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About Craftsmanship. งานอดิเรก/งานบ้านงานเรือน/หรือวิชาชีพในเกม FFXI

Ever feel so bored?

So bored that when you log in to the game, you don’t have even the slightest idea what to do. Umm.. I must say I’m not an easy person to bore. I kind of enjoy everything. Yeah, it’s a game, enjoy it. You’re supposed to be entertained by your game. Don’t let the boredom stop you.

But I also know that since the game has much changed, some people might not be able to keep up with the pace, or many friends might have quit, so there are less people to hang out with. That might bore you easily. Everyday life or real life situations/issues might also be  factors that give you the long face even when you’re logged in to Vana’diel. Then now, what’s the point if you feel so bored and cannot enjoy the game anymore? How sad!?

Now we wouldn’t want that to happen to us, would we?

But what if it already happened?

Find yourself some motive, I would say. Be active. The more you sulk and sigh, the more depressed you can become. Don’t just sit there wasting your breath! Get outside, have some adventures! Seek some fun! Be productive, get some achievement for yourself. Move forward. Or, if you can’t be productive, you can opt to the destructive method, but at least be creative! Use your imagination.

For example…

Your Moogle is so bossy and he complains too much about you keeping too many junks in your Mog Safe. You two often argue, you insist that keeping junks is the key to wealth, because all junks might come in handy some day. He keeps yelling at you that the Mog Safe is so going to explode if you don’t stop  stuffing garbage in it and threatens to throw you out, along with your junks.

What to do?

1. Move out.
2. Let him throw your stuff away.
3. Burn all the junks.
4. Burn the Moogle.
5. Burn the junks and the Moogle together.
6. Exploit the situation and make money out of it.
7. Sip tea and enjoy the campfire.

3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 seem to be the correct answers for me.

Dig out your junks, look at what you can do wit them. Synthesis, yes. Most junks can be used as synthesis materials. So, make use of them to skill up your crafts. Aim correctly, and use your crystal, preferably Fire Crystals….and burn away your little white devil with flapping wings.

Aim for his butt, or his head, doesn’t matter. And light him on FIRE!

Ah, well, more seriously, messy Mog House can be a big hassle, especially when you’re changing from jobs to jobs or leveling up lowbies or mid-level jobs. Not only that you’ll need a lot of free space to switch equipment around, but after you’re done with party session, junks accumulate themselves if you don’t have a good measure to manage them. It will, if you don’t do anything about it, soon become a serious problem, Inventory Crisis!

The best way is if you have time during party sessions or at the end of the day, try to sell them on the AH, or NPC, or if you have the craft skill that it takes, craft them into something that’s more profitable or space-effective.

So I pulled out my Earth Crystals, Sulfur, and Bomb Ash, sent them to Aikanana who has high level Alchemy, asked him to make Firesand for me. The I dug out my Silver Ingots (accumulated since long ago as well as made from Goldsmith session with Aurrek a few days ago), and Fire Crystals, then used them with Firesand to make Silver Bullets. From skill lv 20 to 23, it took about 3 stacks of Fire Crystals, netting me 11 stacks of Silver Bullets.

Then I bagged all my bullets, saving up more space in my pocket.

A few junks are now out of the way, and now I’m just 1 more skill level to go until capping with this recipe.

I don’t even care when I break crystals or ingredients, heck it feels good, especially when level gap is small and I often get skillups from breaking.

So, if you feel bored, and really run out of idea about what to do in the game, don’t just sit there and stare blankly at your monitor, your Moogle, or your own character, no mushroom would grow on those even if you glare harder. Tidy up your Mog Safe, Mog Locker, and Storage. Even if you’re not bored, but just want to break something, smash something, or burn something, you can also use those destructive desire to drive your craft skill as well as your Mog House clealiness.

Break, smash, destroy, burn!!! Be destructive productive.

You might even be able to create a menu called “Blackened Moogle.”

Have fun!

Just don’t burn down your Noble Bed, or you sleep on the floor tonight. 😉

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Hmmmmmph! After several years of FFXI, my Cooking finally got to level 96.

