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My first >>Copper Egg <<  ever. Was 16 mins EGG, then 54 hr CHICK.

I didn’t see when he grew up, but when I saw his life bar, it was more than 335 hrs left.
So I guess he could be 336 – 338 hrs.

All stats except AGI were @ 3.5 stars. AGI was 3.
13.5* total.

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So 2 days ago I got >>an egg<< that took 15 mins to hatch, it hatched into a chick with 51 hrs to grow.

Today that chick matured into a 336 hours chocobo.
All stats @ 3.5 stars each, 14* total.

He’s red….So I was tempted to name him “ArashiZetsuei” but the space allowed for naming wasn’t enough, duh!

Looking forward to pumping up his stats! Hehehehe!

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So today my newest red chick just grew up into adult. He had 11 mins during eggs, I think, Then 35 hrs as chick. Now he has 308 hours before retirement. 🙂

My longest-lifespan chocobo so far.

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