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This is uncompleted index page for my Chocobo Food Data.

In Chocobo’s Crystal Tower (© SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.), one of the important tasks to do everyday is to feed your chocobo. They gain various amount of exp (attribute points) from each kind of food. Notably, what stat and how much a chocobo gain from food does not depend only on the type of food, but also its own colour.


♫ Chocobo Colours

There are currently 7 colours of chocobo:
(By “currently,” I mean I have no idea whether or not SE will add more colours to the collection of the flock.)

• Yellow
• Black
• White
• Red
• Brown
• Blue
• Green

Oh what? You want a pic of Yellow Chocobo too?

Er well, here:

OK, now as you’re satisfied, we shall continue…

What are the differences between colours? Well, they’re all about the same, but chocobo of each colour prefers (likes/dislikes) different kinds of food. So what will matter when it comes to colours is that you have to plan about their food according to the colour, and what kind of stats you want.

In my opinion, White, Black, and Yellow chocobos are easy to raise stats.

To hatch a White or a Black, you need some luck. Even if you breed your chocobo with a black or a white parent, there’s no guarantee that the egg will hatch the colour you want. Moreover, even when I breed Black x White, Black x Black, or White x White, there is a high possibility that I will get a Yellow chick, and a tiny chance of getting a totally different colour.

Personally, I used to hatch a Blue chick from a Black egg (Black x Black parents).


♫ Chocobo’s Foods

In my journal here, I will call the “all stats” food or “random stats” foods by their respective colour name (White Gysahl, Yellow Gysahl, for examples) and occasionally, I may refer to all other stat specific foods as a whole as “coloured food.”

Also, my “big food” means food that consumes 30 hunger (filling the “feed level” by 30), and “small food” means food that only does 20.

Coloured foods are;
Carrot and  Red Gysahl (STR)
Mushroom and  Brown Gysahl (AGI)
Blueberry and  Blue Gysahl (INT)
Cabbage and  Green Gysahl (MND)

Please note, however, that the game spells “Cabbage” as “Cabage.”

Other foods are
Turnip and  White Gysahl (random stats)
Corn and  Yellow Gysahl (all stats)
Black Gysahl (all stats)


♫ How much stat a food gives?

I cannot summarize it into a simple exact number, because it varies by many factors. However, in general, a chocobo gains more stat exp (the pink attribute bar in Status window) when;
1) It likes the food.
2) It is not very hungry.
3) The food is big food.

I will refer to this situation as “gaining full benefit” from food.

Therefore, a chick or a chocobo will, usually, only gain “half” of the full benefit when;
1) It dislikes the food.
2) It is very very hungry.
3) The food is small food.

There is also a possibility when you feed them at high feed level and the food still fails to yield full benefit.

So, according to these factors, when you feed a Red Gysahl to a Red chocobo when its Feed Level is above 60, you will most likely gain the FULL benefit from it. Which is, to be specific, gaining +8 to +10 STR per feed.

Whereas if you feed a Carrot, for example, to a Blue chocobo, he will most likely gain +2 STR.


♫ Which colour of food?

White, Black, and Yellow chocobo do not prefer any specific colour of food. So, they will always like whatever you feed. You can notice the food preference by looking at the chocobo when you feed them.

All other coloured chocobo will like Black and White foods, and the food of its colour.

For example, a Green chocobo will always like Cabbage and Green Gysahl, and also White or Black Gysahl. It will, however, look unhappy if you feed it a Yellow Gysahl or a Mushroom (Brown).

Whether or not a chocobo gain full benefit from a food also depends on its preference. Which leads to a conclusion that a Yellow, White, or Black chocobo is less picky about food and thus is easier to raise all stats eventually.

Mind you, though, that even when Yellow Chocobo likes all food, the Yellow Gysahl, on the contrary, is not liked by all Chocobos. The coloured chocobos which are Red, Brown, Blue, and Green, will dislike Yellow Gysahl.


♫ How do I know these stuff?

Well, the game hints, as well as official help page told me most of these. And I also keep track of a lot of feeding sessions. So I can even pinpoint that one attribute bar is 100 pixels long. And I also know how many pixels of exp a food gives to what colour of chocobo.

My methods;
I used several chocobos of assorted colours and feed them specific kinds of food. I took screenshots of before, and then after the feeding. Sometimes I asked friends to tell me before they fed their chocobo, then I went to their farm, took screenshot, then let them feed the bird. After the confirmation, I refreshed their farm again to see the updated stats, then took another screenshot. So we can clearly compare the exp bar to see the exact amount of exp gained.

