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Lately I’ve been playing Mafia game in StarCraft II. I used to hate it because;
– It’s confusing as hell.
– I didn’t know WTH am I supposed to do in the game.
– People are usually VERY rude and show no manner in this game.
– It requires a lot of brain to play, since you have to try to win against other opponent by using deduction skills, deception skills, as well as knowing your role/character ability and your opponent’s ability, then use it to your advantage.

But after I recently retried it, I started to like it. So we (meaning me and my Honey Muffin) have been playing it at least 3 rounds a day this week. And of course, in SCII, to ensure that you end up joining the same game lobby, you have to be in the same party.

Today someone by the player name of Bigboss promptly accused us of cheating, along with naming some other random guy we don’t even know, saying we always joined the lobby at the same time. What a flawed accusation logic.

Unlike my other rants where I kept offender’s name anonymous, I am putting his name here because;
1) There can be many players with the name Bigboss in SCII because game doesn’t restrict it when name is taken.
2) I am highly hoping he or she would stumble upon this post, so that I could do the world some merits by enlightening this random Bigboss person on the internet.

First off, I know cheaters exist, and have seen people suspicious of Skype-cheating and it is terrible and ruins the fun of the game. But people being in the same party doesn’t require or ensure that they were cheating. We cannot send PM without other players seeing we send *something* and we cannot use party chat (I know this because when I just started, I tried to ask him how to play and my message never showed up). We are mostly on the headset, but we don’t rat out our role or our team. We have even laughed at cheating people because of how we’re also on Skype headset, yet never cheated like them.

I have nothing to prove my honesty but to dare him to observe how we play and react to each other in the game. However, he never accused again when the game started, so I just dropped the topic. I also have a hundred stories (exaggeration) to tell about how we deceived each other and played our best in the game just to win, not to benefit or help each other.

Should he observe closely and analyze it with some brain, he would eventually see that;

1) We don’t even tell each other what name we pick.

Sometimes I gave myself away from picking too girly name, or picking none-offensive name when all other people went that way. =_= And sometimes I recognize my Honey Muffin from how he named his character, but I would say that 70% of the time I cannot figure it out and stop trying before I burn my brain thinking too much!

Sometimes I THOUGHT I knew who he was, but then ended up getting the wrong guy (Yeah I tried to kill him because I picked up hints from hearing his self-mumble jumble and deducted that he’s one of the good guys, but I killed someone else instead, doh!) and sometimes it got confusing because I can’t decide. Like today I thought he was Squirtle Hat (which he was) but the guy went out and killed someone while I know he was AFK!!! So I was like, oh oops, that’s not him.

Then there was another guy who named himself Charmander Hat, so I thought hell yeah that must be him!!! And even by talking to both the “Hat” guys in the graveyard, I still couldn’t figure my honey was really Squirtle Hat, until the very end of the game. And he didn’t know who I was, either. After we left the game and was talking on the headset before he left for school, he was mentioning my character as a 3rd person, and I had to tell him that that guy was actually me!

2) We keep our role a secret. We even deliberately make noises to override the game sound when a role is given to us.

Sometimes I cough, and sometimes I talk over it, because some role has distinctive sound effect when the role is assigned at the beginning of the game. Keeping our role a secret helps the game go normally without awkwardness for us.

I’ve helped the (stupid) town lynch him even though he was a Sheriff. Well, I found it an opportunity to get rid of a Sheriff because he revealed himself trying to persuade the town to kill a criminal, so I voted him guilty when he was put on trial. Yet, I had no idea it was him until after he died and said “Stupid town, lynching Sheriff!!!” then “Well, that was me dead.” I could only giggle at the matter, because I was glad a Sheriff was dead. Then I confessed I was a Mafia (or maybe Serial Killer, I can’t really remember) because he’s already dead and cannot change anything for the town.

I also try my best to outwit him by being discreet about who I am and what I am. The best one I’ve ever done was when I was a Godfather while he was a Spy. I couldn’t figure out which guy he was, and I didn’t know he was a Spy. But by taking care to not use proper grammar in the game, I managed to escape his detection. And since spy always see what the mafia members say to each other at night, he didn’t suspect me being in the mafia (though he didn’t know which guy I was until there were like 3 people alive). I believe (but he never told me) that in that specific game, figuring out who I was in the game actually backfired on him, because he firmly believed that I am not the Mafia. I was also being lucky enough that that game had an Amnesiac. So when I was put on trial, he voted me innocent and put the 3rd guy on trial instead.

