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Heh! Well, since I’ve been babysitting my brother’s chocobo, I’ve noticed a few BIG differences in appearance between my red chocobo and his black chocobo.
Really, they look obviously different that you could tell at just a glance.

ArashiZetsuei (red) is a Digger Chocobo. She currently has First-Class discernment.
ChocolatCiel (black) is a Runner Chocobo, currently First-Class in both Strength and Endurance.

Of course we can see the beaks….that really stand out in contrast.
Arashi has got a pair of beaks that look as if they can slam through a Galka’s skull >.>
And the feathers on the head also look bigger, thicker, and longer.

Well, both of them have large eyes (I’ve seen other chocobo with noticably narrower eyes) but ChocolatCiel’s eyes seem a bit rounder?

Next, the legs and feet. I can’t see any difference here except for the skin pattern. The size looks identical, right?

Then, the butts, oops, I meant the tails!

Look! His chocobo has more tailfeathers then than mine!

Let’s see these tails closer…. in a better angle.

ChocolatCiel has 3 layers of tailfeathers while ArashiZetsuei has only 1! Not counting the short layer extending from the back towards tail though.

This is fun XD I wish SE had made chocobo’s appearance more various than this, and I’d like a purple (I mean real purple, not bluish) chocobo!

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Today I took ArashiZetsuei out for a normal digging session (means non-Hot&Cold) after pausing from frustration for like a month.

ArashiZetsuei in South Gustaberg

Record kept: Saturday 7th March 2009

Starting Gysahl Greens : 51
Timer Used : 12 secs (Recruit)
Starting Time : 17:34.42
Ending Time : 17:46.36
Chocobo Left at : 17:59.42 (Total 25 mins)

Found :
(Nothing) x 34
Little Worm x 4
Bone Chip x 3
Pebble x 5
Insect Wing x 1
Lizard Molt x 2
Rock Salt x 1
Chamomile x 1

Gysahl Greens Found : 7

Total Digs : 58
Success : 24
Fail : 34

Then, very late at night, when I woke up to gather for my first Dream-Dynamis ever, I brought a few stacks of Gysahl Greens for one more digging session. It didn’t go well, though. Probably my level of skill was too low for such a place ><;;


Digging @ Dyna Gathering

Record kept: Sunday 8th March 2009

Starting Gysahl Greens : 72
Timer Used : 12 secs (Recruit)
Starting Time : 01:45.57
Ending Time : 02:04.56

Found :
(Nothing) x 62
Bone Chip x 4
Seashell x 5
Fish Scales x 1


Gysahl Greens Found : 0

Total Digs : 72
Success : 10
Fail : 62

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On Day 28, she became ill. 🙁 Zopago said she’s a bit under the weather and that I should feed her some Tokopekko Grass.

ArashiZ became ill

I then took her to a short walk.

Short walk

Feeding 2 carrots and a medicinal grass, but no Azouph made her affection towards me to drop a little the next day. So it meant she had been at the boundary line between “regards you as parent” and “wants to be with you all the time” all along, LOL.

On Day 29, however….

On Day 29!!!!

My ArashiZetsuei got well and finally became an adult Chocobo. And yes, she’s red, as we could see from her tips since adolescent.

Red ArashiZ

But…. Would anyone laugh at me if I say she looks a bit scary?  T.T

Adult Chocobo doesn’t look as cute as a chick or a teenage one, I must say. And her being red….plus the big scary beaks made her look a little stern-faced.

I hope I’ll get used to her appearance and see her as a cutie again soon.

Best vs. ArashiZ

“Best” the competitor also became adult chocobo.

And oh….today is the day I’ve been waiting for for so long! I now can activate the quest to obtain Chocobo Whistle!

Whistle quest.

But boy…. to be successful in sneaking a search behind my chocobo was painful. She always caught me and so I failed in retrieving the item. T.T Damn stink handkerchief.

Oh, I managed to bring affection level back to parent level, too.

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Well… a week later, my lil chick has changed from this

Chocobo Day 18

to this

Chocobo Day 19


I took her…. um oh yes, my Chocobo is actually a girl. The message “your chocobo seems to be male” was caused by the bug, so after the patch update which resolved this problem, my chick turned out to be female…. I took her to the first Regular Walk in Konschtat Highlands and met the trio gang that was raising “Best.”


Here they came. Looks all cocky and talking big, lol.


Well, I don’t hate him. Though he has the same face as Lusian but got opposite personality hahaha!!!

I continued taking care of ArashiZetsuei on mental-stat plan. Changing from “Listen to music” to “Exhibit to public.” But Day 20’s plan was already assigned the day before, so it was still music.

Day 20

Today my chocobo was bored and restless.

Bored and Restless

Had to compete to cure this.

Compete against other

The next day ArashiZetsuei became normal again. And the plan was correctly changed to Exhibition.

Exhibit to public

This was also the first day I tried Kamp Kweh! I asked Brunestud, my brother, to come join me.


I got STR up! LOL!

The next day I tried again with ChocolatCiel, and ArashiZ “became more patient.” ChocolatCiel didn’t get any bonus stat, but it became more patient and changed from hot temper (or something like that) to “Very Patient.”

And when I went for a regular walk again, we met Hantileon and Air.


They made friends!

Air and ArashiZetsuei

By the way, since Day 14, I’ve been feeding ArashiZ with 2 Zegham Carrots and 1 Azouph Green. On day 24 she had Average Discernment and Average Receptivity.

I’m very much looking forward to the day my ArashiZetsuei become adult chocobo!

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A week passed…

During the week I took care of my Chocobo Chick quite randomly. Well, it has only 2 options I could use anyway, Watching over, and Taking for a short walk.


During a walk, I got the quest “Lost Chick.”

Lost chick

It really looked lost, you know…. That blank, confused expression. It was so funny!

Yeah and we had to bring it back to Zopago.

Lost Chick quest

Then, on the 6th day of my chocobo, I picked the wrong Care Plan because my own confusion. So ArashiZetsuei rested all day…. Couldn’t walk, watct, or or feed. 🙁


The next day was 7th day, which is when people would get “Crying at night” scene from their chick.

Crying at night

LOL, Zopago put it very funny…. “crying loud enough to wake the dead.” OMG Is my chick a big barking dog or something? >w<)/

Anyway, obtained the hankerchief and proceeded along the storyline.

Then more walks….

Walking (short)

Met Zopago and Blood. Then they befriended. Very cute motions!!

ArashiZetsuei & Blood

On Day 9, still walking. No I didn’t mean to do the Costume Playing while walking my chocobo… Maybe I was leveling up a low level in front of town, so I was in that outfit, hehe.

Santa & ArashiZ!

At this point I was still feeding my chick with Carrot Paste. So…the mental stats developed quite slowly.

And walking it everyday, regardless of what job I was, and what gears I was wearing. LOL

Walking as WAR

Or even when I was naked >.>

Well, I was in a hurry to take care of my chick I didn’t even bother to dress up after changing job.

Walking naked...

And why did I have to run into Zopago while walking naked!??? GRRRR! Damn!

Not like he care anyway LOL.

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