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Showing off screenshots from the game อวดรูปสกรีนช็อตจากในเกม

Been so damn busy with work, racing against time and deadline. I feel a bit stressed out, and was looking for a way to temporarily escape relax, and thought I could upload some screenshots from my first week in “sea.”

The first creature to greet me once I was set free from an epic cutscene was Ul’hpemde, or the friendly “Goldfish.” I personally would call it a Pink Dolphin, LOL! But well, yeah it has soft, waving tail and fins that look more like a goldfish.

The monsters in Hpemde family are non-aggressive. You could even cast spells like Flash on it, and it won’t attack you, as long as you do no damage to its HP. So it is said to be a great target to skill up your non-damage spells.

I think the reason why adventurers gave nicknames to creatures in “sea” was because the Zilartian names are so hard to read, pronounce, remember, or even spell. So, yeah, it’s easier and faster to refer to them as some simpler names.

The next one was Ul’yovra, or the famous “UFO.” Monsters in Yovra family are aggressive, and they fly high over your head, and will be not target-able until it aggro someone and come down. Corn said they’re slow and easy to kite to lose aggro, especially if you have Gravity. So he made one pop and showed me….  Heh, yeah look safe and easy, but I was still scared. He told me to go near it while he was kiting (but but …. me scared!) Oh well, he said it’s ok and it will depop (go up) soon, so I got close and took this screenshot.

It went back after a few seconds after this screenshot was taken.

Then they pulled a pair of Ul’xzomit or the “Squid.” They came in pair, called mother squid and baby squid. They do not aggro, and of course, they look very similar to squid. This was making me hungry, nummm!!!

Then, I saw a “Shark” or Ul’phuabo. The sharks are fast and aggressive. They are usually the cause of death for adventurers because they swim very fast. For me they look more like sting ray than shark, but I guess the deadly nature of Phuabo made us name them shark instead. They’re blue and have long, beautiful tail. I did not take any screenshot because I was too scared to go near them. I think I’ll have some screenshots later, after I learn and get used to the safe distance of aggro range.

Then I just ran around. First I followed Corn and Ark to the palace. But the gate was locked and I could not access without completing the mission 8-1, Garden of Antiquity.

Oh…..and after a while, I just realized that I forgot to turn on the weather effect ; ; So yeah…. I was a bit mad at myself because I’ve taken a lot of screenshot without the clouds ><;; Guhhhh!

The view with weather effect was much, much more fantastic-looking.

I was there taking screenshots and meanwhile feeling scared and unsafe, because a shark could creep up behind or below me any time. LOL!

This screenshot above is the same angle as the previous one, but a bit further back.

This is the bridge of the Grand Palace, whose name is so hard to spell or remember.

The monster in this pic was one of the Aern family, non-aggressive. It has shape similar to human with wings.

Then I ran around alone looking for all 20 NPCs to talk to. This is the mini-quest to obtain map. I’m a map freak. I don’t feel safe without a map. So I usually try to get the keyitem map for every map I visit. This is one of the lucky places where I can obtain map solo since the first day of arrival.

I stayed because I like the scenery, and I wanted the map really badly. It was the combination of curiosity, fear, and excitement. Was my first day in sea after all, so I wanted to spend long time in the place.

The last NPC I found was far north, in the west corner of the crystalline field’s barrier.

That day I got my Al’Taieu map, and went to bed happily 🙂 Hehehe.

Thank you, all the battle comrades that strained your sleep schedule to help me in my missions.

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Recently I’ve completed my Mannequin quest in Mhaura!

It took me very long, so long time to gather all the Mannequin parts. I remember drooling over the Mannequin when the quest was first introduced, but ever since my Garrison attempt failed miserably, with the whole alliance wiped, I thought I wouldn’t want to go through all the troubles to put together my first Mannequin.