I still tried to play innocent through the end by voting that guy innocent from his defense “I am sheriff, I voted guilty on both 2 mafia members.” I pretended to be a good town person who believes his claim. My HM went wtf! when he saw I voted innocent. Then at night, I went and killed that guy. So yeah I won as a Godfather. That was my best triumphant moment.

(Sadly, though, 2 other town people were mad and couldn’t accept their defeat, and kept on bashing him for being stupid and letting me off the noose. They kept swearing at my honey even in the next game. One of them deliberately named their Mafia character with his SCII name, which I see as low-mannered thing to do and is trolling. So we left the game and not joining them again. But meh, ph*n and Ri***r were just sore losers. Apparently no one ever thought about putting me on trial until when there were 3 people alive. So, sorry, you guys were as stupid as you claimed my honey to be LOL.)

Frankly, in that game I wasn’t sure that guy was him until before I was put on trial. I also had no idea he was a spy until the damn game ended with my victory (which was stupid of me, because clearly he had claimed himself a spy during the day and confirmed himself as a spy through seeing other people’s PM and answering to it, but I acknowledged it yet somehow mixed the spy up with other guy). I was just being lucky that I remember not to talk in the game with perfect grammar, and that I picked “Amnesiac” as my role claiming defense. I felt smart for once!!!

3) I am trying my best to not let him find out who I am.

Why? Because it ruins the challenge and fun of the game. Also, I feel bad when he tries to assist or protect me just because he found out it was me, but actually I was one of the bad guys. It will just screw up or decrease his chance of winning as his role.

I usually get busted by him because I type with proper capitalization and punctuation. So, usually after 5 mins into the game, if I have said something during the day, he would figure me out. But lately, since someone gave me a tips in the graveyard “not to type with punctuation and perfect grammar in mafia game” I am trying hard to do just that, to blend in with people. I also do that, or just don’t say anything at night at all, as a precaution in some of the games (if I don’t forget) when I am one of the Mafia, because a Spy can see Mafia’s chat that we talk at night, and I am afraid to get busted from the way I type.

So, only when one of us die, we would deliberately reveal who we are (on the headset.) I usually speak up, “Welp, that’s me, dead” or “Oh shit! I’m dead!” Then it would also be safe for the living one to reveal role and/or name, since the other cannot change the outcome of the game by knowing it anyway. He used to have a good laugh at my names at the end of the game because he wouldn’t suspect me naming my character “Farting Rainbows,” “DerpyDerp,” or “Mangy Moose.” And though I am usually not sharp enough to recognize his character in the game, I was totally fooled in one game because he jumped in on the bandwagon with rude players and named himself something with the word “C*ck” in it.

4) We don’t rat out our team IF we happen to be opponents, and either figure out each other’s role or name.

We’ve never done that mistake on the headset, even by accident. But I used to be a fool and type the name of the 3rd mafia member in the graveyard because the 2nd mafia member (who died before I did) asked me “hey who’s the last of us? I forgot” and I thought he had no ill intention since he was also my team. So I gave out the initials of this 3rd guy’s name, which was the biggest mistake I am regretting in my Mafia career.

We later witnessed the town changing their mind on lynching (putting on trial and executing) another player, and went right to lynching that 3rd mafia guy.

So people freaked out and said they were Skyping. That Mafia’s betrayer claimed he didn’t do it, but he’s just in the same room with 2 other people, and one of them peeked at his screen. I kinda believed him, but it’s still a shitty thing to happen. It ruined the fun of the game. It’s unfair. It’s scummy. And it destroys the spirit of the gaming.

Since then, I take extra caution not to mention any name that might assist anyone’s cheating. I don’t want to be used as a cheating resource. It feels shitty and makes me angry.

5) I try to be a good player by respecting the rules and how the game is meant to be.

I even let my honey, as a doctor, blindly heal me all the time during one specific game just because he recognized who I am but had no idea what role I was. And I was a Mafioso, his enemy! He even protected me against a Serial Killer’s attack (woot!) So then when I died from being lynched, he was like OMFG I’ve been healing mafia! It was hilarious, so I keep doing that, both to get a good laugh and be a GOOD player to win my goal as my role.

This is also a reason why I try so hard not to get busted about who I am in the game, because I don’t want him to come protect me just because he knew it was me, only to find out I am actually the bad guy. Feel bad for lying  (but I still have to do it, yo!) LOL. Well, I would instinctively want to heal or help him, too, if I know which character he is. I used to be a Bodyguard and went to guard him in blind hope that he was a good guy. It would have screwed my role up if he was actually a Mafia LOL!

