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Again, this year the Sadistic Statistic Moogle (or according to Cornie, the GoogleMoogle) is back!

He’s the Moogle that keeps track of everyone’s statistics, the data such as Chat Frequency, NPC conversations, numbers of your battles, battles won, parties or alliances joined, as well as how many enemies you have defeated (which I believe only counting the finishing blows.)

So here’s mine! As of 14 May 2010.

Chat Frequency:  509588
NPC Conversation:  65528
Parties joined:   2966
Alliances joined:   443
Battles fought:  72016
Deaths:  868
Enemies defeated:   41390
GM calls made:  9


Let’s compare it to last year, May 2009.

So, within 1 year time, here’s the change.
Chat Frequency:  +200324
NPC Conversation:  +21542
Parties joined:   +1018
Alliances joined:   +294
Battles fought:  +16492
Deaths:  +232
Enemies defeated:   +7296
GM calls made:  +5

Comparing to people whom I’ve talked to, for example, Cornie and Aurrek, I have died very few times! Prove me the master of escaping!! Woot!

Ah, and my total playtime from /playlog command reads:
375 days and 6 hours, approximated.


By the way, Corn’s total stats (as of 12th May 2010) are;

Chat Frequency:  637357 (There, more than me, phew! Haha!)
NPC Conversation: 43081 (A lot! But mine’s still more, me lonely? Had to befriend NPCs!)
Parties joined:   2353 (A bit less then me? I don’t expect me to win like this O_o)
Alliances joined: 484 (We’re close!)
Battles fought: 53299 (Impossible >.> Corn, you are the slaughterhouse beast, why I fought more than you!?)
Deaths:  1398 (500+ more than me, wheeee!!)
Enemies defeated: 32873 (Right, because you usually are busy tanking for me when I kick stuff)
GM calls made: 7 (Way to go, hun)


And Aurrek’s (12th May 2010):

Chat Frequency:  299591 (Hmmm how curious, not as high as I would expect)
NPC Conversation: 74498 (Gosh, you love those NPCs so much, Aurrek)
Parties joined:   2615 (Our stats is kind of close in this department)
Alliances joined: 548 (A bit more than me and Corn, you’re the big event guy, yeah!)
Battles fought: 94468 (Look whose number went skyrocket O_o OMG are you kidding me!?)
Deaths: 41xx (I zoned, but still this is A LOT!!! You master of death!)
Enemies defeated: 33202 (Close to Corn’s, a bit more)
GM calls made: Didn’t mention.


And Arkades’ (15th May 2010)

Chat Frequency:  297563 (Average, is it?)
NPC Conversation: 74917 (You talked to NPCs even more than Aurrek did….wow)
Parties joined:   2949 (Almost draw with me on this one)
Alliances joined: 547 (Almost match Aurrek’s lol)
Battles fought: 117893 (Whoa, dude, we’re talking about 100k battles? OMG You maniac!)
Deaths:  2668 (Are you serious? Dying 2600 times out of 2900 parties joined? That’s a true PLD)
Enemies defeated: 45348 (Ark is a killer!)
GM calls made: Didn’t mention


Fun XD

I’m looking for more people to compare stats with.  :3

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Hmmmmmph! After several years of FFXI, my Cooking finally got to level 96.

Before, I’ve been slowly skilling up until 95, then I hit a wall due to recipe’s ingredients rarity. King Truffle is a big hassle to farm, or even to buy from Auction House. Cornie went out of his way to the Crawler’s Nest and farmed it for me, and we got 1 and a half stack. However, with my inventory issues, I didn’t attempt to gather other ingredients to start skilling up. What’s the big pain for Cooking at high end is that most recipes require around 6-8 ingredients each! And the dishes are mostly unstackable. That means I will have to prepare at least 20 empty slots just to attempt the craft with 1 stack of crystals, or 12 synths.