Later, I found out that some easy soloable BCNMs drop the parts, so I tried, but died (on my Shinmai SMN) and had to reconsider my plan again XD

Then hmmmm….a few years passed. Sometimes I saw very cheap Mannequin parts, like Head, or Legs, and bought them, hoping to eventually get all the parts. I shopped in Rolanberry markets every once in a while (like once a month? LOL) And recently after visiting many friends’ Mog House and seeing their Mannequins, I started to REALLY want to have a Mannequin of my own again!

So, yeah, more shopping.

I even attempted to do some trio BCNM with Arkades and Cornelious and hope for the drop, but we wiped XD Damn Endrain Crabs!!! RAWR!

A few months passed quickly….and just last week while walking from Rolanberry (yeah, ghetto Taru warp service) to Jeuno, I stopped by and found the last 2 pieces that used to be Bazaared very expensively! (I saw 600k, and 400k) This time it was like 200k or 250k a piece, so I grabbed those and WOOTGA!

I also found more hands and arms to complete the 2nd set, so I kinda forced Cornie to go do his Mannequin quest with me XD

So now we both have a Mannequin in the house 🙂

P.S. I think all Mannequins are Medium size. Because mine is a tad shorter than my Mithra.


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Long story short, last night we finally beat Promyvian – Vahzl in Chains of Promathia Mission. It’s been like what? 8 months since our CoP static disbanded? So yeah we gathered and, after an ordeal of getting ready and preparing anima bottled to throw at the bosses (but unsuccessful), we set off to Pso’Xja. Full attack on the mission “The Enduring Tumult of War.” Or CoP5-1.

Joining up with Tenzen, Prishe, and Ulmia, we proceeded through Pso’Xja and to the Stone Door guarded by a Golem. We beat it (no screenshot, sadly) and entered. Rode the elevator down and headed to Promyvian – Vahzl entrance. Then got a mighty long cutscene.

Guess what? We have a company. =_=

That greying, balding guy is Nag’molada. He called us “imcompetent adventurers” because we were too slow in locating the mothercrystals, and he beat us to it. Oh yeah, I can’t reject because we actually took almost a year to get to the north tower of Pso’Xja. Duh!

However, he wasn’t alone! The boy also arrived!

The creepy boy, of whom I used to say “Whoa, he gave me this amulet that seems very important to the mission, he must be a good person!” (to which Leonidus commented “You will regret obtaining that amulet from the boy, *chuckle*”)

A lot of conversation went on, and many things happened, to which I wasn’t paying attention because I was flipping out to the party about the preparation of anima for this part of mission. It was unpleasant and I’ve been mean and bitchy, so I wont write about the detail. Anyway, Selh’teus started to communicate with Prishe who was shouting at either Nag’molada or Diabolos, I can’t remember.

Then, we saw an eerie dream, I wasn’t sure if it was happening at the time or was a flashback of someone’s memory. But I would guess the latter, because Lady Yve’noile mentioned 2 names, Selh’teus and Nag’molada. Also, I wasn’t reading the story carefully enough to remember it, because I was ragingly spamming my enter key to speed up the conversation, just so that I could go back to Jeuno to continue preparing anima.

Exactly 30 minutes later, we arrived in Promyvian – Vahzl, with a full set of 3 anima at Aika, and only 4 pairs of 2 animas (Hysteroanima [pain] and Terroanima [guilt]) because there was no Recollection of Fear on the Auction House, and Cornelious’ gallant attempt to farm us the Recollections had partly failed because of his modem and port-forwarding problem.

Anyway, Cornie got us 3 Recollection of Pains, netting me 3 more bottle of Hysteroanima. While I dug into Shinmai’s inventory and brought a Hysteroanima I already had, as well as  turned 4 Recollection of Guilts into 4 Terroanima. By the time we arrived at the entrance, Lusian had already fallen asleep. Of course it was about 2.30 A.M…. Can’t blame him for passing out on us.  After a few attempt to wake him up using various <call> in party, we figured he wouldn’t wake up. So, for safety, instead of attempting this part of mission as a party of 5, I asked Arkades to come and help.

