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Linkshell’s activities such as NM hunting. เวลาเฮโลกันไปหลายคนใน LS

On Saturday I suddenly decided to join Salvage group for the first time in my adventuring life. Actually it was just because I was curious, was bored, and wanted to hang out with Cornie. I know I wouldn’t have money (or effort) to put together any Salvage gear even if I could obtain the pieces. So it was just to see or try something new.

So, about 5 minutes before enter time, I went to Aht Urhgan Whitegate and obtained my first Salvage Permit ever!!!

When we entered, everyone was naked. It felt like a nudity club…. Was disturbing, but meh, can’t help it. I hate my naked MP, but this was even worse, because there was also a restriction which lower max MP even further!!!  (TwT) Gah!!!

But the fight wasn’t that difficult, because this team seem experienced. I, however, had to strain my focus more than usual because it’s new for me and I never read about Salvage before. Leader gave clear instruction and calls out lots on Cells (to remove restrictions or handicaps) very nicely, so I didn’t have much problem figuring out what to lot or to pass.

After a while, a piece of Usukane pants dropped.

I was tempted to lot!!! But I was new, and I didn’t know if I could assemble the piece for the real pants, and I already have Byakko Haidate so I hesitated and eventually didn’t lot.

Then, after more than an hour, we reached the boss room. It’s the hated Chariot of all time, ever since I started doing Nyzul Isle.

Buffing up, briefing plan, arranging parties. So only 2 SAMs will engage because they have Relic weapons. Others just stand afar and support.

This is not just any Chariot…. It spams Charm on melee people. The plan sounded cool at first, and the battle went nicely. But it turned out to be a big mess before long. Only Bind would work on charmed people, even though my Repose did stick. They said it wears off immediately so it’s useless. 🙁 Bleh, damn it! Repose used to be my ultimate weapon against charmed comrade. Now it doesn’t work…. Blargh!

And the kiting…. My +8% movement speed wasn’t enough, so I would still get smashed on my head or slashed from the back. I have to learn to path better next time, because I kept running into one of the charmed people or the Chariot itself while running away.

After many deaths as well as attempts to recover, we finally wiped at 3 mins before time out.

The murderer?

One of our Samurais.

I can’t believe he hits me fore 695 on normal hit, non-critical.


The world is so cruel.

Next time I’ll run away faster, Shiki, I swear.

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After the 1st attempt’s failure:

Path of Darkness: Attempt #1 (Sunday 4th April 2010)

Winner: Razfahd & Alexander
Party Setup: PLD/war, DRK/war, DRK/war, RDM/drk, BLM/whm, WHM/sch
Result: Wiped at around 3 mins before timeout.

It looked cool at first, though Lusi died to the Blue Mage. Then it got nasty and the beam AoE hit the 2 DDs too much. BLM also got killed here and there. MP was a big problem. At the end I had almost no MP and had to sit. Then shit hit the fan and everyone died. I ran away to the gate but got Drawn-in and died.

The fight was disappointing because we didn’t even get close to killing it.


We gathered together the next day, around the same time. However, there was quite a time strain because of the upcoming maintenance. So we rushed there and tried to start the fight before it gets to 45 mins before maintenance. This time we tried the other setup that Shino suggested.

Path of Darkness: Attempt #2 (Monday 5th April 2010)

Winner: Razfahd & Alexander
Party Setup: PLD/war, DRK/war, BRD/whm, RDM/drk, BLM/whm, WHM/sch
Result: Timeout, got kicked when boss HP = 1%

It looked cool until boss HP became around 25%, then it kept using the curing move that recovers about 1000hp per use. At one point we got it down to 20%, then in a few mins later, it got back to 35%. That was very discouraging. Anyway, while Shino the BLM was sitting for MP, Elfi  snapped and used Chainspell for Stuns. It was cool to watch lol! But when Chainspell wore off, it killed him in one shot ><;;

Shino then ran in, trying to nuke it to death, but died… Maybe he used Manafont too, but I’m not sure.

Boss now had 1% of HP left. Aika tried desperately, while weakened, to melee kill it. Lusi ran in, trying to use WS, but his PC kind of froze and he couldn’t walk. So, we got kicked when time was out.

Very frustrating ; ; Grrrrrr!!

@#$^@#$%^@#$% Lusi was very pissed off too.


