Mor Dhona: Dalamud and the Dragon Ruin at different times of the day.

Just because. And just because I’m a screenshot freak.

The time I noted here are roughly recalled from memory. Each of these pics were taken between 2-4 minutes apart, according to the file info. Some pics might be taken longer apart (about 5-6 mins) if I didn’t see much change in the light.

I think I actually got there before 21:00 and the light was awesome, but I got crazy trying to take screenshots of the thunder (failed even after several mins, by the way) and didn’t get into position for this series of pics until the airships came, which means the clock was somewhere around 23:xx – midnight. LOL.

The pic below is probably the best “thunder” pic I got during the span of 1 hour. It’s mainly difficult because to get the pic in this angle, I had to be in 1st person point of view and shake my camera up, then let it drop, then hope I smash the PrintScreen button at a good split second. And when you combine that with the slim hope of catching a lightning flash in the pic…. Hahaha. See in this pic the dragon ruin had the top part clipped off from the frame a little, was because I hit the button 1/10 seconds (or so) too late.

(More pics below, click the link to open the full entry.)

At 4 AM, there starts to be sunlight. Spoken of which, where the heck is my sun!? Dalamud is being a big jerk and is hiding my sun. T.T

Real dawn is coming at after 6 AM.

Around 8 AM, the sky changed from blue to pinkish.

And the pink turns more red.

After 10 AM, the sky is fully lit again.

Towards noon, however, the sky has more white light in it, probably it’s the sunlight getting stronger and pushing off the red light from Dalamud. Or it could also be the interference from the lightning flash.

Air ships flew pass around 12.

Late afternoon, the sky on the north side starts to have more grey.

Then, someone came to my spot, probably for some screenshots, too. So I ran away and hid in the bush, in order to avoid blocking their camera. When I returned again after the person moved down the hill, I couldn’t find my old spot, so the angle became a bit off. >< Netx pic was also taken like 8-9 mins after the previous one. Luckily, the light hasn’t changed much yet.

The airships came again around 18:00 hrs (6 PM).

Then, I finally resumed my former position. The Lalafell guy was still around but he was way down the hill, probably taking pics of himself with the Dalamud and dragon ruin as a backdrop. I supposed I won’t be blocking his camera so I stayed in my position spamming my screenshot button for more pics.

At dusk. Sky is blue once again. I really like this hour’s lighting.

The ruin of the dragon starts to blend into the background.

And the darkness grows deeper.

And this, THIS! The pic above is what mesmerized me. The silhouette of the dragon ruin suddenly became distinct, and the sky around Dalamud has multiple colours. Look at that purple! Perfect mix!

An hour later, the ruin turns completely black from the lack of light.

And yup! It’s almost midnight again. So these 24 pics are what I took during 24 hours in the game.

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