I’ve been sneaking on iRO to play with friends from Chocobo’s Crystal Tower game. Today I got un-lazy and worked my merchant ass on the pending quests like skill quests. And there was also a Merchant Training Quest which I have yet to finish. The instructor, again, sent me to Prontera to try to buy Red Potions at best bargain. Reading an RO wiki quest guide (http://irowiki.org/wiki/Merchant_Training_Quest) doesn’t help that much, so I paste a map from screenshot onto my Photoshop and estimate the locations from coordination spots that the guide gave, then mark each spot and walk there to confirm and correct my map.

Here’s the final result of my legwork.

Please note that, while the spot to find Kellion, Jayon, and Sagle are the same as listed on RO wiki, the coordination numbers of Aigie and Maos on my map are ACTUALLY where you find the entrance to the building where they reside. The wiki guide gives the position of their “indoor” coordination (which is hardly helpful, you know). I had a very hard time finding these 2 NPCs. (Of course, when you’re trying to find an NPC at a specific coordination pos, but the pos you have belongs to another map in another dimension…)

Thanks to Rate My Server’s NPC database (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=nsw_npc_search), I was able to, finally, locate Maos. Aigie wasn’t too hard because the wiki guide says “inside a pub” and I asked the Soldier Guide in Prontera to mark my map for “Tavern,” then it leads me to a building with a beer glass sign.

So I am putting this map on my blog. Hopefully it will become useful to someone in the future.


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  1. Romanosuke says:

    Nice work~

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