One day (Tuesday 11 May, to be specific) I ran into Aurrek who’s leveling up his Smithing to support his main craft, Goldsmith. After exchanging crafting information of ourselves, he found out that I could actually craft the claws he needs for his recipe. We quickly agreed to team up crafting and so each of us hauled over the ingredients we needed. I dug out my Beetle Jaws and Steel Ingots which I’ve been collecting from Desynths of various goblin junks. He brought his Mythril Ingots and ironed them into Sheets.

I was more than happy to make Claws for him, because I found out after first try that I could still get skill up from that recipe XD After a few more synths, I capped that recipe with my Smithing at 32. What was super funny was that…..I made a pair of Claws +1.

Oh yeah, and we would HQ stuff when we can only use the NQ one as the ingredient for what we really want. LOL.

That happened with my Buffalo Jerky => Bison Jerky too. RAWR!

We made at least 8 pairs of Claws and Aurrek used them up. Unfortunately, he got just a tiny bit of skill points. We were disappointed and I told him to try my superstitious theory…. Waiting for moon phase and correct day for optimal skill up chance. He said he would do that too, but didn’t say it because the Claws would just sit there for too long. So I suggested we keep ingredients, or farm ingredients for the Claws as well as his sheets, and spam craft later.

After we decided to pause his recipe until time was right, Aurrek asked if he could help anything with my Crafting. Well, my Goldsmith has been at 17 for ages because I didn’t attempt to level it up since last time. So I asked what recipe I should do, since Silver Ores are hard to come by on AH and was hard to dig up. He said we could buy it from the Guild. And that day the price happened to be very cheap! So we camped the guild and buy them up, getting my Goldsmith from 17 to 20 which was cap level for Silver Ingot.

As far as I can remember, we couldn’t finish my Goldsmith at cap 20 at first because guild shop closed. So we had to walk around and wait for it to reopen again. Meanwhile I used my Pullus Torque to costume as a baby Chocobo and ran around.

Was damn fun hahaha!!! (Click on this picture for larger image)

Later that week we went to farm some money, starting from Delkfutts for Alky and Pallas, as well as the Gigas’ stinky socks (yuck!) Could only get 1 Alky pop and a lot of Pallas. Only 2 Pallas dropped though. The sock yield was, however, unexpectedly profitable.

While we were fighting witk Alky, I was entertained to see him changing colours when he got hit with different additional effects. LOL

Yellow was from Auspice, while green was from Aurrek’s Sirocco Kukri, I think.

We made quite a big amount of money from that farm session.

Feeling rich, Aurrek insisted upon having me level up my Cooking with the money we earned, while he does his Goldsmith because the time was perfect for both our recipes. And he didn’t want me to waste my time helping him with his Goldsmith while letting such a good Moon phase to pass without doing anything with my Cooking. So, he went and bought me more King Truffles. Piling up with what Corn farmed me long ago, I could attempt about 3 stacks (36) of synths. All those, in the end, gained me 1.0 skill points, bringing me from 95 to 96!

However, since Aurrek dumped his money on my Truffles he didn’t have enough to buy Mythril Ingots for his own level up recipe >.>

Before the appointed day for crafting session, we went to Davoi and Monastic Cavern to farm Orcs for Mythril Beastcoins and etc. The yield was too low and turned out to be a little waste of time. However, we managed to get like half of what we needed, the rest were bought from Auction House. We left Davoi in a hurry and headed to Jeuno for some items, then came back to Bastok as fast as we could, to be able to craft on Darksday, as I always like to do with my Cooking skillup.

So, after one crafting session (with a lot of broken crystals and a few broken ingredients, LOL), we moved forward on each own main craft. I can’t remember what level he got to, but mine is now 96. I’m very happy with tthe result, but one downside is that I had about 25-30 bowls of Brain Stew to deal with XD

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Hmmmm! Today I went to Campaign Battle with Aurrek and he happened to mention a friend whose name was mighty familiar to me. After a few second of fast-rewinding my memory, I recalled him being one of those who were in alliance when I did my Divine Might battle.