Let’s say there are 100 points to gain for half a star, because the bar is 100 pixel long.

I mostly conducted my repetitive experiments on “big foods” because small foods have small gain. Therefore, I only collected some data on “small foods.”

Regarding Hunger level VS. stat gain, I have also conducted a set of reliable experiments.

I have uploaded some of my untidy data here if you wish to explore;


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Well, I woke up grouchy today. After plowing through 9 pages of work, I still felt unsatisfied. So I was looking for something I could rant about. I was logged on in CCT at the moment and I checked my Guestbook history. Voila! There you go, something to rant on.

So, today let’s talk about one thing, among others, that often miffed me in Chocobo’s Crystal Tower: neighbour picking off feathers without putting new ones on.

But first, let me introduce you to some facts about Lucky Feathers.

► What are Lucky Feathers?

◄ As you might have noticed in Tutorial, Lucky feathers play a big role in this game. You can collect them from neighbouring farms once a day. 5 feathers for a new neighbour when you first visit, then 1 feather a day from each of your old neighbours. After collecting some Lucky Feathers (Golden Feathers) you can then spend it when you want.

► How do I spend my Lucky Feathers?

◄ The game allows you 3 methods of spending feathers;
1) Buy (unlock) more nests in your farm, to expand your farm slot, allowing you to have more chocobo at a time.
2) Buy (unlock) more baskets in you Egg Inventory, allowing you to keep more eggs at a time.
3) Put feathers on other people’s chocobo, gaining you some gil and Breeder Points.

► What does Lucky Feathers do to a chocobo?

◄ When put on a chocobo, feathers do nothing YET. It only allows farm owner or other people to pick (pluck) those feathers off the chocobo. When plucked off, 1 feather will give the chocobo 15 luck. The person who pick off the feather will also gain 10 Breeder Points as well as 20 gil.

*note* When you pick a feather off chocobo’s head, you DO NOT gain a lucky feather in your stock. Why? Because it is one-time use (and it wasn’t yours) and the one who used it was the owner of the feather who had put it on that chocobo. You could pick it off as in “get rid of it” only. Also, you cannot pick off the feathers you placed, so even if you put it on by accident, you cannot have a refund!

► How do I know which visitors come in to my farm and what they did?

◄ In the game, there’s a record called “Guestbook.” Most of the time it will tell you about everyone who came in to your farm, letting you know what they did to your chocobo.

So, whenever someone pick off the feathers without putting any feather on, I can tell by just checking my Guestbook. I tend to let it go if it only happened once or twice.I learnt that there are several friends in Chocobo Breeder Guilds who are willing to put new feathers on my chocobo, so I should not be angry about just a few feathers that get stolen. However, I feel that even if I have so many nice neighbour to compensate, and overpower those bad ones, I do not think it justifies what the bad neighbours do. They still need to be told to stop.

However, since I do not know them personally, and we haven’t talked before, I do not wish to just go and tell them “Hey you you did a bad thing in my farm. Stop doing it!” since it would be rude. So I can only keep observing who and how often it shows up in my guestbook.

Now if the person keeps doing what I hate, I can memorize their name and remember not to help them.To be honest with you, I am not a nice person. There is a person who picks off feathers all the time, yet keeps sending breeding request to my White Chocobo on regular basis. I am so tempted to limbo his chocobo. (Limbo : keep the request without accepting or declining, making the request sender’s chocobo to be stuck in Breeding Mode and unable to do anything else until I “release” it.) But I have to tell myself, even now as I’m typing the entry….that I MUST not do such evil thing. I allow myself just to help him, and observe, in hope that one day he will realize, or run into some nice CCT guide that tell him, that he’s doing something not so nice on my farm.

Or, I can confront them in an angry rant telling them to keep the hell away from my farm. But well, since I hate confrontation, and I don’t want to single anyone out or be mean by yelling at them for what they might have done by the lack of knowledge or understanding, I selected to write an informative rant entry in my own blog instead. So that this detailed explanation will become permanent and can be read by anyone. I strongly hope that this entry will be useful and helpful to those who do not know the in-depth information about Lucky Feathers and how you should utilize them before. I also hope that whoever that read this will understand how bad “stealing” is and will be kind enough to take care not to do it to neighbour or anyone.

