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The new beginning


Dear friends! I have decided to switch to use a brand new blog for writing about FFXIV: ARR. So, this old blog will no longer be updated. All the existing content, however, will be kept in place as is. The new address for this said new blog is which I am still fidgeting around to customize the appearance. But see you there!

Looking forward to playing A Real Reborn!

Aleczan Knighthill.

เพื่อน ๆ คะ เราย้ายบล็อกไปใช้บล็อกใหม่ สำหรับเขียนเรื่องเกี่ยวกับไฟนอล 14 ARR โดยเฉพาะ บล็อกเก่านี้จะไม่อัพเดทแล้ว แต่จะเก็บทุกอย่างไว้คงเดิมนะจ๊ะ ส่วนที่อยู่ของบล็อกใหม่ก็คือ ซึ่งขณะนี้เรายังงมนู่นงมนี่เพื่อปรับเปลี่ยนหน้าตาของมันอยู่ ไว้คุยกันที่นู่นนะ!

กำลังรอเล่น FFXIV ARR อย่างใจจดใจจ่อ!

อเล็คซาน ไนท์ฮิลล์

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Since the latest WordPress update (3.6) my theme (mandigo) has been acting up. I would see both of my sidebars on the right side of my blog, while my setting in Theme Options clearly is set to one left and one right. When I preview my blog in Theme Options, it would also show both sidebars on the right.

Both sidebars on the right

When I preview my blog from “Customize,” however, the blog would display the sidebars correctly. But whatever I did, I couldn’t get the browser to display my sidebars one on each side like it used to. It’s been boggling my mind for a few days. I ran and cried to my friend who knows about coding and scripting, and asked him to look at my blog. But he checked on his cellphone and my blog looked just normal.

Ughhh what’s going on?

One more thing, today I checked and found out that the “Toggle Sidebar” function I used to use is now broken as well. I am not sure if my Chrome is just messing with me, or if the function is no longer broken due to one of the recent updates (maybe it stopped working long ago, I just never noticed).

So, I am not going to move my lazy ass and try to customize my theme using newer WordPress theme instead.

Wish me luck, for it will be a long and tough task!!!

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I was checking stats summary of my blog. There’s an option to view search engine terms (search keywords, or whatever people put in the search line on places like that lead people to my blog. So, just for fun, let’s see what kind of words or sentences that are the most used or clicked from search engine websites, to bring readers to me. The report summary shown below is a list of all keywords it was able to record from the first day I installed the plugin. Which, according to the first month appeared on the Stats record, is since March 2008.

Time is tight here for now, for I have to go out for a dinner with family and relatives. So, we may discuss about this later if I don’t forget.

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Again today, after I got home, I checked my blog stats. And uhh….there are so many off-topic search keywords that lead people to my site. Well, some aren’t really off-topic, but I didn’t talk about them in detail. Some, unfortunately, were only mentioned because I was telling something related to it. So, the real answers couldn’t be found, sorry.

As now I’m quite free after clearing a shit load of work, and I cannot go anywhere while waiting for Chocobo Racing cutscene to finish, I’ll go over some of the Search Engine Terms of this week. (My blog stats system only keeps access keywords for 7 days).


ffxi chocobo
ffxi chocobo raising
chocobo raising ffxi faq

Yes I’ve written about this topic. But it was mostly rough guidelines and thus the information is untidy. Maybe I should make a FAQ list? =_= Uhh when I’m not lazy, I promise I will.


black chocobo
red chocobo

My brother owns a black chocobo, and I own 2 red chocobos. You can see the pics in my blog, under “FFXI Chocobo” category. I’ve written about them and uploaded screenshots a lot.

ffxi chocobo raising day 19
chocobo raising color day 19

Day 19 is when your chocobo turns from baby (chick) to teen (adolescence). On Day 19, you’ll be able to notice the colour that it will become when it fully grows on Day 29.


ffxi chocobo learning ability
ffxi when does chocobo learn story
my chocobo dont learn ability
ffxi chocobo learn story after day 64
ffxi chocobo learn ability after retire

Skill, or “abilities” as it is called in the game for chocobo, is what must be taught via “Tell a story” care option when you talk to Chocobo Caretaker at your stables. But you need to obtain the key item that is specific for the ability that you want first. Each story requires different level of minimum intelligence (discernment) of the chocobo. Some can be taught easily, needing lower discernment, while some needs much more.

