction)
  • Check Sneak and Invisible before using elevator
  • Check Avatar Gate for a cutscene
  • Return to Cid in Metalworks

Where Messengers Gather


  • (Optional but recommended) Obtain some Blackened Muddy Siredon from quest in Carpenter’s Landings!
  • (Recommended) Get some salt from some NPC in Tavnazia


  • Talk to Hinaree in Southern San d’Oria
    (This old lady is so awwww, her kindness and speech touched my heart)
  • She should mention Prishe and Ulmia
  • Zone to Port San d’Oria for a cutscene with Ulmia
    (She’s so gentle and sweet <3 And oh my, that song!)
  • Talk to Chasalvige in Northern San d’Oria Cathedral
    (OMG the mysterious, distant past unfolds here!)

  • He should start talking about Knight Mistalle, and Ulmia should show up
    (Nooo that tear-jerking music again ; ; /cry)


  • Follow the lead and head to Windurst Waters south, Rhinostery
  • Talk to Kerutoto (may have to talk many times)
  • She’ll mention a girl with dark aura, and the great being’s fury about Pxo’Xja
    (This Taru is quite amazing… Is she a dream-reader or prophet something?)
  • According to her, go see Yoran-Oran in Windurst Walls
    (Awwww poor little doctor Yotan-Oran!!!! LMAO Sugarplum!)
  • Watch the long, entertaining cutscene, muwahahaha!
    (Rejoice your reunion! Oh you ninny Prishe! LOL)
  • The truth uncovers itself here… epic, very epic, indeed!
    (And Prishe calls Shantotto “Docs” making her scream. Hahahaha!!!)

  • Check mission: Where Messengers Gather, Head Wind


  • Head to Boneyard Gully through Attohwa Chasm
  • Sneak up on your way!
  • BCNM is capped 50 (Not capped anymore, since June patch)
  • Fight the 3 Shikaree sisters!! The rabid felines, according to Doctor Shantotto ROFL
  • Can use Blackened Muddy Siredon, once on each Mithra, to stop their TP Regain effect for a while


  • Go to Uleguerand Range
  • Jump into the hole at (J-9), take north path
  • Go into Bearclaw Pinnacle
  • It’s a BCNM capped 60 (Not capped anymore, since June patch)
  • Buff up inside
  • Must defeat the Snoll Tzar within 45 secs, or it will blow up!
  • Can use the salt on Snoll!
  • Kill it!!! And return to Cid in Metalworks


…..So, that’s it. A LOT to do, indeed.

I feel tired just by reading these info on wiki and arranging it here in my blog. =_=;; Hope we survive doing this mission!

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Long story short, last night we finally beat Promyvian – Vahzl in Chains of Promathia Mission. It’s been like what? 8 months since our CoP static disbanded? So yeah we gathered and, after an ordeal of getting ready and preparing anima bottled to throw at the bosses (but unsuccessful), we set off to Pso’Xja. Full attack on the mission “The Enduring Tumult of War.” Or CoP5-1.

Joining up with Tenzen, Prishe, and Ulmia, we proceeded through Pso’Xja and to the Stone Door guarded by a Golem. We beat it (no screenshot, sadly) and entered. Rode the elevator down and headed to Promyvian – Vahzl entrance. Then got a mighty long cutscene.

Guess what? We have a company. =_=

That greying, balding guy is Nag’molada. He called us “imcompetent adventurers” because we were too slow in locating the mothercrystals, and he beat us to it. Oh yeah, I can’t reject because we actually took almost a year to get to the north tower of Pso’Xja. Duh!

However, he wasn’t alone! The boy also arrived!

The creepy boy, of whom I used to say “Whoa, he gave me this amulet that seems very important to the mission, he must be a good person!” (to which Leonidus commented “You will regret obtaining that amulet from the boy, *chuckle*”)

A lot of conversation went on, and many things happened, to which I wasn’t paying attention because I was flipping out to the party about the preparation of anima for this part of mission. It was unpleasant and I’ve been mean and bitchy, so I wont write about the detail. Anyway, Selh’teus started to communicate with Prishe who was shouting at either Nag’molada or Diabolos, I can’t remember.

Then, we saw an eerie dream, I wasn’t sure if it was happening at the time or was a flashback of someone’s memory. But I would guess the latter, because Lady Yve’noile mentioned 2 names, Selh’teus and Nag’molada. Also, I wasn’t reading the story carefully enough to remember it, because I was ragingly spamming my enter key to speed up the conversation, just so that I could go back to Jeuno to continue preparing anima.

Exactly 30 minutes later, we arrived in Promyvian – Vahzl, with a full set of 3 anima at Aika, and only 4 pairs of 2 animas (Hysteroanima [pain] and Terroanima [guilt]) because there was no Recollection of Fear on the Auction House, and Cornelious’ gallant attempt to farm us the Recollections had partly failed because of his modem and port-forwarding problem.

Anyway, Cornie got us 3 Recollection of Pains, netting me 3 more bottle of Hysteroanima. While I dug into Shinmai’s inventory and brought a Hysteroanima I already had, as well as  turned 4 Recollection of Guilts into 4 Terroanima. By the time we arrived at the entrance, Lusian had already fallen asleep. Of course it was about 2.30 A.M…. Can’t blame him for passing out on us.  After a few attempt to wake him up using various <call> in party, we figured he wouldn’t wake up. So, for safety, instead of attempting this part of mission as a party of 5, I asked Arkades to come and help.