Before, I’ve been slowly skilling up until 95, then I hit a wall due to recipe’s ingredients rarity. King Truffle is a big hassle to farm, or even to buy from Auction House. Cornie went out of his way to the Crawler’s Nest and farmed it for me, and we got 1 and a half stack. However, with my inventory issues, I didn’t attempt to gather other ingredients to start skilling up. What’s the big pain for Cooking at high end is that most recipes require around 6-8 ingredients each! And the dishes are mostly unstackable. That means I will have to prepare at least 20 empty slots just to attempt the craft with 1 stack of crystals, or 12 synths.


One day (Tuesday 11 May, to be specific) I ran into Aurrek who’s leveling up his Smithing to support his main craft, Goldsmith. After exchanging crafting information of ourselves, he found out that I could actually craft the claws he needs for his recipe. We quickly agreed to team up crafting and so each of us hauled over the ingredients we needed. I dug out my Beetle Jaws and Steel Ingots which I’ve been collecting from Desynths of various goblin junks. He brought his Mythril Ingots and ironed them into Sheets.

I was more than happy to make Claws for him, because I found out after first try that I could still get skill up from that recipe XD After a few more synths, I capped that recipe with my Smithing at 32. What was super funny was that…..I made a pair of Claws +1.

Oh yeah, and we would HQ stuff when we can only use the NQ one as the ingredient for what we really want. LOL.

That happened with my Buffalo Jerky => Bison Jerky too. RAWR!

We made at least 8 pairs of Claws and Aurrek used them up. Unfortunately, he got just a tiny bit of skill points. We were disappointed and I told him to try my superstitious theory…. Waiting for moon phase and correct day for optimal skill up chance. He said he would do that too, but didn’t say it because the Claws would just sit there for too long. So I suggested we keep ingredients, or farm ingredients for the Claws as well as his sheets, and spam craft later.

After we decided to pause his recipe until time was right, Aurrek asked if he could help anything with my Crafting. Well, my Goldsmith has been at 17 for ages because I didn’t attempt to level it up since last time. So I asked what recipe I should do, since Silver Ores are hard to come by on AH and was hard to dig up. He said we could buy it from the Guild. And that day the price happened to be very cheap! So we camped the guild and buy them up, getting my Goldsmith from 17 to 20 which was cap level for Silver Ingot.

As far as I can remember, we couldn’t finish my Goldsmith at cap 20 at first because guild shop closed. So we had to walk around and wait for it to reopen again. Meanwhile I used my Pullus Torque to costume as a baby Chocobo and ran around.

Was damn fun hahaha!!! (Click on this picture for larger image)

Later that week we went to farm some money, starting from Delkfutts for Alky and Pallas, as well as the Gigas’ stinky socks (yuck!) Could only get 1 Alky pop and a lot of Pallas. Only 2 Pallas dropped though. The sock yield was, however, unexpectedly profitable.

While we were fighting witk Alky, I was entertained to see him changing colours when he got hit with different additional effects. LOL

Yellow was from Auspice, while green was from Aurrek’s Sirocco Kukri, I think.

We made quite a big amount of money from that farm session.

Feeling rich, Aurrek insisted upon having me level up my Cooking with the money we earned, while he does his Goldsmith because the time was perfect for both our recipes. And he didn’t want me to waste my time helping him with his Goldsmith while letting such a good Moon phase to pass without doing anything with my Cooking. So, he went and bought me more King Truffles. Piling up with what Corn farmed me long ago, I could attempt about 3 stacks (36) of synths. All those, in the end, gained me 1.0 skill points, bringing me from 95 to 96!

However, since Aurrek dumped his money on my Truffles he didn’t have enough to buy Mythril Ingots for his own level up recipe >.>

Before the appointed day for crafting session, we went to Davoi and Monastic Cavern to farm Orcs for Mythril Beastcoins and etc. The yield was too low and turned out to be a little waste of time. However, we managed to get like half of what we needed, the rest were bought from Auction House. We left Davoi in a hurry and headed to Jeuno for some items, then came back to Bastok as fast as we could, to be able to craft on Darksday, as I always like to do with my Cooking skillup.

So, after one crafting session (with a lot of broken crystals and a few broken ingredients, LOL), we moved forward on each own main craft. I can’t remember what level he got to, but mine is now 96. I’m very happy with tthe result, but one downside is that I had about 25-30 bowls of Brain Stew to deal with XD

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Uhh… Been busy busy with work. Deadlines coming up. So now it’s 29th of September but I’m writing an entry for the 26th, pretending it was in present!

