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Somewhere in between. Because the world of Vana’diel and the real-life Earth are closely bonded.

I’ve been playing with various emotion commands lately and want to write about them. Some emotions, as we all know, have action with it, not just text. Some also have the motion even while we’re sitting. I’m trying to make a list.

Black text = command with text only, no motion.
Blue text = command which shares the same text or same motion with some other command.
★ = command with motion, thus enables the use of “/xxx motion”
☆ = its motion can also display while sitting (/sit)
* = this emote has a special remark

/angry  ★
/bell *
/blush  ★
/bow  ★
/cheer  ★
/clap ★☆
/comfort  ★
/cry  ★☆
/dance1  ★
/dance2  ★
/dance3  ★
/dance4  ★
/emote *
/farewell ★☆
/fume  ★
/goodbye ★☆
/huh ★☆
/hurray  ★
/joy  ★
/kneel  ★
/laugh  ★☆
/no  ★☆
/nod ★☆
/panic  ★
/point  ★
/poke  ★
/psych  ★
/salute  ★
/sit  ★☆ *
/stagger  ★
/think  ★
/toss  ★
/wave ★☆
/welcome  ★
/yes ★☆

/bell – only works when you equip Dream Bell
/emote – makes your following text be written as an action line instead of /say
/sit – if you do this wile already /sit, it will make you stand up


Thanks Cornelious for keeping my company and being the guinea pig for me while I was testing all these emotes.

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It was a silly dream ever, lol! Nothing makes sense at all!

Well, I dreamt about FFXI last night. First, I was AFK somewhere, and I saw this chat log when I came back. It was Leftster who sent a few lines of /tell. I can’t remember the exact wording but he said, “Hey it’s been a long time. If you want you can come visit me for an assault anytime.”  Then, “But now I need to log off, I’m very tired and sleepy. See you later!”

So myself in the dream tried to send a tell back, but Leftster went offline, and there was a red text saying my tell wasn’t received.

So….fast forward, I went into someone’s Mog House, finding out later that it belongs to Leftster. I saw him sitting in his yard (yes, the Mog House in my dream has a yard, and he also parked a van in his huge yard!) and I started attacking him at once! Oh, boy, so that’s what he meant by “visit for an assault.” So we fought, epic battle went on. Leftster was using his DRK. I think I was WAR. He had a pet…. A pet!?? He wasn’t a DRG, damn it! But yes he had a pet! It was an Imp!

So…I tried to shoot Sleep Bolt to keep his pet out of my way (but I think Sleep Bolt is dark based and should be resisted by Imps?) Everything was messy and I can’t recall what happened. The last thing I remember was that as I tried to deplete his HP bar, I myself was also dying.

The next moment we were sitting in his yard and sipping tea. So he said something like…. Hmmm I didn’t tell you to come and assault me. It must have been someone else using my character. Blah blah blah….

Anyway, we had quite a long talk. Then I woke up.

The feeling of the tea-sipping part felt like half FFXI half real. It’s a mixing of talking to his DRK and talking to the real Leftster, because he did mention about trying to log in again. (If we’re already in FFXI, he wouldn’t have to try logging in, right? LOL)

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Uh… last night I was very tired. This past week was very busy for me, the work and several appointments with friends had worn me out. Anyway, today there was a wedding ceremony (lunch) of my high school friends (both the bride and the groom were the classmates from the same year lol) thus I had to sleep early (earlier than usual, that is). I went to bed before 3 A.M. Then I woke up around 9 A.M to shower, get dressed, and be ready before my BF came around to pick me up.

I thought I was fine and had slept enough (6 hrs is supposed to be enough, isn’t it?), but in the afternoon after we left the ceremony, I started to nod off in the car. =_=

Blah, that matter aside, last night I had very strange dreams about people in FFXI.

First dream was about Trustme. In my dream I was sitting in a dark place (looked like some in-game dungeon) and talked about a lot of stuff with his Hume character. She was wearing smart outfit and a stern-looking glasses that made her look like a handsome female model with a subtle hint of book worm. You know, the kind of woman you would assume she’s a strict librarian. Good looking, beautiful face, nice body, but does not smile.