The game’s concept is deception, and trusting only yourself. We’re not supposed to collaborate (unless, for example, when you’re an Investigator, Doctor, Bodyguard, Sheriff, or any good guy, and the Mayor had used his in-game skill to reveal himself, then you should assist the Mayor, of course). I even used to be in the  Mafia with him, yet we weren’t aware of being in the same team. Things would have been twice as easy if we just talk, plan, and collaborate through talking on the headset, but we never did that. Why? Because we had no idea who each other was, and using headset to gain advantage in Mafia game is scummy. It will ruin the challenge and fun of the game. It is also unfair to other players. We’ve been cheated by other people before, and the game was shitty and not fun at all. We were enraged and extremely bored. We don’t want other people to feel what we felt (and what we hate), so we don’t to it to other people.

6) Anyone with brain can clearly see, after observation, that we do not assist each other by telling roles or names on purpose.

Come and join our game, watch us play, only then you can see with your own eyes that we DO NOT cheat in Mafia. I dare you, Bigboss. 😉 You can even join our party so we can be in same lobby all the time! Or, if you contact me, I can send you my replays so you can go and watch our past games and see for yourself  how miserably/hilariously we lose to each other because we keep our roles/names a secret.



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Today in the game, my bro suddenly asked if I wanted to see my Miqo’te Pugilist in high resolution. Hell yeah, who wouldn’t? I’ve always been drooling over the better graphic, especially for the purpose of taking screenshots.

So he came up near me while I did several emotes, including /pose, for the camera. He then took screenshots, saved them on his memory card, ran over to my room, and transferred those pics into my PC. And here I am, showing them off in my blog. XD You can click on any of these images to pop a larger picture in a new window.

Well, my gear has changed a little since the last time I wrote about and post battle-gear screenshots.

Aleczan Knighthill
Pugilist Rank 50
Main Hand (Weapon): Diabling Baghnaks +1 [Rank 47]
Body: Toadskin Harness (Red) [Rank 43]
Waist (Belt): Penance [Rank 35]
Legs: Velveteen Kecks [Rank 39]
Feet: Armored Caligae (Black) [Rank 43]
Head: Skull Eyepatch (Black) [Rank 33]
Hands (Gloves): Toadskin Wristguard [Rank 33]

I’m always happy to see my character with high quality screen resolution like this. ^_^

All 3 pics above were taken in night light (this game changes ambient light to reflect time of the day, and they use light bulbs and lamps in the city when it’s dark.) The last pic below is a screenshot of me in normal light, during daytime.

Wheeee~~~ \(^0^)/



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50! 50!! 50!!!!

Gizmo~~~~!!! Geronemo~~~~~~~!!!! Kamiccolo~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

I finally made it to PGL rank 50 today. OMG! My day, no, my life, is now fulfilled.

I’m excited, thrilled, and overwhelmingly happy now because of this. So I won’t talk too much.

In short, I tagged along with Corn, Nuchi, and Kuro when they went to Camp D-Head, ahem er Camp Dragonhead to get EXP on Raptors. After 2 raptors (because the first one was a stingy bastard and left me hanging with 4 Skill Points TNR) I dinged to 50 and got my long-awaited new Weapon Skill, Simian Thrash.

And yes, of course, when you just get a new toy, you want to start playing with it right away!

There, Simian Thrash. I was so awed by this WS I went crazy for a minute after I used it. It is just fabulous! This is a real fist-martial artist’s Weapon Skill, hell yeahhhhh! My character was dancing with the Baghnaks, not just slamming her fist on the monster’s head. She slashes, swings, and thrashes at it with a graceful chain of movements. It is an amazing sight to see. I would say it is even more lovely than Asuran Fists in FFXI. I wish I could record the move and put it here LOL. But for now, I only have a screenshot.

Simian Thrash
Requirement : Pugilist rank 50 (cannot use as other class)
TP Required : 1500
TP consumption : ALL of your current TP

P.S. To Lusi, you boredom whore, look at my Simian Thrash and gawk your eyes out! OH YEAH Take that, biatch!!!  XD

I just got a clip of this running on YouTube 😀
Erm, now, how do I embed VDO?

Simian Thrash < click to open YouTube page. I removed the embed from my blog because it stretched my blog page and makes it look broken/ugly.

Skip to around 1:00 in this VDO to see Simian Thrash.

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LOL Just today while I was asleep, I suddenly recalled a piece of my hobby writing. So this morning I browsed my file storage and found it. It was dated 24 October 2009. Was originally written in Thai and was much longer, but I never went back to finish writing the story. However, I wanted Shawn to read at least one part of the story, because I was so enthusiastic writing that battle part, so I deliberately translated just that part into English and sent to him. I then sent it to one of my best friends because she liked to read stuff. I actually was trying to finish the Thai version for her birthday, but the writing progress seemed hopeless, so I sent her just the short English part instead.

