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The new beginning


Dear friends! I have decided to switch to use a brand new blog for writing about FFXIV: ARR. So, this old blog will no longer be updated. All the existing content, however, will be kept in place as is. The new address for this said new blog is which I am still fidgeting around to customize the appearance. But see you there!

Looking forward to playing A Real Reborn!

Aleczan Knighthill.

เพื่อน ๆ คะ เราย้ายบล็อกไปใช้บล็อกใหม่ สำหรับเขียนเรื่องเกี่ยวกับไฟนอล 14 ARR โดยเฉพาะ บล็อกเก่านี้จะไม่อัพเดทแล้ว แต่จะเก็บทุกอย่างไว้คงเดิมนะจ๊ะ ส่วนที่อยู่ของบล็อกใหม่ก็คือ ซึ่งขณะนี้เรายังงมนู่นงมนี่เพื่อปรับเปลี่ยนหน้าตาของมันอยู่ ไว้คุยกันที่นู่นนะ!

กำลังรอเล่น FFXIV ARR อย่างใจจดใจจ่อ!

อเล็คซาน ไนท์ฮิลล์

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Since the latest WordPress update (3.6) my theme (mandigo) has been acting up. I would see both of my sidebars on the right side of my blog, while my setting in Theme Options clearly is set to one left and one right. When I preview my blog in Theme Options, it would also show both sidebars on the right.

Both sidebars on the right

When I preview my blog from “Customize,” however, the blog would display the sidebars correctly. But whatever I did, I couldn’t get the browser to display my sidebars one on each side like it used to. It’s been boggling my mind for a few days. I ran and cried to my friend who knows about coding and scripting, and asked him to look at my blog. But he checked on his cellphone and my blog looked just normal.

Ughhh what’s going on?

One more thing, today I checked and found out that the “Toggle Sidebar” function I used to use is now broken as well. I am not sure if my Chrome is just messing with me, or if the function is no longer broken due to one of the recent updates (maybe it stopped working long ago, I just never noticed).

So, I am not going to move my lazy ass and try to customize my theme using newer WordPress theme instead.

Wish me luck, for it will be a long and tough task!!!

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My whole online file host went offline for a month in February. Was frustrated and anxious, but now here it is, back and running again. I haven’t played much FFXIV since after New Year. Have been occupied for more of the time. January was the month of family trips and reunions. I even went to the north with mom and dad along with almost the whole family, counting to 11 people from 3 houses, to visit grandpa in mom’s hometown. Then, of course, we had to go to the beach for a few days to accompany grandma, as well as an aunt and an uncle who flew in from Hawaii.

February, on the other hand, was the month of house works. Our housekeeper took a 1-month vacation so I have to hold down the fort with mom. She’s been doing so many house works which are all tough. So I wanted to help her some. Though it’s exhausting, I get to hang out with mom a hell lot more than usual. So I can’t complain. 🙂

Anyway, regarding FFXIV, I didn’t have enough time (or muscles) to log on regularly. But I did sneak on to get my Goobbue mount because Honey Muffin was so excited about it.

It is cool and exotic. ^^ Hehehe. But I still like my chocobo more, especially if SE will ever let us hatch and raise our own chick just like back in FFXI!!!! I am hoping for it LOL.

I missed the Valentine’s Day event, though. I logged on one day while the event was still going on, but found out we need a buddy to participate in the event. So, I decided to wait for Honey Muffin to have a free time to do it together. I ended up remembering the wrong ending date, so I was 1 day late when we logged on to join Valentine’s event.

I was so very super uber bummed out and upset. 🙁 But meh, at least I got to see the decorations and there is always next year. Uh…spoken of which reminds me that I had missed the Valentine’s Day event in 2011, too. Oh RAWR! Angry ><;; Stupid me. Wahhhh!

Anyway, I think I’ll come back to play regularly after our housekeeper returns. Now I just can’t sit at my PC at day because my presence is needed downstairs, especially when mom is not home. I gotta babysit the house and pets. Can’t leave them lonely crybabies all alone, yo!! XD


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I couldn’t fall asleep and I strongly felt the urge to drain this out of my chest. It was something about the past which of course I cannot go back in time to correct. So it’s been bothering me for a long time. If you do not wish to read it, please skip this entry. 

I am not writing this as a hate letter, but simply to announce what I feel must be heard. I am leading a good life and have no grudge against my former teacher, but the incident is something I have yet to get over with. Naturally, people hate to be accused of the crime they haven’t committed. I was accused of what I didn’t commit. Worse yet, I wasn’t allowed any opportunity to speak up the truth. I hope these facts alone would make anyone forgive me for being such a whiner.