Anyway, we talked about various topics, mostly nonsense. One of the topics I could recall was about the sun. I told her, oops, him, that I hated sunlight so I love Dynamis, because there was no sun in Dynamis. =_= When I woke up it was so hilarious to think back about the conversation! Too bad I can’t recall all of it, duh!

The next dream was about Stefy. This time it felt like real life, not in-game incident. It seemed the whole LS of MinamiKaze was having a picnic. We were sitting at wooden table with benches somewhere in a park. It seemed we were in the US, because we talked about how tiring our flight was to come all the way to visit them. Then, a postman came and delivered a postal package. It was from me. So we laughed and made fun of it, that we left for the US much later after I sent my package, yet it arrived after me!

So, well, Stefy opened the package and saw my letter. She opened it and jumped up and down with glee. Apparently there was something embarrassingly hilarious in there. I tried to stop her from reading it out loud, but I couldn’t get the letter from her hands. The other friends just watched and wouldn’t help me, because they wanted to hear it too!  =_= So, there Stef went, reading it out loud for everyone.

And they went ROFL! Ouch! I now can’t recall what was read, but well you get the idea of what happened in my dream.


I think this is from my subconsciousness?

I actually wish I can really meet these folks in real life (I’ve met only those who’re in Thailand or came back to Thailand, not those who live in the US). They’re pleasant people.

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Saturday 22nd August 2009, I woke up early (“my” early, which was like 8 A.M.) and had a long conversation with Leftster regarding LS spreadsheets management. I got the documents from Sieka days ago, however, I couldn’t make head or tail of one of them, which was the Dynamis History which contains LS bank info. You know, it’s full of figures and numbers, and I’m terrible at mathmetics. So, just seeing it makes me feel dizzy already. @.@

The Attendance Sheet, on the other hand, was simple and easy to understand.

Well, I volunteered to take care of the documents when Sieka asked in LS chat.

The reason?

First off, I’m comfortable with computer documents because my work always uses computer. I’ve also played around with google doc as well as MS Excell before. In fact, I used them a lot in keeping my data like Nyzul Isle loots and Chocobo Raising records. Secondly, since I’m already working on my computer daily, it’s easy for me to take care of those too. It is also one of the few things I could do to help Linkaga, the folks I like. Lastly, I’m the type of person who clings to the past. I won’t elaborate this, but you get the rough idea.

Anyway, here’s the checklist of what we – Linkaga – need or want, and what we’ve done;

Please note that I only observed, joined in the discussion, or was asked to do things. I do not have power or authority here.  I only wanted to summarize our situation.

Red – have yet to be addressed, or need attention.
Orange – discussed, or interested, but undecided.
Green – decided, work in progress.
Blue – done, settled, standing by.

Reorganization of LS.

Assigning new officers/cooperators.
Discussing and refining lotting rules, adding more details.
Finding a way to manage Linkshell. Might get a new one for convenience.
Seeing to the recruitment details.
Deciding on when to continue. Currently set to 22nd September approx.

Personnel management.

Finding a new LS bank.

Assigning to a person.
Transferring money.
Checking the amount.

Finding a bazaar mule.

Assigning to a character.
Setting Home Point at Jeuno.
Getting 3 basic gate crystals.
Clearing inventory.
Questing Gobbie Bags.

Finding Glass mule(s) if possible.

Jeuno (I have one. Uh well, two.)
Bastok (I can use Brune’s char.)
– Windurst
– San d’Oria
* Might as well use one mule but commute it.*

Finding a documents keeper.

Passing on the files.
Getting briefed and tutored on spreadsheets.
Getting familiar with sheets, and try to master the art.
Gaining access to existing Master Attendance Sheet.
Copying data and making a new Master Attendance Sheet.
Checking data.
Posting it on LS forum.

Finding a contact to post our Dynamis schedule at AXI site.

Assigning to person(s). (Aleczan got it.)
Registering to the site.
Gaining access to the scheduler.
Getting knowledge on how we should schedule.

Communication among members.