Well, he had actually been standing by all the time since we started gathering. I found out that he had been doing nothing but staring at his Moogle (or maybe also beating up on him, who knows) awaiting my SOS in his Mog House. Thank you a million times, Ark. Oh, and Aurrek had offered to help me with CoP as well, but at that time he wasn’t online. ANd this mission trip wasn’t planned ahead, it was like a pop quiz brought up by Elfitine at around half past midnight. So I didn’t poke Aurrek earlier about this CoP run.

While Arkades was getting ready, we climbed up because he said he was positive he could warp up to any floor. Then after 1 death while commuting (Ark was all alone, so he died ; ; /cry) we all reunited.

Then, the lengthy climb, and to the battle!

First boss was quite easy. Though Aika popped it too fast by touching the Flux door as soon as we got there (I would have done the same if I wasn’t far behind, and I already did the unprepared touch-pop once at Golem door in Pso’Xja) the fight went smoothly without any death at all.


The creepy door started to glow….

We joined up with Tenzen at first door. Then Louverance on next. And finally Ulmia on last boss’ door.

The second boss battle with Solicitor, however, didn’t go as nicely as the first. Though we took precaution this time, by Cornelious’ reminder not to pop the boss before mages were ready, the battle still went ugly later on.

Corn: “Wait, get ready first, don’t click the door. No touchy!”
Ark touches Cornelious.
Me: “OMGLOL!!!”
Corn: “Not you, big boy. You can touch me.”
Ark: “=_=;;”

Back to the battle, it killed Elfitine the Paladin near the end of fight. I was too panicked to remember the detail of what happened next, but we were successful in keeping others alive, so they kept fighting while Cornie nuked it, and eventually when we had no other measure, he beat it …. with …. a staff. Guess what, his whack was the finishing blow. He was all psyched up by that and Elfitine, who was still on the ground, went like “OMG Corn killed it!”

Then we proceeded up to the last floor. Taking rest for MP every once in a while.

After the last floor guardian boss, Elfitine was once again the dead body on the ground while we checked the Memory Flux for win. This battle was very hard. This angry boss, Ponderer, spammed a lot of AoE near the end. I couldn’t cure everyone fast enough so eventually Elfi and Aika died at the same time.

The chat log went:

AoE spams….
Cure bombs….
Aikanana casts Utsusemi: Ichi.
Arkades uses Meditate.
Mitaonsya cures self for 614 HP.
Elfitine was defeated by the Ponderer.
Aika was defeated by the Ponderer.

(Elfitine) ><
Arkades uses Seigan.
Arkades used Third Eye.

Mitaonsya weeps in sorrow before Elfitine.
(Aleczan) @#$&^#$%^@
Arkades uses Provoke on the Ponderer.
Mita Cures Arkades for 190 HP.
Arkades readies Tachi: Jinpu.
The Ponderer readies Trinary Tap.

Cornelious cures Arkades for 172 HP.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 190 HP.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 92 HP.
Mitaonsya cures Arkades for 91 HP.
(Cornelious) damnit
Aleczan casts Banish II. The Ponderer takes 42 points of dmg.
Cornelious starts casting Stun on the Ponderer.
Mitaonsya cures Arkades for 91 HP.
(Elfitine) %?
(Aleczan) 1

Arkades used Provoke on the Ponderer.
Aikanana starts casting Headbutt on the Ponderer.
(Mitaonsya) 1
Arkades uses Third Eye.
(Elfitine) go go
Cornelious defeats the Ponderer.
Aleczan cures Arkades for 190 HP.
(Elfitine) check
(Cornelious) READ THAT
(Cornelious) booya
(Cornelious) lol
(Cornelious) staff again!
(Elfitine) omg
(Aleczan) D:
(Cornelious) gandalf!
(Aikanana) >o<
(Aleczan) You psycho black mage.

That was so AWESOME!!!

Aika got up quickly after he died, and helped out with the fight while Elfi remained dead. So when we finished, Elfitine was the only corpse on the floor XD

So, in we go. And then to the Spire of Vahzl.