Thank you everyone for reading. 

Should anyone know or run into Mr. Dinos Dimitriades (I cannot remember the exact spelling of his last name, so this might be inaccurate) a Greek teacher, if I remember correctly, who used to teach an English Writing course in Thailand (Thammasat University to be precise) please forward this to him and tell him it is from one of his former students. 


Dear Ajarn Dinos,

It has been a long time, might be well over ten years already. However, I still cannot forget you. As much as I wish I could forget about you and what you have accused me of, the memory returns to haunt me every once in a while. In such nights as tonight, whenever my physical or psychological condition keeps me awake, my brain would eventually bring me back in time to the day when it happened. I am up and about, at 5 A.M. in my bedroom, to type this out in order to bring some peace to my mind. I am going to pretend that someday you would be reading this. It is what I wanted you to listen, and now still wish that you indeed had listened.

To be honest, and mincing no words here, I feel you, or at least the incident, are an eminent stain in my record, a scar to my dignity, and a wound to my belief; the belief that justice will always win. On the other hand, all was not wasted. At least you showed me a sad truth of how the world works: without power, justice can achieve nothing. To this day, I still regret for having met you, for being your student, for being incompetent in bringing the truth to your attention, and for being such a weakling that I could not stand up for myself.

First off, I would like to point out some of your flawed statements. I am not sure if you would recall saying these, but I remember them very well. You compared my writings from two totally different occasions and said that judging from my in-class performance; you did not believe I wrote the second essay by myself. I was too young and too inexperienced to readily whip out this rational rebuttal, but is it not a common sense that one can expect a piece of work of higher quality if it is invested with more time and effort? How can a teacher look at a piece of writing which allows only one hour, or less, and then judge a student’s true abilities from it?

I tried to explain to you that my second writing was much better because I spent a whole night on it instead of just one hour as in the class, but you refused to listen and topped it off with “I did not tell you to stay up all night to write this essay.” This is unacceptable of you. Did you tell your students to go home and spend no longer than 2 hours in doing the homework? No. Then why was it my fault for spending so much time on it? I did not deserve such thing.

Then, when I told you that I had picked up the idiom and its meaning from a conversation with my uncle long ago, you did not even try to listen to the whole sentence, but immediately said “You are supposed to do your homework with your knowledge, not your uncle’s.” Now this doesn’t make sense at all. Do you truly believe that one should only use their own knowledge without relying on anything they learned from others? Can a person create all the knowledge purely from within their own brain? Is knowledge not passed on from people to people, from generations to generations, and from books to people? If we go by your logic, does it not mean that one must not write any essay at all, since one was born with no knowledge, but later on was educated as well as forged to be a person by surrounding things and people?

Next, there were many parts of the truth that were untold simply because you refused to listen. When I was just dismissed from your correction desk, my friends immediately inquired on what had happened. I told them about it, and they proceeded to ask if I knew the meaning and origin of the idiom in question. Of course I knew, and I explained to them all about it, with help from a pen and a piece of paper. I then gathered my strength and approached you again in an attempt to let those friends testify to you that I actually knew the meaning and origin of the idiom. What did you say to me? “I want no witness.” That was the moment when I felt for the first time of my life that the world is full of unjust.

Also, later on after I handed in my substitute essay, I attempted again to make you listen to the truth behind my rejected essay. Of course my attempt yielded no fruit. It was like talking to a wall. Therefore, I would like to write here about what you refused to hear that day.

I often went to Washington DC to visit my aunts and uncles during my summer vacation. One night while one of my uncles was driving from the family’s city house to their country house in Virginia, I brought up a topic about idioms. We talked about many idioms with strange origins, the apple of my eyes, a cup of tea, the whole nine yards, and too close to the wind, to name a few. However, it was only “too close to the wind” which I clearly remember both the meaning and the origin, hence the citation of it in my essay.

I tried to tell you the true story, yet you waved it off without even letting me finish my first sentence. You said I relied on my uncle for my homework and you cannot accept it. You even went as far as telling me “I want to see what you write, not what your uncle writes.” Give me a break! My uncle did not and does not even live in Thailand, how could he be writing my essay for me? Anyway, due to your narrow-minded mentality at the moment, I didn’t even get a chance to make it known that the conversation was from several years ago, and was also in Thai, thus your accusation was not only incorrect, but also unjust.

In closings, I would like to let you know that the incident has since been my trauma. Maybe you are unable and will never be able to understand me until you are accused wrongly by someone else, or maybe you have grown experienced enough by now to understand me. Also, I will never ever forget you and that day, simply because what happened was too big an impact to be forgotten, even willingly. However, I am looking forward to the day when I can eventually let it go and forgive you for dealing such a mental damage to your honest, but wrongly accused, student.


