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Mostly about my FFXI characters. ตัวละครในไฟนอล 11 ของฉัน

So today I woke up…. And logged on FFXI for some quick FoV pages. When I changed from WHM to MNK, I thought to myself (and probably spoke out loud) “Why the hell am I lv 78? I was 79 last time I was on Monk!”

Then I tried to think if I had deleveled…


Then I checked my EXP…hmmmp! Less than 4,000 TNL.

Then I tried to recall when was the last time I was on my Monk…. I went to Sacrarium on Wednesday noon to obtain the map.

Had to think for a long time to remember, because this past few days I got too much of a drama going on RL. And even when I was in the game, sometimes I still thought about it or had to deal with the matter, so my focus wasn’t on the game….therefore I kind of did FFXI stuff without remembering the most of it. 🙁

I’m getting mad now as I’m writing my blog entry…because something is wrong either with my server or my home internet and I can’t upload pics.


OK Here comes the pic… Uhhh I could upload the pics but can’t attach it in my blog. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, keep trying ; ;

Then what? Hmmmm….right, I changed to WHM and joined Corn and DK for a small adventure. Got my WHM to 76 from leeching their EXP (teeheehee!) Then logged out for BD dinner with family. After that, I haven’t logged on at all because I was tired.


Before and after going to Sacrarium, I have been lv 78. But what was my level progress before Sacrarium?

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….. Oh right, I logged off in Ro’Maeve after doing pages with Ark there. We id a lot of pages and I got so close to 79, but I was so tired, both physically and psychologically, so that night I logged out before I got to lv 79!

But then why did I have an impression that I was 79? =_=;;

Maybe I was dreaming it up from anticipation LOL!

Then I decided to just forget it and went to Cape Teriggan with Corn and Holy. After fighting a few mobs, while I was spamming Enter Key to select stuff in JA menu, I suddenly recalled that I used to felt like that before…. I then remembered that I was dreaming about me using new Job Ability…. The “Perfect Counter” which Monk obtains at lv 79! So yeah, I must have dreamt in my sleep that I got to lv 79, then the vague memory carried on when I was awake, and it blended with reality LOL!

Just shocks me to see how much I was anticipating about getting lv 79 and new ability on my Monk. Yeah I’m born Monk! Muwahahaha!

Anyway, today my dream came true, I got to level 79.

Well, while we were killing Rabbits, Corn ran over and pulled Tegmine. He could solo it on his NIN. So I and Holy kept fighting the linked Bunnies to do our page. Then the bunnies died, so we joined in, speeding up the kill on Tegmine.

I was thinking….I might level up on Tegmine, because I was so close after we finished the first page. So I opened my eyes widely and waited for the moment to hit the “print screenshot” button. Then….then…then it died…. But….so quiet. Nothing happened. Corn ran away looking for FoV targets. I stood there at Tegmine’s corpse and stared at my screen like dumb for a few seconds.

Oh…. Oh! You damn cheap bastard!!!

1 exp TNL! Uhhhhhhhh! I can’t believe this!

Just…..blarghedy blargh!!

1 more exp….just 1 more exp and it wouldn’t let me have it. Lame crab T^T.

So yeah…. Next pic explains it all. Enough said.

I’m still looking gleely forward to getting to lv 80 though. 🙂

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I had some spare time 🙂 So, I tried to think of what I could do alone in Vana’diel. I found one thing I could and should, that is to level up my Combat Skill on Scythe.

To commemorate my obtaining a Suzaku’s Scythe from Sky run with OverKill…. uh wait, that was old, like weeks ago. Um well, to celebrate my Warrior dinging to 74 and becoming able to equip that Scythe…. wait, again that happened like 2-3 weeks ago. Duh!

Well, then! To quit having Scythe at level 0 and to make use of the Super Kupower “Martial Maters” I decided to officially level up my Scythe skill! Off we go, to Gustaberg. After killing a Hornet, I decided to change place. Bringing my best ACC gears as well as a head of Jack o’ Lantern pumpkin, I headed to Meriphatuad Mountains. Actually I wanted to go into the Castle Oztroja because it’s reminiscing, but I thought my skill was too low to deal with the links if it happened, so I swung my Scythe around in the Meriph. Mountains first.

My first victim here was a Sapling.

2009 Aug 17th, 6.59 P.M.

Got nice skill points. Almost once every 2 swings gave 0.2 or 0.3.

Then as I ran around, I found myself a gobbie companian.

He was generous too.

Some time around that I got my Scythe skill to level 5 and learned Weapon skill Slice. Next victim being a Fly and a Lizard, I got to around level 9-10.

0.5! Woot! Very nice and convenient!

Then I ran into a Bogy and decided to try it. It took soooooo long to kill, but that’s just perfect for skilling up!

The only problem was when it slept me and couldn’t hit me to wake me up. 😡

Anyway, I got a lot of skill levels from one Bogy. From 11 to 18! And I even got a Bloody Robe (which I had to throw away later on.)

Nearing the Castle Oztroja, I killed a few Yagudos. Well, Yagudos were a bit hard. I pulled one at a campfire and they link. Having 3 Yagudos on me with a level 1 Scythe and low combat skill was bad! My HP went down a lot (but was still in yellow range, not orange) so I had to rest abit, then aggroed another Yagudo while doing so. Howver, last 2 Yagudos I got were Votary and a Mendicant.

So, I got to skill level 30 on Scythe, learning Dark Harvest.