One more try…

Path of Darkness: Attempt #3 (Tuesday 6th April 2010)

Winner: Aphmau & Mercenary
Party Setup: PLD/war, SAM/war, BRD/whm, RDM/drk, BLM/whm, WHM/sch
Result: Won, at about 3 mins left.

This time we switched Aika from DRK to SAM. The fight was smooth, though Aika died to the Blue Mage ><;;

Then Aika died again to Alexander…. I felt hopeless. But with super Ballads from Mita, I was able to maintain my MP. Lusi didn’t have MP issue too. I Devotion’ed once, and that’s all.

At around 20% HP left, we started 2 hr burn. Invincible tank, Chainspell Stuns, Manafont nukes, and Meikyo Shisui WS. Aikanana defeated it. We barely beat the time limit =_=;;

Yay! Thank you all, and grats Aika and Lu. We finally caught up with them on ToAU missions!

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Saturday 22nd August 2009, I woke up early (“my” early, which was like 8 A.M.) and had a long conversation with Leftster regarding LS spreadsheets management. I got the documents from Sieka days ago, however, I couldn’t make head or tail of one of them, which was the Dynamis History which contains LS bank info. You know, it’s full of figures and numbers, and I’m terrible at mathmetics. So, just seeing it makes me feel dizzy already. @.@

The Attendance Sheet, on the other hand, was simple and easy to understand.

Well, I volunteered to take care of the documents when Sieka asked in LS chat.

The reason?

First off, I’m comfortable with computer documents because my work always uses computer. I’ve also played around with google doc as well as MS Excell before. In fact, I used them a lot in keeping my data like Nyzul Isle loots and Chocobo Raising records. Secondly, since I’m already working on my computer daily, it’s easy for me to take care of those too. It is also one of the few things I could do to help Linkaga, the folks I like. Lastly, I’m the type of person who clings to the past. I won’t elaborate this, but you get the rough idea.

Anyway, here’s the checklist of what we – Linkaga – need or want, and what we’ve done;

Please note that I only observed, joined in the discussion, or was asked to do things. I do not have power or authority here.  I only wanted to summarize our situation.

Red – have yet to be addressed, or need attention.
Orange – discussed, or interested, but undecided.
Green – decided, work in progress.
Blue – done, settled, standing by.

Reorganization of LS.

Assigning new officers/cooperators.
Discussing and refining lotting rules, adding more details.
Finding a way to manage Linkshell. Might get a new one for convenience.
Seeing to the recruitment details.
Deciding on when to continue. Currently set to 22nd September approx.

Personnel management.

Finding a new LS bank.

Assigning to a person.
Transferring money.
Checking the amount.

Finding a bazaar mule.

Assigning to a character.
Setting Home Point at Jeuno.
Getting 3 basic gate crystals.
Clearing inventory.
Questing Gobbie Bags.

Finding Glass mule(s) if possible.

Jeuno (I have one. Uh well, two.)
Bastok (I can use Brune’s char.)
– Windurst
– San d’Oria
* Might as well use one mule but commute it.*

Finding a documents keeper.

Passing on the files.
Getting briefed and tutored on spreadsheets.
Getting familiar with sheets, and try to master the art.
Gaining access to existing Master Attendance Sheet.
Copying data and making a new Master Attendance Sheet.
Checking data.
Posting it on LS forum.

Finding a contact to post our Dynamis schedule at AXI site.

Assigning to person(s). (Aleczan got it.)
Registering to the site.
Gaining access to the scheduler.
Getting knowledge on how we should schedule.

Communication among members.

Letting everyone know we’re taking a break. /lsmes has been set.
Posting the summary of current situation on LS forum.
Having officers/members meeting for LS discussion.
Staying tuned and updated to the news.

FYI, the tutorial on spreadsheets was done. But I have yet to master the art of manipulating the documents.

Thank you Lefty, for your patient and detailed teaching.

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Wednesday early morning, I woke up at 6 oh….wait…. I didn’t.

Um….ah, ok.

I went to bed a bit early, like before 9 P.M. and then woke up in the middle of the night, finding out that I had stood my LS up on the intended Nyzul Isle run. When I woke up around 2 A.M., most of them had already went to sleep and logged off. T.T Sorry guys, I thought I would wake up in time.

I figured it would be useless trying to go to sleep before Dyna, or if I could sleep, there was a high risk of sleeping-in to occur. So, I….did something. I can’t recall what activities I spent my time on that night, really (I’m writing this after a few days…so…well! ><;;) But I think maybe I just stayed in the town and chatted with Cornelious. I think I also saw Stefy level up her WAR too. We talked a bit and then I got caught up with my own interest in browsing my screenshot folders.

