Although I finished downloading and patching my FFXIV a few days ago, I just had enough time, and energy, to sit down and actually play it yesterday. I found this patch extremely pleasant for several things.

► First off, there are new Grand Company ranks and quests to access.

And it seems it was the first (or only) thing my HM was interested of. So first thing we did when we logged into the game (actually he logged in first and was squeeing about new GC quest, and I didn’t want to be left behind so I hopped in too, LOL) was doing “Careless Whisper” (LOLOLOL ROFLMAO!!!) quest.

Also, we’re now both Flame Sergeant Second Class. 

► Next, probably the one new thing that made me most happy, the Armoire.

I freed up quite a large number of inventory slots. All the Easter equipment as well as Dragon Helms and  Reindeer outfit are now kept safe in the box. (Too bad, though, Dream set from Christmas long ago cannot be stored.) Now I, the famous pack rat, no longer roam Eorzea with inventory brimming at 198/200!

► Secondary Home Point

This is just so grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Now I can set main HP at Uldah and Inn HP at Limsa, because nowadays I do craft LQs in LL but still have to visit Ul’dah daily because our LS mostly gather in Ul’dah. It’s chipping away at my pocket money. Now I go back and forth between 2 places for free!

► Back entrance to Ul’dah inn.

So now it is usable. I have completely no idea how and why the main entrance is causing trouble for the server or for Ul’dah and the crash, whereas back entrance doesn’t. Maybe they put it somewhere separate on the server or something? LOL. Or maybe there is a reason from some trivial storyline. I will have to find out.

Moreover, now we can interact with the bed. If you select Exit From Game at your bed, it shows your character hopping into bed and sleep! LOL!!

Oh, and then, when you log in again, it shows you waking up and hopping off the bed! MOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking about making some specific fashion set to use as my pyjamas hahahaha! Could be fun. 🙂  I can’t wait to get the real Mog House! Wanna put good furnishings into my room and invite friends for pyjamas snack party. 😛

I also heard from a Linkshell friend that there is a possibility to trigger nightmare from the bed O_o!? I wonder how it will look like and if it has something to do with main story quest or not haha!

► Crafting is now much faster, if not easier.

I also like how crafting abilities now has 100% effective (not like dumb luck random failure/success like before) although it will require me to level up many crafts in order to access the abilities I desire. They changed a lot of abilities’ names. And so I have to relearn crafting again LOL. Seems a hassle, but I think it will worth it!

Moreover, now synthesis process no longer has timer. So you can linger or be distracted as much as you like without losing any Durability due to time out!

► Finally, text command for swithing Linkshell!!!!!

Gotta love the “/equiplinkshell 1” “/equiplinkshell 2” command. It is also usable even during synthesis. This is very lovely!!!

► Materia melding request, so trading the equipment and materia is not required anymore!

This is also nice and puts ease on player’s mind. Because not all crafters are trustworthy, and not all clients are trusting towards strangers.

► Garuda!

Although I am not quite thrilled, since I still have yet to battle against the Moogle King. I want Moogle knuckles more 🙁

I think that’s about it, all the changes that I noticed and appreciated from a day of playing on new patch. Some other stuff are too much in depth or I haven’t experienced them yet, so I am not noting them here.


One last thing, yesterday this incident put a big grin on my face.

I was walking to the Retainer Bell in Ul’dah’s Adventurer’s Guild when someone (namely Ocho Bocho) said thank you and mentioned my name. I was all confused until they added that it’s about Fishing Database on It was kind of them to take time to express their appreciation. And it’s very nice of Jet to have put my name there along with Aviha Chai (I hereby thank you Aviha Chai, as well!).

NOTE: That chibi Jet is so OMG cute!!!!!! Whoever drew that gets a big round of applaud from me, right now! /clap /clap /clap

I must admit, though, that I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to gather all these information if no one had already started the campaign. Jet made great DataBase site and also put up a very easy-to-use Google Doc spreadsheet, so it was so convenient for me to just note stuff and put the numbers in the already existing table. His spreadsheet was brilliant and it helps me get unlazy. It’s so neat and felt very easy, that was largely why I went out to fish everyday to compile the data.

So, thank you, Jet (and whoever it is if you have someone assisting in making MB and/or replying to e-mails), thank you a million time!

Also, I have Haku to thank. Because this friend just started playing, and she immediately took the liking to fishing. I went out to accompany her to various fishing spots, so I took that time to gather fishing info. She followed me everywhere I wanted to go fishing, without any single complaint. So everyday, we went to places where I needed to check for fish’s sweet spot and strike zone. Fishing with a buddy had made it much more enjoyable and addicting! It was so fun I got the info in such a short span of time.

Last but not least, I want to thank various random fishers who happened to be fishing near me while I was out there gathering fishing info for MoogleBox. They and my chatlog were how I confirm so many fish which have max yield per pull as “1.” Since it would have taken me all day to confirm such thing, having other fishers fishing near by, letting me peek at their fishing results shortened the time greatly. Seeing them keep pulling in 1 fish at a time allowed me to confidently put “1” in the table for certain fish.



2 Responses to “April Patch 1.22”
  1. Jetchan says:

    Hey! Thanks for the appreciation. =D

    Yeah, it’s just me running things over there, but with help from people like you and Chai. ^_^

    Your mention of getting information from nearby fishermen is hilarious.

  2. Aleczan says:

    Yeah I always peek at my neighbouring fishers to check the fishing yields. If it were in real life, I think I would have crept out so many people because I would keep counting their fish they they reel something in. 😛

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