2009 Aug 17th, 7.39 P.M.

Around that time, Elfitine popped. After I mentioned that I’m leveing up my Scythe skill, ELfi asked if I wanted to go to Kuftal Tunnel with PUP leveling Puppet’s melee and ranged attack skills. So, well, I agreed to go. At first I was equipping the Bronze Zaghnal (level 1 Scythe) I grabbed feom AUction House in Bastok. I picked this because it has low delay and low damage. So I can swing more while keeping the mob alive for longer time. But it didn’t work well in Kuftal Tunnel because I did 0 dmg too many times.

Elfitine suggested I should change to other stronger weapon, so I remembered my Suzaku’s Scythe and just realized it had the same delay with this one! Plus the +Acc bonus! Guhhh! I was stupid. SHould have used this a long time ago. =_=;;

The skill points rushed in….it was a great fun. One bad thing about Suzaku’s Scythe is that it kills the mob too fast. But, well, then I could use Defender full time without having to worry about damage being 0.

2009 Aug 17th, 9.04 P.M.

I got to level 96 of Scythe. Also got 1 level of Parrying, bringing me from 105 (naked) to 106. Thank you Elfi! It was great!

Then things became busy and hectic all of a sudden. I got a phone call from friend, and Mitaonsya kissed dirt in The Boyahda Tree. I wanted to go raise him so I headed off, leaving Elfitine running back to town alone. So, I changed to WHM and went to rescue the Taru Beastmaster. Then, I went AFK for very long time to talk on the phone until people were ready for Nyzul Isle and had Elfi poked me a message via cellphone SMS.  :X So we went to Nyzul, but that’s a different story.

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Friday 15th August 2009, while I was dawdling in the town, Elwyn asked if I’d like to skill up my weapon, of course I said yes and brought my WHM. So we headed off to The Boyahda Tree to skill up my Staff (and he Parrying.) Bad news! I didn’t take any screenshot during our skill up session tonight.  🙁  Now that’s noob.

On our way in we ran into Mitaonsya who was soloing his BST there. He didn’t say anything to me, boo!!! I think he didn’t notice me?

Elwyn pulled a white Mandy, to test if he can get skill from this, maybe?

Long story short, we’re joined by Elwyn’s friend, Kujimaro. I got nice skill points and got to 175, earning myself Shell Crusher. We continued until I got my staff to level 181. Kuji got some Great Sword skill points and also Sword when he swapped to it (only because we got bad adds.) Elwyn seemed pleased with his few skillups on Parrying. Then, when it was like 3 A.M. I felt sleepy and we exited to a Tele-Crag.

I headed back to Bastok but Corny was there and I wanted to go see the Cemetry Cherry Tree with him sooooo badly. Therefore, I stayed up and headed to King’s Ranperre’s Tomb with him.

I got some screenshots so I’ll write about it in a separate entry.  🙂

P.S. Thank you Elwyn it was fun in the Boyahda!

P.S.2 Kuji was funny, he grumbled when Elwyn stole his enmity and called Elwyn names like “you…you thief!”  “you hate monger!!” I was ROFL!!!
/comfort tiny Paladin. Hehehe.

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On 8th of November 2008, I tried to level up my H2H skill in order to meet the requirement to obtain Fists of Trials from Oggbi.

at Ronfaure

At first I asked Elfi to help me because I needed tank. Kanna joined too, but those two were cleaning their weapons. We went to Ronfaure [S] to the Orcs and Ladybugs camp. But they were too low level so I didn’t get any skill point at all. We then changed to Jugner [S]

At Jugner

I got quite fast skills, and got some Evasion level too! Before long, I could go back to Port Bastok to start the quest. But it was very, very late at night (well, it was almost morning!) so I had to go to bed before my Weapon was thoroughly clensed.

On the 10th, then, I continued cleaning it with Lusian. We went to Cape Teriggan with no tank. Lu was acting as a tank who’s also main healer! Spamming Poisona to get Breath III was amazingly good tactics. He was using SCH sub for Sublimation. That’s just cool O_o!!!

Lu and Alec

Well, just before I passed out on my bed in the morning, I finally passed the first half of trial by Oggbi. So I ran back to him (forgetting I still had to kill my WSNM!!!) in an overjoyed manner… But Blast! When I talked to him and realized what was ahead…. I was like…. =_=a;; And went to be feeling stupid LOL!

Anyway, that evening I login and found that Kanna was killing his GKatana WSNM with other people. When I mentioned that I need to kill mine too, Dark blurted out “Let’s go!” and so we headed to the underground prison of Northern San d’Oria. Kimji just logged in and we asked her to come as WHM. Kannatsuki rode an Airship to meet up with us as well.

In Chateau... something

So we headed in and finally, with some small struggles, popped the NM and won against it with no casualty.

แล้วเราก็ลุย ๆ ๆ ลงไป มีขลุกขลักบ้างนิดหน่อย เช่น หลงทาง (เพราะข้าพเจ้าไม่มีแผนที่ ต้องพึ่งแผนที่วิกิ…. แต่มันก็ยากอ่ะ)

WSNM was dead

เรางี้แสนดีใจ กร๊ากกกก เสียดายเหมือนกันที่ฆ่าเองไม่ได้ ต้องพึ่ง Dark ให้เสี่ยงตายแทน (มีหนนึงพลังชีวิตดาร์คลดลงไปเหลือต่ำกว่า 100 เชียวนะ เราอ่ะใจหายวูบเลยขอบอก ><;; หยองง่ะ

Then….finally after the final!


I finished the quest and learnt “Asuran Fists” ! Yeah~!

ภาษาไทยไว้ทีหลังจะมาเติมน่อ วันนี้ใส่ ๆ ภาพกับบรรยายคร่าว ๆ ก่อน กันลืม เหอ ๆ

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