Then, the core question of this entry :
Why am I angry when people pick off Lucky Feathers without putting some back on?

The answer is simple, it is like stealing. You are picking the feathers off MY chocobo’s head, gaining yourself gil and BP, then you give nothing back. It is just selfish to do it this way. You should only pick off the feathers that you will replace. You take something, then give something back. Thus, no stealing. That is the key to be a good neighbour in CCT.

The worse scenario that angers me even more is when my chocobo already has 100 Luck. Then the feathers have no reason to be removed from its head AT ALL. If you pick them off, you get BP and money, my chocobo gets NOTHING. At least if you leave the feathers on, after I send my chocobo to the tower, it will come back out with 0 Luck. Then, I can pick off the “backup” feathers to give my chocobo some luck for its next trip.

Remember, the game allows you to pick off the feathers from other people’s chocobo so that you have room or space to place your feathers on it to gain you even larger amount of BP and gil. So, please do not pick off feathers if you do not plan to put some feathers back on after picking.

However, someone mentioned a different perspective.
They said the feathers on your chocobo aren’t yours anyway. It was placed by another neighbour, so farm owner has no rights to get mad about other people picking it off.

Oh, right, those feathers weren’t from my pocket. But then you forgot this argument goes both ways.

You didn’t put them on my chocobo’s head, so they aren’t yours either. Now, who are you to claim ownership of those feathers by picking them off my chocobo? You have no rights, too. Anyway, to begin with, the feathers on my chocobo’s head were what my OTHER neighbours put on for me, out of generosity. Those feathers were intended to be gifted to MY chocobo. Hence, it is selfish to just come to my farm and take those feathers off my chocobo.

After all, it comes down to CBG’s famous quote from Kane, “Those who pick feathers off without putting feathers back on are the kind of people who will use last toilet paper without replacing a new roll.” You know, you may not be obligated to replace it, but it’s unkind and selfish to use it up and not replace. You’re not thinking about other people. But if you replace it, thinking it will be useful and helpful to other people who would need it later, it’s the act of kindness. Public mind, my friend, is the key to living together. If you adopt this public mind practice, you’ll also be a good neighbour in CCT as well.

Hope that’s clear enough: Be considerate, don’t be selfish.

Happy playing, everyone!

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My first >>Copper Egg <<  ever. Was 16 mins EGG, then 54 hr CHICK.

I didn’t see when he grew up, but when I saw his life bar, it was more than 335 hrs left.
So I guess he could be 336 – 338 hrs.

All stats except AGI were @ 3.5 stars. AGI was 3.
13.5* total.

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So 2 days ago I got >>an egg<< that took 15 mins to hatch, it hatched into a chick with 51 hrs to grow.

Today that chick matured into a 336 hours chocobo.
All stats @ 3.5 stars each, 14* total.

He’s red….So I was tempted to name him “ArashiZetsuei” but the space allowed for naming wasn’t enough, duh!

Looking forward to pumping up his stats! Hehehehe!

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24 Feb 2011:
Added case 7 to case 11 from Spam Food Experiments (Hunger Level Test).

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I’m gonna reserve this entry for the conclusion of my food experiments. Currently the data collection is not complete, so it’s still untidy. I will, however, summarize all my findings and arrange my data later when I’m done gathering information.

As for now there are 3 pages, all unfinished. Those 3 pages will talk about;

1. Feed Level and its influence on food efficiency.
2. Points gained from “random stat” foods, such as White Gysahl.
3. What stat and how much a chocobo gain from each colour earns from specific kind of foods.

Future plan, just a self reminder.
1. Gather corn information from Joyce.
2. Try Turnips on at least 4 chocobos: White, Black, Yellow, and any colour.
3. Try Yellow Gysahl, same as above.
4. Put data together and categorize it for easy read.
5. Get a Brown Chocobo, or get a volunteer for data mining.
6. Complete the Blue Chocobo food list =_=;;
7. Write a comprehensive stat table for food.


*Chocobo’s Crystal Tower is a game on FaceBook, made and owned by Square Enix.*
*I am just a fan, a player. I have no relationship with SE, except that I’m their customer.*

Copyright (c) 2010,2011 SQUARE ENIX CO. , LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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So today my newest red chick just grew up into adult. He had 11 mins during eggs, I think, Then 35 hrs as chick. Now he has 308 hours before retirement. 🙂

My longest-lifespan chocobo so far.

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