The story was actually trying to narrate a part of my adventures in the game FFXI. Most of the actions I wrote about were from my memory of what I experienced during the game play.

Just want to put it on my blog so I won’t lose it if my PC goes nuts in the future 😀

วันนี้นอน ๆ อยู่ก็นึกถึงเรื่องเก่าที่เคยเขียน(เขี่ย)ไว้ขึ้นมา พอมาค้นดูในเครื่องก็เจอ โห นานแล้วอ่ะ จำไม่ได้เลยนะเนี่ยว่าเขียนไว้ตั้งแต่วันที่ 24 ตุลาคม 2009 ตอนแรกเขียนเป็นภาษาไทย และยาวกว่านี้มาก แต่พอีอยากให้ชอว์นอ่าน ก็เลยแปลเฉพาะตรงที่เราชอบที่สุด คือช่วงประมาณตอนที่สู้กับนกยักษ์ พอเราส่งให้ชอว์นแล้วก็ส่งให้เพื่อนด้วย เพราะเพื่อนชอบอ่านของพวกนี้ ตอนแรกกะจะเขียนภาษาไทยให้จบทันก่อนวันเกิดเพื่อน แต่ด้วยความที่เขียนไปเรื่อย ไม่ได้มีพล็อต เลยไม่จบซะที เห็นแล้วหมดหวัง ก็เลยเอาภาษาอังกฤษสั้น ๆ ส่งไปแทน

เรื่องที่เขียนนี้ที่จริงเอามาจากประสบการณ์ในเกม FFXI ของเรา เหตุการณ์และบทสนทนาที่เกิดขึ้นในเรื่อง ส่วนมากยกมาหรือดัดแปลงมาจากเหตุการณ์ในเกม

ไหน ๆ ก็ขุดเจอแล้ว เอามาใส่ในบล็อกไว้อ่านเล่น อีกหน่อยเผื่อคอมบึ้มจะได้ไม่หายไปไหน 😀


*Note* เครื่องหมาย {} คือคำหรือประโยคที่ผ่านระบบแปลภาษา เช่นคำว่า {Thank you.} คนที่ใช้เกมเวอร์ชั่นภาษาอังกฤษเป็นจะเห็นเป็น {Thank you.} ส่วนคนญี่ปุ่นจะเป็นเป็น {ありがとう.}
(ra)(ex)* หมายถึงของที่โอนความเป็นเจ้าของหรือซื้อขายไม่ได้ ใครอยากได้ต้องไปล่าศัตรูที่ดรอปเอง

*Note* The symbols {} around a word or phrase indicate game’s auto-translation system. For example, the word {Thank you.} when translated by the game, those who use English game version will see it as {Thank you.} while people using Japanese version will see {ありがとう.}
(ra)(ex)* means game item which cannot be traded or sold. Player who wants the item will have to hunt the item and obtain it on their own.


So the story goes, previously, this Mithra girl and her friends had been camping a Notorious Monster from Roc family, for (ra)(ex)* boots. And when it finally became her queue for the drop, the pop windows happened to moved earlier, too early for her friends when it’s weekday. They were all at work. None could come. Kennchann and his friend heard about it, so they hurried to the scene to help her kill the NM. Although the first day it didn’t drop, she eventually got it during the next attempts. After getting her own boots, Aleczan wanted to help Kennchann’s friend too, for she heard he also wanted a pair.

“But Kennchann and friend haven’t popped yet. I heard they’re at work today and might not make it to the NM window. So, I’m thinking of going there to watch it die and get the ToD for tomorrow’s window.”

“Oh, is that so?” the guy ponders, “I’m coming too.”

“Eh!? But we can’t be sure when will it pop, might take as long as 3 hours, babies.”

“NP, I want to keep your company. Let’s try. If it turns out I can’t wait I’ll just go to sleep.”

However, they didn’t have to wait for too long. Not long after they arrived at the pond in the NM’s pop area, it showed up. Moreover, there is no sign of any camper, probably because it is most Westerners’ bedtime and Easterners’ working hours.

“What do we do now?” the Ninja scratches his head.

“I don’t know….Keep watching it, I guess.”

“Kenichi hasn’t logged on yet,” Cornelious checked his Friend List for whatever 10th time, “Or should we just kill it?”

“No way, we’ll just die.” The Monk girl shakes her head, “And I want to keep it alive as long as possible, otherwise tomorrow and next days it will just pop faster, making it way too early for Kennchann and friends’ to get off work, which will be even worse.”