Cornelious, too, soon became busy with his keyboard. So we almost didn’t talk at all. Then it was time for Dynamis gathering, so I headed to Jeuno.

Guh! OK, now, speaking of Jeuno reminded me of what we did during that time. I and Cornelious took our chocobos on a date! (That’s just fancy talking, actually we just traded Chococards and went to deal with Finbarr.)

So, anyway, I got back to Jeuno at gathering time. We went through a long discussion on various subjects. In the end, we called it cancelled and decided to take a temporary break on Dynamis run, for one month. That is to reorganize things. I have no problem with that. I just don’t want us to scatter. So, if we stick together, it is fine. So, we will hold while waiting for Trustme’s return.

During the discussion I noticed Domminick and Sanoo were similar (maybe it was because of their armors.) So I asked them to stand together for a photo. XD Thanks guys, nice pic!

They looked like brothers! Hahaha!

OK, so after cancelation was announced, I headed back to Bastok, still wearing Linkaga’s pearl just to keep myself updated. Meanwhile, Stefy were asking for LS party to level up her WAR. So I took a long time to dress my THF30 up and joined her in Qufim while waiting for Jan to pop her WHM.

We got a WAR, a BRD and a NIN tank, who was also the tank (PLD) during Rostrum Pumps run the day before.

This party was just great. I also used my Kupofried’s Ring, and then my Anniversary Ring – if I remember correct, as well as my Emperor Band, so the EXP were very fast and my level went up quickly.

During a camp relocation, Khroma, the tank, somehow pulled aggro on the Kraken. ><;; I don’t know what happened, maybe he went Sneak and grabbed some key item at the cove. So when his Sneak wore off it aggroed him. That Kraken lost aggro and went back before doing any damage, though.

At one point, Bard had to leave, so Jan got Tajah to come as COR. His Mithra looked sexy in an apron 😉

Then, after a few levels, the EXP became bad even when we pulled Pugils. Therefore, we moved to Yuhtunga Jungle. Khroma had to leave so we asked Kimji to come as PLD. The EXP was great too.

The bad part is…. Even before we arrived in the Jungle, I was aggroed by a piece of emergency work. It was my boyfriend asking for help on my submitted work (he was in charge of editing it, but it required quite a lot of refining and he needed assistant on graphic edit, in order to speed up the process.) So… I had to cover the work while EXP’ing. I was asked to help on several pages that I wasn’t told to edit before I submitted my work, as well as 2 pages that I had previously overlooked on some minor details. Overall, there were 10 pages to deal with. So I asked Stef to pull Mandy while I went semi-AFK and did my work. When I heard the battle sound I would switch to look and engage, occasionally land correct Sneak Attacks.

Eventually I got 2 levels, getting to level 36 on my Thief, embarrasingly enough, during half-leaching. =_=;;

After a while of my full-attention (but still, I didn’t get back to pulling, Tajah was doing it for me and Stefy) we finally disbanded because many people were falling asleep on their keyboards.  😛

It was a very good party! Thank you everyone.

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So, Tuesday I woke up a bit before noon (bad habit, I know) and foundout that Stefy, Jan, Kimji, and many people were in Attohwa Chasm. Before I started asking what was up, Stefy asked me to come for the fun! So, I set out on my White Mage, to the Rostrum Pumps pop event.

When I arrived, they were doing the last 5 pops. I joined the alliance, not noticing that Pyric wasn’t a PLD but BST! A lot of familiar faces where there, Cornelious included. Jibb was also there, with MinamiKaze pearl off, because he was annoyed by the fast-stream text XD Jerry….was a Ranger!? O_o?!!

I was a bit groggy from my waking up, and I’ve never been in the scene with this NM before. So I didn’t know what to do and where to stand. Luckily, though, that I was a healer, so basically just keeping everyone alive was fine. Still, all the commotions around – the crowd and Beastmaster’s pets included – made my head spin even more. It was so hard to keep track of things that were going on.

I had the LS chat, the /tell chat, and the PT chat. And sometimes when we joke or talked off topic, we used /say. I had the lines of battle log running as fast as a falling elevator, and I had people and monster running back and fourth on my screen. It was totally @.@!!

To make the matter worse, that Feeler Antlion kept popping the Executioner Antlion, not the Alaster! They kept coming, and people kept killing. It was like unending nightmares. I went OMFG!? when Duckie mentioned that they had been there for like 6 hours or so. Gee….

