Since the latest WordPress update (3.6) my theme (mandigo) has been acting up. I would see both of my sidebars on the right side of my blog, while my setting in Theme Options clearly is set to one left and one right. When I preview my blog in Theme Options, it would also show both sidebars on the right.

Both sidebars on the right

When I preview my blog from “Customize,” however, the blog would display the sidebars correctly. But whatever I did, I couldn’t get the browser to display my sidebars one on each side like it used to. It’s been boggling my mind for a few days. I ran and cried to my friend who knows about coding and scripting, and asked him to look at my blog. But he checked on his cellphone and my blog looked just normal.

Ughhh what’s going on?

One more thing, today I checked and found out that the “Toggle Sidebar” function I used to use is now broken as well. I am not sure if my Chrome is just messing with me, or if the function is no longer broken due to one of the recent updates (maybe it stopped working long ago, I just never noticed).

So, I am not going to move my lazy ass and try to customize my theme using newer WordPress theme instead.

Wish me luck, for it will be a long and tough task!!!

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