Well, he had actually been standing by all the time since we started gathering. I found out that he had been doing nothing but staring at his Moogle (or maybe also beating up on him, who knows) awaiting my SOS in his Mog House. Thank you a million times, Ark. Oh, and Aurrek had offered to help me with CoP as well, but at that time he wasn’t online. ANd this mission trip wasn’t planned ahead, it was like a pop quiz brought up by Elfitine at around half past midnight. So I didn’t poke Aurrek earlier about this CoP run.

While Arkades was getting ready, we climbed up because he said he was positive he could warp up to any floor. Then after 1 death while commuting (Ark was all alone, so he died ; ; /cry) we all reunited.

Then, the lengthy climb, and to the battle!

First boss was quite easy. Though Aika popped it too fast by touching the Flux door as soon as we got there (I would have done the same if I wasn’t far behind, and I already did the unprepared touch-pop once at Golem door in Pso’Xja) the fight went smoothly without any death at all.


The creepy door started to glow….

We joined up with Tenzen at first door. Then Louverance on next. And finally Ulmia on last boss’ door.

The second boss battle with Solicitor, however, didn’t go as nicely as the first. Though we took precaution this time, by Cornelious’ reminder not to pop the boss before mages were ready, the battle still went ugly later on.

Corn: “Wait, get ready first, don’t click the door. No touchy!”
Ark touches Cornelious.
Me: “OMGLOL!!!”
Corn: “Not you, big boy. You can touch me.”
Ark: “=_=;;”

Back to the battle, it killed Elfitine the Paladin near the end of fight. I was too panicked to remember the detail of what happened next, but we were successful in keeping others alive, so they kept fighting while Cornie nuked it, and eventually when we had no other measure, he beat it …. with …. a staff. Guess what, his whack was the finishing blow. He was all psyched up by that and Elfitine, who was still on the ground, went like “OMG Corn killed it!”

Then we proceeded up to the last floor. Taking rest for MP every once in a while.

After the last floor guardian boss, Elfitine was once again the dead body on the ground while we checked the Memory Flux for win. This battle was very hard. This angry boss, Ponderer, spammed a lot of AoE near the end. I couldn’t cure everyone fast enough so eventually Elfi and Aika died at the same time.

The chat log went:

AoE spams….
Cure bombs….
Aikanana casts Utsusemi: Ichi.
Arkades uses Meditate.
Mitaonsya cures self for 614 HP.
Elfitine was defeated by the Ponderer.
Aika was defeated by the Ponderer.

(Elfitine) ><
Arkades uses Seigan.
Arkades used Third Eye.

Mitaonsya weeps in sorrow before Elfitine.
(Aleczan) @#$&^#$%^@
Arkades uses Provoke on the Ponderer.
Mita Cures Arkades for 190 HP.
Arkades readies Tachi: Jinpu.
The Ponderer readies Trinary Tap.

Cornelious cures Arkades for 172 HP.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 190 HP.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 92 HP.
Mitaonsya cures Arkades for 91 HP.
(Cornelious) damnit
Aleczan casts Banish II. The Ponderer takes 42 points of dmg.
Cornelious starts casting Stun on the Ponderer.
Mitaonsya cures Arkades for 91 HP.
(Elfitine) %?
(Aleczan) 1

Arkades used Provoke on the Ponderer.
Aikanana starts casting Headbutt on the Ponderer.
(Mitaonsya) 1
Arkades uses Third Eye.
(Elfitine) go go
Cornelious defeats the Ponderer.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 190 HP.
(Elfitine) check
(Cornelious) READ THAT
(Cornelious) booya
(Cornelious) lol
(Cornelious) staff again!
(Elfitine) omg
(Aleczan) D:
(Cornelious) gandalf!
(Aikanana) >o<
(Aleczan) You psycho black mage.

That was so AWESOME!!!

Aika got up quickly after he died, and helped out with the fight while Elfi remained dead. So when we finished, Elfitine was the only corpse on the floor XD

So, in we go. And then to the Spire of Vahzl.

We met up again with Nag’molada. Now when it comes to the big decision, I like how SE make NPC characters ask, and look at me in hope of getting a correct answer. Then let us pick a choice…. Of course I asnwered “Yes.” So, Nag’molada made the path for us.

But well, things can’t go as smooth as it seem. Nag’molada called out for Selh’teus, but instead 3 Promy bosses showed up.

Buff up…. Get ready. Anima throwing order has been agreed. Full attack! We picked Agonizer first, just so we have plenty of anima to throw at the hardest boss.

The battle was so damn long. Especially in Agonizer. I think it lived for a very very long time after hitting 20% HP. Because we used 2 or 3 bottles of Terroanima to scare off the long-legged Cumulator while trying to finish off the creepy spider-tree. Battle went well. Difficult and long, but steady. No one died. In the end we had just a bottle of Terroanima and Hysteroanima left at Arkades. So, I would say our effort and time spent in getting animas was actually useful. Aika’s animas excluded, because he had them ready since long ago. Made me feel bad for not farming any Recollection of Fear earlier. ; ;

So once we won, Diabolos appeared and said something so stunning. The plot was so complicated and grand that I had waves of goosebumps. Oh no, we must stop this!!! Help!!!

After the long conversation, Prishe finally woke up and argued with Diabolos. She mush have known something… Hmmmm! And yeah I can’t hate her. She’s the type who bluntly speaks her thought and is headstrong. Very straightforward, almost seem demanding and self-centered.

She yelled at Diabolos…. And if I wasn’t dreaming, I think I saw him flinching at her words and got upset. Maybe he has some kind of sad memory and didn’t want to think about it. So he was like yelling back at her…. “What do you know!!!?”  It sounded bitter and painful. I’m really curious what had happened. We must find out by proceeding with the mission!

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