Anyway, after playing hide and seek with the bird for less than an hour, Japanese friends they’ve been waiting for finally came into Vana’diel. They hurried to the camp, Kennchann bringing a White Mage friend for the completion of party setup.

“Shawn!!!” the Thief shouts when he sees his friend on the ledge.

“Kenichi!” he replis and dashes towards the edge, but taking care not to drop because it takes long time to go through the cave to get to the pond on the plateau.

{Hello!} {Thank you.}” he waves upward and talks to both of them.

{Today} Paw {monk} Kenichi {Please check it.}


“Hai, watashi no namaedesu.”

“Paw! Pawsan.” He repeats the name, “{Nice to meet you.}

{Gather together.} {please}” the party’s White Mage asks before casting buffs for the group, then sits down and reports MP “MP784/1020 {Let’s rest for a while.}

When healer gets full MP, everyone starts standing by. The plan is to have Cornelious pull the NM, then run and jump off the ledge to join with the rest of the party, so that they can help in battle.

{Ready!} ” Kennchann signals.

“Simurgh {Found it!} {Invite to join party.} <call19>” the gorgeous Ninja uses his macro with sound to notify the pull.

Immediately after he starts with an offensive Ninjutsu spell, the bald bird named Simurgh turns angrily. It chases fiercely close after him, repeatedly pecking with its huge beaks. The Ninja’s shadows from Utsusemi spell gradually disappear, and soon he starts shedding blood. Mithra Monk that’s running by his side grits her teeth with nervousness.

{Chi Blast} @ Simurgh {Just used it.}” she pushes the button to hit the bird with chi energy that was fully charged. With such provocation, it turned to attack her instead, but having shadows up with Utsusemi spell from Ninja support job helps in absorbing the damage.

Both of them run at the top of their speed, heading to the drop off, and jumped down the ledge.

“Kenichi!!!” Cornelious yells.

The Thief, in battle stance, already has his knives drawn, and promptly uses his job ability to steal enmity off the girl. He faces the gigantic bird fearlessly. It pecks, flaps the wings, and kicks rapidly, but he dodges most of the attacks. And as anyone would expect, few blows that get through his evasion are absorbed by his Utsusemi shadows.

The tank of the party has a brief spare time to recast his shadows, and then goes into battle mode. White Mage supports the fight with various kinds of spells. The Monk readies her Hand-to-Hand weapon and engages.

The battle went smoothly. Once again Aleczan has a chance to observe battle strategy of the two guys, though this time from another perspective because it’s her first time to melee with them. Kennchann’s daggers flutter through the air with such grace as if they were dancing, awing her with the skill of the Thief adventurer. Job abilities that he uses to aid the fight correspond well with all the moves of his Ninja buddy, mesmerizing the Mithra even more. The Ninja in black battle gear stands majestically, tackling all the foe’s attacks, parrying and attacking back when chance allows. The solemn look embeds on his face, emphasizing his focus that is forged forward with such solidity and strong will.

Occasionally, Kennchann would circle around to stand behind the enemy, which is the same side that the girl is, so she can’t help glancing to see what he is doing. In contrast, when the Thief circles around behind Cornelious to use special attack, he never shows the slightest distraction, not even on any tip of his eyebrows. Whatever happens, even when he himself or any party member gets injured and sheds blood from the NM’s attack, he still projects his sharp concentration towards the monster and towards keeping the hate on him only. All these indicate the ultimate trust he puts in his comrade.

As for Kennchann, he has to utilize the swiftness. While Ninja takes root on the same spot, never moving even half a step, Thief has to be always on the move. When Monk hits too hard and pulls hate, getting herself beaten, he will steal the enmity, directing the attack to himself while waiting for the main tank to regain hate and take the enemy back. All these nimble movements when combined with those of Cornelious, one man is as sturdy as a mountain, other as deft as water stream, chime as one into the art of fighting so miraculously spectacular!

After defeating the giant bird, they find that the boots have dropped. Kennchann’s friend shyly accepted them while repeating his thanks.

When all the formal thanking and farewell are finally finished, the tiny White Mage teleports everyone to the Telepoint at Mea. And of course, Kennchann has to kneel down in front of Cornelious like he often does.

Everyone else laughs with amusement while the Ninja fumes at his best friend.

“Kenichisan,” the Mithra calls him, “Shawn ha {/kneel} ga daikirai desune”

“Yes lol.” The tall guy answers, chuckling.

“He knows!” she exclaims in high pitch.