The first battle since I arrived was their 4th from last pop. It was an unlucky pop, because the NM trigger kept digging up the wrong Antlions.But we won, eventually, and of course the person got the drop.

The next pops were way better. ALaster Antlion popped quite quickly. And when it did pop, they pulled it away, letting people split and deal with each Antlion with ease.

It was fun running around to get into casting range on alliance members when not so many Antlion were running around in every direction @.@

During downtime while we waited for the spot to repop, I went downstairs and fixed myself a lunch. When I came back they were already start fighting, to keep the camp clear of links. Then we finished the last pop. I think I left half of my meal on the desk for like 30 minutes or so, because I couldn’t sneak in too many bites. When I tried to eat continuously, someone would look half-dead and I had to let go of my spoon, lol!

The session ended happily. Some people were half asleep, some had to crawl into bed hastily, due to their timezone’s limit. LOL!

Grats folks!

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So, when we heard from Trustme that we can do Dynamis – Windurst tonight, and that Trust was heading to Windy with the glass, Elwyn and I left the Boyahda Tree, heading to Windurst for gathering.

I have to confess that I felt worried about what I heard. I was afraid to part with them. These several months I’ve been with them had made me love Linkaga so much. It was a shock to hear he was going to leave. When I had a chance, I blurted out into the LS chat, asking whether Trust would leave forever or was just taking a break. (Maybe that question was why Elwyn said “whoa” in PT chat, lol)

He said he had to take a long break, like 3 months. He didn’t sound quite well, though 🙁 But all I can is wishing him well and looking forward to his return. His presence has always been pleasant and it would be lonely without him.

Ahh…well, anyway we entered with about 20 people, maybe. Really, we had a gratifying run, to which someone commented that it was suitable as a farewell run (until several months) for Trust. <3 <3 <3 First off, we had far less deaths happening than usual. Arkades also died only once! Which was while farming after boss. XD I died once, too, when we half-wiped before pulling boss.

One of the exciting moments for me was when I accidentally pulled hate on a RNG Yagudo. I kinda did Asuran Fists as usual, but the damage went up to 8xx, nothing special. However, it happened to Skillchain (Darkness) with someone else’s WS (well, that happened quite a lot and I’m used to it, and people said that SC damage DOESN’T add up to your damage in hate pool) at 8xx also. It friggin’ turned to me, mate, it friggin’ turned. Could be bad luck or bad timing… And it did an Eagle Eye Shot on my head.

I was saved by a split second, by Kryton. Thanks, man! It would be sad to die so early in the run!

If you see the log carefully, you would agree with me that that damn Yagudo was using hax! He was readying his Double Kick but in the same time shot an EES?! WTH??! That’s absolutely cheating! RAWR! So I took 14xx damage in a blink of an eye. Cures were tossed from everywhere, weee~ I felt so loved!

Anyway, if you click on the pic, it will show the full log of that moment. Notice the part where I went “Wheee~”? It was because I was admiring that Darkness Skillchain’s effect…. The big black/purple orb over mob’s head is just cool! I was also happy to see the SC DMG at 100% of WS DMG. I didn’t notice, until later, that I actually got hit – and worse yet, with an EES. The next second I couldn’t do anything but stared at my almost empty HP bar, thinking I would again waste Chihiru’s MP on a Raise. Shouldn’t it because of Kryton, my perception would have been true.

He saved my ass!!!

So, well, as a token of my gratitude, here’s a nice screenshot of Kryton.

So cool! He was swinging his Great Katana at the Yagudo! Looks powerful, and yes his WS is powerful that someone said Kryton had a bulleye mark on his body, so every mob in there likes to kill him first in the group. XD Ah well, if this is real life or other game, he might have lopped off Lusian’s head 😛

During this run, we talked about the name of Yagudo, I said I hate the “Eyepiercer” NM, and Kryton said there was a “Mithrarider!” LOL! He was a bit wrong, he said a few mins later. That Orc NM in Xarcabard (sorry I remembered it wrong) Beaucedine was actually Mithraslaver. He mixed the name up with other one, Galkarider. Those NMs also includes Humegutter, Tarutoaster, and Elvaanlopper. When Kryton got to this part of the description, someone yelled “WTF? Elvaanlopper!??” lol! Maybe it was Dragonkng or Rhodry, I’m guessing from their being Elvaans.

