I am so far behind average hard-working players. I’ve never fought the Moogle battle before. (And now I still haven’t fought the Garuda, except the pre-quest one.)

Today Corn was dragged to the Thornmarch to help someone he met before (during the Raven’s quest) fight the Moogles and the King Moggle. I went there just to standby as an ambulance, because I wasn’t very interested and I didn’t have the proper job. However, the party lost 2 people after their first defeat. The leader saw me raising Corn and him, so he invited me. The party already had 2 WHMs, but the leader changed to BLM to make a WHM spot for me.

Long story short, we wiped (pile of corpses!!) once before winning smoothly. Then, we repeated again for another win. We won WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY. People kept dying because someone in the mages/ranges group kept pulling the hate off Corn. So the King Moggle was plowing us down. Anyway, after so many dying/raising, we won and I was so lucky I got a Murderous Mogfists! Poor Corn didn’t talk to Pukwa Pika before entering so he didn’t get the key item to open treasure box. T.T So sad!

The 2nd win was so tough. Corn died so many times because I suck and was too busy running around to save my own ass from King Moggle’s AoE attack. And the other WHM died or pulled hate a lot, either because I didn’t cure people enough or they used too big and too many cures. I didn’t know what went wrong, but that particular fight was such a pain in the ass ; ;

I know I am bad when I panic. In an important fight, if more than 2 people start dying at the same time, or if 4 people keep dying one after another, I don’t know what to do. Simply because I can raise 2 people at a time using Presence of Mind. So, it seems when there are more dead bodies than my job abilities can handle, I panic. Gah! That’s why I always say I am main Monk! I was born as a Monk, both in FFXI and FFXIV. I always was a Monk, and always will.  Too bad,  Monk in FFXIV cannot use Raise spell, hahaha!

And yeah when I panic I run around like a useless ass ; ; I was able to raise the other WHM once or a few times, though. And the BLMs, and/or the BRD, I can’t really remember, it was so hectic. What I couldn’t do was keeping tank alive!! ; ; I was either too far to cast until Corn died, or my spell was too slow to save his life.

But yeah, we won eventually and I was lucky enough to get a weapon. And, most of all, the weapon of my main job!



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