On the question of “when,” well, my first red chocobo, ArashiZetsuei, learnt both Burrow and Treasure Finder on day 34, just a few days after reaching adulthood. Her discernment level was Outstanding, but I strongly believe that those stories didn’t require such high discernment.

If your chocobo doesn’t learn ability early, you can keep trying until it retires.

I have, through patience and strong will, taught my brother’s racing chocobo the ability “Gallop” on Day 89, and then after discernment became Average, “Canter” on Day 96. So, yes, chocobo can learn ability after its growth becomes stabilized on Day 64. Retired chocobo, on the other hand, cannot learn any more ability, because to teach an ability, you MUST read it a story. And reading story can only be done while chocobo is raised in the stables.


chocobo stats
chocobo care plan ffxi
how to upgrade chocobo in ffxi

Chocobo stats, or “attributes” as it is called in the games, are;
1. Endurance : in general, this determines how long you can ride your chocobo in 1 call.
2. Strength : this is your chocobo’s speed.
3. Discernment : this is intelligence, chocobo will be dumb and won’t easily learn abilities with low discernment.
4. Receptivity : helps to increase the chance of the egg to inherit its ability and stats.
5. Energy : the HP bar which depletes when you care for your chocobo daily.
6. Affection : how much it loves you, if you neglect it, the love will drop easily.
7. Satisfaction : how full the chocobo’s tummy is. Do not feed when it reaches “Completely full.”

Care plan, is what you assign the Chocobo Caretaker at the stables to do for you on daily basis. The type of care plan activities will determine what attributes will be gained or lost.

In order to upgrade your chocobo, which I believe that the searcher meant “raising attributes,” you can pick from a lot of choices.
– Feeding, can grow stats a tiny bit. You have to choose the food carefully too.
– Assigning Care Plan, this plays an important role in growing your chocobo’s attributes.
– Kamp Kweh, get a random chance for stats up, but to participate, you need a party member who’s currently keeping a chocobo in the stables.
– Training, by using Chocobucks to pay for the upgrade that you want.
– Doing Direct Care, like taking for a walk, or reading a story, are said to help grow the stats too.


ffxi raise chocobo time real life
ff11 chocobo growth age’s

It requires daily care for 29 days before the chocobo fully grows. However, you will need a few more days to obtain the quest, getting a chocobo whistle, in order to be able to call your chocobo to a field and ride it like rental chocobo.

The Egg you give to a Chocobo Stables Person will hatch and become a chick on Day 4.
Then it will grow into a teenage or adolescence on Day 19, showing its colour.
Eventually, it will bebome an adult chocobo on day 29.
You can choose to retire it (and be able to ride it if you already gotten the whistle quest done, race it, dig treasure with it, etc) or keep raising it in the stables to gain more attributes or teach abilities.
Then, at Day 64, the Stables Person will say that your chocobo’s growth has become stabilized, meaning that it no longer gain stats from Care Plan.
You can, however, keep raising it for other purpose. Like, for examples, training for stats upgrade of your choice, or doing Kamp Kweh with friends.
Finally, on Day 129, you will be forced to retire your chocobo.

Your raised chocobo will be able to provide you the taxi service forever, even if you have selected other chocobo to be linked with your Chocobo Whistle. You only need to keep the “VCS Reg. Card.” It will have the name of your chocobo, so you won’t get confused which is whose. When you want to come back to ride, or dig, on a specific chocobo of yours, you have to register its card at the Stables Person.

Oh, right, I almost forgot… Chocobo’s day at the stables will change after 24 real life hour. And the day starts from since you traded the egg to Stables person. So, if you traded your egg at 9 P.M. (21.00) in your timezone, even though tomorrow at 11 A.M. (11.00 – before noon) is already a new day for you, the new day won’t start for your chocobo until it becomes 9 P.M. again.


how much do u need to feed chocobo ff11

You need to feed it at least one item each day. And each day you can keep feeding it until it says the chocobo is “completely full.” However, I strongly believe that your chocobo will gain back the energy (HP) according to how much you feed it. So, it’s best to feed it until completely full. Also, how much energy you spend will determine how hungry it becomes on the next day. For example, if you use only half of the energy bar, tomorrow it will say “neither hungry nor full,” allowing you to feed less food than usual.