We met up again with Nag’molada. Now when it comes to the big decision, I like how SE make NPC characters ask, and look at me in hope of getting a correct answer. Then let us pick a choice…. Of course I asnwered “Yes.” So, Nag’molada made the path for us.

But well, things can’t go as smooth as it seem. Nag’molada called out for Selh’teus, but instead 3 Promy bosses showed up.

Buff up…. Get ready. Anima throwing order has been agreed. Full attack! We picked Agonizer first, just so we have plenty of anima to throw at the hardest boss.

The battle was so damn long. Especially in Agonizer. I think it lived for a very very long time after hitting 20% HP. Because we used 2 or 3 bottles of Terroanima to scare off the long-legged Cumulator while trying to finish off the creepy spider-tree. Battle went well. Difficult and long, but steady. No one died. In the end we had just a bottle of Terroanima and Hysteroanima left at Arkades. So, I would say our effort and time spent in getting animas was actually useful. Aika’s animas excluded, because he had them ready since long ago. Made me feel bad for not farming any Recollection of Fear earlier. ; ;

So once we won, Diabolos appeared and said something so stunning. The plot was so complicated and grand that I had waves of goosebumps. Oh no, we must stop this!!! Help!!!

After the long conversation, Prishe finally woke up and argued with Diabolos. She mush have known something… Hmmmm! And yeah I can’t hate her. She’s the type who bluntly speaks her thought and is headstrong. Very straightforward, almost seem demanding and self-centered.

She yelled at Diabolos…. And if I wasn’t dreaming, I think I saw him flinching at her words and got upset. Maybe he has some kind of sad memory and didn’t want to think about it. So he was like yelling back at her…. “What do you know!!!?”  It sounded bitter and painful. I’m really curious what had happened. We must find out by proceeding with the mission!

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Aromatherapy? Hydrotherapy? They’re all so last year! What’s hot in this season is Campaigntherapy!!!

Feel sad? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel antsy? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel down? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel bored? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel stressful? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel angry for no reason? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel like kicking some asses? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel like getting your ass kicked? Go Campaign Battle!

Feel like scratching someone’s eyes out? Go Campaign Battle!

In dire need of Merit Points but don’t want to setup a Merit party? Go Campaign Battle!

Eyes burning with envy on the Allied Ring that your friends flaunted in your face? Go Campaign Battle!

Yes, Campaign Battle is the cure for all!

Just leave everything behind and go crazy with your killing spree.  Club those Yagudo on the head, kick those Orcs in the nuts, or stab those Quadavs in the throat! Unleash your frustration or anger on the beastmen, and then you would feel better. Kill something! Whack some monster! Crack your whip! Go RAWR and attack everything in your sight!

Ahhhhhh! At least that’s how I roll. If I really don’t know how else to make me feel better, I would either wander around aimlessly alone or find something to kill. Submerge myself in some intense activity to reduce my stress.

Just yesterday I logged on while feeling crappy and grouchy, so I set my comment to forewarn friends or strangers of my unstable mental, and ventured out to the Campaign Battle fields. After a while, however, I became restless and antsy., and also a bit lonely, I would guess. Then I happened to see that Aurrek was around! Of course who else would be the better victim than such a good ol’ friend?


No, I didn’t kick him in the nuts or scratch his eyes out! I meant victim in being a picked company for me. So yeah we teamed up and hung around. It’s hard to explain but Aurrek is now one of a few people I would seek and want to hang near when I’m not feeling well. His presence kind of makes me feel calm and relaxed. So, instead of avoiding him when I’m extremely moody like I would avoid other friends, just so I have some private space to calm down, I stick with him. The other few people would be Arkades, whose company always makes me feel active and energetic. So when I feel lifelessly bored or lack of motive, I seek Ark as well. Cornelious is also the very example of my selected company. He makes me feel happy and lively, and also very comfortable. Oh wow, now it starts to sound more like Gentlementherapy instead. LOL!