Well, actually it wouldn’t have been this bad if I wasn’t slacking off. I really deserve this, hahaha! Oh boy. Anyway, although I’ve been busy, I still play FFXI everyday. Sometimes I only log in to do my daily routine like taking care of my chocobo, going out to NM camp either to help friends kill it or just keep ToD, as well as attending to weekly schedule like Sky.

Burnnnnnn!! Moogle, burn!

But since we got the Super Kupowers “Ease of Exploration” that allows warp between towns for 300 gil a trip, I went over to Windurst to take my guild tests on Bonecraft and Fishing. So, today I got to use my Lu Shang’s Fishing Rod for the first time! Ho! I’ve purchased it from Janimal for like…a week, maybe? But was too busy to go out to fish anywhere ;_; Well, today the first and only fish I’ve fished up with my Lu Shang’s so far (even until now, 29th Sep.) is the mighty Monke-Onke! Fresh from East Sarutabaruta. It was then turned in at the Fisherman Guild, making me a Journeyman in fishing, finally. I’ve reached level 48 in fishing last week on the ferry, after leaving it at 46 for like a year or so….

My Bonecraft guild rank, on the other hand, became Apprentice, at the level of 38. Guild test item was a ring…uh… what was it? It used Ram Horn… Oh yes, it’s Horn Ring. I broke the first Horn that I bought from the AH and felt stingy, so I went to hunt some rams in the La Theine Plateau and then Konschtat Highlands. It was so hard to find in the plateau, and I had competitor in highlands. Anyway, the 3rd ram I killed dropped 2 Horns. Good. Success. Passed guild test. Yay!

Then, I came back to Bastok, and headed over to Alchemy Guild. Test item for the Craftsman rank at level 58 was Hi-Potion, which happened to be plenty in my stock due to my recent skillup recipe. SO yeah, today I passed 3 guild tests. 😉 Here…

In comparison to my previous screenshot of the craft levels, I’ve made quite some progress, though not much.

Fishing    46 => 48
Woodworking    40 => 42
Smithing 30, no progress.
Goldsmithing    16 => 17
Clothcraft 51,  no progress.
Leathercraft    22 => 29 (Rank up from Initiate to Novice, with a Dhalmel Mantle, which I cannot recall how and when….)
Bonecraft    36 => 38
Alchemy    57 => 58
Cooking    90 => 91

On a side note, today in attempt to make a Shrimp Lure for catching a Monke-Onke, I had leveled up my Goldsmithing a bit on synthing the Silver Beastcoins. So it just hit level 17 before I did all those guild tests.It broke a lot, but I got a lot of skill ups, so, well… I don’t mind!

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Tonight I was bored and thought maybe I should level up my Fishing Skill a bit after have been neglecting it for several months.

Fishing Session Date : 25 August 2009
Starting time : 22.20 (10.20 P.M., at GMT+7)
Setting : Hume Fishing Rod & Insect Balls
Targets : Moat Carp for Lu Shang’s and Sandfish for skill
Ending time : 01.40 (01.40 A.M., day becoming 26th Aug.)
Time span : 3 hours 20 minutes

Actually, I wasn’t fishing all the time. I got up and walked away several times. So the actual time spent on fishing could be like 2 and a half hours.

Results : From 11 stacks of bait.
Skill points : 0.3 (0.1 x 3 times)
Moat Carps : 8 stacks and 8 individuals (104 in total)
Sandfish : 2 stacks and 2 individuals (26 in total)
Junks : none
Screenshots : 36 pics (Oh yes, I was bored….)


Some of the screenshots I’ve taken during fishing session.
The sky in FFXI looks nice when it changes hue and appearance.
I just couldn’t resist!

That’s about it. 😉

P.S. I ran into this person named Keebs who was working on getting Ebisu Rod. He/she has a Lu Shang’s and gave a few useful advide to me. 🙂

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Well, since it’s Sunbreeze Festival, recently my Vana’diel Adventuring life has been full of chatting, frolicking, relaxing, and slacking off. However, in this couple of days I’ve done something considerably productive.

I’ve mined with Duckie and got Jan a bunch of Darksteel Ore for her Smithing. I’ve made as well as signed a few furnishings, cages and tables for examples, for myself and a few friends. So, now my Fafnir Statue does not seem like it’s going to flip off the table anymore. Moreover, I’ve received a Hammock from Jan and thus I rearranged my Mog House! In 2 days, I’ve gained over 5000 Guild Point from Culinarian’s Guild because Jan reminded me to turn in GP items. I’ve also leveled some of my crafting skills.

