(I am in lazy mode, so this entry will be English only, if you want Thai text, please let me know! ขี้เกียจพิมพ์เยอะอ่ะ เอาภาษาอังกฤษล้วนไปก่อนนะ ถ้าใครอยากอ่านภาษาไทยก็บอกเราแล้วกัน)

My Saturday night, I and Haku was running around madly in the game to take pics of places and the raid in Ul’dah. Then PZ (Lusian) logged in, and followed by Leonidas who had a promise to come and take some pics with Haku. It was already late at night and PZ was starting to nod off. Then, Corn logged in on Skype and was immediately attacked by Haku’s invitation to the photo session, LOL.

We usually had more people online in the LS, but 5 was the best we could manage to gather after the last save on Nov 1. So it had to be just 5 of us. Missing so many people but meh.

Anyway, here’s a picture-heavy entry.


(Click below for full entry.)

Tell you, it’s not easy to take a “good” group pic. I had more luck trying to take a pic of me or the view with a lightning in it than trying to herd the cats for group pic. 😛

And I notice that, for some reason, Elezen guy is harder to face the right way. Like, even when Haku was facing the camera, his head would always be tilted a little to the side, making it hard for Uri to arrange a standing pose for a front shot.

And I think PZ was not paying attention, or was AFK or falling asleep, because he just kept his target cursor on someone, so his face was always looking side way. T^T You bastard!

And when PZ was finally facing the right way, Haku was looking at Leo instead. LOL! Unfortunately, we were kind of rushing to race against the clock, as many people needed sleep. Also, the Imperial troops soon invaded Ul’dah, so we had to scurry. So this pic was the last “good” pic I managed to get at Corn’s Wall. ><

After so much delay, caused by a series of unfortunate events, we finally got to Gwyn-Aer (can’t spell!) northwest of Camp Crooked Fork.

I wanted to take pics here in daylight, but we couldn’t afford to wait until the run rose again. PZ and Leo were nodding off already. And we rushed Corn so much even though he had schoolwork to do. >< I think we also interrupted his lunch and/or cooking. Haku had to log off to feed the cats as well as to find dinner. I tried to log on Haku on my bro’s laptop but the laptop was being a jerk and took forever to start up. It just wouldn’t freaking let me click on anything, so I couldn’t launch FFXIV. It stayed that way for the whole hour, way later after we disbanded, before I decided to force shutdown.

And it got so dark. Ah, well, the castle looks good in the dark, too. So this is not so bad.

So we took pics facing both ways.

The Empire’s airships happened to be flying into the scene. 🙂

This was probably the best pic with a lightning strike in it for today, as we didn’t have enough time to spare for me to keep spamming the screenshot button until a nice lightning showed up on the pic.

Hate how the camera is forced down when I sit.

Next pic actually caught a good lightning strike. 😀 But we were already getting up, LOL.

So that’s all I’ve got from Saturday night.

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