Letting everyone know we’re taking a break. /lsmes has been set.
Posting the summary of current situation on LS forum.
Having officers/members meeting for LS discussion.
Staying tuned and updated to the news.

FYI, the tutorial on spreadsheets was done. But I have yet to master the art of manipulating the documents.

Thank you Lefty, for your patient and detailed teaching.

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OK, so I just got back from a half-day trip with my father, mother, grandmother, and my aunt. Grandmother had an appointment in province about 200 km away from home, father was the driver. I volunteered to go on this trip with them just to be a good grandchild and to keep their company, because I don’t mind tagging along, as long as I’m not busy with work. However, all I’ve done during this trip was….guess what, sleeping!

I craaled into bed at a bit before 6 A.M. after Dynamis, was starting to doze when my father knocked on the door at 6.30. GRRR! I didn’t know we were leaving that early. Oh well, even if I knew, it would still have been the same. I didn’t want to miss Dyna last night!

So, yeah I crawled into the backseat (dad’s Fortuner has 3 rows of seats) and dove under the blanket I brought from home, then snoozed off. At that point I just realized I seriously needed a proper rest, because when I closed my eyes, I saw a swirl of dark colours that almost looked like Window Media Player’s Visualization named Illuminator. @.@ Took about 20 minutes for it to fade away and then I fell asleep.

We made a brief stop to have breakfast, I went down to eat, with a drowsy face and half-functioning brain. Jumped back into the car and continued to snooze. Then we got to the destination at about 10 A.M. I went down to greet some people and sat around for the ceremony to start. Then I got all dizzy….and had to crawl back into the car and slept some more. When I finally woke up, they’re done with their business. It was about noon, I think. We left the place and my father found us a place for lunch. We ate, bought some local’s popular sweets, and headed home.

Since we got some shopping bags and we don’t want the sweets to get crushed, I offer half of my backseat for them, telling my mom I was fine and wouldn’t need the space because I wasn’t going to sleep anymore. I lied! Well, I fell asleep while sitting. I got this Sony Ericsson w595 which is also a good mp3 walkman so I listened to it, using earphone. I was listening to a bunch of variations of Memoro De La Stono (but I could of sworn it was spelt Memoria De La S^tona in the game!) and felt sleepy, so when all 8 songs were played I switched to other playlist containing my favourite songs from Metallica and other songs randomly picked from folders. I still fell asleep =_= When the last song in playlist, Sick Man from Alice in Chains, was playing, we arrived home. It was a bit before 4 P.M.

So here I am…at my desk. Trying to write about stuffs I’ve done during the past 2 days. But guess it will take a while to show up because I need time to resize the screenshots and composing blog entries.

I’ll write about;
– Boyahda Tree skillup with Elwyn and his friend, Kujimaro
– An encounter between Corny’s friends and the trient NM that gave title “Mon Cherry”
– Parradamo climbing with Cornelious
– Dynamis – Windurst of Saturday 15th August 2009, with Linkaga

Now let me take a break…. Guhhhhhhhhh…. *yawn*

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I’ve been away from my guild (Culinary at Windurst) for so long. Eventhough I still level up my cooking every once in a while (like…once a month?) I haven’t turned in any guild item for my guild points for ages. Back when I was a regular at Culinary Guild that I set my Home Point in Windurst instead of my home nation, Bastok, I would visit Totanictus Daily Guild Item Tool frequently. So, I can decide whether today I should warp back to Windurst to craft for points or not. Sometimes I even check without logging in, because work in real life was busy.

Later on, I noticed that it updated the daily list slower and slower. At one point it stopped updating at all. I was sad 🙁 I thought if I could contribute to the info, it would be nice. I tried to register, but the registration was always closed.

Well, today I went back to check, it was all the same. Guild patterns are undetermined.

Registration is still closed. It says I should PM one of the moderators, but I cannot PM anyone because I don’t have account in that forum.

So sad…

Oh, by the way, visiting the site again today made me realize I’ve mispelt its name to Titanicus (in the FFXI Resource links on my right sidebar) for several years. How lame! Now I’ve corrected it. Duh, stupid me.

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Please do not read on if you don’t like to see Hume Males getting harassed – one by one – by a Mithra!


