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Lately I’ve been playing Mafia game in StarCraft II. I used to hate it because;
– It’s confusing as hell.
– I didn’t know WTH am I supposed to do in the game.
– People are usually VERY rude and show no manner in this game.
– It requires a lot of brain to play, since you have to try to win against other opponent by using deduction skills, deception skills, as well as knowing your role/character ability and your opponent’s ability, then use it to your advantage.

But after I recently retried it, I started to like it. So we (meaning me and my Honey Muffin) have been playing it at least 3 rounds a day this week. And of course, in SCII, to ensure that you end up joining the same game lobby, you have to be in the same party.

Today someone by the player name of Bigboss promptly accused us of cheating, along with naming some other random guy we don’t even know, saying we always joined the lobby at the same time. What a flawed accusation logic.

Unlike my other rants where I kept offender’s name anonymous, I am putting his name here because;
1) There can be many players with the name Bigboss in SCII because game doesn’t restrict it when name is taken.
2) I am highly hoping he or she would stumble upon this post, so that I could do the world some merits by enlightening this random Bigboss person on the internet.

First off, I know cheaters exist, and have seen people suspicious of Skype-cheating and it is terrible and ruins the fun of the game. But people being in the same party doesn’t require or ensure that they were cheating. We cannot send PM without other players seeing we send *something* and we cannot use party chat (I know this because when I just started, I tried to ask him how to play and my message never showed up). We are mostly on the headset, but we don’t rat out our role or our team. We have even laughed at cheating people because of how we’re also on Skype headset, yet never cheated like them.

I have nothing to prove my honesty but to dare him to observe how we play and react to each other in the game. However, he never accused again when the game started, so I just dropped the topic. I also have a hundred stories (exaggeration) to tell about how we deceived each other and played our best in the game just to win, not to benefit or help each other.

Should he observe closely and analyze it with some brain, he would eventually see that;

1) We don’t even tell each other what name we pick.

Sometimes I gave myself away from picking too girly name, or picking none-offensive name when all other people went that way. =_= And sometimes I recognize my Honey Muffin from how he named his character, but I would say that 70% of the time I cannot figure it out and stop trying before I burn my brain thinking too much!

Sometimes I THOUGHT I knew who he was, but then ended up getting the wrong guy (Yeah I tried to kill him because I picked up hints from hearing his self-mumble jumble and deducted that he’s one of the good guys, but I killed someone else instead, doh!) and sometimes it got confusing because I can’t decide. Like today I thought he was Squirtle Hat (which he was) but the guy went out and killed someone while I know he was AFK!!! So I was like, oh oops, that’s not him.

Then there was another guy who named himself Charmander Hat, so I thought hell yeah that must be him!!! And even by talking to both the “Hat” guys in the graveyard, I still couldn’t figure my honey was really Squirtle Hat, until the very end of the game. And he didn’t know who I was, either. After we left the game and was talking on the headset before he left for school, he was mentioning my character as a 3rd person, and I had to tell him that that guy was actually me!

2) We keep our role a secret. We even deliberately make noises to override the game sound when a role is given to us.

Sometimes I cough, and sometimes I talk over it, because some role has distinctive sound effect when the role is assigned at the beginning of the game. Keeping our role a secret helps the game go normally without awkwardness for us.

I’ve helped the (stupid) town lynch him even though he was a Sheriff. Well, I found it an opportunity to get rid of a Sheriff because he revealed himself trying to persuade the town to kill a criminal, so I voted him guilty when he was put on trial. Yet, I had no idea it was him until after he died and said “Stupid town, lynching Sheriff!!!” then “Well, that was me dead.” I could only giggle at the matter, because I was glad a Sheriff was dead. Then I confessed I was a Mafia (or maybe Serial Killer, I can’t really remember) because he’s already dead and cannot change anything for the town.

I also try my best to outwit him by being discreet about who I am and what I am. The best one I’ve ever done was when I was a Godfather while he was a Spy. I couldn’t figure out which guy he was, and I didn’t know he was a Spy. But by taking care to not use proper grammar in the game, I managed to escape his detection. And since spy always see what the mafia members say to each other at night, he didn’t suspect me being in the mafia (though he didn’t know which guy I was until there were like 3 people alive). I believe (but he never told me) that in that specific game, figuring out who I was in the game actually backfired on him, because he firmly believed that I am not the Mafia. I was also being lucky enough that that game had an Amnesiac. So when I was put on trial, he voted me innocent and put the 3rd guy on trial instead.

I still tried to play innocent through the end by voting that guy innocent from his defense “I am sheriff, I voted guilty on both 2 mafia members.” I pretended to be a good town person who believes his claim. My HM went wtf! when he saw I voted innocent. Then at night, I went and killed that guy. So yeah I won as a Godfather. That was my best triumphant moment.

(Sadly, though, 2 other town people were mad and couldn’t accept their defeat, and kept on bashing him for being stupid and letting me off the noose. They kept swearing at my honey even in the next game. One of them deliberately named their Mafia character with his SCII name, which I see as low-mannered thing to do and is trolling. So we left the game and not joining them again. But meh, ph*n and Ri***r were just sore losers. Apparently no one ever thought about putting me on trial until when there were 3 people alive. So, sorry, you guys were as stupid as you claimed my honey to be LOL.)