Short story : Today I got my Woodworking to level 40, and am ready for Guild Test. It requires a Traversiere (Bard’s instrument) and I bought one (how sneaky!) from Jeuno.

Long story : Today I went to mine in Gusgen with Duckie and then left her (she was leaving for bed as well) to join Cornelious in Kuftal. He was with his Japanese buddy named Kennchann. We fished for Devil Manta and ran around killing stuff, hoping for NMs to pop. We got 2 or 3 Mantas, I can’t remember, but non dropped the Angelskin. Also, my fishing kinda suck, I couldn’t hook the NM >.> All I got was Pugils. Lame!

Then after we killed a Pugil (other people got the Manta) Corny /heal to rest and we talked a little bit. He then went quiet and wouldn’t get up. Meanwhile, Kennchann went to check on Treasure Coffer for some money. After a long while, Corny still didn’t move, so we suspected he fell asleep already XD Poor thing! He’s been up all night and must be very tired.

So, after one more attempt to fish up the NM (which failed) Kennchann logged out. I asked a camper there (Twolipsrbetter) about aggro pop and he said sometimes Scorpion pops in the area. Therefore, I abductedCornelious to Altep with my Teleport spell and left him there. I went back to Bastok and started leveling up my Woodworking until it hit level 40.


Trying to level up my Woodwork, I used Beetle Arrow recipe and then Fang Arrow Recipe, burning some of my junks as well as mule’s Crystals.

Well, during the production of Fang Arrow Heads, I also got my Bonecraft to level 36 from 35. Oh, and by mining as a team with Duckie, we got a few Silver Ores which I synthesized and gained a few skill points, bringing my Goldsmithing to level 16.

Other crafts, however, haven’t moved yet.

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I’ve been away from my guild (Culinary at Windurst) for so long. Eventhough I still level up my cooking every once in a while (like…once a month?) I haven’t turned in any guild item for my guild points for ages. Back when I was a regular at Culinary Guild that I set my Home Point in Windurst instead of my home nation, Bastok, I would visit Totanictus Daily Guild Item Tool frequently. So, I can decide whether today I should warp back to Windurst to craft for points or not. Sometimes I even check without logging in, because work in real life was busy.

Later on, I noticed that it updated the daily list slower and slower. At one point it stopped updating at all. I was sad 🙁 I thought if I could contribute to the info, it would be nice. I tried to register, but the registration was always closed.

Well, today I went back to check, it was all the same. Guild patterns are undetermined.

Registration is still closed. It says I should PM one of the moderators, but I cannot PM anyone because I don’t have account in that forum.

So sad…

Oh, by the way, visiting the site again today made me realize I’ve mispelt its name to Titanicus (in the FFXI Resource links on my right sidebar) for several years. How lame! Now I’ve corrected it. Duh, stupid me.

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Yesterday evening I went to mine in the Gusgen Mine just for fun, and just in case I would get some Darksteel Ores for Aika.

That cursed mine was as eerie as always. Those faint gasping sounds and the see-through ghost bodies floating around often make my heart skip half a beat! And boy, I hate that siren! It gets on my nerves!

Here’s the record of what I used and what I got.

First Round

3 stacks of Pickaxes, used 2 stacks and 3 ea (27 in total)

Pebble : 5 stacks (then dropped all)
Copper Ore : 6  (then dropped 6)
Tin Ore : 2
Silver Ore : 3
Zinc Ore : 8
Iron Ore : 3

22 ores in total.

Second Round
Last Quarter Moon (55%, 52%)

4 stacks of Pickaxes, used all (48 in total)

Pebble : 6stacks (then dropped all)
Copper Ore : 17 (then dropped 17)
Tin Ore : 12 (then dropped 4)
Silver Ore : 3
Zinc Ore : 6
Iron Ore : 6
Darksteel Ore : 8 !!!
Gold Ore : 1
White Rock : 2
Black Rock : 1
Red Rock : 1

Total : 52 ores (17 of which were copper) 3 rocks.

Self-note: Next time bring some Fire Crystal with you!!!!

After the session, and clearing my slots by giving Aika things to synthesis, I bought some more Silver Ore and made a few Silver Ingot, getting something like 0.4 skill point in Goldsmithing. The road of Goldsmith is difficult.  T.T /sigh

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