So, I would say, each day you should feed your chocobo to full, then use up all the chocobo’s energy, then repeat on the next day.

Some food will eat up more space in your chocobo’s tummy. Like, if you feed a carrot, then a carrot, it will become just “quite full” allowing you to feed one more item. But if you feed a carrot, then an azouph green, it will become completely full. So, the order of feeding is also important.

Also, remember to ALWAYS feed food one by one for best result. Never trade a bunch of items at the same time.


ffxi chocobo affection dropping

Affection will gradually drop by default, even on Basic Care. So, if you do not check on your chocobo, do not care for it, do not feed it, the love will lower. The more advanced care plan, like Exhibiting to the public, will lower the affection faster than the basic ones like Basic care and Listening to Music. So, you need to watch out for the dropping affection and balance your daily care.

If your chocobo’s affection drop, you have several choices to choose from, and you can combine more than just 1.

– Assigning the “Rest” care plan at the Stables for one day or a few days. Because resting is the only care plan that does not lower affection.
– Choosing other care plan that lower less affection.
– Doing direct care, like watch over, wake for a walk, tell a story, etc. All of the direct care, except “Scold” will increase affection.
– Feeding affection food, for example, Azouph Green.
– Feeding energy food, like Chocolixir, in order to do more direct care on that day.


how to steal chocobo whistle

Your chocobo outwitted you, eh?

If you meant that you’re unable to steal the dirty handkerchief from the chocobo in order to get the quest’s reward from San d’Oria stables person, then I feel your pain! That happened to me A LOT too. I don’t know if it was totally random or was because my chocobo had so high Discernment =_= But yeah, whenever I tried to spy on it, it always turned!

People said that, to succeed, you need to wait until you get the message of something like “Your chocobo seems to be totally absorbed in its activity.” Because that means it was off-guard and you can steal the handkerchief easily. On the day I succeeded in stealing, I noticed that I actually had gotten that message before attempting the steal.


ffxi chocobo racing
ffxi chocobo racing register for free ru
ffxi novice race
chocobo racing playonline
ffxi fast chocobo

Racing….. Well, free run can only be registered after you’ve cleared all 3 novice races. Novice runs can be found under “Official Run” menu, when you talk to the chocobo racing NPC.

My digger chocobo could win those first 3 official races just fine, even though it was kinda slow.

It is said that Discernment (or intelligence) helps the race because it makes your chocobo manage the stamina well. So, if you have very high Discernment but only standard Strength, you can still win races.

I’ve witnessed this. My brother’s racer chocobo had lost to some other ordinary chocobo in Free Runs before. His chocobo had poor Discernment at that time. So, although it had First-Class STR and END, it still lost the race…. I think it was because it had so low Discernment that it messed up the stamina management and ended up losing speed near the end of the race, letting other chocobos pass in front. Getting 1 Chocobuck instread of 3 on so many run was upsetting!

Later on, when his Discernment improved, the race became more satisfying, though he, still, cannot outrun each of the 3 super chocobos.


I think….that’s it for today. So many sets of keywords already.

There are a few keywords that are not related to FFXI chocobo, on which I shall continue later.


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I’ve got some visitors coming to my blog from search engine. Many search keywords showed up on my blog stat. Some of them aren’t what I actually mention in my blog, so those visitors might not get the answer they want. 🙁 Poor thing. So, I’ll try to answer some if them.

Recent search terms are, for examples;

sunbreeze festival pond fishing strategy
Ah, sorry to have disappointed you, but I didn’t write about the strategy.
However, you can find it here;

ffxi food that feels chocobos energy bar
Chocolixir, my friend, will fill the energy bar for your chick.

dig for treasure chocobo discernement
Yes, discernment helps a great deal when you do Chocobo Digging.
You might want to check this page of ffxi wiki;

ffxi chocobo breeding max stats you can
My digger chocobo got these stats;
Strength: Impressive (lv 6)
Endurance: Average (lv 4)
Discernment: First-Class (lv 8.)
Receptivity: Better Than Average (lv 5)
Afterward, something would start dropping if I tried to raise more stat.
So it means I’ve reached max.