Anyway, back to Aurrek’s story. So we partied and battled in Campaign for a (long) while. I actually ran into him during Campaign several times in this past week. But yesterday was especially memorable because we sat down and had a very long talk too, not just killing random monsters, although it started out as normally as other encounters – by having us killing beastmen that invaded.

We hopped to various place, fighting either Yagudo or Orcs. But as far as I remember, we didn’t go to any of the Quadav’s attack areas. Then, at East Ronfaure (S), while waiting for the battle to start, Aurrek stared at the female (I didn’t notice at first!) Elvaan NPC, drooling over her Aegis. I told him this shield looks very creepy, because it has a face on it. LOL.

Then after finishing several Campaign Battles, we just stopped and sat down and talked. We talked about a lot of stuff, his good friends, his LS, his goal of obtaining Aegis. We also talked about Thai language, about Aphmau and a music VDO on YouTube (Very lovely <3 !!!) , about my website (this blog), about Cornelious (oops, lol sowwy Cornie!), and about personally sad moments. He also gave some useful advice on the subject of what’s troubling me at the moment. I really appreciate it. Then after a very long conversation, we started moving again and wandered around quite aimlessly.

We explored Sauromugue Champaign (S), trying to find a way to get to the oceanic cliff. However, the path was blocked by a long wall. :\ Aurrek said Awww we can’t get to the water. Meh! Bummer.  Anyway, we walked around and found a Sprite. Aurrek made a comment saying he looks almost like this Sprite in real life XD So I took a screenshot of him and the faerie. Sky was blue and pretty too! Then we went to Meriphatuad Mountains (S) and kindof repeated the same process of roaming.

“Aurrek, what’s that black smoke?”
“Over there, in the sky.” *point*
“Hmmmm. Let’s investigate.”

Too bad we ran into a dead end and couldn’t get to the place where that smoke was originated.

Oh, and while we were in the Champaign, Aurrek crept up on some Yagudos at their tower and slain them. We moved from tower to tower. Was fun! Especially when they use Feathered Furore or something and stripped Aurrek’s pants off his body! LOL!

Yeah, it was a good day. Made me feel better too. Was great to hang out with him. Thank you Aurrek! Let’s go kill some beastmen together again soon!

Oh and just for reference, I’ve written another page about the first time I met Aurrek, back in 2008, >> here <<.

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SPOILER WARNING: This entry may give away a hint to the key secret of Aht Urhgan missions.
ระวังสปอยล์: เอนทรี่นี้อาจบอกใบ้ทำให้คุณรู้ถึงความลับสำคัญในมิชชั่นฝั่ง Aht Urhgan ได้

วันนี้ขอเป็นโรคย้ำคิดย้ำทำ อัพเรื่องน้องอัฟฯอีกรอบ! อย่าว่ากันเลยนะ ก็เด็กมันน่ารักซะขนาดนี้ จะไม่กรี๊ดได้ยังไงไหว (แต่สาบานได้ ว่าเราไม่ได้มีรสนิยมชอบจีบผู้หญิง ยังชอบผู้ชาย(หล่อ ๆ)อยู่เหมือนเดิม)

Today I’m gonna be obsessive-compulsive, by writing about Lady Aphmau again. Well, you can’t blame me, I just can’t resist her loveliness. However, I swear I don’t flirt with girl, I still like guys (handsome ones lol), as always.

The Royal Puppeteer in her white getup. In the latest missions, she seems more matured and elegant. I also feel that she’s starting to develop that air of being the authority. Maybe the recent experience had awaken her great sense of responsibility. Or I would say, when one has some important thing to protect, they’re stronger.