งืม…. จบมิชชั่นแล้วก็ได้รางวัล 3 ชิ้น (ไม่นับอีลิกเซอร์)


The ACP missions gave a few rewards at the end, and I got 3 of them (not including the elixir ;_;)

Hi-Elixir (-_-;;)
Spinel Earring (Lightning+10, Water+10) & [MND+1, Accuracy+1]
Angel’s Ring (CHR+4, Light+9) & [Accuracy+6, DEF-4, Enmity-2]
Mirke wardecors [Selected Augments : Attack+10, Critical Hit Rate+3]

ชุดก็ พอ Mithra ใส่แล้วไม่หล่อเท่า Hume Male ใส่ว่ะ คือแบบตอนเห็นครั้งแรกอ่ะ มันเป็นชุดของ Maxpeter ไง แล้วแน่นอนว่าหุ่นตัวละครชายเผ่ามนุษย์มันดูดีอยู่แล้ว อกผาย ไหล่ผึ่ง บ่ากว้าง แขนมีกล้าม พอใช้เป็นหุ่นลองเสื้อรัดรูปก็เลยดูฟิต ๆ น่าลูบ เอ๊ย น่าใส่ ดูหล่อเนี้ยบดี เห็นแล้วโคตรอยากได้~~~ (อยากหล่อมั่ง อิอิ) แต่พอ Mithra ใส่เองแล้วมันก็เป็นหุ่นผู้หญิง ไหล่แคบ แขนลีบ เอวคอด ก้นใหญ่ แถมเสื้อยาวคลุมสะโพก แทบจะเป็น miniskirt อยู่แล้ว =_=;; ยิ่งกางเกงไม่เข้าชุดเลยออกมาดูเป็นคุณป้าจ่ายตลาดเลยอ่ะ >o<~

Mithra wearing the Mirke doesn’t look as handsome as I had imagined ;_; Well, the first time I ever noticed the cool new armor “Mirke” was when Maxpeter was wearing it and I thought Oh wow! That’s so nice, I’m definitely gonna get that! But it turned out that Mirke has a few differences in design on males and females. So, on my Mithra it became too faminine and I didn’t like it. The bottom rim of the shirt was too long so it looked almost like wearing a iniskirt T.T and the ass, oops, I mean hips, looks so big! Worse yet, when I wear it with Cobra Subligar (which apparently doesn’t go well together) I think I look like an aunty in a fresh market.

แต่เอาเถอะ…. stat ดีก็พอใจละ เวลาอยากเน้นแฟชั่นก็ใช้ Osode ที่ยึดจากน้องใส่เดินไปก่อน

อ้อ ตอนลองเสื้อใหม่ ๆ เราเห็นแล้วผิดหวังที่มันไม่ผึ่งผายสวยล่ำแบบ Hume Male ก็เลยโวย ๆ ๆ ใน LS chat ว่า “It doesn look handsome on me like when it’s on Max >o<” แล้วทุกคนก็มาขอดูใหญ่เลย ทั้ง Elfi, Lusi ส่วน Max ตอบมาว่า “lol I think it looks gay >.>” กร๊ากกกกกกก ก็ นะ…. มันรัดรูปแนบเนื้ออ่ะดิ ผู้ชายคงรู้สึกไม่ค่อยถูกรสนิยมล่ะมั้ง ฮ่า ๆ แต่มันเป็นอาหารตาสำหรับสาว ๆ ไง!

แล้วเราก็บ่น ๆ ว่ามันดูเหมือน aunty outfit บ้างหละ ชอบเวลา Max ใส่มากกว่าบ้างหละ Elfi ก็หนับหนุนว่าเพราะ “big ass” (=_=;;) เออ จริงของมัน แสด!

และแล้ว Max ก็ถามขึ้นมาว่า “lol where are you?” แต่เราไม่ทันได้ตอบเพราะมัวแต่บ่น (กร๊ากกกกกกก) แต่เค้าก็หาพวกเราเจอจนได้ แล้ว Max ก็มายืนอยู่หน้าบ้านม็อกที่จูโน่ เทียบชุดกัน…

Ah well, but at least it has nice stats bonus. If I want to keep the fashionable look I’ll just wear my brother’s hijacked Osode when trot around in the city.

