Know Aleczan

Well, you guys (and girls) might already know me, Aleczan the Mithra – an adventurer of Sylph.
What about the player behind it?
If you’d like to know more about me, please read on. I’ll say something about myself.


Gender: Female
Year of Birth : 1981
Birthplace : Bangkok, Thailand
Religion: Buddhism
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Freelance (self-employed) translator (English/Thai)
Siblings: One older sister and one younger brother, yep I’m a Wednesday child ^^


Uh… I’m not sure if what I perceive of myself is also what other people think.
However, I’ll first describe myself as I see it.

I’m an easy-going person; friendly, playful, and humourous.
I’m reasonable and perceptive. I’m also highly communicative.
I’m confident and I do speak out my mind, which sometimes can be bad.
I tend to be optimistic and cheerful. I get along well with almost everyone.
I’m not very knowledgeable but I’m willing to learn.
I’m a good listener, but might be too talkative a speaker.

I’m whiny. I think sometimes I complain too much. =_=
My self-admiration is a bit above average, and might as well the self-respect.
Sometimes I’m self-centered and judge people from their behavior or speech.
These above can lead to egoism if no one stops me.

I can be irresponsible in term of consistency if I lose interest in something.
Well, I used to let my indoor cactus wither and die. It’s a cactus, go figure. T.T
I don’t like to be ordered around, especially when it’s repeated over and over.
I may become unreasonably stubborn if I think the instruction given to me is redundant or irrational.
Well, I’m less likely to argue, I usually just don’t do as I’m told if it happens.
These are also bad and I want to correct or at least subdue them.

I have trouble coping with time pressure.
While having a time pressure, if I run into a difficult situation or problem – the kind that makes me worried or stressed – or if someone bugs me, I tend to flip out in anger.
When that happens, I’ll most likely become selfishly childish, self-centered, and yell at people.
I know it is horrible and I often regret later. I’m also trying to break this bad habit.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Now let’s see what other people said about me.

Some said I have high level of tolerance, and/or self-restrain, some said I’m well-tempered.
Alright, I partly agree, but there are times when I get angry and lash out at people unreasonably too.
Some said I’m extrovert as well as adaptive. Flexible is the word, I think.
One specific person said I seem articulate and creative.
Some people said I’m selfless, but frankly I don’t agree.
I did all the nice things just to make myself feel good, so no that’s not selfless lol!
Some friends said I’m too emotional (or sentimental.) And I do agree.

I frequently fail to keep my promise because I get distracted easily and I have consistency issue.
I can be lack of common sense and behave inappropriately, which sometimes embarrass my friends or those around me.
Worse yet, sometimes I hurt other people’s feeling without even realizing it.
If this happens to you, please be open and tell my frankly that I did you wrong.

Um, that’s pretty much all about it.

If I can think of anything else to add, I’ll update this page 😉

P.S. By the way, I’m now playing heavily on FFXIV.

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