นักเชิดตุ๊กตาแห่งพระราชวัง วันนี้ใส่ชุดสีขาว ในมิชชั่นหลัง ๆ นอกจากเธอจะดูเป็นผู้ใหญ่ขึ้นแล้ว ก็ยังรู้สึกว่าดูสง่าขึ้น และเริ่มมีบรรยากาศของความเป็นผู้มีอำนาจยิ่งใหญ่ อาจจะเป็นเพราะสิ่งที่พบเห็นในช่วงหลัง ๆ ปลุกสำนึกรับผิดชอบอันใหญ่หลวงของเธอขึ้นมา ไม่ก็….เวลาที่คนเรามีสิ่งสำคัญที่ต้องปกป้องบางอย่าง ก็จะเข้มแข็งกว่าเก่า

But she still did some funny thing that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants… Like falling on the floor from trying to force an unlocked door open. LOL Even Abquhbah was so startled when she flew out the door right onto the floor. How cute! }:3~

แต่ก็ยังทำอะไรตลก ๆ ที่ทำให้เราขำจนเกือบฉี่ราดได้เหมือนเคย เช่นตอนหกล้มหน้าทิ่มเพราะพยายามเปิดประตูแรง ๆ ทั้ง ๆ ที่ประตูไม่ได้ล็อค ฮ่า ๆ ขนาดเลขาของนาจายังตกใจเลย ที่จู่ ๆ Lady Aphmau ก็พุ่งออกจากประตูห้องมาเลยหน้าทิ่มฟื้นแบบนั้น น่ารักมาก ๆ ฮิ้ววว }:3~

Then, it was Abquhbah who kissed the floor instead, because he fainted after discovering the truth. It was so damn funny I couldn’t stop laughing, especially when Naja told her that she need not worry, because Mercenaries are trained to sleep anywhere anytime if they have a chance. LOL And Aphmau totally believed Naja!!! She was impressed by us, the amazing Mercenaries!

แล้วก็ถึงตา Abquhbah ลงไปจูบพื้นบ้าง เพราะเป็นลมสลบไปเมื่อได้รู้ความจริง ฮามาก ๆ ขำไม่หยุดเลย โดยเฉพาะตอนที่นาจาบอกเธอว่าไม่มีอะไรต้องเป็นห่วง เพราะที่จริงพวกทหารรับจ้างของบริษัทน่ะ ถูกฝึกฝนมาให้ฉวยโอกาสนอนหลับที่ไหนเมื่อไหร่ก็ได้! แล้วน้องอัฟก็เชื่อซะสนิทเลยนะ!! ซื่อมวากกกกกกก แถมยังบอกอีกว่าประทับใจสุด ๆ กับความพิเศษของทหารรับจ้างอย่างเรา ๆ กร๊าก

We had a very long conversation in Naja’s office. Plan was settled. I was so excited with the upcoming battle which was told to be so damn difficult.

คุยกันยาวยืดอยู่ในออฟฟิศของนาจา วางแผนสารพัด เราตื่นเต้นมาก ๆ ที่กำลังจะไปสู้ศึกใหญ่ ที่ใคร ๆ ก็เล่าลือกันว่าโหดหินทมิฬชาติมาก ๆ

While we were talking, Aphmal revealed some startling information. One of them made President Naja wince big time. LOL Look at her tail! Hahaha! She was like OMGWTH!?

ตอนที่คุย ๆ กันอยู่ น้องอัฟเธอก็เปิดเผยข้อมูลบางอย่างที่น่าตกตะลึง หนึ่งในน้ำทำให้นาจาถึงกับหูตั้งหางตั้ง กร๊ากกกก ท่าทางเจ๊แกตกใจอย่างแรง พระเจ้าช่วยกล้วยทอด!!!

During the lengthy conversation, of course, Abquhbah remained unconscious. He poor thing, LOL!

ตลอดการสนทนาที่แสนยาวนาน Abquhbah ก็ยังคงนอนไม่ได้สติอยู่บนพื้น โถถถถถ น่าสงสารโคตร!!!

Finally, after the plan was told, she asked the bestest final question…
“I am the ______ no more. Yet even without that authority… Will you come with me, my mercenary?”