So, off I go, browsing my old screenshot folders. And yes, I found them, dating back to 21 February 2010. You can read in detail >>> here <<< because I went back and wrote about it using the date when it happened.

Anyway, looking closely in the pictures, I found this funny trivial fact…

In this screenshot which I took immediately when we beat the battle,

The bottom left corner of the chatlog has it that….

>.> Uhh Aurrek, scene stealer! LOL

Then we were queuing up for D2 service. And as people were leaving, somehow Aurrek and Cornelious glared at each other. I don’t know what they were doing, but probably some kind of mind game, or a face-off to show who’s the macho man and the man of the match! Funny pic, and I was like staring at them hahaha!

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Aromatherapy? Hydrotherapy? They’re all so last year! What’s hot in this season is Campaigntherapy!!!

Feel sad? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel antsy? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel down? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel bored? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel stressful? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel angry for no reason? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel like kicking some asses? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel like getting your ass kicked? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel like scratching someone’s eyes out? Go Campaign Battle!

In dire need of Merit Points but don’t want to setup a Merit party? Go Campaign Battle!

Eyes burning with envy on the Allied Ring that your friends flaunted in your face? Go Campaign Battle!

Yes, Campaign Battle is the cure for all!

Just leave everything behind and go crazy with your killing spree.  Club those Yagudo on the head, kick those Orcs in the nuts, or stab those Quadavs in the throat! Unleash your frustration or anger on the beastmen, and then you would feel better. Kill something! Whack some monster! Crack your whip! Go RAWR and attack everything in your sight!

Ahhhhhh! At least that’s how I roll. If I really don’t know how else to make me feel better, I would either wander around aimlessly alone or find something to kill. Submerge myself in some intense activity to reduce my stress.

Just yesterday I logged on while feeling crappy and grouchy, so I set my comment to forewarn friends or strangers of my unstable mental, and ventured out to the Campaign Battle fields. After a while, however, I became restless and antsy., and also a bit lonely, I would guess. Then I happened to see that Aurrek was around! Of course who else would be the better victim than such a good ol’ friend?


No, I didn’t kick him in the nuts or scratch his eyes out! I meant victim in being a picked company for me. So yeah we teamed up and hung around. It’s hard to explain but Aurrek is now one of a few people I would seek and want to hang near when I’m not feeling well. His presence kind of makes me feel calm and relaxed. So, instead of avoiding him when I’m extremely moody like I would avoid other friends, just so I have some private space to calm down, I stick with him. The other few people would be Arkades, whose company always makes me feel active and energetic. So when I feel lifelessly bored or lack of motive, I seek Ark as well. Cornelious is also the very example of my selected company. He makes me feel happy and lively, and also very comfortable. Oh wow, now it starts to sound more like Gentlementherapy instead. LOL!

Anyway, back to Aurrek’s story. So we partied and battled in Campaign for a (long) while. I actually ran into him during Campaign several times in this past week. But yesterday was especially memorable because we sat down and had a very long talk too, not just killing random monsters, although it started out as normally as other encounters – by having us killing beastmen that invaded.

We hopped to various place, fighting either Yagudo or Orcs. But as far as I remember, we didn’t go to any of the Quadav’s attack areas. Then, at East Ronfaure (S), while waiting for the battle to start, Aurrek stared at the female (I didn’t notice at first!) Elvaan NPC, drooling over her Aegis. I told him this shield looks very creepy, because it has a face on it. LOL.

Then after finishing several Campaign Battles, we just stopped and sat down and talked. We talked about a lot of stuff, his good friends, his LS, his goal of obtaining Aegis. We also talked about Thai language, about Aphmau and a music VDO on YouTube (Very lovely <3 !!!) , about my website (this blog), about Cornelious (oops, lol sowwy Cornie!), and about personally sad moments. He also gave some useful advice on the subject of what’s troubling me at the moment. I really appreciate it. Then after a very long conversation, we started moving again and wandered around quite aimlessly.

