Quest: WHM4 (The Wheel of Disaster)
Status: Successful

– Rowland of the 99 Blades
– Bandit Archer
– Bandit Butcher
– Bandit Lancer
– Bandit Grappler


Due to our lack of information, we did this quest twice, once for each of us. Because we kept one of us as WHM, and the other as tank job, instead of going in both as WHM then change jon inside the instance. We tried and died, Corn HP’ed and came back to rescue my dead body. Then he came up with a working strategy and we tried it. I actually was tempted to ask my bro for a help, but I also wanted to do it on our own. Plus, Corn seemed eager to duo these bastard. I felt pumped up by his confidence and wanted to win it with my own hands.

So we went MNK+WHM first. It didn’t go quite well and we had to exit. I couldn’t keep hate at all and the boss bandit wouldn’t die. Then we changed the order of killing, keeping the boss last since he needs full attention from me and Corn. We picked on the Archer first, then whoever that was awake from Corn’s Repose. It was tough and rough because they hit so hard and whenever they woke up, they ran straight to Corn. Moreover, they started to build up resistance to sleep (Repose) after a while. So when all mobs woke up and resisted, shit hit the fan a little bit. Enmity flew everywhere. Oh well, not everywhere, but towards Corn LOL.

I died once, Corn had to Chainspell (er…I mean Presence of Mind) Raise. But then all mobs were on him. I think we had 3 mobs left, including boss, when I died. So all 3 were chasing him. I had to run around trying to punch someone’s ass. Even Taunt couldn’t pull them to me, they just kept chasing Corn. He had to (epicly) kite around in circle, trying not to hit and lose his last bit of HP. I think I finally got them using Fists of Wind to run faster and Shoulder Tackle. Then we killed them one by one with a lot of running.

I’m quite angry at myself for not taking more screenshots, especially while Corn was being chased by multiple enemies! Hahaha. It was a great sight to see, scary but also fun.

The hard part of this round was to get enmity back after dying and being raised. Then, to grab the enemies from Corn’s back, because they just wouldn’t leave him alone. When I finally caught the boss after killing the other 2 underlings, we were back on a good pace again.

Finally, we won. All thanks to Corn’s epic kiting skill, which gave me plenty of time to kill them off one by one without getting swarmed. He also threw some Cure/Regen on me while kiting LOL. Talk about multi-tasking! By the way, the boss was a beast. He hit me for about 300-500 HP. How the hell would I survive without Corn? LOL!

Next battle went MUCH smoother. Corn used PLD, and I WHM. He grabbed all mobs, then I repose them one by one and he picked them off once by one. With far better enmity control, I could just stand there chilling and curing. It was so easy. When they started to resist my Repose, we could just leave them on Corn for a bit before reposing again. I got into the habit of recasting Repose even after Corn told me he could tank 2-3 mobs just fine. Well, dude, can’t blame me, I was scared! 😛

Corn’s HP dipped down to scary zone once in a while because I suck as a healer XD but he got everything under control. He was constantly complaining about his whiffs and misses, but he killed them fast enough. We won without casualty this round, and plenty of time to spare (unlike the GDI WHM final boss, where we had 1 minute left when we won, hahaha!).

I was trembling with excitement while we watched the cutscene. The storyline was also epic and added to the thrill. It was an awesome fight and awesome story.

After that, we went and continued my BRD quests to catch up with Corn. Then we went to Treespeak for the next challenge. Read about it in next entry: Doing it the Bard Way.


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