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On Saturday I suddenly decided to join Salvage group for the first time in my adventuring life. Actually it was just because I was curious, was bored, and wanted to hang out with Cornie. I know I wouldn’t have money (or effort) to put together any Salvage gear even if I could obtain the pieces. So it was just to see or try something new.

So, about 5 minutes before enter time, I went to Aht Urhgan Whitegate and obtained my first Salvage Permit ever!!!

When we entered, everyone was naked. It felt like a nudity club…. Was disturbing, but meh, can’t help it. I hate my naked MP, but this was even worse, because there was also a restriction which lower max MP even further!!!  (TwT) Gah!!!

But the fight wasn’t that difficult, because this team seem experienced. I, however, had to strain my focus more than usual because it’s new for me and I never read about Salvage before. Leader gave clear instruction and calls out lots on Cells (to remove restrictions or handicaps) very nicely, so I didn’t have much problem figuring out what to lot or to pass.

After a while, a piece of Usukane pants dropped.

I was tempted to lot!!! But I was new, and I didn’t know if I could assemble the piece for the real pants, and I already have Byakko Haidate so I hesitated and eventually didn’t lot.

Then, after more than an hour, we reached the boss room. It’s the hated Chariot of all time, ever since I started doing Nyzul Isle.

Buffing up, briefing plan, arranging parties. So only 2 SAMs will engage because they have Relic weapons. Others just stand afar and support.

This is not just any Chariot…. It spams Charm on melee people. The plan sounded cool at first, and the battle went nicely. But it turned out to be a big mess before long. Only Bind would work on charmed people, even though my Repose did stick. They said it wears off immediately so it’s useless. 🙁 Bleh, damn it! Repose used to be my ultimate weapon against charmed comrade. Now it doesn’t work…. Blargh!

And the kiting…. My +8% movement speed wasn’t enough, so I would still get smashed on my head or slashed from the back. I have to learn to path better next time, because I kept running into one of the charmed people or the Chariot itself while running away.

After many deaths as well as attempts to recover, we finally wiped at 3 mins before time out.

The murderer?

One of our Samurais.

I can’t believe he hits me fore 695 on normal hit, non-critical.


The world is so cruel.

Next time I’ll run away faster, Shiki, I swear.

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