I could melt right there lol! Why, how could you ask me that question? It is definitely a yes, a big yes too! I was like having goose bumps all over because her speech captured my heart. I wanted to shout “Yes, mi’lady!” because after witnessing what had happened in the storyline, I’m so eager and willing to protect her with my life and do whatever she wish. I could die for her.

ท้ายที่สุด พอวางแผนกันเสร็จแล้ว น้องอัฟฯเธอก็ถามคำถามสุดท้ายที่เป็นสุดยอดของมิชชั่นนี้
“ฉันไม่ได้เป็น____อีกต่อไปแล้ว แต่กระนั้น แม้จะไม่มีอำนาจนั้น… เธอจะมากับฉันหรือเปล่า ทหารรับจ้างของฉัน?”

โอยแทบละลาย! กร๊ากซ์ ถามมาได้ไงคะคุณน้องขา คำตอบมันเห็น ๆ กันอยู่ ก็ต้องไปแน่ ๆ น่ะสิจ๊ะ! ตอนนั่งดูเนื้อเรื่องตอนนั้น เราขนลุกซู่ ๆ เลย ซาบซึ้งตรึงใจมาก พูดจาจับใจเป็นที่สุด อยากจะตะโกนออกไปดัง ๆ ว่า “ได้เจ้าค่ะนายหญิง” เพราะหลังจากได้พบเห็นเหตุการณ์ต่าง ๆ ตามเนื้อเรื่องแล้ว เราก็มีความรู้สึกกระตือรือร้นมาก ๆ ที่จะปกป้องเธอและทำทุกอย่างที่เธอปรารถนา คือแบบจะพาไปตายที่ไหนก็จะไปด้วย!

Then we header to the final battle in Nyzul Isle. Unfortunately the brave warriors in our party was fallen to the Colossus. Time limit was almost out when we finally wiped ; ; So even if we stood, we might still lose from time’s up.

แล้วเราก็มุ่งหน้าไปสู้ศึกสุดท้ายที่ไนศุล เป็นที่น่าเสียดายอย่างยิ่งที่เหล่านักรบผู้หาญกล้าทุกคนในกลุ่ม ต่างก็พ่ายแพ้ต่อหุ่นยักษ์ Colossus ตอนที่ตายกันหมดนั่น เวลาที่กำหนดไว้ก็เกือบหมดแล้วล่ะ เพราะงั้นถึงยืนหยัดต่อได้ก็ยังอาจจะแพ้เพราะหมดเวลาอยู่ดี

Path of Darkness: Alexander battle, 1st Attempt
Party Setup: PLD/war, DRK/war, DRK/war, RDM/drk, BLM/whm, WHM/sch
Result: Wiped at around 3 mins before timeout.

After this screenshot was taken, I got Drawn-in and was stomped to death by the savage machine.

หลังจากเก็บรูปนี้เสร็จ เราก็โดนท่า Draw-in ดูดเข้าไปหาบอส แล้วโดนมันกระทืบตายอย่างโหดร้ายทารุณ

We will have our revenge, Grand Vizier! Alexander, I will defy your power yet again!

ต้องแก้มือให้ได้ คอยดูสิ หนอยอีตา Grand Vizier! Alexander เอ๋ย ข้าจะไปท้าทายอำนาจของเจ้าอีกครั้ง!

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Tonight I was bored and thought maybe I should level up my Fishing Skill a bit after have been neglecting it for several months.

Fishing Session Date : 25 August 2009
Starting time : 22.20 (10.20 P.M., at GMT+7)
Setting : Hume Fishing Rod & Insect Balls
Targets : Moat Carp for Lu Shang’s and Sandfish for skill
Ending time : 01.40 (01.40 A.M., day becoming 26th Aug.)
Time span : 3 hours 20 minutes

Actually, I wasn’t fishing all the time. I got up and walked away several times. So the actual time spent on fishing could be like 2 and a half hours.