My brother’s racing chocobo, on the other hands, has; (Not max, I think)
Strength: First-Class (lv 8.)
First-Class (lv 8.)
Discernment: A Bit Deficient (lv 3)
Receptivity: Poor (lv 1)

pet peeve คืออะไร
Pet peeve แปลว่า อะไรก็ตามที่เราเจอ เห็น หรือโดนคนอื่นปฏิบัติใส่แล้วจะหงุดหงิด รำคาญ เกลียด ไม่ชอบ โมโห ทนไม่ได้ ในทางหนึ่งคือเป็นความไม่ชอบส่วนตัว อะไรที่เราเจอแล้วบ่นบ่อย ๆ นั่นแหละค่ะ pet peeve ส่วนมากจะเจอในรูปพหูพจน์ คือ pet peeves เพราะคนคนหนึ่งมักจะมีหลายอย่าง
Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.

where is aldo at in ff11
In Lower Jeuno. You need to be a member of Tenshodo in order to directly see him.
He is inside the innermost door in Tenshodo Headquarter, which is hidden in the Neptune’s Spire.

ffxi online scenary
Alright, I’m uploading some screenshots I took in FFXI. I will post them soon.

what is merit party ffxi
Merit party is a party that does not aim for EXP (experience points) to level up, but rather LP (limit points) to gain or increase special skills when you reach lv 75. Every 10,000 Limit Points will earn the character a Merit Point. You can spend your Merit Points in getting skills of different categories. More information can be found here;

ffxi where to buy a choco eggg
Jeuno. Ru’Lude Gardens.

ffxi what’s the green bar
O_o?? What is that? And where did you see it?

Alright…. Next entry I’ll post some screenshots of scenery. I think I’ve got a bunch of nice pics. I’m a screenshot freak, but was just too lazy to upload any.


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WordPress has been reminding me to download and install newer version for quite some time, and today I’m free (as well as being in the mood) so I updated it to the newer release, 2.8.2.

Logged in users might need to re-login again.

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I bugged my brother to register a new domain name for me, and here it is. Following the wordpress guide > here < I managed to move my whole FFXI Blog to the new domain, and also re-configure it to be functional. Oh, but before that I had to pester my friend to teach me how to setup a new account and a new FTP access, in order to split this blog from my old folder in the server. It took me… hmmm let me see. It took me approximately 2 hours to complete the whole process. Difficult, and a little bit tiring, but worths it.

ย้ายบ้านใหม่แล้ว! ยกบล็อกเก่าทั้งยวงมาไว้ที่ใหม่ ใช้ URL ใหม่ที่รบเร้าให้น้องชายไปจดทะเบียนให้ ก็คือ ต่อไปนี้จะได้จำง่าย ๆ กว่าเดิม ฮี่ ๆ ๆ เหนื่อยเหมือนกันนะ เพราะไม่ใช่แค่ก๊อปโฟลเดอร์แล้วจะย้ายได้เลย ต้องตั้งแอคเคาท์ใหม่สำหรับอัพโหลดไฟล์ใส่เซิร์ฟเวอร์ด้วย เพราะเราจะแยกโฟลเดอร์ออกมาต่างหากเลย จะไม่เอารวมกับที่ของเราที่ใช้ทำอย่างอื่นละ แล้วก็ต้องจัดการกับตัวระบบบล็อก wordpress นิดหน่อย โชคดีที่มีคู่มือให้อ่านได้สบาย ๆ > ที่นี่ < ในที่สุดหลังจากใช้เวลา….เอ่อ….2 ชั่วโมง เราก็ได้บ้านใหม่ซะที!

บอร์ดของ MinamiKaze ก็ย้ายมาเหมือนกัน แต่เดี๋ยวต้องไปคอนฟิกอะไรนิดหน่อย หงิก ๆ

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