And so Lusian asked up “What is lopper?”

Stardragon or Sieka, or maybe Chihiru (sorry I can’t remember who said what) answered something like “to cut” and “to chop off the body parts.” And then Ghostblade elaborated it in a short, yet vivid definition, “to cut out in one solid motion.” Whooo….That’s a clear picture. Thanks a lot. Just genious!

I just thought this picture was funny so I snapped a screenshot. This Yagudo DRG acted all important and went up to the higher platform, having us running behind it like faithful follower. >.> What the…? You think you’re an emperor and that’s your throne? Piffffffffff!!!!

In this pic, we were told “you can camp at the death house, it’s cleared” so some mages actually went to camp “at” the Death House. Ahahaha! Trustme was far to the left, ordering Dragonkng to pull stuff. The alliance awaited.

Under the bridge, one of the spots we often wipe. Today, however, things here went smoothly. I think maybe only 1 BLM had died, might be Parasite, I can’t recall precisely. Elwyn and maybe Stardragon were up at the house sleeping mobs in order to protect us down here 🙂 Thanks!

Here, where we all need to stand tightly on the bridge to avoid aggro from the house in the back. I love Trustme’s order, “huddle together.” Woot! Huddle! I feel like an emperor penguin in an adorable colony!

Here BLMs stayed with Trustme, they would time nuke, I guess? Or it was an NM trigger, I don’t know. Elwyn was just off the picture playing a traffic police, giving people directions to camp, which was at circle on the bridge.

Oh, here, here, in this pic above was when we failed to sacrifice Arkades survived while many others went down. So while mages raised people, and we rested for weakness to wear off, he was protecting the mages with all his hate tools!!

These are the last 2 pics from the run. It was when we finished farming because time was running out. I took these screenshot just before we got kicked from the zone.

In total, we got 2 of 100’s and 13 pieces of armor. SAMx2 (and you know, first SAM dropped from the 2nd mob after we entered woohoo! Trustme said it’s because the Goblin hated Leftster, so Trust has been telling Leftster not to buy the glass, lol!) WHMx2 BSTx2 SMN PLD BLU WAR DRK and NIN as far as I can remember, the 13th piece was something I can’t remember 🙁

Trustme also said we got 163 singles, so it was a good harvest 🙂

Oh, and poor Lusian and Elfitine. When I told them the run was cancelled, they went off to do their things. Lusian took his cold pill, while Elfitine logged off and let dad use computer, as opposed to running to Windy. So later when Trustme showed up on gather time, and we found out we didn’t have to cancel the run, Lusi was in a miserable state. He was nodding off the whole run. Elfitine didn’t pop. I sent SMS to Elfi’s cellphone and got a reply “wth.” Later it turned out that Elfi’s dad wasn’t done using computer, so it made Elfi late.  🙁 Boo me. I should have kept quiet.

Oh and….I, again, outlotted people on 100. This time it was Mogley’s excitement moment that I crushed. Well, I did that with the 100 bill in Xarc twice already, but with different people. I think one was Elfi, and other was…oh no, Mogley? It could have been him too! GRRRR!!!! Dang if it was also him. Uhhh, if I have more jobs that meet the requirement to main lot AFs in Dyna, this wouldn’t happen. This 100 curency lotting makes me hate myself when I found out that I wouldn’t pass even when I felt guilty for winning. It’s just…. ugh!!

Anyway, it seems that we will hold even when Trustme takes a long break. I, who refuses to leave, am so glad we will continue. This group is the greatest. Ah, well, maybe not, but at least they’re the sweetest for sure. They’re all adorable. I’ve grown to love Linkaga so much during my months of membership, which I think was since the end of November 2008. Oh, wow, time flies. I’ve been with Linkaga for 9 months already? No wonder why I feel attached to them. ><;

Again, I will hold, and I wish we hold. We all have been through so much and I know we can go through more. /cheer to my fellow Dynamis-goers. I will do my best to contribute to the LS and friends.

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Saturday night, 15th August, I was supposed to take a long nap early and wake up for Dynamis late at night. I was tired and sleepy, yet hungry. So, instead of leaving Vana’diel to the land of slumber, I went into my mother’s domain, the kitchen, and got myself a meal. That kind of woke me up and so I roamed Vana’diel for more activities. Now I can’t recall what I did during that time because I was half-asleep, I guess.

