After winning ourselves the WHM4 quest (The Wheel of Disaster) , we went to The Black Shrouds and continued my BRD quests to catch up with Corn. I had to solo Phaia the wild boar, because Corn got an epic phone call from a friend and had already went to wait at the quest spot when I found out I wasn’t on the same quest as him. I had to ride my chocobo WAYYYYY back to the old man bard at Camp Tranquil, then to Humble Hearth to kill the boar, then back to the old man again, and finally to Treespeak to reunite with Corn.

Quest: BRD4 (Doing it the Bard Way)
Status: Failed

– Ixali Scout
– Scout Wolf x 4

This one ended in tragedy. Since we didn’t know we could just initiate the battle using correct job, then change for suitable jobs inside the instance, we had to use BRD and WHM, neither of us can tank. Mobs here also build resistance to sleep, and my BRD couldn’t kill fast enough. I can’t remember when, but we eventually had my bro and the gang come to help us kill. It was fast and easy and we were done with the quest. I am grateful, but it wasn’t much of fun, to be honest, LOL! Too quick, dudes! Anyway, we now could start gathering Artifact for BRD  job, so all is well. Thank you friends!!!!

Was too busy during all the battles, so I didn’t take more screenshots. Sad!!!

Later on, however, we had to reattempt this quest again for Nuchi. We did it trio and I will put the story on my blog’s 26 March 2012 entry.

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