Results : From 11 stacks of bait.
Skill points : 0.3 (0.1 x 3 times)
Moat Carps : 8 stacks and 8 individuals (104 in total)
Sandfish : 2 stacks and 2 individuals (26 in total)
Junks : none
Screenshots : 36 pics (Oh yes, I was bored….)


Some of the screenshots I’ve taken during fishing session.
The sky in FFXI looks nice when it changes hue and appearance.
I just couldn’t resist!

That’s about it. 😉

P.S. I ran into this person named Keebs who was working on getting Ebisu Rod. He/she has a Lu Shang’s and gave a few useful advide to me. 🙂

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When I woke up at noon, I was surprised to see Cornelious in the game still. He said he wasn’t sleepy yet, so we tried to think of some adventures to do. Bleh….it was hard to be creative in that department because I usually hang out by myself or just tag along with a group of friends. Thinking of something to do as a duo party has always been difficult for me even since I was playing with my boyfriend.

Anyway, I asked him if he’d like to go to Altepa Gate. He said yes, and we headed there. Long story short; we went in and found Lusheeta in there, sitting near the NMs platform. Since I didn’t want to be rude, and I recognized she’s one of Maxpeter’s best friends, I asked if she was hunting the NM. She said NM & EXP Ring (through auto-translation.) Therefore, we decided to leave and bid her a farewell. Once outside I was once again overheating my brain to think up a place to go. It was still difficult, damn!

So….while I was feeling frustrated with myself’s lack of creativity, Corny said he would pick a random letter from English alphabet and then go anywhere that starts with that letter. So I closed my eyes and poked a button on my keyboard, then tried to hit enter button, so we got “m.” in the chat log.

I couldn’t think of any place at the moment so Cornelious named a few, one of them was Merophatuad Mountains. So, we Teleport-Mea. Then when I thought about Meriph. the place Castle Oztroja popped up. So, I brought him there. We killed some Yags in NM room until each of them popped. No drop though. Then we left, and Corny said he wasn’t going to bed yet and that he would stay for a short time.

Therefore, off we go, to the Parradamo Tor, my favourite place to go and contemplate upon my lonesome self. Here are selected pics from the picnic. And Corny, if you want any of the pics in original size, just let me know, k? The original screenshots are 1600 pixels in my computer. These are resized (clickable.)

On the way to it, at nighttime Parradamo Tor looked like an enormous pile of cake in the distance. I love this deep blue colour of sky, it has slightly lighter shade near the horizon.

Waiting for the emission to die down so we can pass, I took an opportunity to take a screenshot.

When we arrived up top, it was almost dawn and the moon was setting on one side.

We sat down to wait for the sunrise. This was also the place I brought my fellow adventuring buddy to sit and take some pics.

I’ve always thought that the colour of sky in FFXI is wonderful. Nice graphic. And the colours could change so much it’s amazing. Look how it’s changing from night to day. That pinkish colour was pretty.

The deep blue sky lightened up. In the clouds, the reflection of golden ray from the rising sun shone. I couldn’t resist the urge to dance!

The light-coloured sun showed up. I danced a lively jig. Good morning Vana’diel!

Cornelious joined in, so there were 2 crackheads oops! sickos oops, no! weirdos dancing in the morning sun, atop the mountain. Hahahaha! Oh, and before we left Bastok, I told him we must bring screenshot gears, so he brought those…. At first I only wore my puzzle-face maker, Trainee Axe, but then I ran back into my Mog House to get the twin clubs from Valentione’s event.

After a few attempts, we managed to screenshot this. 😀

Then I grabbed his bum and he got freaked and ran away it was also nearing dawn on Cornelious’ timezone, so he had to leave, heading to bed.

Good night, Corny! Sorry I kept you up, hope it wasn’t too much a torture.  😛

After that, I tele-ed out myself. Now see, the sky has no cloud, and it’s clear blue! Woot!

However, I like it more when the sky has various cloud formations. It looks more interesting that way.

I think I have a ton of screenshots from Parradamo Tor. I’ll upload them later. 😀

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