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Once again, the Summer Festival has returned! This time, Moonfire Faire presents us the quest “Bombard Backlash” which involves dancing at the Bombard and Bombard King NPC.

Let’s take a look at the festive decorations and atmosphere!

Fireworks! Boom boom!


Balloons~~~ Lots of balloons~~~!!!! So cute and colourful. ^_^


The NPC who gives out quest as well as a starter pack (1 set of basic Yukata) and offering reward purchase.


These pics above were taken yesterday, when the psych died down a little and not so many people crowd around the NPC anymore. There’s still one left, though, LOL. I wish people would stop standing AFK at the decoration or at NPC. Shoo! Shoo! Damn Lalafell! But meh, /names can help conceal some stuff, so this pic isn’t too bad. XD

Now, let’s go check out the quest desk for festive items.

It’s so crowded!


I don’t really like the first few days of a festival, because people crowd around NPC and it is hard to get nice screenshots. But as my monk has Fists of Wind, I could use my speed to run in and take a picture before other PC load on my screen LOL!

I managed to get a picture with no crowd, though haha.


Corn wasn’t on because it was his bedtime. But Haku (my friend Uriel) was excited about the festival and was screaming “Yukata Yukata!” so we set out for the activities as soon as I logged in. Toy happened to be around in the game so we formed a party of 3 in order to communicate.

The dancing trio is ready for the festival!


After this, we went out to do the quest in Thanalan, just south of Camp Black Brush, but oh the crowd!!! It was annoyingly over-crowded and we couldn’t get any bomb. So we teleported to Gridania in hope that it would be less popular. Well, not really! It was crowded, too. However, after a few rounds of bomb attacks, I started to get the pattern and figured out it it better to stand in one spot with mouse cursor ready, then click on the bomb quickly when it pop, while poking the /firedance macro buttons with left hand. This surely beats running around trying to catch a bomb. I ended up getting 2 stacks of Bombard Ash in less than 2 hours.

Thanalan Bombard Hamlet when it is less crowded.


You only need to dance successfully ONCE during the round to obtain reward of Bombard Ash when the defense ends. One round lasts about 10 minutes. Bombards and Bombard Kings will come in waves. Later waves are more numerous, so if you’re slow at targeting and dancing, your chance will come around 5 minutes in. And around 7th minutes, the last wave is huge and could breach the defense line easily if people don’t concentrate. You can wait near the Balloon stand and click & dance on any bomb NPC that gets near. Whereas if you want to get it early, you might want to stand on the outer border, close to where the bombs pop, so that you can dance on it before other people get it.

When your dance is successful, there will be a blinking effect around your character, just like in 2011 Bombard event.

After the round ends, if no decoy bomb was destroyed, you will get 20 pinches of Bombard Ash. If some were destroyed, but not all, you will get 10. Gather enough Bombard Ash and head back to town to exchange your rewards.

So, here’s the list of the rewards. You need 165 pinches of Bombard Ash in order to complete the whole collection.

Yukata sets for male characters. I am quite mad we girls don’t get the amulet necklace and the Moogle mask!!!


Yakata sets for female character. We get purdy ribbon in the back, hehe.

This festival also brings back other fireworks in the past. Tracers and Sparklers are sold at a separate NPC for 10 gil each. Bombard Bloom, the new firework, is available at the quest NPC for the price of 1 Bombard Ash. I would like to buy a lot of it, but the NPC reward exchange system sucks and it kicks me out completely from the conversation menu, so I have to manually initiate the conversation with NPC all over from start again, and again. My patience only allowed me to buy 20 Bombard Blooms for now. Haha.

The various fireworks.


Hopefully they will make it so we can choose amount of Bombard Bloom to purchase… Buying one at a time is annoying and stupid.

Went to play the Bombard Hamlet Defense with Corn once and we came back town to exchange rewards.


Would be awesome if we could gather everyone in the LS to dance together for a group pic!


Fun, fun! Look at that Moogle Mask! I am jelly!!!!  \(>A<)/


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So, New Year’s event in FFXIV is called Heavensturn! How fancy! I came back from my long vacation (family trips and stuff) and promptly reactivated my account (by paying 999 Crista, damn!) and hopped back into the game, solely for the Dragon Helmets!!!