We explored Sauromugue Champaign (S), trying to find a way to get to the oceanic cliff. However, the path was blocked by a long wall. :\ Aurrek said Awww we can’t get to the water. Meh! Bummer.  Anyway, we walked around and found a Sprite. Aurrek made a comment saying he looks almost like this Sprite in real life XD So I took a screenshot of him and the faerie. Sky was blue and pretty too! Then we went to Meriphatuad Mountains (S) and kindof repeated the same process of roaming.

“Aurrek, what’s that black smoke?”
“Over there, in the sky.” *point*
“Hmmmm. Let’s investigate.”

Too bad we ran into a dead end and couldn’t get to the place where that smoke was originated.

Oh, and while we were in the Champaign, Aurrek crept up on some Yagudos at their tower and slain them. We moved from tower to tower. Was fun! Especially when they use Feathered Furore or something and stripped Aurrek’s pants off his body! LOL!

Yeah, it was a good day. Made me feel better too. Was great to hang out with him. Thank you Aurrek! Let’s go kill some beastmen together again soon!

Oh and just for reference, I’ve written another page about the first time I met Aurrek, back in 2008, >> here <<.

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Hm… So yes, on Thursday, 13 May 2010 I talked to Aurrek and he happened to mention a friend named Optimussss (I can’t remember how many “s” LOL) and that rang a bell. I knew that guy, from somewhere. Then I recalled he was one of the helper when I went to do my Divine Might battle. DM is a battle in Sky which is closely related to Zillart missions. To participate in this battle you’ll required to at least have past ZM13: The Gate of the God, and be on, or past, ZM14: Ark Angels.

That epic gathering took place on 21 February 2010, according to the date on my screenshots. As far as I remember, we started off in Aht Urhgan Whiregate, and other people slowly popped into the alliance. Then each person made their own way to the place by themselves. So, after going back to the spot in the Shrine of Ru’Avitau to make sure I’ve already has a conversation with Lady Yve’noile and am eligible to enter the battle field of Divine Might, we gathered in front of La’Loff whatever that I cannot spell nor remember… and waited for the whole alliance to arrive.

It was a big event, therefore a lot of mishaps occurred. Some people could not come, some people recruited new members, some people left. Little delays added up, but eventually we were ready. I’m very grateful to those who put their effort to organize this run. Cornie had been monitoring this run since he heard from friends (maybe) that they were seeking people. Or maybe Cornie and his friend just saw the shout somewhere, I cannot remember the details. Anyway, he notified me of the run gathering in progress, telling me to wake up early to check on it, since it seemed the alliance would take several hours to assemble.

So, I woke up the next day and immediately logged on, then got invited, and headed to sky as mentioned above. After a long while, because hurling over such a big group of people is not an easy task, we were ready and talked about strategies in front of the Battle Field entrance. Some people got quite impatience and antsy, itching to kill some stuff, I guess. Then, following the long briefing, we all headed in.

While waiting on the BCNM platform…. That tiny room suddenly felt so packed, almost to the point of suffocating people LOL.

Since there were so many, many, many people, I took 3 screenshots instead of one just to try not to miss anyone.

And since I don’t personally know, or even familiar with most of them, I won’t really mention their names in my blog. Just see the screenshots for yourself if you want to find out who else were in this event.

Then we got up and starting to enter. After buffs and resting MP, I believe.

All pumped up and psyched, weren’t we? Yeah, full attack! Kill them! Get the earring!

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present;

The Frightening Five!

Shadow Warriors or Warriors of Crystal something? I can’t recall what they were called.

Time to jump in and engage those badasses!

Sp the BLMs all gather out front, judging their casting range before calling time, to signal all mages to nuke at the same time. This process was done carefully to ensure that no one would nuke too late and cause other mages to die due to the enemy not dying.


Things didn’t go according to the plan.

The bastard Taru. That @#$%#$%^@ jerk…..he warped back away and out of casting range, so only half of the BLMs’ spells landed correctly, resulting in a havoc breaking in the front line of battle. Tanks and melees ran in, mages ran away. But…. WHAM WHAM! AoE Bind and Silence. somehow got us baffled and by surprise. So…. 2 WHMs went down after the commotion passed, including me.