“Yes he knew! I told you he did it to pull my leg.”

“Ohh….” The Monk blinks her eyes while still laughing. At first when she asked Cornelious, they didn’t go into the detail, but she could guess from the context that Kennchann knew and did it on purpose. However, after seeing the Japanese guy repeating this action for so many times, she became in doubt and had to bring it up. Whoa, incredible, he already knew it, but why….

Ah well, let’s forget about that.

After everyone disbanded and scattered, Kennchann sends a tell to Aleczan, “Pawsan?”

“Hai, Kenichisan.”

“Ano, onegaisitaikotoga….” He means he has a request to ask of her.

“Haihai, douzo. Nani?”

“Shawn ni {Today} ha honto {Thank you.} kannsyasiteirukoto wo tutaetemoratte iidesuka?”

“Eep!” the girl cries, for this long romaji Japanese text will need an epic time to look up in dictionary, he would have to wait for a while, “{I need some time to put together my answer.} tyotto matte ne.”


Five minutes passes, and after looking up the meaning of each word broken off the sentence one by one, she can educationally guess that Kenichi really appreciates Shawn’s help for today, and would like her to help in expressing his gratitude to Shawn.

“Oh!! Hai {Understood.} I will tell Shawn.”

“arigatou ^^”

“Haihai ^^” she replies with the same smiling eyes text icon.

“moutyotto English dekirebaiindakedo ;;” Kenichi sadly complains after being quiet for a moment, “Englishtte muzukasii ;;”

Dictionary is your best friend, especially online dictionary. After chopping the sentences into small parts and looking it up for translation word-by-word, though still unsure about the relationship between words and the verb/adjective variations, she can understand that he is griping about himself being bad at English, and the last sentence means “English is difficult” without a doubt.

Oh well….

The girl’s heart pounds heavily for the second time of the day, wanting so much to tell him that Kenichi and Shawn’s friendship is already incredibly amazing. Though there is a language barrier, it shouldn’t be a problem. She tries and tries to conjure up the correct words and sentence structure, in order to convey her thoughts to him, to comfort, and cheer him up. But oh dear!

Think, think! She shouts to herself. Every time, Shawn would tell her – with such joy – about what he told Kenichi and how they exchanged conversation. It seems they talk so much, too much that she feels in doubt, for Kenichi doesn’t seem to talk much in her presence. Shawn made a remark that he might be shy when she’s around. And when she asked how he managed to communicate with Kenichi, she became so awed at his answer and his effort. He maximizes the utility of Auto-Translation system, with such finesse and creativity far beyond her imagination. For instance, when they wanted to say “a fan” they used {wind} {machine} and when they wanted to talk about homework, they used {Scholar} and {paper}.

{/comfort} ^^ Kenichi X Shawn {friend}{friend} ha {Incredibly tough} {/cheer}” this might look gimped, but she tries her best, “{language} donnmai!”

The last word is the romaji of the word “Don’t mind” she saw Kenichi use when she made mistake during battle, meaning it is ok, don’t worry.

“Pawsan ha yasasii desune^^” he sounds a bit cheered up and said she’s kind, “daisuki (/ω\)”

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! That’s cute!!! She screams silently and replies shyly “(/w\) iyaaa ariri”

In the end, she offers her help, saying she’s always willing to lend a hand if Kenichi ever wants to convey any more messages to Shawn. She again promises that she would deliver his gratitude to the recipient.

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Well, when I tried out FFXIV on Open Beta, I tried to look for other hair style that I like more than my old hair in FFXI. Why? Because the hair that I picked in FFXI turned out to be the most popular one. So, everywhere I go, I see my twins…. Guh! How uncool!

Well, as much as I love my Mithra’s hair, I decided to pick another hair style on FFXIV, since I like to be different – or I should say “I’d like to have fewer twins.”

But, I still can’t part with this hair style just yet. So, one last time, I’ll make a Mi’qote with that hair. Good thing is that there are many more colours to pick from, as well as highlight. These will allow players to be more unique with their character creations.

So, I played around with FFXIV character creation and got this…

Woot! OMG, much prettier than FFXI graphic. More details, and more face expressions, I mean. Too bad I couldn’t find the face pattern that match the old face in FFXI. But these stripes look similar to the old ones.

Had I been allowed to pick my own colour for Mithra’s hair, I’m damn sure I would have picked this colour. Grey with a hint of purple.

Purple, purple, purple! I love this pale purple.