The decorations from Christmas (Starlight Celebration) are now changed to Japanese style’s New Year deco! ^^ Very lovely!

Well, the quest for Dragon Kabuto (helmet) has a story linked to “Winter is Not Coming” from Christmas. It involved Father Frost and an elemental spirit. The quest was quite easy and story was simple, yet seems strongly like it is going to continue into an epic plot! I am so looking forward to next Starlight Celebration!

During the quest “Gone With the Snow” we get a chance to have a brief conversation with Father Frost! XD

And, yes, I got all of the 4 Dragon Kabuto. Inventory -4 but meh….. I’ll deal with inventory slots later. Now is the time to get some handsome helmets!

I like the normal one (first on the left) because it looks a little blue, and it doesn’t have the mask strap on my cheeks. But the red one really is sexy. I was going squeeeeeeeeeeeeee when I tried it on ^^

I don’t really have red armor to go with it, but it looks nice with white shirt too. And I have red pants to match!


I wish I could write more about the event. I even planned to paste the NPC dialogue during the quest. But the stupid power outage shut down my computer for 5 seconds and so I lost all the chatlog 🙁



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Starlight Celebration’s quest this year (2011) is named “Winter is Not Coming.” This entry will be my report to my brother about the quest, since he doesn’t have enough time to log in and do the quest by himself and I’m doing it for him. The rest of this entry will be written in Thai, except the dialogue copied and pasted from the game.




เริ่มจากในเมือง ก็ไปรับเควสต์ที่เจ้าหน้าที่ เรื่องก็มีอยู่ว่า เขาจะปั้นยักษ์หิมะกัน แต่อากาศแถบนี้ร้อน เลยว่าอันว่าหิมะจะต้องละลายแน่ ๆ แต่เหล่า Conjurer ก็หัวใส ได้คิดค้นการใช้เวทมนต์กับหิมะ ปั้นลูกหิมะแบบทนต่อความร้อน!!! แล้วเรานี่เอง ที่ต้องวิ่งไปถึงป่าแถบกริดาเนีย เพื่อเอาไปส่ง

Wysskoen: Greetings, adventurer. I’m a representative of Black Rabbit Traders, here to recruit willing souls to assist in a festive endeavor.

Wysskoen: The Conjurers’ Guild has engaged us to hold a festival to usher in the winter, you see. Sounds innocent enough? Aye, and it would be, too, except we’re literally expected to beckon cold weather to the Twelveswood. Allow me explain the events that led to this.

Wysskoen: The North Shroud has been experiencing an unseasonably warm winter this year. In fact, there’re even some as say winter has yet to arrive there. The conjurers, in particular, are taking the matter very seriously, fearing this break in the natural cycle may wreak havoc upon the region’s flora and fauna.

Wysskoen: They set about trying to discover the cause of the phenomenon, that they might counteract it. Alas, naught came of their efforts. The conjurers were nigh lost to hope when Ala Mhigan refugees, having caught wind of the situation, approached them with a suggestion: the holding of a festival.

Wysskoen: I should probably explain at this point that the Ala Mhigans have long observed a festival called Winter’s Knell, which entails the building of a towering man of snow as a tribute to the gods of winter. A jolly enough practice, to be sure, but not one that any right-thinking person would entertain as a solution. You may have deduced, however, that the conjurers, in their desperation, were rather less skeptical. In short, the festival is on.

Wysskoen: But how are we to keep the giant from melting, you ask? Quite the observant one, aren’t you? Aye, it’s true the warm weather of the North Shroud isn’t conducive to building snow sculptures. But worry not, for the conjurers have ways to create heatresistant snow. They simply want for the manpower to produce enough.

Wysskoen: And that, my friend, is precisely why Stillglade Fane turned to us─and why we now turn to you. The creation of snow requires a prodigious amount of ice shards, you see, and they do not collect themselves. I would be ever in your debt if you could bring me but 30 of them. So, what say you? Will you aid our cause?

Wysskoen: You’ll help us? Twelve bless you, adventurer!

Wysskoen: The conjurers have entrusted me with the apparatus for fabricating ensorcelled snow. We need only feed it with the requisite number of ice shards, and it will set to work of its own accord.

“Winter Is Not Coming” accepted.

“Winter Is Not Coming” has been updated in your journal.