Frankly, in that game I wasn’t sure that guy was him until before I was put on trial. I also had no idea he was a spy until the damn game ended with my victory (which was stupid of me, because clearly he had claimed himself a spy during the day and confirmed himself as a spy through seeing other people’s PM and answering to it, but I acknowledged it yet somehow mixed the spy up with other guy). I was just being lucky that I remember not to talk in the game with perfect grammar, and that I picked “Amnesiac” as my role claiming defense. I felt smart for once!!!

3) I am trying my best to not let him find out who I am.

Why? Because it ruins the challenge and fun of the game. Also, I feel bad when he tries to assist or protect me just because he found out it was me, but actually I was one of the bad guys. It will just screw up or decrease his chance of winning as his role.

I usually get busted by him because I type with proper capitalization and punctuation. So, usually after 5 mins into the game, if I have said something during the day, he would figure me out. But lately, since someone gave me a tips in the graveyard “not to type with punctuation and perfect grammar in mafia game” I am trying hard to do just that, to blend in with people. I also do that, or just don’t say anything at night at all, as a precaution in some of the games (if I don’t forget) when I am one of the Mafia, because a Spy can see Mafia’s chat that we talk at night, and I am afraid to get busted from the way I type.

So, only when one of us die, we would deliberately reveal who we are (on the headset.) I usually speak up, “Welp, that’s me, dead” or “Oh shit! I’m dead!” Then it would also be safe for the living one to reveal role and/or name, since the other cannot change the outcome of the game by knowing it anyway. He used to have a good laugh at my names at the end of the game because he wouldn’t suspect me naming my character “Farting Rainbows,” “DerpyDerp,” or “Mangy Moose.” And though I am usually not sharp enough to recognize his character in the game, I was totally fooled in one game because he jumped in on the bandwagon with rude players and named himself something with the word “C*ck” in it.

4) We don’t rat out our team IF we happen to be opponents, and either figure out each other’s role or name.

We’ve never done that mistake on the headset, even by accident. But I used to be a fool and type the name of the 3rd mafia member in the graveyard because the 2nd mafia member (who died before I did) asked me “hey who’s the last of us? I forgot” and I thought he had no ill intention since he was also my team. So I gave out the initials of this 3rd guy’s name, which was the biggest mistake I am regretting in my Mafia career.

We later witnessed the town changing their mind on lynching (putting on trial and executing) another player, and went right to lynching that 3rd mafia guy.

So people freaked out and said they were Skyping. That Mafia’s betrayer claimed he didn’t do it, but he’s just in the same room with 2 other people, and one of them peeked at his screen. I kinda believed him, but it’s still a shitty thing to happen. It ruined the fun of the game. It’s unfair. It’s scummy. And it destroys the spirit of the gaming.

Since then, I take extra caution not to mention any name that might assist anyone’s cheating. I don’t want to be used as a cheating resource. It feels shitty and makes me angry.

5) I try to be a good player by respecting the rules and how the game is meant to be.

I even let my honey, as a doctor, blindly heal me all the time during one specific game just because he recognized who I am but had no idea what role I was. And I was a Mafioso, his enemy! He even protected me against a Serial Killer’s attack (woot!) So then when I died from being lynched, he was like OMFG I’ve been healing mafia! It was hilarious, so I keep doing that, both to get a good laugh and be a GOOD player to win my goal as my role.

This is also a reason why I try so hard not to get busted about who I am in the game, because I don’t want him to come protect me just because he knew it was me, only to find out I am actually the bad guy. Feel bad for lying  (but I still have to do it, yo!) LOL. Well, I would instinctively want to heal or help him, too, if I know which character he is. I used to be a Bodyguard and went to guard him in blind hope that he was a good guy. It would have screwed my role up if he was actually a Mafia LOL!

The game’s concept is deception, and trusting only yourself. We’re not supposed to collaborate (unless, for example, when you’re an Investigator, Doctor, Bodyguard, Sheriff, or any good guy, and the Mayor had used his in-game skill to reveal himself, then you should assist the Mayor, of course). I even used to be in the  Mafia with him, yet we weren’t aware of being in the same team. Things would have been twice as easy if we just talk, plan, and collaborate through talking on the headset, but we never did that. Why? Because we had no idea who each other was, and using headset to gain advantage in Mafia game is scummy. It will ruin the challenge and fun of the game. It is also unfair to other players. We’ve been cheated by other people before, and the game was shitty and not fun at all. We were enraged and extremely bored. We don’t want other people to feel what we felt (and what we hate), so we don’t to it to other people.

6) Anyone with brain can clearly see, after observation, that we do not assist each other by telling roles or names on purpose.

Come and join our game, watch us play, only then you can see with your own eyes that we DO NOT cheat in Mafia. I dare you, Bigboss. 😉 You can even join our party so we can be in same lobby all the time! Or, if you contact me, I can send you my replays so you can go and watch our past games and see for yourself  how miserably/hilariously we lose to each other because we keep our roles/names a secret.



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