Then I heard Kimji and Earthgiven wanted to do the Caedarva Mire’s map quest. I vaguely remembered that the NM spawned by that quest was evilly hard, so I asked if I could help. Kimji asked me to go Monk, so yeah, right on! RAWR!  After getting cutscenes in the town, we went out, Earth as PLD. After the cutscene, she popped it and it was killing her! Within a matter of a second, her HP went down below half, it was a scary sight. Earth was probably was spamming his enter key through the cutscene, so I used my Chi Blast and got it on me. That Chigoe NM is really a boo boo! My shadows disappeared very quickly and soon my blood started spilling. Before I hit half HP, Earth pulled hate and saved us both. I used Hundred Fists on it and it died, we were all having like half HP left, lol.

Then, Elwyn logged on and asked if I wanted to go skillup again. Sure, why not? So we went back to The Boyahda Tree.

On our way in, we ran into Mitaonsya. This time he didn’t ignore me XD LOL! Well, last time I figured he was busy and probably was multi-tasking his BST with something real life so he missed the chat log. I stopped to say hello to Mita and then moved further in to the usual camp.

As soon as we got to camp at the tree in the center, I started buffing. I didn’t noticed that sneaky Water Elemental until it actually landed  Flood on me. OMG! Flood, it was! I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. I turned around and circled it a little, trying to hit my repose macro, but that made me aggro a Steelshell. So….. Elwyn jumped in and grabbed the crab, pulled hate on the Water Elemental, then ran to zone. But I died. After reraising, I thought the water was going after Elwyn, so I reposed it and relogged.

I came back in and Elwyn was safe, with half HP. I felt so bad for making such mistakes. Elwyn said it was no biggies….but yeah I felt dumb.

After recovery, we moved to the old camp yesterday. I still aggroed some crabs but adds were always managable.

Elwyn would pull hate when other crabs aggro me. I just kept whacking one with my staff while keeping him alive.

Meanwhile, Lusian finally popped in the game after a long, on and off, absence due to a health issue. Elwyn asked me, so I asked Lusi if he wanted to come. He said no and told me he’s still messing around with the junks (A.K.A. Artifact and Relic Armors) in his house. So we continued our business, letting him organize his Mog Safe before his Moogle gets angry.

Oh, also, during the session, I dropped into Linkaga and checked for our destination tonight. It said Dynamis – Windurst. But….after 40 mins, when I dropped in again to see people, the message changed to “Dynamis cancelled” and I went O_o!?? I mentioned it to Elwyn and he was surprised, and then we decided to stay in The Boyahda Tree for more skillup. I also told Lusian and Elfitine about this. They were also surprised and everyone asked why, why, why. I couldn’t find the answer because people who should be able to answer it was nowhere to be seen.

Ah, whatever, we can just stay here and skill up.

It looked good until at some point 2 Water Elementals popped (but I saw only 1) and I aggro’ed one of them. I started running to zone. All looked fine until I ran into a crab or two in the tunnel. They all ganged up and I couldn’t zone before I died. Ahhh actually I DID hit the zone line, but it didn’t allow me to change zone. It kicked me back, saying “you cannot change area at the moment” or so. Therefore I was sent back to the same zone and was dead!

This is a bigger boo for me. T.T Why I kept doing dumb things?

Well, I don’t mind dying. It was fun (the skill up party, not the death.) I don’t mind dying and losing experience points at all if I enjoy the activity. Heck, I am willing to delevel twice if I’m entertained by the event concerned. I only hate it when I do stupid things and show off my noobness. ><;;

Anyway, we went back to the center camp. In order to prevent me from aggroing the element again, Elwyn suggested we try to pull and kill it! Great idea, Elwyn!  The Water Elemental gave nice skill points, too. So we killed it when it popped, and when we’re cleared Elwyn pulled the Black Mandragora, Korrigan.

Then again, I stood too near to the water and aggroed a Steelshell. Elwyn slept it with his bolt, or maybe he just pulled hate. So the crab wasn’t hitting me. While I was thinking what we should do, the Beastmaster next to us charmed that Steelshell!

Thank you, Pyui!!!

I think that made him have a mob too strong so he went off to pull a Goobbue. It looked scary and he almost died. ><;; However, he managed to live and we waved goodbye.

The reason we left was because that Trustme popped and asked why Dyna is cancelled. I said no idea, so he asked where were we supposed to go. I told him and he said he had the glass and was heading to Windurst. So, we rushed there, too.

At the end of training session, my Staff skill was 194. Nice 🙂

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