I didn’t have enough time to mess around with this character, because Open Beta server was closing down. I was sick, and had work to finish. I also had to go out with grandma for a lunch one day, then dinner another day. So, by the time I came back on Sunday night, the server was already closed. No chance to play around with cute /emote in FFXIV with this model ; ; Therefore, these screenshots were mostly taken from cutscenes or just standing in the game. This is cute, nevertheless.

I personally think Gridania’s beginning cutscene was the most hilarious. LOL. The slow-motion moment really cracked me up badly.

There will be no monk anymore. Hand-to-hand fighter is called Pugilist in FFXIV. And of course I pick Pugilist.

My bro was freaking out about more realistic facial expressions in FFXIV, and at first I was like “piff, why get so excited? It wouldn’t be too different from FFXI?” But then after I saw it with my own eyes, I realized it’s a BIG improvement in graphic. A lot more details, and movements.

In FFXI, I’ve always wished we could really sit on chair or bench. Now, in FFXIV, my dream came true. When we walk near a bench or chair that was designed for sitting, we can react with it with “sit” command and actually sit down!


I don’t think I or anyone would see Aleczan with the same face as Aleczan the mithra from FFXI Sylph in FFXIV. I’ll definitely pick other hair. But boy, I’ll be missing this face so much!!

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So today I woke up…. And logged on FFXI for some quick FoV pages. When I changed from WHM to MNK, I thought to myself (and probably spoke out loud) “Why the hell am I lv 78? I was 79 last time I was on Monk!”

Then I tried to think if I had deleveled…


Then I checked my EXP…hmmmp! Less than 4,000 TNL.

Then I tried to recall when was the last time I was on my Monk…. I went to Sacrarium on Wednesday noon to obtain the map.

Had to think for a long time to remember, because this past few days I got too much of a drama going on RL. And even when I was in the game, sometimes I still thought about it or had to deal with the matter, so my focus wasn’t on the game….therefore I kind of did FFXI stuff without remembering the most of it. 🙁

I’m getting mad now as I’m writing my blog entry…because something is wrong either with my server or my home internet and I can’t upload pics.


OK Here comes the pic… Uhhh I could upload the pics but can’t attach it in my blog. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, keep trying ; ;

Then what? Hmmmm….right, I changed to WHM and joined Corn and DK for a small adventure. Got my WHM to 76 from leeching their EXP (teeheehee!) Then logged out for BD dinner with family. After that, I haven’t logged on at all because I was tired.


Before and after going to Sacrarium, I have been lv 78. But what was my level progress before Sacrarium?

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….. Oh right, I logged off in Ro’Maeve after doing pages with Ark there. We id a lot of pages and I got so close to 79, but I was so tired, both physically and psychologically, so that night I logged out before I got to lv 79!

But then why did I have an impression that I was 79? =_=;;

Maybe I was dreaming it up from anticipation LOL!

Then I decided to just forget it and went to Cape Teriggan with Corn and Holy. After fighting a few mobs, while I was spamming Enter Key to select stuff in JA menu, I suddenly recalled that I used to felt like that before…. I then remembered that I was dreaming about me using new Job Ability…. The “Perfect Counter” which Monk obtains at lv 79! So yeah, I must have dreamt in my sleep that I got to lv 79, then the vague memory carried on when I was awake, and it blended with reality LOL!

Just shocks me to see how much I was anticipating about getting lv 79 and new ability on my Monk. Yeah I’m born Monk! Muwahahaha!

Anyway, today my dream came true, I got to level 79.

Well, while we were killing Rabbits, Corn ran over and pulled Tegmine. He could solo it on his NIN. So I and Holy kept fighting the linked Bunnies to do our page. Then the bunnies died, so we joined in, speeding up the kill on Tegmine.

I was thinking….I might level up on Tegmine, because I was so close after we finished the first page. So I opened my eyes widely and waited for the moment to hit the “print screenshot” button. Then….then…then it died…. But….so quiet. Nothing happened. Corn ran away looking for FoV targets. I stood there at Tegmine’s corpse and stared at my screen like dumb for a few seconds.

Oh…. Oh! You damn cheap bastard!!!

1 exp TNL! Uhhhhhhhh! I can’t believe this!

Just…..blarghedy blargh!!

1 more exp….just 1 more exp and it wouldn’t let me have it. Lame crab T^T.

So yeah…. Next pic explains it all. Enough said.

I’m still looking gleely forward to getting to lv 80 though. 🙂

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Well, I was cleaning out my Mog House to make space for the Mog Bonanza Marbles, and I threw away a lot of stuff. Mamool Ja something Key, for example. Then I found this Mnk. Testimony that’s been sitting in my Mog Locker for ages. I was reluctant to throw it away, for some reason. LOL. So, yeah I thought I might as well go and pay respect to the elder!

