So after an excessively prolonged dawdling, I finally got to Rank 32 today on Pugilist. It didn’t have prominent significance, but I got Haymaker II. Moreover,  it’s just one more level until 33, where I’ll be able to take Levequest 40, and where I’ll be able to benefit the full potential of my new set of equipment, Rank 33 leather set.

And since I’ve always been a freebies “ho,” I got my new gear for free! Well, after joining path and finishing main story quest for 26 and then 30 at Gridania, Elfi looked me up and down then said OMG Your gear are so outdated! Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’ve been away like forever, then return and been grinding rank without stopping. Heck there used to be days when I would tag along with Honey Muffin for 8 hours doing nothing but LQs and legwork. It was amazing enough that I could keep up with this pace while finishing my work on deadline….

Uh, rambling aside, Elfi sat down and made me new equipment while I was walking my legs off through the Black Shroud, finding my cheap (or stingy) way back to Ul’dah. I also got 3 Dart Frogs for my H.M. to use in his Alchemy skill up along the way. So well, when I finally got back to town, Cornie was already home after accompanying his mom to visit grandma at the hospital. So I traded with Elfi for my new stuff, and showed it to him. He was like WTF!?

Yeah WTF was right.

It’s so….erm, exposing?  Ahahaha.

I frankly think it looks a bit like caveman outfit XD  But well, since I bear the privilege of being a Miqo’te, anything could look good on me. So, I’ll just pretend say that this looks sexy and show it off.

So, although I usually dress for my own fashioning satisfaction, I have to face the reality and pick more defense and more evasion that this set provides instead of the outdated gear that I loved so much.

So the set I was wearing;
Cotton Turban (Rank 18)
Cotton Shirt (Rank 18)
Canvas Breeches (Rank 21)
Leather Shoes (Rank 23)
Leather Wristguard (Rank 23)

I wanted to stick to this set because the Cotton Turban and Shirt favor all my main job at the same time! Pugilist, Culinarian, and Fisher! Look at that, 3 in 1, so that I won’t have to carry 3 shirts or 3 hats wherever I go! But now my battlecraft of Pugilist is going much higher than the tradescraft and fieldscraft job, so I can no longer linger around that level of equipment.

My new set;
Skull Eyepatch (Rank 33)
Leather Harness (Rank 33)
Leather Subligar (Rank 33)
Leather Caligae (Rank 33)
Toadskin Wristguard (Rank 33)

And oh yeah, the jewel of today’s renovation on my Pugilist is this pair of Spiked Knuckles (Rank 33.) They look totally badass!  Thank you Honey Muffin 😉

P.S. Old weapon was a pair of Bronze Knuckles for rank 18. I kept them for so long because I could always repair them with Bronze Nugget in my inventory, since I have leveled up some Blacksmith. Talk about sub-standard gearing. 😛

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  1. Marion says:

    Wow Ora do you normally wear clothes like that IRL?

    <3 I wish I could get into MMOs again but I SO SCARD

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