Though I like fishing in FFXIV, I don’t usually fish everyday. But recently, I’ve been bothered and irritated easily, so I want some peace for myself. It resulted in me going to Bald Knoll to fish all day everyday. One of the reasons is that the area has grade 5 fishing, so it gives decent EXP even to me (Fisher level 41, which has now turned 42).

Before that, I’ve also started working on Fishing Achievements, so I went to fish at Black Brush, then at Drybone.

My recent screenshots are full of fishing pics XD

Drybone fishing (school - just to check something)

Bald Knoll at night

The ocean view at Bald Knoll

Toads at Bald Knoll....

Beautiful sky

Anyway, while I was gone from home to the beach with parents, I set my retainer to sell all the Navigator Ears and Young Indigo Herrings I got from my fishing sessions, they all sold, along with some other items I can’t even recall. ><;; So when I got home I found 1.3 million gil in my retainers LOL! The earnings just from fish were like 750k.


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