So yeah I fell into the crack on the floor and laid dead. While the fiends that was done slaying other adventurers walked back, they kind of trotted over me, or above me. First Elvaan, then Galka. GRRRR!

Hmmmmphhh!!! I shall have my revenge! You have my word!

The memero from that day is now very vague. Not only because it was long ago, but also because I was sleepy during the run and the day itself was so hectic for me. My memory got a bit messed up…. So well, I guess we eventually wiped and got timed out. So we had to sit outside and regroup again.

I can’t recall now what strategies did we change or alter from first round, but apparently it went better. Mobs were pulled correctly to the kit area, through the tunnel, and spread out to reduce disturbance from their AoE on the main mob’s tank. So we managed to kill them one by one, with a few sacrifices, like, for example, the BLMs – namely Cornelious and Blinks.

So yeah, like I mentioned in the more current entry that I just noticed it was Aurrek who stole the glory…. We finished off the last enemy – Ark Angel HM the hume eventually. The final blow was delivered by none other than Aurrek the PLD. Everyone hurray’ed and congratulated each other. Thanks were said, farewells were bid, Warp II was handed out all around. And a happy ending! Quest done, Earring received.

I, myself, selected Suppanomimi so that I can wear it on my WAR and THF when I play sub NIN.

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Recently I’ve been running into Aurrek a lot. One of the reasons being my wanting to rank up in Campaign. The new Allied Ring is so tempting, so tempting that it could make me move my lazy ass and go out there to help fending off those beastmen in the age of Crystal War. So, I ran into Aurrek many times during Campaign Battle. Hey Aurrek, I swear I wasn’t stalking you at all! (Well, except at Imp camp in Caedarva Mire, maybe. >.>)

So today after looking at the screenshots I took last night, I proceeded to browse my very old screenshot folders too. Miraculously, I found pics from back when I first met Aurrek.It was wayyyyyy back when my brother was still playing. Was in 2008!

I’m turning my blog’s clock back and posting this entry on the day we met him. ^^

Here, the story begins:

That evening, I was running around in Sea Serpent Grotto with my brother for his Artifact Coffer Box. Kimji joined later to help. We ran around in the Grotto blindly, relying on Wiki map, looking for the box in every spot possible, as well as looking for mobs that drop key. After a long time, I ran into a THF who was farming Eyes. Guess what? Yes, it’s Aurrek. After a short greeting, he asked if we need any help, and then neglected his farming to join us, to help with the Coffer Key.

His Treasure Hunter was of great help. We got the Coffer Key in no time!  Now, the hard part is to find the box! This place is a big mess without map to check your position. So, Aurrek ran around, checking pop spots, while the most I could do was standing around being totally lost.After a longggggg while, Aurrek found coffer box and lead us there. SO we gathered and killed the only aggro mob there, which was a Sahagin. And have my brother open the box!

Then, instead of just parting and going back to farming his Eyes again, he tagged along with us, all the way to The Boyahda Tree! For my brother’s next piece of Artifact!

Honestly, I didn’t recall him being there too. I only remember that I met Aurrek in Sea Serpent Grotto during AF coffer hunt. Only after finding these old screenshots that I realized Aurrek had tagged along with us for so long.You see how he treats a complete stranger? ^^ Just wow! I must say it’s this kind of players that make me so fond of this game. Feeling the warmth from their hearts is wonderful. Anyway, we ended up adding each other to friendlist.

Fast forward to 2010, I haven’t been keeping in contact with him. The most we did was waving to each other when we pass in town or on the field. We talked a little sometimes, but not more than just a few sentences, briefly about anything big that was happening such as “I’m now WHM75” or something like that. But at present we talk quite often. It was funny to find out that he’s actually a very good friend of Cornie. Hehehe. It’s a small world of Vana’diel, eh?

For my recent encounter with Aurrek, check out the newer entries.

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