รับเควสต์เสร็จก็จะพบว่า นอกจากมันจะใช้เราเอาลูกหิมะไปส่งแล้ว มันยังจะไป Ice Shard จากเราอีด้วย คนละ 30 เม็ด (แสด!! ไม่ลงทุนเลย)

Wysskoen: Greetings again, friend. Have you brought the 30 ice shards we need?

Wysskoen: Such lovely specimens! Aye, these shards will serve. Without further ado, then, let the fabrication commence!

พอเอา Ice Shard ให้มันแล้ว มันก็จะเบ่งกล้ามโชว์พาว =_=;; เป็นที่อุจาดนัยน์ตายิ่งนัก แล้วเราก็จะได้รับบอลหิมะทั้งหมด 5 ลูก เพื่อเอาไปทำเควสต์ต่อที่ป่าบ้านนอก

Wysskoen: Feast your eyes on the ensorcelled snowball, a marvel of conjury! No snowball boasts such robustness, such perfection of…M-M-My hands! I can’t f-f-feel my hands! Take it from me! For the love the Twelve, take it from me!

Wysskoen: …Thank goodness, there appears to be no lasting damage.But where were we? Ah, yes, your next task. I need you to take the snowballs to Hyrstmill, a hamlet situated in the North Shroud where the festival is to be held.

Wysskoen: Once there, look for an Ala Mhigan named Waldomar. He has care over the construction of the snow giant, and will instruct you further.

“Winter Is Not Coming” has been updated in your journal.

You obtain 5 ensorcelled snowballs.

รายละเอียดเควสต์ และรางวัลที่จะได้ ก็อย่างที่เห็น

ได้รับบอลหิมะแล้วจะวิ่งให้โง่เหรอคะ ในเมื่อไม่ใช่ตัวของเรา เราก็เทเลพอร์ตสุรุ่ยสุร่ายได้เลย แค่ 6 Amina ขนหน้าแข้งป่านไม่ร่วง (หรือถึงร่วงก็ช่างแข้งมัน ไม่ใช่หน้าแข้งกู *หัวเราะชั่วร้าย*)

แว้บ ๆ ไปถึงป่ารอบกริดาเนีย ด้วยความที่เปรี้ยวและมั่น คิดว่ากูเจ๋ง เลยไม่ได้เช็คปลายทางให้ดีก่อน ทะลึ่งเทเลพอร์ตไปที่ Camp Tranquil ด้วยสันดานเคยชิน เพราะนึกว่ามันให้ไป Quarrymill แต่ที่จริงมันให้ไป Hyrstmill ต่างหาก!!!!

แต่ตอนนั้นยังโง่อยู่ ไม่รู้ตัว เลยขี่โชโกโบะชมนกชมไม้ไปเรื่อย มีการหยุดดูฝูงละมั่งที่ไม่เคยเห็น (รู้สึกว่า SE มันชอบย้ายมอนสเตอร์ไปมาเยอะเหลือเกิน แสด มิน่าตอนตูจะล่า Antelope ไปที่จุดเดิมแล้วหาไม่เจอสักตัว) พลางดูแผนที่เอาไว้ กะว่าคราวหน้าจะล่าเอาเนื้อ Antelope ไปทำพายเมื่อไรห่จะมาแถว ๆ นี้เอา

แล้วก็เจอฝูงทากที่ไม่เคยเห็น (อีกแล้ว) มัวแต่แวะถ่ายรูปนานไปหน่อย เลยโดนมันใช้ท่าบิดขี้เกียจแก้เซ็งเล่นงาน

แล้วก็ยังไม่รู้ตัวนะคับว่ามาผิดทาง ยังคงขี่โบะซิ่งด้วยความเร็วสูงต่อไป โดยใช้เส้นทางปลอดภัยที่เป็นศาสตร์ลับเฉพาะของชาวกรรมกรในตำนาน คนทั่วไปจะหาเส้นทางลับนี้ไม่เจอ ต้องใช้ลายแทงโบราณที่สืบทอดกันมา (โม้ไปมั่ว ๆ งั้นแหละ)

แล้วก็ไปถึง Quarrymill ด้วยความภาคภูมิใจ (ผิด ๆ) แล้วยังเกรียน ควบโชโกโบะตะบึงตรงเข้าไปในนั้น แต่ขี่วนไปมา – รอบก็ยังหา NPC ไม่เจอ ในใจก็ก่นด่า lag ว่าเพราะแล็กเลยโหลด NPC ไม่ขึ้น มองไม่เห็น ไม่มีบนเรดาร์ และไม่ขึ้นบนหน้าจอ….

