Lately Corn and I have been trying many quests duo or trio. Mainly because we usually stick together, while other people in the LS are busy. And since we’re both at quite the same progress in jobs and AFs quests, we attempted many of them with just the 2 of us. Some were easy, some were hard but successful, and some failed miserably. It was a lot of fun, far more exciting and challenging than getting help from full party.

Nervous we might be, and failure may occur, but it is much less stressful for many reasons. Firstly, we don’t have to try to put together 8 people to attempt the battle, just the 2 of us means we’re fully flexible and swift. Secondly, we’re always ready so there’s no need to fret whether helpers would be presented or not. Thirdly, it saves a lot of trouble searching and making party, which might take hours. Finally, we don’t bear the pressure from sense of responsibily should the attempt fail, unlike if we drag 6 other people along with us.

Also, it gives me the thrill of adventure, then a sense of great triumph when we win. Maybe that’s another reason why I am addicted to following Corn everywhere. ^_^ Corn also said this stuff reminds him of our old days in FFXI, where we go duo shits everywhere (or trio with Kennchann! I would add) and had a hell ton of fun.

I took a few screenshots of our recent activities and since I feel braggy about them, I am putting them in my blog, separately quest by quest, in chronological order according to screenshot’s date.


DUOWHM4 (The Wheel of Disaster) 22 March 2012 

DUOBRD4 (Doing it the Bard Way) 23 March 2012


DUO: Multiple AF boxes in Zahar’ak, Coerthas (if I remember correctly), and Mor Dhona
TRIO: AF boxes @ Natalan (because we went as duo, then bumped into a friend there) 26 March 2012

TRIO: BRD4 (Doing it the Bard Way) for Nuchi, 26 March 2012

DUO: DRG 5 (Fatal Seduction) 29 March 2012
DUO: DRG 6 (Final boss: Into the Dragon’s Maw) 29 March 2012

DUO: PLD 5 (?) (Parley on High Ground). 30 March 2012

TRIO: WHM 4 (The Wheel of Disaster) for Civa. 1 April 2012

TRIO: WAR 5 (Audhumbla: Proof is in the Pudding) 1 April 2012

TRIO: WHM final (The Chorus of Cataclysm) for Civa, 3 April 2012

Each incomplete entry to be written later.


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