Orawadee Meesook.



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Plushie plushie plushie~

Today my bro called while he was away from the house, asking whether there was a postal delivery. I went downstairs to check, there was a box there. Ohhhhhh!!!! The Moogles have arrived!!

Last week while I was looking through FaceBook news feed, I found someone posting about Moogle plush. I squeaked and screamed “Me want, me wants!!!!!!!” and dropped my bro a link to the merchandise page.

After looking, reading, trying to order, he said the online store only takes US credit cards. So, booooo no Moogle for me! Well, I tried to use the sour grape logic and tell myself that it was expensive anyway. XD

But after a while, my bro said, hey, your Moogle is on its way.

Sooooo the box has “JP” marked as origin on its attached document.


Wheeeee~ The cute devil fluff!

Sooooo! I was trying to do some Quarry mining and spearfishing at Emerald Moss, but got GREATLY distracted by the arrival of this chubby white fluff! I even spent time reading warnings on the product’s tag, and made a funny list of translation (interpretation) of it LOL.


Official info (taken from the tag)

Final Fantasy XIV
Stuffed Moogle – Kuplu Kopo
© Square Enix CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

(Translation: Though he’s chubby and looks yummy, do not let your toddler chew on the poor Moogle, it hurts!)

Small Parts Not for children under 3 years.
For ages 3 years an up.

Materials: Polyester

Customer support

Warning (Parents please read)
• Handle with care and avoid damaging this product in any way.
(Translation: Do not kill the Moogle, it is sinful to hurt a Moogle!)

• Keep away from fire. Failure to do so may cause product deformation or fire.
(Translation: Do not synthesis any recipe using Fire Crystal or Fire Shard near your Moogle, because his ass will get burnt!)

• Discolouration will occur if product is submitted to licking or biting.
(Translation: Mom, this plush is not for dog, especially your Shih Tzu.)

• Keep away from direct sunlight, store in a cool dry place.
(Translation: For bedroom use only. Dark bedroom too, LOL!)

• Contains small parts. Be careful not to swallow them.
(Errr…I don’t see any SMALL part…. Or does it mean the bulb on his antenna? D: Who the hell can swallow that?! Or maybe it means the ears and arms… case someone bite them off or cut them off…)

• DO NOT let children under the recommended age play with this product.
(Translation: Your little baby won’t know this is pricey (postal fee at least, for me) and will eat/ruin your Moogle. So keep the Moogle out of reach of small children.)

• For safety, do not use if broken or damaged.
(Translation: Do not tear your Moogle into parts.)

• Keep wrapping material (plastic bag) away from children to avoid risk of accidents.
(Translation: Put your damn plastic bag away properly, so no one will slip on in while walking in the house.)

• Do not wash.
(WTF!? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!)

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Last week when I was stuck at the beach condo on a family trip, bro installed Plants VS Zombies on dad’s iPad so that we all can enjoy something while passing days. First, we introduced it to dad. He started playing under bro’s and my guidance. But he took a liking to Angry Birds more. So when we came back to Bangkok, his PvZ progress wasn’t much. If I remember correctly, he hasn’t finished the Night levels yet, so he still hasn’t played Pool levels.

Anyway, last Sunday we were at home. The electricity people were fixing something about high voltage lines, so they blacked us out for 7 hours, starting from 8.30 AM. When I went downstairs for lunch, I found dad sitting at the dining table. After I finished eating, he suddenly asked about Plant VS Zombies. So we resumed his game. Dad got bored after a bit so he said to me, “Hey, why don’t you teach mom to play this!”

So yeah, we introduced it to mom, who promptly put on reading glasses and sat at the table like a diligent student.

I sat with her, teaching her the basic, demonstrating how to use plants and how to plan ahead to defend the house. She seems to like the game.

The night after, she and dad came back from a wedding party, and she sat and play for a while, until the night became day (Pool levels) and her mushrooms are all asleep and not defending her house. XD So she came knocking on my door asking for help. I went to her room and told her daytime is bad for mushrooms. She was enjoying the game even though Pool levels seems a little bit too much for her and sometimes she couldn’t keep up with the mobs.I sat with her until she was playing 3-8, then I left.

The next night, again, she asked for my help, claiming dad was impatient and was yelling too much when Zombies gained the upper hand. Well, I don’t blame him because he’s a beginner too. It is harder to teach and remain calm when you’re a noob yourself, LOL. I did notice that while we just started teaching mom to play, dad got overly excited and anxious about the Zombies and had been using panic, rushing voice when he told mom what to do. Like…. Sunflower sunflower, buy the sunflower!! Get that sun! Sun! Pick it up! Oh! Plant that, plant it, plant quick! So I can imagine what was going on downstairs before mom came for my help upstairs.

