Once again, the Summer Festival has returned! This time, Moonfire Faire presents us the quest “Bombard Backlash” which involves dancing at the Bombard and Bombard King NPC.

Let’s take a look at the festive decorations and atmosphere!

Fireworks! Boom boom!


Balloons~~~ Lots of balloons~~~!!!! So cute and colourful. ^_^


The NPC who gives out quest as well as a starter pack (1 set of basic Yukata) and offering reward purchase.


These pics above were taken yesterday, when the psych died down a little and not so many people crowd around the NPC anymore. There’s still one left, though, LOL. I wish people would stop standing AFK at the decoration or at NPC. Shoo! Shoo! Damn Lalafell! But meh, /names can help conceal some stuff, so this pic isn’t too bad. XD

Now, let’s go check out the quest desk for festive items.

It’s so crowded!


I don’t really like the first few days of a festival, because people crowd around NPC and it is hard to get nice screenshots. But as my monk has Fists of Wind, I could use my speed to run in and take a picture before other PC load on my screen LOL!

I managed to get a picture with no crowd, though haha.


Corn wasn’t on because it was his bedtime. But Haku (my friend Uriel) was excited about the festival and was screaming “Yukata Yukata!” so we set out for the activities as soon as I logged in. Toy happened to be around in the game so we formed a party of 3 in order to communicate.

The dancing trio is ready for the festival!


After this, we went out to do the quest in Thanalan, just south of Camp Black Brush, but oh the crowd!!! It was annoyingly over-crowded and we couldn’t get any bomb. So we teleported to Gridania in hope that it would be less popular. Well, not really! It was crowded, too. However, after a few rounds of bomb attacks, I started to get the pattern and figured out it it better to stand in one spot with mouse cursor ready, then click on the bomb quickly when it pop, while poking the /firedance macro buttons with left hand. This surely beats running around trying to catch a bomb. I ended up getting 2 stacks of Bombard Ash in less than 2 hours.

Thanalan Bombard Hamlet when it is less crowded.


You only need to dance successfully ONCE during the round to obtain reward of Bombard Ash when the defense ends. One round lasts about 10 minutes. Bombards and Bombard Kings will come in waves. Later waves are more numerous, so if you’re slow at targeting and dancing, your chance will come around 5 minutes in. And around 7th minutes, the last wave is huge and could breach the defense line easily if people don’t concentrate. You can wait near the Balloon stand and click & dance on any bomb NPC that gets near. Whereas if you want to get it early, you might want to stand on the outer border, close to where the bombs pop, so that you can dance on it before other people get it.

When your dance is successful, there will be a blinking effect around your character, just like in 2011 Bombard event.

After the round ends, if no decoy bomb was destroyed, you will get 20 pinches of Bombard Ash. If some were destroyed, but not all, you will get 10. Gather enough Bombard Ash and head back to town to exchange your rewards.

So, here’s the list of the rewards. You need 165 pinches of Bombard Ash in order to complete the whole collection.

Yukata sets for male characters. I am quite mad we girls don’t get the amulet necklace and the Moogle mask!!!


Yakata sets for female character. We get purdy ribbon in the back, hehe.

This festival also brings back other fireworks in the past. Tracers and Sparklers are sold at a separate NPC for 10 gil each. Bombard Bloom, the new firework, is available at the quest NPC for the price of 1 Bombard Ash. I would like to buy a lot of it, but the NPC reward exchange system sucks and it kicks me out completely from the conversation menu, so I have to manually initiate the conversation with NPC all over from start again, and again. My patience only allowed me to buy 20 Bombard Blooms for now. Haha.

The various fireworks.


Hopefully they will make it so we can choose amount of Bombard Bloom to purchase… Buying one at a time is annoying and stupid.

Went to play the Bombard Hamlet Defense with Corn once and we came back town to exchange rewards.


Would be awesome if we could gather everyone in the LS to dance together for a group pic!


Fun, fun! Look at that Moogle Mask! I am jelly!!!!  \(>A<)/


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