Off I went, to Jeuno to challenge him! J/K, I went there to see if I’m lucky enough to get a free warp to the Battlefield entrance. But no, it seems he doesn’t give free warp anymore, since I’ve won against him once with my White Mage already. So, I had to use Moogle Warp Whore (Super Kupowers are awesome!) to warp to Windurst, then took a Chocobo to Giddeus.

I went in naked, like many people suggested in various strategies against Maat.
I ate a piece of Sole Sushi before engaging.
I charged my Boost to the maximum before I attacked with Chi Blast.

I, however, forgot to use Focus and Dodge before engage, so I didn’t have time to use them during the fight at all, in fear of losing time (by “time” I mean the time in attacking, because using 2 JA during fight will add some delay, resulting in me wasting a few seconds instead of just pummeling at Maat, which might result in me dying from his punches while I do so.)
I forgot to engage before pulling, so I wasted a few second hitting the “attack” button.
I didn’t use my Hundred Fists at start. I popped it after I saw that he was kicking my ass badly.

I did win.

I did, barely, win.

With 69 HP left…. After using Chakra!

I didn’t think I would win so when Maat finally let me go, I couldn’t believe it. I kept checking the chat log to see if I actually won the battle. LOL

(Maat : So, you decided to show up.)
(Maat : Now it’s time to see what you’re really made of, heh heh heh.)
(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Aleczan Chi Blast  Maat 585.
Maat hits Aleczan 89.
Maat hits Aleczan 87.
Maat hits Aleczan 34.

Aleczan hits Maat 66.
Maat misses.
Maat hits Aleczan 100.

(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Aleczan hits Maat 85.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 146.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 136.

Maat hits Aleczan 99.
Maat counters attack Aleczan 208.

Maat hits Aleczan 103.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 115.
Aleczan hits Maat 67.

Maat hits Aleczan 116.
Maat hits Aleczan 99.

Aleczan uses Chakra, recovering 298 HP.
Aleczan uses Hundred Fists.

Maat hits Aleczan 40.
Aleczan hits Maat 57.
Aleczan hits Maat 75.

Maat hits Aleczan 123.
Maat hits Aleczan 37.

Aleczan hits Maat 61.
Aleczan hits Maat 79.
Aleczan hits Maat 86.

(Maat : Now that I’m warmed up…)
Aleczan hits Maat 65.
Maat uses Hundred Fists.
Aleczan hits Maat 82.
Aleczan hits Maat 36.
Aleczan misses.
Aleczan hits Maat 71.
Aleczan hits Maat 19.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 154.
Aleczan hits Maat 63.
Aleczan hits Maat 60.

(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Maat hits Aleczan 100.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 158.
(Maat : Ungh… That’ll hurt in the morning…)
Maat hits Aleczan 129.
Aleczan scores a critical hit 138.
Aleczan hits Maat 66.
Aleczan hits Maat 95.

Maat hits Aleczan 132.
(Maat : Hm. That was a mighty fine display of skill there, Aleczan. You’ve come a long way…)
Aleczan hits Maat 56.
Aleczan hits Maat 59.

Maat hits Aleczan 110.
Aleczan hits Maat 79.
Battlefield clear time: 3 minutes, 49 seconds!
The current battlefield clear time record is 51 seconds.
Aleczan’s SJ Restriction effect wears off.
Aleczan’s Hundred Fists effect wears off.

Total damage dealt to Maat, by me : 2565. So it means he has slightly more than 2565 HP total because he stopped beating me up before his HP was 0.

Total damage I’ve taken from Maat : 1606, but I’ve use Chakra to recover 298 HP. So it was 1308. I had 69 HP left when he let me go.

Honestly I was nervous and though I was dead LOL. Didn’t expect to win after seeing my HP going down below 100 like that.

Why would I suddenly want to beat Maat as a Monk now?

Because I’ve always been regretting for not beating him the first time with my Monk. It’s not a biggies but it kinda hurts my pride as a self-proclaimed Monk. I was always bitter about my White Mage hitting 75 before Monk, and such…. So, at least for once in my adventuring life, I want to prove, to none other than myself, that I am a real Monk. And one thing that a real Monk can’t miss is to kick Maat’s ass as a Monk, right?

So….yeah, just for the hell of it, I went there and challenged the Monk Maat. 😉 1/1 success! Wootga!

Oh and just for the record, my White Mage battle went 1/2. First attempt he completely beat the crap out of me, sending my squishy WHM flying across the arena. I was bummed out for a day, but next day I tried again with a newly farmed WHM Test.

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