กว่าจะรู้ตัวว่ามาผิดที่ก็ปาไป 5 นาทีคับ ก็เลยต้องกระโดดลงจากโบะ แล้วผลาญ Anima ต่อ (ไม่ใช่ของกรู ใช้เปลืองได้ ช่างมัน ไม่เป็นไร) คราวนี้เป็นคิว Kula ขนร่วง(หน้าแข้ง)บ้าง แต่ไม่หนักเท่าอิป่าน เพราะเทเลจากที่นี่แค่ 4 Anima เท่านั้น


พอเข้าไปถึงที่ ก็ต้องตกตะลึงอึ้งแดกกับความหล่อล่ำของพ่องงงงงงงงง Father Frost (ตุ๊กตาหิมะ) เพราะมันใหญ่เบิ้มมโหฬารมาก ๆ ผิดกับที่เห็นเมื่อวันแรก ๆ =_=;;

ลองเทียบขนาดดูกับตอนที่เราไปทำเควส์กับคอร์นดูดิ ต่างกันเห็น ๆ =_= แสดงว่ามันโตขึ้นและหรูขึ้นตามปริมาณคนทำเควสต์สินะ

อ่อ แล้วก็ไปรายงานตัวกับ NPC ตรงนั้น เค้าก็จะมอบหมายให้เราช่วยปั้นตุ๊กตาหิมะ ด้วยการปาบอลอัดตุ๊กตา (แม่ง เอา Ice Shard กรูไป แถมใช้กรูวิ่งมาไกล ๆ เอามาส่ง ไม่พอยังใช้กรูปั้นอีก)

Waldomar: Sent here by the Black Rabbit Traders? Aye, I was told to expect you. A little late, to be sure, but late is better than never, I suppose.

Waldomar: You’ve already been briefed about our objective, I don’t doubt. Aye, building a giant of snow to usher in the blessing of winter and all that.

Waldomar: Now, I’ll wager you’re curious as to why we’d go to such lengths to celebrate a season synonymous with death. Well, my friend, death is but a spoke on the wheel of life. Without it, the wheel would inevitably become warped…or so Grandmama used to tell us.

Waldomar: To say it plain, plants and animals rely on the turning of the seasons. The coming of the cold tells them to hoard their food, to shed their leaves against the chill. And in its passing, winter leaves behind melted snow to nourish the land.

Waldomar: But winter hasn’t come to the North Shroud. The conjurers believe an imbalance in the aether is to blame, but no one can say for certain. Anywise, when we saw how desperate they were─and we Ala Mhigans are no strangers to desperation─we thought it might help to tell them about Winter’s Knell.

Waldomar: It’s a festival for ushering in winter, where grown-ups and younglings alike cry “Winter is coming!” while hurling snowballs in a joint effort to build a giant of snow named Father Frost. What sets him apart from ordinary snowmen, you ask? Why, it’s the gemstone he bears within his breast called the Heart of Winter, an ageold Ala Mhigan relic.

Waldomar: Truth be told, we only suggested it to relieve the growing tension with a bit of light revelry. But it turns out the folks at Stillglade Fane were so desperate, they took our suggestion in all seriousness. And so here we are.

Waldomar: But enough talk. You have a snowball, don’t you? Well, what are you waiting for!? Hurl it at the ice effigy there with all your might, and your work here will be done! Oh, and to really do it right, you’ll want to chant “Winter is coming!” as well.

To throw a snowball, first target Father Frost and then either select Snowball from the emote list, or input the /snowball text command.

“Winter Is Not Coming” has been updated in your journal.

ยืนไกลไปก็ไม่ได้อีกนะ มันไม่ให้ปา ต้องเข้าไปยืนปาจ่อในระยะเผาขน

You are too far away.

You hurl a snowball at Father Frost.

Your snowball hits Father Frost squarely!

You have four ensorcelled snowballs left.

You hurl a snowball at Father Frost.

Your snowball hits Father Frost squarely!