Oh and when I was complaining about how I was disappointed with MY Mirke, “It doesn look handsome on me like when it’s on Max >o<” everyone (Lusi, Elfi) wanted to see it, including Max himself.  Max answered to me “lol I think it looks gay >.>” lol! I had to agree…. It’s just natural that guys don’t like the look of Mirke because it was kinda tight, you know, looks fit and cling onto the skin. But I like that! I could look at such attire on good-looking men all day long! W00t!

And yeah when I said it looks like aunty’s outfit on me, Elfi added in “ya because big ass too” (=_=;;) Hell, so true.

A few moment later Max asked “lol where are you?” but I didn’t reply because I was busy bitching about the look ><;; But he found us and we all stood in front of the Mog House!

Max : It looks the same >.>
Alec : It’s more handsome on broader shoulders ;_;
Elfi : Ya big ass too =_=
Alec : Look, I look like  aunty at shopping mall.
Max : lol
Alec : Hm or maybe my pants don’t match.

*Alec checks Max up and down*
Alec : Gimme your Byakko!
Max : >.>

Alec : Hey, will Stefy mind if I grope on you lol!!?
Max : lol
Alec : Wheeeee~~~
Max : >.>

กร๊ากกกกกกกกกก ตูนี่มือบอนจริง ๆ

เออคือเป็นโรคเห็นตัวละครหล่อ ๆ เท่ ๆ ไม่ได้อ่ะ ต้องโฮก ต้องกรี๊ด แล้วก็ต้องแต๊ะอั๋ง (ฮ่าาาาาา) ทีนี้พอมันมาอยู่ใกล้ ๆ ก็เลยอดไม่ได้ ต้องมือบอนหน่อย เอิ๊ก ๆ ๆ ๆ แบบนี้เข้าข่ายโรคจิตป่าววะ >.>

แล้วยังใจง่ายอีกนะตู แต๊ะอั๋งไปทั่ว กร๊ากกกก แผล่บ ๆ 8)~ แหมก็มันอดใจไม่ไหวนี่นา ใส่ชุดรัดรูปมายั่วกันซะขนาดนี้ เอิ๊ก ๆ ๆ

I couldn’t help it…. My hands had their own mind.

Handsome characters were made to be harassed by girls lmao!!! (Especial girls like me!) Well, they’re simply too cute or too attractive to resist. Or maybe I have some kind of a perverted fetish >.>

Heh, they looks delicious, don’t you agree? Expecially in tights!

มือซนขนาดนี้ โลกคงดีใจที่ไม่ได้สร้างให้ตูเกิดเป็นผู้ชาย ไม่งั้นสงสัยไปลวนลามผู้หญิงไปทั่วแหงม ๆ ฮ่า ๆ ๆ ทำไมตูทะลึ่งแบบเน้~~~~~~~~~~~~

อ๊ะ…. สุดท้าย ขาดไม่ได้ คุณพี่ Aldo ไงจ๊ะ~~~ เอ่อ บอกไว้ก่อนว่าเราไม่ได้เจตนานะเฟ้ย เดินตาม Lusi อยู่ดี ๆ มันพามาโผล่ห้องคุณพี่ Aldo เฉยเลยอ่ะ ไหน ๆ ก็ไหน ๆ แล้วเราก็เลยต้องแวะทักทายซะหน่อย จุ๊ฟ ๆ (^3^)/~~~~~<3

I think maybe the world is glad I wasn’t born a guy, because I have a naughty hands syndrome. 😛 Oi! LOL!

Ah, and finally, I went to see Aldo! Heck, I didn’t mean it! I swear it wasn’t my fault. I was just following Lusian around and I found myself ending up in Aldo’s room. Well, so why don’t take the opportunity anyway? Aldo! *chuuuuuu~~~~* (^3^)/~~~~~<3

ฮี่ ๆ ๆ อะคุ ๆ ๆ ๆ หึ ๆ ๆ

Tee hee hee hee, heh heh heh!

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