Yesterday we went to kill the 5 NMs which are from prerequisite quest for King Moogle’s battle. Did it for Leo, and while we looked for member to fill in the party, Akuun made a contact and said they wanted Moogle too. However, since they haven’t yet finished the NMs part, we went around killing the NMs again.

After killing the NMs, Leo went KO’ed in real life because he’s been having a bad headache. Corn got Yua Chan to come help and shouted for 2 more members. I failed at calling the kill order, and Yua Chan got chased around from curing up the party after Astral Flow. Hell broke loose, people died left and right, I panicked and ran around helplessly and then we all died.

Entry too long, so I’m hiding it. Click below to read full entry.

Round #1

~12:40 AM

Survivors Team
[Haku, Corn, Alec, Pz]
+ Akuun Reach
+ Yua Chan
+ Lans Tartarus
+ Chana Astrile


We retried again. I made call order macro, though it wasn’t finished due to our being rush rush and re-entered quickly. But this round was much better and went quite smoothly.

Round #2

~12:50 AM
Same team, retry.

WON (1:11 AM)


Then, Yua Chan had to go to sleep and left. Civa finally got online, so we told him to move his ass to Turning Leaf to join us. We won again this round. The fight went quite smoothly despite the change of member. Civa was WHM to replace Yua Chan.

Round #3

~1:30 AM

– Yua Chan (went to sleep)
+ Civa

WON (1:43 AM)

Fatty fat king Mog~

Then, we re-entered again. This round the fight was so tough and we had to struggle so much. Of course we died very soon XD.

Round #4

~2:00 AM

Same team.

WIPED (2:11 AM)

White mages died first, probably from massive curing after Astral Flow. This round while King was appearing, Civa told me to Sacred Prism and Regen. But heck, I already cast Stoneskin with my Sacred Prism, so I couldn’t.

Haku made an effort to raise me. I ran around trying to raise Civa while everyone was getting their asses kicked. But they died too soon and I caught the attention of the King. So he chased me down….urps!! Goodbye beautiful world. I must depart now, as I am doomed!

Then, as we exited as corpses, Civa brought it up that I should have Sacred Prism and Regen to prepare for Astral Flow. I had to tell him (again, clearer this time) that I spent my Sacred Prism on Stoneskin. So we arranged the queue that he would Stoneskin while I do Regen. Akuun seemed scared that we argued LOL. Nope, we bite each other’s head off often because we’re close and do not hold back. 😛 No worries.

Anyway, we retried again and smoothly won. I think it was this round that Corn got his Bow. However, during this fight I didn’t take any screenshot, it seems. Probably was too busy or too upset from losing last round hahaha!

Round #5

2:xx AM

Same team, retry.

(Corn got bow)

Then, in the next fight, since one of the shout members had to leave and Corn talked to Shadowgod about replacing for a round or two, he came to join us. This time Corn changed to Bard instead of tank 😀 letting Shadowgod tank as WAR. Haku was so happy to have a gay bard buddy in Moogle fight, hahaha!

Round #6

~3:00 AM

– Chana
+ Shadowgod (WAR)

Corn changed to BRD.

WON (~3:22 AM)

After that, Shadowgod had to leave for bed, so Toy jumped in. We wiped miserably. People died like falling leaves. We tried to recover but it just failed. Really, from my first-hand experience, we just could never outrun the King. That evil fatty fluff flies so fast! He chased me down and whacked me to death, as with everyone else.

Round #7

#7 ~3:40 AM

– Shadowgod
+ Toy (DRG)


So, we retried again and this round was “the ugliest Moogle fight” for us. People died left and right, we struggled so hard to recover, and we managed to win with less than 3 minutes left LOL. It was such a havoc in there. Corn had to run around and around for so long while I sneaked a Raise on Civa and let Civa recover the dead party. Haku also spent Raise, and then followed Corn around to help me cure. XD

Everyone screamed to me to keep Corn alive. I was so excited and nervous. I would have replied “Yesssss I will protect him with my life” but I was too busy running behind Corn to type anything, haha!

Round #8

~3:50 AM

Same team, retry.

WON, with 2 mins to spare. (~4:20 AM)

It was an ugly fight with so many heart-throbbing moments. But we finally got back on the track. Near the end, Akuun and Phil died again from King’s AoE. We didn’t have the raise so they had to lie there until King died LOL!

Then, Civa had to go to bed. We got a replacement from Corn’s shout and won smoothly. In this fight, Toy changed to WHM to replace Civa. The new member, Amnesia, was a Bard.

Round #9

~4:40 AM

– Civa
+ Amnesia Bliss

WON (4:57 AM)

Was a great day. My only regret was that Leo couldn’t stay. But we knew we would come again with Leo soon!


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