You have three ensorcelled snowballs left.

You hurl a snowball at Father Frost.

Your snowball hits Father Frost squarely!

You have two ensorcelled snowballs left.

You hurl a snowball at Father Frost.

Your snowball hits Father Frost squarely!

You have one ensorcelled snowball left.

You hurl a snowball at Father Frost.

Your snowball hits Father Frost squarely!

“Winter Is Not Coming” has been updated in your journal.

“Winter Is Not Coming” objectives complete!

ตุ้บ ๆ ตั้บ ๆ คนละ 5 ลูก ก็เป็นอันเสร็จพิธี

เสร็จแล้วก็ไปทวงรางวัลจาก NPC

Waldomar: You have a good arm, friend. Father Frost has grown slightly, thanks your efforts.

Waldomar: Oh, and here’s a little present for you, courtesy of Black Rabbit Traders. Don it with pride, and Merry Starlight!

You obtain the set of reindeer antlers.

You obtain the reindeer suit.

“Winter Is Not Coming” complete!


แต่มันมืด (ดูดิ๊ โดน NPC ใช้งานจนดึกจนดื่นเยี่ยงทาส เช้ามืดยังต้องมายืนปาหิมะอีก) เลยยืนรอจนมีแสงอาทิตย์แล้วค่อยถ่ายรูปอีก

รูปล่างนี่จัดเต็ม ใหญ่มาก ไม่ได้ย่อ กดโหลดได้เลยนะป่าน


รักนะ จุ๊ฟ ๆ <3


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Ah well, so today they just patched FFXIV again. I am going to be honest, I was disappointed. Not because it is a bad patch, not because there’s something wrong with it, but just because I lost so many abilities and spells that I like or use on regular basis. I think it will take a while for me to adapt back into the battle system.

But I do like the new Abilities & Traits interface. This one is much easier to choose cross-class skills. It is also simple and clean. I hated the damn pull-down menu because it wasn’t only cumbersome, but also not very practical especially when I’m in a hurry. I often found myself using text command to assign skills to the action bars instead of selecting from Actions & Traits menu, because pull-down list was soooo messy and hard to use.

I also had a lot of fun playing with the new emote commandห.

The /disappointed emote is so orz (or OTL) and very funny I had to do it repeatedly so many times, and also got my honey to do it with me for a screenshot LOL!

The hands motion before this pose was also EPIC! Really, utter disappointment was so well displayed.

/grovel is the next one. It is like kneeling down on the floor to beg or express deepest apology. I actually like the last motion right before I jumped up to standing. For Miqo’te, it seems like the polite kneel (Japanese style) for when you’re sitting in a tea ceremony. Looks so lady-like. Haha!


(Screenshot courtesy: Corn Muffin. In my opinion, this screenshot is the best WIN of the week. I tried so many times to take good pics of /happy, yet none of them could describe the emote so accurately like this one pic.)

/happy is so goofy and dorky. It is an emote with so many body motions. EPIC, I would say. I like my Miqo’te /happy. But to confess, I’ve seen a Roegadyn doing /happy and it dreaded me badly. I was horrified.

This pic was also taken by my HM. Look at how gay (happy) we were. So care-free. And to add HM’s comment about his jump, it seems the character doesn’t even care if he would land on his feet or his face LOL!

Now….prepare to meet the highlight of the season.

/snowball is today’s champion (amongst all the new emotes). It is such fun. So entertaining and addictive. Me and HM couldn’t stop playing with it even after 3 hours. I kept laughing, and he did too. I think today I threw the snowball at at least 30 different people. And I think Einferial got hit the most because we were camping his AFK ass. Probably we threw about 200 snowballs at him in total. Hahaha!

I hate the atmosphere (the air, or ambiance) of Christmas. Could be because I don’t like how busy the shopping malls are, how noisy people and places are, and the feeling that the year is ending kind of makes me depressed a little. BUT Christmas event in the game always gives me so much fun and enjoyment. I find it very entertaining. ^^

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Ul’dah Imps spawn spots.

This might not be all. I marked only those spots where I’ve seen an Imp or a Treat Basket before only.

The green dots are existing NPCs, so you can peek at your radar (minimap) and compare, in order to know whether the Imp pops or not, without having to walk to the exact spot to check.

(Click on the image to see original map size.)


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