Therefore, I sat and advised her again. She was on Fog levels, 4-6 or something. And when she was picking her plants, I dropped my jaws. Goodness! She’s been using Sunflower at night. I told her to use Sun Mushroom (I can’t remember the name, actually) and she said it’s tiny and gives less Sun Credits. I told her it will grow over time and will then give the same amount of Sun Credits as Sunflower, and is even cheaper to plant. So she started using Sun Mushroom and seems to be adapting well.

Next surprise to me….is that she doesn’t use the Lamp! Her reason is that it waste the space (weapon slots, as well as the lawn space) and that it doesn’t kill anything…. She just plants stuff in the fog. O_o!!! She made a lot of use of the Squash. She is also fond of the Maneater Plant.I can’t believe she got this far without using the lamp, LOL!!!

Tonight, she hunted me down in the kitchen while I was making Ovaltine drink. She was on Boss level and couldn’t beat the big bully. So we stood at the dining table while I played for her. Heck, it is tough even for me. No surprise she couldn’t win. After 2 tries, I finally beat the game for her. During the process, I found out that mom doesn’t know how to buy items from Crazy Dave’s Shop, so she didn’t have the Roof Cleaners for the final defense. O_o!! Yet she played and won through until she meets the Boss!?? LOL OMG This is awesome!

So, anyway, I taught her how to select mini games, since she especially like Whack-A-Zombie mini game. Then I told her the Adventure is now restarting from level 1-1, but Crazy Dave will pick on us by selecting 3 random and dumb plants for us. I found out yet another surprise, she never used Twin Sunflowers even though I bought it for her and told her (maybe too briefly) how to use it. So….she’s been playing and winning without the advantage I relied so heavily on. Wow, just wow! XD

Mom is awesome. Hehehe.

P.S. I saw mom playing PvZ again today (Wednesday 31 AUG) when we were waiting for the doctor at hospital (for routine check-up) so I recalled that she didn’t use Grave Buster either. Was one of the reason why I was so amazed and amused to see that she could still win through to Dr. ZomBoss.


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Have you ever gotten so tired and sleepy and accidentally sleep through dinner time?

I do a lot. And sometimes when I’m unfortunate enough, it spells disaster for me for the rest of the day. I would wake up later at night feeling hungry. I would go downstairs to raid the kitchen. I would eat. Or sometimes even if I do not eat, it may still happen.

It starts with small headache, whose cause would seem unidentifiable. Then the headache grows. It does grow. It goes all over my head, left, right, behind, and on the top. If you ask me to describe this headache, it feels like someone is pounding my head with a sledge hammer! It feels like my skull is going to break from the pressure of invisible giant hand squeezing on it.

This is no ordinary headache. A sleep cannot fix it. A tylenol will not fix it, either.

I would try to sit still and not moving, not looking at or reading anything. But the headache just wouldn’t go away.

After a while, with headache ringing in my skull every millisecond, I would feel like sicking. My body wants to vomit (puke, throw up, sick, or whatever) and it feels a little bit similar to having motion sickness. There’s no use in suppressing it, your body will win against your will anyway. And after the food is purged out, a strange mass of liquid which looks and feels like thick, slimy saliva will also come out. It is said that this liquid is the acidity in your stomach.

After puking, if I drink some water and sit for a while, my body will, again, try to purge it out. Which is good, I suppose, because it brings out the rest of the acidic liquid.

I may throw up once, twice, or at most three times.

And believe it or not, after that the headache would be miraculously gone, as if I have puked out the headache itself. Amazing!

So I looked it up on Google. I found many results which are threads, topics, or discussions from those who have the same symptoms. So after comparing the descriptions, I then figured out my headache was caused by acidity. Most say the cure is foods that can negate or decrease acidity. Apple or milk seem to be easily found for me. But it cannot help much if the headache has already started. So I just eat some apple or drink some milk after going through the ordeal. Because if I eat or drink while the process is not done, I end up throwing up everything anyway. Drinking a lot of water first thing in the morning when you wake up is also said to help with acidity issue. I feel that this is a valid and practical cure too.

By the way, vomiting was automatic in my case. I didn’t force it. It just happens.

To prevent this stupid, asshat acidity from happening, we have to have proper meal at the right (or healthy) time. Also, since oily or greasy food seems to catalyze it, we should also avoid such food as deep fried dish.


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